The First Time I Got Fucked

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We were in the bedroom staring at each other, blank faces, yet with some notion of what may happen today. I move closer towards you and grabbed your hands. I pulled you towards myself. We were so close that I could feel your breathing. I gazed at your beauty. I wished I could stop time and enjoy fully this scenery. After some minutes I caress your hairs, and then move them on your back so that your neck is free. But I don’t go for the neck. Instead I kiss you while still playing with your hairs. It was a passionate kiss, not so hard but you could sense the urge that I have for you. Finally we parted but I don’t stop. I had only changed place.

Now I am kissing you all over you face till I reach your ears. I kiss the whole of it. From top till bottom while whispering how much I love you. I moved onto your earlobe and starts kissing you there. I can’t resist anymore, I shifted my hands from your hair and grabbed your firm butt. Now I am sucking your earlobe and occasionally I would slap lightly your ass but I don’t let go of it.

I move downward on your neck without my lips leaving your skin. I put slight kisses everywhere on your neck but I concentrate more on your chest bone. I kiss all over it but I don’t go downward. You seem frustrated that I don’t go down but I don’t care. When you were about to say something, I just shut your mouth with a kiss. A long one but with such eagerness. Quickly I move canlı bahis my hands from your butt and place them on your breasts.

Though you were wearing a shirt, I could feel the hard nipples. I smile but continue kissing you. My hands are tracing your breast on the surface of the cloth. Too much time has passed, I need to feel you. I slipped my hands beneath your shirt and undo your bra. I let it fall by itself. Now i can access your beast fully. I stop kissing you and starts sucking your earlobe, meanwhile both of my hands are cupping your breast under your shirt. I touch and leave the nipples thrice but I don’t linger there. I cupped them with more desire and my sucking is becoming harder.

You start feeling something in your stomach, difficult to describe however you like this feeling. Then take hold of your shirt and remove it. You are now semi nude. I back away and admire you. A real beauty. I move my mouth closer to your belly and place a soft kiss there. You shiver at the contact of my mouth on your belly. I continue kissing but I moved upward till I reached your breast. Then kiss both of your nipples, one at a time for some moment. Finally, I draw my tongue out and suck your breast. Not a hard neither a soft suck, but enough for you to feel the pleasure. My hands are accompanying my tongue in the movements. While am cupping your breast, this time I play with your nipples with my tongue. I bahis siteleri don’t suck it, rather with the end of my tongue; I moved your nipples in every direction, as if trying to move a ball. While I continue with this movement for some minutes, I can hear you moaning louder.

This time I slipped my hands in your jeans. I can feel as if it is wet. I was about to undo the button of your jeans but you helped me and you removed it yourself. So I just pull it down a little. I continue sucking your nipples but now my fingers is inside your pants, I am caressing the lips of your womanhood. You bite your lips when I did that. I make you lie on the bed and I pull down your panties and remove it completely. Now you are naked. I smile and I move on top of you. I kiss you and I play with your vaginal lips. I kiss your ears going till your neck moving from the right ears till the left one. I continue kissing but this time I moved towards your breast. I carry on with the little play on fingers downward. I suck your breast, put love kiss on them (souson). I moved down but my lips are still not leaving your skin.

I pass through your belly and finally I come there. I move little inches away. You can feel me breathing, you can feel the pleasure caused by the fingers. Slowly, I come closer to your vagina, I remove I fingers and put a kiss there. A certain sensation rushed throughout your body. You like it. The juices bahis şirketleri that are flowing out of you confirm it. It tastes so sweet. I am becoming crazy. I can stand no more but I try to control myself. I place my tongue on the vaginal lips and do some movements up and down. I don’t enter you yet with my tongue. I suck the lips from time to time and I continue this movement. You can feel the orgasm building up.

You are begging me to stop. This is too much for you but I tell you to trust me. This time I enter her with my tongue and do some slow rotation around her entrance as is I was licking an ice cream. Then I move faster with the tongue, I thrust into you and suck you, soft at first till becoming hard. While sucking you, I start to finger you, not deep, just lightly because I know you are a virgin and I won’t take it now. I enter one finger and do the movement in and out going faster and faster. I continue licking your pussy then I insert a second finger. This is becoming too much. You are about to come. I suck you harder and hard while fingering you at the same time. This combination on movements is making you coming. You feel as if something is about to burst. You are grabbing my hair telling me to stop. But you know that you don’t want to stop. I don’t listen and continue. I move on hand on your breast and play with it and your nipples. I thrust harder and harder. Finally you came, in series of spasm or orgasm, one after the other. You are becoming crazy, you feel as if you are being drenched of your energy. After some time when you came back to yourself, I come face to face, kiss you and say

I love you

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