The Daughter Ch. 04

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On the way over to Joan’s house she called her mother whose name was June and told her she was bringing some friends over to lay out by the pool and she told her to make sure she was wearing her suit. Joan told us her mother was a sun worshiper and often lay out naked at it was enclosed and private. I was excited already and hadn’t even met the woman as I loved dark tanned women. It was to get even better. Joan said her dad stayed overseas on business for a month at a time and she was lonely and would love someone to talk to. She said they didn’t want to make her mother suspicious by lying out with an older guy and she would be happy if I would hang around her mother and keep her company. She said, just look our way occasionally and lick your lips and they would know I was thinking about eating their pussies. I told her that was fine that I would love to keep her mother company.

We got there and it was a huge house in an expensive neighborhood. Apparently Joan’s dad made plenty of money doing whatever he did. We went through the house which was so lavishly furnished and down the stairs through a lower den and out the back door to the pool. There lay the most gorgeous woman and she was so dark. She got up and met us and hugged the girl’s necks. Joan introduced me and I jokingly said, well do I get a hug? With that she put her arms around me and squeezed me. Joan told her they were going to lie on the other side of the pool and she and I could sit together. She said that would be fine and dragged a lounger over close to hers. As she bent over I could see the finest ass and it was dark down below her bikini line.

She told the girls to go to the lower kitchen and bring us some refreshments. I told her that I would go with her and help bring ours. I followed Joan into the house and we went to the kitchen. Joan wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big old kiss and said that was for being so nice and willing to babysit her mother. I said, are you kidding, she is hot and I could see where Joan got her looks. She laughed and said’ well she wasn’t nearly as pretty as her mother but I sure made her feel good by saying that. I patted her on the ass and said laughingly that I wouldn’t tell her mother that her little girl had been fucking my dick off. She said she trusted me and handed me a couple of beers and she got out some soft drinks for her and Jen. We went back out and I lay next to June. She first thanked me for taking care of the girls and she hoped they had been nice. I thought damn nice but said that they were little angels.

We talked a lot about her life and mine and she was a toucher which I loved. I touched her back whenever I could without being obvious to the fact that I would love to touch her all over. She kept rubbing oil all over her body and I told her she had a very beautiful body. She blushed a little and said it had been so long since her husband had told her that. I sensed she was really missing the touch of a man on her body and someone to brag about it. I did what I could to make up for that. I almost forgot the girls and looked over and licked my lips and they smiled. I was glad Joan wanted me to do this and didn’t think I was a pervert. No not a pervert, just a cradle robber.

Lunch time rolled around and June told the girls she was going up to make us all some sandwiches and she would holler down when they were ready. She asked if I wanted to go up with her to keep her company and I agreed. I followed her across the pool deck watching her ass sway with each movement of her long dark legs. I blew a kiss to the girls and they blew one back. I sat at the bar and watched June’s every movement. I told her again how pretty I thought she was. She said I was so nice and her husband never told her that anymore. She brought my sandwich over and our eyes kind of locked on each other. She laid it down and put her hand on my leg and said that she sure was glad that I came with the girls. Without saying a word I pulled her between my legs and kissed her lightly on the lips. She didn’t pull back so I kissed her again this time with a little more passion. She broke loose and said, damn that felt so good. I figured I had gotten away with that; why not test the waters a little more. I took her hand and laid it on my lap to show her how hard she had made me. She felt of my dick for a minute and then said she had better go get the girls.

The girls came up and there I sat with three beauties of which two I had fucked all night. We talked about their summer cheerleading and gossiped about some of the other girls. When we had finished, she told the girls they needed to leave to get to practice and that I was welcome to stay and swim if I wanted until the girls got back. I said that I would enjoy that and gave Jen my keys and told her they could use my car. They left and June and I went back down to the pool. We lay down next to each other and she put oil on her body again as I watched. I told her I sure thought she was good looking and I hoped she didn’t mind canlı bahis if I watched her rub herself. She said she had seen me looking at her and was proud that I liked her body. I told her I knew she loved to tan topless and if she wanted to take her top off that I certainly wouldn’t mind.

She rose up and untied the top and the most perfect and dark tits popped out. After being with the girls and their small titties, they looked absolutely huge. She said she loved to rub tanning oil all over them but if I would like to kiss her tits, she would leave it off. I told her she had the most gorgeous tits I had ever seen and I could kiss them all day. I bent over and started sucking on a nipple and she took her hand and put it on the back of my head and pulled me down. She started moaning and telling me to suck them hard and bite her nipples. She said it really turned her on to get her nipples pulled hard. I said yeah and you are making my dick hard just sucking them.

She asked if we could lay out totally naked and I said only if she begged me and laughed. We pulled our bottoms off and she leaned over and kissed me with her tongue. She kissed my stomach and slid her head on down to my dick and took it in her mouth. She didn’t play around and took all of me inside her. I reached down with my hand and started rubbing her butt. It was just as dark as the rest of her body and I could tell she must live by the pool naked ever day. She crawled up on top of me and stuck her nipples in my mouth and slowly slid me into her pussy. She was so hot and wanted me right then. She said she hoped I didn’t mind if she fucked me a little. I pulled her ass with both hands up and down to help her get some dick. She wanted to fuck and I kind of wanted it myself. Her pussy was juicy and her body slippery from all the oil. She lay on me and slid her whole body back and forth on me making my dick go in and out. I rubbed her body and got oil all over my fingers and then slid one into her ass. She loved that and started arching her hips back and forth like a belly dancer.

She was the best damn fuck and I told her it was the best I had ever had. She said well it isn’t over yet so you better hold off before making judgment. I said ok, I will decide later and laughed. She said she had never fucked anyone besides her husband but she was so damn horny she had to have me and I made it easy. I told her I wanted to put my hot cum in her pussy and I was going to eat it out and not stop until she had climaxed a dozen times. She said I knew all the right words and to keep fucking. She said her husband didn’t talk during sex and this really turned her on. She said whenever I got ready to cum to tell her. I said well I want it right now that it felt too good to stop it and I promised it wouldn’t be the end of it. She said ok baby, shoot it in me, I want it so bad. With that I let go and gave her all the cum I could find. She lay on me kissing me over and over and said thank you, thank you.

I told her she could thank me by coming up and putting that beautiful pussy on my mouth and let me drink her juices. She came up to my mouth and squatted over my face and my cum started running out and I caught it all and I licked her pussy clean. I ate on her clit and she started vibrating her body and she came in about 30 seconds. She then got off me and went down between my legs and licked my dick and sucked all the cum off of it. She lay back on her lounge chair next to mine and faced me with a smile on her face. We looked into each other’s eyes and she said that was such magic. I told her it was fantastic and I really liked her fucking. She kissed me and took hold of my dick with her hand and said this is my new toy. I reached down and slid my fingers into her juicy pussy and rubbed them in and out while kissing her lips. She kissed me on the forehead as she got up and said she was going to get us a couple of beers out of the fridge and to meet her in the pool that she was so fucking hot that she had to cool off.

We got in together and drank a little and I leaned her against the pool side and faced her and held her tits in my hands. I whispered in her ear that I wasn’t through satisfying her and she was an extremely good lover. She said that when her husband finally did come home from his trips that he never seemed to be in urgent need of her sex and always spent time catching up on mail, papers, etc. And finally when they went to bed he just crawled on her and banged her until he came and quit and rolled over and went to sleep. She said she sure wished he was more affectionate like me.

She said that if I could possibly come over and spend the night with her that she knew I would hold her in my arms and slowly satisfy her all night long. I told her that would be great and I wanted to do that. We took another drink and I kissed her and slowly turned her around while kissing her neck and back. She spread her legs out and asked if I would fuck her again. I told her that she had already milked all my cum out bahis siteleri but that wouldn’t stop me from getting into her hot pussy again. She told me to pull on her nipples and she reached behind her and guided my dick inside her. This time the pressure was off and I didn’t move very much. I just got up inside of her and pressed her against the side.

She said I felt so good inside her that she didn’t ever want me to take it out. I got harder and harder and she held on to the side and started pulling herself up and down on my dick fucking herself. She finally hollered that she was about to cum again. I told her to tell me how good it was until she came. She said damn honey don’t tease me, fuck me good. I went with her moves and she screamed to orgasm. She told me to sit on the side of the pool and let her suck me again before we quit. I did and she took all of me into her mouth and she held my balls as tight as she could without hurting me. I had let this goddess sex genie out of the bottle and her pent up sex was being released and I was happy for her.

We got out of the pool and we dried each other off and we put our suits back on in case the girls came back. We went back to our chairs and lay back. I held her hand and had it to where the girls would not see that when they arrived. She talked more about her husband a little and then started talking about her daughter. I told her I thought she was a cute girl and I hoped her first sex would be as good as ours was that day. She said she wanted it to be special and not with some kid that just wanted in her pants. She said she wanted me to come back the next day and we could continue our little game. I leaned over and kissed her and said that was a goodbye kiss before the girls got there. I told her it was to make her remember our sex and loving and she said don’t worry, she would be thinking about it all night. She said she was going to sleep naked and finger herself and imagine it was me in her pussy. We stopped kissing just as the girls came back. They asked us if we had enjoyed lying around the pool with each other and I said yes we really talked a lot and we felt close.

I told Jan we needed to get home and Joan told us we could come back the next day. Jen said that would be great as she wanted to get a tan before her trip to Florida. Jen told June bye and thanked her for babysitting me. She said oh, it was fun and to bring me back anytime. Jen and I stopped and got a hamburger at Johnny Rockets. She sat across from me and rubbed my leg with her foot and told me she missed me while she and Joan were gone. I told her I would make up for it tonight as it would be good for us to be alone for a change. When we got back I got out of my clothes and put on some shorts and she said no I want to see you naked all night. She said I will be naked with you but first I want to put on something sexy and walk around in it and see if I can make you horny.

She said I made her feel sexy and lately all she could think about was sex with me. She said she loved being alone with me but she had really enjoyed sharing me with another girl also. She said she had one other girl that she had in mind that had talked sex with her and she thought she would like to get in bed with her. She had never considered it seriously but now she was thinking it might be fun and she wanted me to be there with them. She said I know she had not ever seen a dick and I am so proud of yours I want her to see it. She asked me if I minded if she brought her home with her one day and I said honey I will do anything you want and I love to please you. I told her it excited me to be with two girls and to get fucked by them and to watch them play with each other.

I told her I was going down and make us a margarita while she changed and got ready and for her to come down and I would be waiting at the bottom of the stairs to watch her walk down. When she did come down she had on a pale yellow nightie that was so sheer you could see her titties through it. She was wearing some sheer little panties to match and you could see her pussy through the material. She was also wearing large yellow earrings and straw heels with her toenails painted bright red. The heels were very tall and it made her legs look so long. They were well toned from her dancing and they looked so good. She took her time and stopped on each step and gave me a pose. I told her to get back up to the top and let me get the camera. I hollered I was ready and she came down again really sticking her ass and tits out. What great shots and the flash made her body look like it was naked through the material.

She got to the bottom step and turned with her back toward me and stuck her ass out. The little yellow panties were in her crack and invisible. Her ass was so tight. I took a picture of that and went over and kissed each cheek. I told her she was so beautiful to me. I led her to the bar and we sat on a stool next to each other and drank. She said she wanted a cigarette and wanted to go on bahis şirketleri the back deck and walk around for me in the full moon. She said I couldn’t go out there naked and with that she slipped her little panties down over her legs in a provocative way and handed them to me.

She said after you smell them I want you to put them on. I laughed and kissed her and said she would probably have to help me get into them as they were so little. She held them and I put my feet through them and we pulled them up to my waist. My dick was hard and sticking straight up and you could see my dick good through the material.

We got the cigarettes and our drinks and walked outside with me following her watching that ass. This was one damn fine girl. I had her thinking and acting like a much older woman. She said she had been thinking of things to do with me all day. Her walking in the heels was extremely sexy as her ass and hips swayed excessively to each side. We sat on the steps to the deck and lit up a cigarette and shared it. I took a drag and then leaned over and kissed her so softly that our lips were barely touching but the magic flowing from her lips to mine was so great. She was a special girl and I intended to please her all I could.

She reached down and rubbed my dick inside her panties that I was wearing. She pulled them down and my dick popped out and she kissed it and took it into her mouth. I was willing to let her suck me as long as she wanted but she stopped and got up and facing me sat on my lap. She put her pussy right up against my dick and kissed me more. She stopped and took a drag off of my cigarette. She started moving back and forth and the tip of my dick slid across her pussy lips with each movement.

I sucked on her nipples through the thin material and then she pulled her top up over her head and told me to suck them good. She said to put my dick inside her all the way up and to bite her nipples. She moaned with the pleasurable pain. I said, talk to me baby and make my dick hard as hell. She asked if I liked her little outfit tonight and I said yes. She said do you like fucking me outside and I said definitely yes. She asked if I enjoyed fucking Joan out here on the deck and I said yes that was great and I thought you were really great.

She said, did you like watching me eat her pussy and I said yes. She asked if I wanted her to bring another girl over so I could watch her eat her pussy and I said yes baby, I would really like that and if y’all want to fuck me you know you can have me anytime you want. She said, can we suck your dick and I said oh yes that would be real good. She asked if I would rather cum in their pussies or their mouths and I said both but I will take the pussies first. I asked what this girl looked like and she said that was going to be a surprise and give me something to fantasize about.

By then my dick was going in so far that I didn’t know how she was taking me as she was very small. I told her that her pussy was so tight and it knew how to grab onto my dick with ever stroke. She said she loved fucking me and she wanted my cum deep into her body. She asked for me to put a finger in her ass and kiss her hard and go ahead and shoot it in her. She road my dick and held onto me tight until it shoot way up into her pussy. She moaned with pleasure and said, damn that always feels so good. She climbed off and lay on her back and asked me to lick her pussy until she climaxed. She asked me if I wanted to taste my cum as it drained out of her pussy and I said I loved it and wouldn’t waste a drop.

I ate her out and I intended to eat her a long time but she grabbed my head and had a convulsion and let out a little scream. She said, you make me cum so easy. She asked if I could do it again and I said, yes as soon as we have some more drink and another cigarette that I wanted to make the next time last a long time. We sat in the moonlight looking at each other and resting while we drank. I asked if she would tell me more about the girl she was going to bring.

She said all she was going to tell me was that it would be something that neither of us had ever had before. I said, well, what is she a midget and she laughed. I said, Jen, I have always thought of you as a little girl but you have truly become a woman. She said, are you sure you have never thought about having sex with me? I said well I had always tried to get a good look at her body and I would tell her a secret but keep it to herself so I wouldn’t get killed. She begged me to tell her and I was pretty high from the drink so I said ok kiss me and lay in my arms and I will tell you.

I took another slug of the margarita and told her that I had often fantasized about being in the bed fucking her mother and she would walk in on us. Then you would come over and crawl in the bed with us and join in. Then I would take my dick out of your mother and you would start sucking me and crawl on top of me and put my dick in your little pussy. I thought she would be shocked but she said that she had fantasized about the same thing. I told her that was wild that we had both thought about that. I said, I guess since we were thinking about it, that it meant we really did want to do it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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