The Executed Dance

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It started out as any other Friday night at his favorite bar. Good people with sports games on the TV’s throughout the bar and great music just an overall great vibe to the evening. The snatches of Conversations was flowing easy and the atmosphere was upbeat and fun.

It was packed with the usual crowd. The regulars at the bar, enjoying their shots and conversation. Couples at the tables, toasting each other with their wine glasses, discussing the latest job woes. The groups of girls were dressed to impress in their low cut blouses tight jeans and heals, moving in groups on the dance floor. The guys were, hovering around the dance floor like a cheetah stalks its prey or those that wished they could.

There were those that just took it all in, enjoying the whole scene. But then someone caught his eye. She was like him. Not part of the main crowd yet,observing it all, feeling the vibes from the dance floor and crowd, surrounding it. There is something about her he thought. It was her style. Trendy but in a very comfortable way. She had an air of confidence about her. He watched closely as she passed by, nodding to each other, in a casual acknowledgment.

He liked how she moved in those tight hip huger jeans that showed off her taut shapely ass. He was a leg and ass man and you could tell instantly that she had what he liked. He groaned as he moved to fix himself into a more comfortable position since he was aroused simply from the thought of her. His eyes continued their search, looking at the tummy shirt that showed off just enough of her waist, telling him she was fit and trim. His imagination was running wild with thoughts of how he could kiss every inch of her body to return, kissing her all over again.

As the evening continued the pulse of the music continued to energize the crowd. It was time for him to dance and there was only one person he had illegal bahis his sights on. The lady he had watched walk by him a few hours ago. He had been watching how she interacted dancing and talking to her friends and he wanted her.

She stood off to the side of the bar enjoying her drink when he walked up to her saying: “Let’s dance.” She hesitated for a moment after setting her drink down and looking him over a full minute she held her hand out. He took her hand, leading her to the semi-crowded dance floor.

They started out as any two dancers would, exchanging a pleasant smile then slowly moving to the music until their niche was found. Each moved with a fluid grace that became a synchronized dance between the both of them, as if they have been waiting for this moment for years. It was obvious to them that there was a natural rhythm and a chemistry that flowed very smoothly between them. They began to feel more comfortable with each other. the music bringing their bodies closer, as they gently brushed up against one another.

Nothing major at first but as they continued to dance they felt the chemistry between them grow. She turned to wiggle her backside to him which allowed him to move in close behind her, placing his hands upon her hips, holding her as they swayed together, as he would grind his semi hard erection into her ass.

She loved the feel of his erection pushing against her, causing her to tilt back and moan out loud as he would rub against her. Just enough to tease her and then pull away. She would whimper and arch her back while backing into him to reclaim what he took away. He gently stroked her arms and sides of her body as they continued to dance closer together.

She thought of how gentle his hands were on her body, caressing her arms, and neck boldly moving down to slide lightly over her breasts. She gasped out loud nearly stumbling, illegal bahis siteleri as he caught her waist bending her down over his arm, placing his lips upon hers, kissing her deeply, taking her breath away.

It was now “Game On” and they both knew it. They became more daring with the grinding, touching, groping and kissing. Both not caring who was watching. she turned to face him and in doing so wanted to feel his large throbbing cock against her wet pussy. Oh how she loved the sensations going through her body. they were all she could think of now. He sensed the intensity of her arousal, as She responded to his commands. Subtle at first but now they were very firm and direct.

Her pussy was getting wetter by the second. He brought her up out of the dip, pulling her against his chest, groaning as he felt her hard nipples touch him.

They were both fully focused with their eyes only for each other, as she kept staring at him, drowning in the heat and desire that was leaping from his eyes to hers, telling her in no uncertain terms this night was far from over and they needed to go now. They stopped dancing as the song died down and no longer played.

He took her hand again, leading her to the front door, guiding her outside across the street to the the dark alley he noticed when he walked into the bar tonight.

He was barely able to control his Impending orgasm much less keep his free hand at his side as he led her to the alley. when they reached the entrance of the alley where the streetlights glow began to fade into dark he turns, pulling her tightly to him as he hits the wall with his back, placing his hands on her face, he leans in and grinds his lips to hers, he begins nibbling her bottom one. She gasps, as he thrusts his tongue deep into her mouth to taste and feel it all over.

They groan in unison, as She moves closer to canlı bahis siteleri him, feeling his erection fully against her belly. He growls deeply, as she presses into him showing her need to him with her tongue and whimpers of pleasure. Not able to stand it any more he suddenly removes his lips from hers and turns her face forward to the wall.

Running his hand down her side he reaches the hem of her skirt, pulling it roughly up, pulling it above her ass, and smacking her ass lightly. Smiling as she moans to his manipulation of her ass. He places his hands along her cheeks to trace the path of her thong panties, grabbing a hold of them and then yanking hard to rip them off.

He watches her ass quiver, as he rubs his hands over her cheeks, kneading them, removing one hand just long enough so he can unbutton his jeans and unzip his pants, growling, as he struggles momentarily to free his throbbing erection. She hears him as he unzips his pants, groaning as his growls clenches her stomach into a ball of fire and pleasure, as she places her palms flat upon the wall, spreading herself as much as she can for him, groaning in need.

He leans against her back, smelling her musky scent,as he leans in to whisper into her left ear, How he would make her his tonight and every night from this night on and as he says these things she shivers from his words and breath on her ear, knowing it is what she wants as well.

He places the head of his cock against her pussy and with one mighty thrust of his hips he shoves himself deeply inside of her hot wet soaking pussy that is so ready for him. Both moan from the sudden impalement into her, as they start moving in sync as they were in the dance tonight inside of the bar.

Except this time it is a fast paced dance that brings them both to a climax with a few thrusts of his cock. He yells out as she screams, as their mingled cries bounce down the alley and back hitting them with the intensity of it.

Laying his head upon her back, trying to get his breathing under control he kisses her cheek, neck and below her ear, whispering: this is just the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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