The French Attraction

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I plan on putting a number of my true to life experiences up on this site for your perusal and titillation. I will try and keep each as true to my memory as possible save for the odd name change where appropriate.

This encounter is hardly one of my most extreme adventures but is certainly a memorable one…

It was a particularly hot night. I’d used the limited power I held as bar supervisor to give myself a break from the thick and humid bar; still 5 sweaty students deep despite the late hour. Instead I hefted new stock from the confined lift which my collegue was then refilling a floor below. On a Friday night in a city university student union bar in the UK they can almost drink it faster than you can stock it!

As I lifted keg after case the sweat literally dripped from me. The only respite was the fact that fresh sweat made a change from the sticky concoction that plastered every inch of your exposed flesh behind the bar itself, and the 15ft or so distance I had from it also gave me some relief from the smoke saturated air.

Despite the discomfort I lived for this kind of work; simple, social, and I worked damn hard. Little did I know my physical efforts were not going unnoticed.

“She’s been watching you for at least 10 minutes you know “. My boss addressed me, fag in hand. “In fact she was staring on your last shift too, and she’s not half bad”. Alan was a nice enough guy, lazy, but likeable. He was the only non-student staff, about 35, built like a bouncer and far preferred using his influence to seduce drunken girls than actually doing any work himself.

I wasn’t in any rush to turn around and see who Alan was referring to. He liked women who were as available as possible and that rarely went in hand with great looks. Also I was not about to let this girl see me measuring her up. My approaches were generally a little more refined.

I finished clearing the lift: now aware that I was making a show, I admit I threw the heavy loads about with a bit more energy. This was a novelty for me as I have never been particularly well muscled. My 6’3″ frame is well toned but has always been a little on the skinny side. As such I felt vaguely rediculous putting on this strongman show and was glad when I slammed the metal shutter down and buzzed the lift back down.

As I turned I finally caught a glance of my mystery admirer. There was no missing her, her eyes were fixed upon me. And I was pleasantly surprised. A couple of meters beyond the doorway to the rear of the bar she stood, at around 5’7″ her har was jet black and cut to the shoulder, long fringe tucked behind one ear. Her eyes were just as dark and instantly grabbed me, contrasting as they did with the soft and subtle features of her mouth and nose. Her clothing was stylish and reserved and as such I could tell little about her body save that she was lean and tanned. Never having seen her before i decided she must have been a new starter, although freshers had ended some weeks ago.

Rather than look away I smiled straight canlı bahis at her, and she gave a grin in return which indicated unashamed interest. Stopping only to grab a much needed glass of water I walked straight out to meet her.

Now I have never been one for chat-up lines. I’ve never seen the point. I can tell from a fleeting shared look if there is a connection; if not I rarely push it; if there is chemistry, words just get in the way…

“What’s your name?”

“Elodie. Yours?” Beyond the obvious ‘clue’ of her name, the words flowed from her mouth in such a way that she could only be French.

Within a brief exchange I had realised that her command of English was basic but assured, that she wanted to meet me after work at a house party and that she had a kind of smouldering and exotic sex appeal I found irresistible.

I completed the rest of my shift constantly aware of her eyes upon me and of my rising anticipation for the liaison to come. I felt invigorated and flattered at being the explicit target of this attention (there were 10 other guys behind my bar alone, even before counting the patrons) and revelled in it.

I left the bar at around 03:00 after closing up. It was situated in the centre of a ‘student village’; university halls housing at least a couple of thousand students in total, so attending an after work party was far from unusual. It felt good to have my wits about me while a hundred others were inebriated to ridiculous excess. Guys and girls littered the walkways smoking weed, hung from the windows yelling out to one another and sprawled on the grass either alone with drink clutched in hand or paired off and getting serious whilst oblivious to the numerous giggling onlookers.

I had scarcely scored myself a beer when Elodie came up to me at a trot. I had no time to react before she had pulled my lips to hers. After a brief start I went with it and a few seconds later we came up grinning.

“I have seen you” she said.

“I know, I caught you looking” I replied. “and I’m very glad I did!”

She kissed me again and I savoured the feeling of her body pressed to mine. I could now run my hand across the small of her back, feeling her tight body. Firm breasts rubbbed up against my chest and she pulled in a sharp breath as her tongue touched my own. I too was growing quickly aroused, my cock hardening between us. As we kissed deeper she moved against me brushing her body across mine and each realising the others excitement.

I had been prepared for some flirting, for some extended build-up but was in awe of the inevitable and unstoppable nature of our mutual attraction. “Come” was all she said as she broke away and led me by my hand to her room.

As we entered her room she pulled my face to hers with a moan. I felt her hand grasp and rub my growing cock through my jeans. Free of the haze of alcohol I was not rushed. The actions of each of us were measured and purposeful and intensely erotic. I began to move my mouth down around her neck as I lowered her onto bahis siteleri her bed. As I did so I began to work open the buttons of her blouse with my free hand. I moved my kisses down across her collar bone gently licking and biting her smooth skin. Her breathing became more and more deserate as I went.

I dropped her blouse down over her shoulders and she reached for my belt, removing it it one quick motion and starting work on my jeans. I now admired her gorgeous exposed body. A black lace bra perfectly presented some exquisite C cup breasts, round and impossibly pert.

Unable to resist I dropped my head to her chest, feeling her gasp as my mouth met the soft tissue of her breast. With a single finger I pulled her bra down just enough to expose one dark nipple, brushing it with my finger tip and sending a shiver through her body as I did so. Her nipple also instantly became erect and I brushed it with my tongue.

Her reaction was instant, grabbing the back of my neck and pulling my face into her breast. I continued to kiss, lick and gently bite across the upper curve of her tits as I willed her hand closer to my crotch.

By now I was seriously hard and with my jeans pulled down around my thighs my full 9 inches of arousal were clear. Elodie clasped a hand around my shaft and began to rub me through my underwear as I continued to maul her breasts.

Suddenly she pushed me up off of her and in one fluid movement and removed her own jeans and panties. The glimpse I had of her showed she was neatly trimmed and dripping wet. Pulling me down onto her again she released my cock and guided it straight into her.

As I slid easily into her soaking pussy she gasped and gripped my shoulder. I needed no encouragement and after a second of composure began to move, sliding myself in and out of that glorious hole.

Her half-dressed body began to writhe beneath me. She gave little gasps and squeaks of pleasure as I plunged myself deeper and deeper. Before long her hand was on my ass pulling me onto her harder with every thrust. I ran my hand across her perfectly smooth belly, across the subtle but defined curve of her breast and rested upon her long slender neck as I moved. I touched my thumb to her lips and she bit upon it and sucked as she used her eyes to urged me on.

Now she was clearly approaching orgasm. Her hand flew wildly across the bed, gripping at the sheets. Her teeth were bared and her back arched. She screamed as she came; bucking wildly beneath me and staring directly into my eyes. I swear I could feel the contractions of that tight hot pussy, milking at my cock.

She acted before I could react. I was still reeling, still in awe of this incredibly hot girl cumming beneath me, when she pulled herself off of me and feverishly wrapped her mouth around my cock, still glistening from her juices.

She sucked on it hard moving her mouth in perfect rhythm with her hand which slid easily up and down my slick shaft. She cleaned my cock of her juices as she went, hardly giving bahis şirketleri herself opportunity to even breath so intent was she on the task in hand. I could only just about manage to remain kneeling in front of her such was the intensity of the sensation.

Just when I began to wonder how much longer I could possibly last at this pace she removed me from her mouth and stared at me panting. One hand still pumped me, my shaft still wet with her spit, the other twisted behind her back to release the clasp of her bra. “You are very sexy.” was all she said before dropping her bra and revealing her perfect breasts. They were C cup, a perfect handful, and they sat proudly on her chest, perfect smooth orbs with small dark erect nipples.

She immediately used her hand to brush the head of my cock against her hard nipples and kept it their; eyes fixed as she jerked my cock against her tit, my oozing precum acting as a lubricant between my now bulging cock bead and her pert nipples.

The next minute passed with Elodie alternating between using her mouth to moisten my cock before rubbing it across her breasts. I had begun to work my hand around between her legs and she shifted her pelvis in encouragement, grinding against my hand, my fingers working their way inside her to massage her G-spot with my fingers, my thumb flicking across her clit. Again she began to moan and increase in urgency, her squeals muffled by my cock as she took it deeper into her throat in sheer lust.

Her back arched beneath me as her head was thrown back and she screamed aloud as she came. My fingers were soaked by her, and I felt myself approaching climax.

My cock was now nestled in her cleavage where it had come to rest as she leaned back. I was still moving in rhythm with her convulsions, my cock rubbing against her breastbone. Looking at me me half crazed with desire Elodie grasped her tits in hers hands and wrapped them around my ready cock. She began to slide her slick tits up and down my shaft and I could feel her firm tit-flesh squeezing my cock and exaggerating my size against her slim frame.

With each downstroke she gave a little tongue flick to the head of my cock, adding to my rapture. I was class now and confidently fucked her tits, continuing to work her soaking pussy with my fingers to turner her enthusiasm. My cock almost reached her face with each thrust and engorged and solid, she stared at it in awe.

Finally I felt the familiar stirring in my balls and gave a roar of building orgasm she gasped and returned my moans of pleasure as I thrust hard against her as she pushed back, crossing her arms across her chest to squeeze her tits tight around me.

My first shot went clean above her head, leaving a tiny glistening trail across her lip, forehead and hair as it went. The second landed clear across her face from chin to hairline and she squeaked in pleasure at the feeling of my hot cum hit her face. I continued to shoot stream after stream, coverin her lips and sending my cum dripping down onto the curve of her tits. The smile she gave me at that moment has been a cornerstone of my erotic inspiration ever since; her face beaming as she sat with my cum dripping from her lips and my cock nestled between those perfect tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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