The Endless Night Ch. 07

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Now before I go any further, I should fill you in on a couple of things. Now as you have read, I have been with five different men so far. Of those five men that I have been with, I can tell you that I have fallen for two of them. Two others I care for but aren’t my ideas of husband material and of course the other one I wouldn’t touch again with a ten foot pole. Of course you know who he is.

I will tell you this. Out of the last 6 men that I spent that night with, there are two more that I fall for. Okay enough boring talk. Back to the action.

Bruno led me to the next door and knocked. After the experiences I had had this evening so far, I definitely wasn’t ready for the man who opened the door. This guy made Michael look like a two bit hooker. He was about my height with strawberry blonde hair and violet eyes. It wasn’t so much his body that affected me although he did have a nice one. He had the body of a ballet dancer.

It was his smile though. He barely showed his teeth when he smiled but when he smiled at me…Well lets just say it’s a good thing I had a hold of Bruno’s arm because otherwise I would have been in a puddle on the floor. I don’t remember thinking the words, but suddenly they escaped from my mouth. “Will you stop smiling please?”

The man (Bruno introduced him as Mark.) looked at me, his eyes sparkling with amusement. Then he suddenly burst out laughing. “Now that’s a first.” He said in a deep voice that sent shivers through my body. He smiled at me again. “Now why would I want to do that sweetie?”

I blushed deeply as Bruno took my hand off his arm and put it on the man I would be with next. I lowered my head in embarrassment, “because I’m afraid that if you don’t stop smiling you’re not going to be able to bring me to orgasm.”

He laughed again. I think he was enjoying this. He lifted my face until I was looking into his eyes. “Now why would a hot girl like you say that?”

My face turned a brighter red, “because I’ll be a puddle on the floor.”

He laughed again even as he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tight against his body. The smile was still there but not as strong. “Well, if I can’t smile, I guess I will have to do this.” Then he kissed me.

Now let me tell you, his kiss affected me almost as much as his smile did. By the time he pulled his lips from mine and pulled me into the room, I was surprised my legs were still supporting me.

I wrapped my arms around his as he led me to the bed. He didn’t even get to the bed before I was suddenly swooped into his arms with his mouth on mine again. This kiss stronger then the last; Deeper, more passionate. When his tongue swooped into my mouth, I moaned as I sucked greedily at it. I felt the bed come up to meet me but didn’t release his mouth from mine. He moaned against my mouth as he gyrated his body against mine.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against the leather thong he wore. Now earlier I might have waited for him to make the first move but after everything I had been through tonight. Well let’s just say I wanted to be in control for once.

I kissed him hard as I rolled our bodies until I was laying over him, my legs straddling his waist. When I released his mouth, he gave me that killer smile again. “Damn girl, horny much?”

I smiled at him as I ran my hands over his chest. “No, just suddenly the thought of being in control turned me on.”

His eyes darkened with desire. “Well in that case…” He surprised me by putting his hands behind his head, locking illegal bahis his fingers. “I am all yours, do as you wish.”

I looked at him in shock. “Really?”

He nodded, “all I ask is no pain.”

I nodded, “I’m not into it either.” I sat on his waist as I looked down at him. He had submitted to me. I was in control and the feeling was driving my body into high gear. It was like I was at a feast and had no idea where to start.

He kept his eyes on mine as I looked at him. Finally I decided I had seen enough. I lowered my head, kissing each of his eyes as they closed then kissing his nose. He smiled at me again but I ignored it. I kissed each of his cheeks then lowered my face so I could blow in his ear, before I kissed it. “Oooooohhhhh…” He moaned closing his eyes.

I blew in his ear again, just to feel him shiver then brought my mouth to his. This kiss was gentle, he kissed me back but that was it. I kissed his chin, and then dropped down until I was even with his neck.

I started at one side and kissed my way to the other. He moaned as I teased his body. I moved my mouth down to his chest, kissing everywhere but where I knew he wanted my lips. I could see him holding his hands together tightly as he began breathing heavier. “Please baby.” He said pressing up against me.

I wouldn’t torture him like Andrew tortured me. I gave him what he wanted. I licked one of his nipples making him shiver as a long moan slid through his lips. When I took the nipple into my mouth sucking deeply on it, he cried out shoving his chest against my mouth. “Oh baby.” He cried. He had gripped the bars in the headboard to keep from reaching for me.

I moved to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment and heard him cry out once again. Then I kissed my way down his stomach. By now, he was panting hard as cries left his mouth in a continuous stream. I licked at his cock through the thong and thought he was going to buck me right off the bed. He lifted his hips so hard and fast. “Oh god.” He cried.

I ran my hands under the waistband of his thong then gripped the sides so I could pull it down. He lifted his hips to help but that was it. I took his thong off, leaving kisses on his skin in my wake.

By now his cock was throbbing hard and leaking a stream of precum. I licked up the precum off his cock and balls and heard a loud moan. I lifted my eyes to his. They were open but there was no recognition there. He was lost in a world of lust.

“What do you want baby?” I asked huskily as I wrapped my hand around him.

He bucked up against my hand. “I…I…I want…” he couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Is this what you want?” I asked stroking his cock hard and fast. He cried out as he jerked against my hand. “Or is this what you want?” I took the head of his cock into my mouth, sucking hard on it.

“Fuck…Yes…” he screamed clinging to the bars on the headboard as he ruthlessly started to fuck my face.

I put my hands on his hips, pushing him back to the bed as I attacked him with my mouth. My tongue flew over his tender flesh as I nibbled at the head. His head was shaking back and forth as he cried out in pleasure. Suddenly his hands were by my head. “I want to taste you baby. Please.” He begged.

He pulled me up his body until I was straddling his face. I felt his fingers spread open my outer lips then his tongue dive in. I cried out in joy when he flicked his tongue rapidly over my clit while he slammed three fingers into my waiting hole. “Oh yes. Eat illegal bahis siteleri me.” I screamed mashing my pussy against his face.

He sucked hard at my clit while fingering me like a locomotive. My orgasm was building rapidly. Suddenly he pushed me back onto his chest as he breathed hard. “Why did you stop?” I asked trying to move back over his face.

He held tightly to my hips as he held me on his chest. I could see he was trying to catch his breath. “Suck me baby.”

I whimpered, “But I want you to eat me.”

He smiled again but this time it was strained. “I will, I will eat you as you suck on me.”

I looked at him in confusion. “Huh?”

He chuckled. “Turn around baby. So you are facing my feet.”

I looked at him in confusion again then did as he asked so my ass was facing his face as I sat on his chest. “Now what?” I asked looking over my shoulder at him.

He smiled again, “now lean down over me, taking my cock into your mouth.”

I did as he said, smiling as my pussy moved over his face again. I felt his tongue move against me and moaned as I slowly stroked his cock. I enjoyed him eating me for a minute then lowered my head over his cock again, taking him back into my mouth.

I sucked deeply on his cock feeling him moan against my pussy. I pushed myself against him as I lowered my head, taking him into my throat. “Oooooohhhhh…” He moaned against me. He shoved his tongue into my hole driving it in and out. This time it was my turn to moan although it wasn’t easy with his cock shoved down my throat.

I let my muscles massage him as I breathed heavily through my nose. He was driving my pussy crazy with the way he was whipping his tongue in and out of me.

Suddenly I felt his finger brush lightly over my clit and cried out. Again not easy. What’s a girl to do? I pulled his cock from my throat making sure to keep it in my mouth as I cried against him. My orgasm was rising rapidly again.

I sucked hard at his cock, wanting him to come with me. When he started fucking my face again, I rested my hands on either side of his hips holding my head still as he battered his cock into my hungry mouth. Our cries rose in volume as we each worked to bring the other release.

I went over the edge first, creaming his face with my juices while I whipped my tongue over him. He sent another stream of precum into my mouth. Then before I could swallow it, I got hit with a wave of the real thing.

I gasped as his cum filled my mouth even as he cried out against my snatch. He held me closer to his face, sliding his tongue wildly in and out of me as he emptied his balls into my mouth. I swallowed quickly not wanting to miss a single drop of his delicious juices.

He continued to dive into my snatch even as he started to soften in my mouth. I was moving closer to orgasm and I wasn’t ready to let his cock go, so I sucked hard on it again. He gasped in surprise then moaned as he continued to eat me. It wasn’t long before I was cumming in his mouth again while his cock throbbed wildly in my own.

This time when he pushed me away, I went willingly. I lay on my back facing his feet as I tried to catch my breath. He was smiling that million dollar smile at me again. “When you catch your breath, come lay on your side by me sweetie.” He said.

I looked at him with half closed eyes. Slowly I pushed my body into a sitting position then flopped down beside him on the bed, making the bed shake. “Sorry.” I said as he pulled me closer.

He didn’t canlı bahis siteleri respond, he rolled over on his side facing me then brought his lips to mine in a tender kiss, as he lifted one of my legs over his hip. I wasn’t sure why he did this until I felt his cock probing at me. I pressed closer, moaning against his mouth as he slid easily into my depths. “Oh my…” I moaned throwing my head back as he pumped slowly with his hips.

He chuckled. “A new way to make love sweetheart.” Then he lowered his face to my chest, nuzzling my breast as he continued to slowly drive himself into my body.

My hand dug into the arm, he had wrapped around me while my ankle pressed into his ass, pulling him deeper while I pushed myself closer. He finally took my nipple into his mouth, sucking gently on it, as he pulled my ass even closer to him but kept up the slow strokes of his cock. “Oh Mark.” I cried running my fingers through his hair.

My orgasm was rising slowly as he fucked me. My one leg was wrapped tightly around his waist while my other leg just rested partially under his on the bed. I ran my nails lightly over his back, hearing him groan at the pleasure/pain I caused. “Oh baby. I could fuck you all night. You are so hot.” He sighed against my breast as he moved his mouth to the other one.

I wouldn’t have argued but my body had other ideas. Even though he was thrusting slowly into me, my orgasm was still rising. “Oh Mark.” I cried wedging my body even closer to his as I wrapped my arms tightly around him.

He seemed to take this as some cue because he grabbed my upper leg, pulling it tighter around his waist as he started thrusting wildly into me. My cries turned into screams of pleasure as he slammed his cock deep into my body while biting at my breast.

My nails dug into his back but if he noticed he didn’t show it, he just kept up the hard strokes as I pushed myself against him trying to push myself over the edge. “Oh fuck me.”I screamed holding his head tightly to my breast. “I’m gonna cum.”

He tore his mouth from my breast, looking deep into my eyes as he kept pumping against me. “Cum baby, I want to watch your eyes when you hit the peak.”His hand dug into my ass-cheek, pulling me even closer to him until I was sure he was buried up to my stomach.

It was hard to keep my eyes open as I came closer but every time I started to close them he would thrust hard forcing them open again. “I want to see you.” He panted.

I nodded, digging my hands into his shoulders. I let out a loud scream as my body convulsed but somehow managed to keep my eyes on his. “That’s it baby. Cum around me, Let me feel how good I make you feel.” He was breathing hard, almost raggedly as he continued to slam into me.

“Mark, please.” I begged humping hard against him.

He knew what I wanted. He pushed me onto my back, his body coming down hard over me. He never stopped the motion of his flying cock. His mouth locked on mine as I went flying into ecstasy once again.

To this day I will never figure out how he managed to pull out of me and cum on my chest but somehow he did because he roared and I felt his cum splash over my tits and stomach. Once again my pussy spasmed against air. I sighed inwardly but kept a smile on my face as he collapsed against me. He kissed me gently. “Wow.”

I laughed. “You know I think you’re the sixth person to say that to me tonight.”

He brushed my hair back from my face. His eyes were sparkling but no smile graced his lips. “I’m not surprised. You learn fast. Whoever you marry someday my dear is gonna be a very lucky man.”

I blushed deeply then sighed when his arm reached above the bed. Another man, another conquest, another waiting in the wings.

To Be Continued…

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