The Country Cottage Pt. 03

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(Part 3)

The Playpen


As Bob, rather Daddy for the moment at least, slowly eased my panties down, I felt so excited, so thrilled things were happening over which I had no control. Although I was a thirty four year old married woman, I felt free from any responsibilities, like a little girl doing what my parents told me…and I really liked being called pretty little Poppsi again, the first time since my father called me that when I was very small.

Each sharp smack on my bare ass aroused me even more.

I did feel a bit guilty as my husband was just a few feet away watching me closely. I didn’t want to upset him and wondered if I should object or stop things. Then both Carol and Alice whispering in his ear and his face became quite red. He leaned forward and spoke huskily.

“Lisa, please… please spread your legs for Daddy.”

It was such a relief to have the approval of my husband.

I was more aroused than I had ever been with Dan and he must have realized it from my eyes. I wondered if he felt jealous but the expression on his face was one of agreement… admiration even.

Ted led some others in who all took their time admiring my fully exposed cunt and I wasn’t upset at all. After a few moments, Ted took them to the dining room.

Dan seemed in a sort of dream as Alice leaned over his shoulder and licked his ear. Her breasts not really confined within her loose blouse as she lead him like a puppy dog into the dining room.

With my panties down and my legs splayed wide open, I started to get up as well, but Daddy stopped me with a firm touch on my knee.

“Not quite yet, Poppsi, there’s one more thing before we join the others,” he said softly.

Carol stepped up to my other side and beamed down at me. Daddy slid his hand down between my legs, at first just cupping my throbbing mound and the thin brown hair topping my cunt.

My pussy was ready to explode.

Ever so leisurely, Daddy inserted his hand, or more specifically one finger, between my legs and then between the folds of my pussy lips and then up inside my vagina.

It felt heavenly.

“Do you like that, Pretty Poppsi?” he murmured, rotating the finger slightly.

“Oh Daddy, it’s wonderful,” I gasped, barely able to control myself, feeling my wetness oozing out over his fingers with a few drops trickling down over my asshole.

He slowly removed his fingers from inside me and my cunt immediately felt empty. His fingers glistened with my juices. Had he touched my clit at that moment, I would not have been able to stop cumming all over his hands.

Carol pushed my knees down and leaned over to give me a passionate kiss.

“Pull your panties up and come along for dinner, dear,” she muttered in my ear, “that was just a bit of an appetizer.”

I was in a daze myself as Carol directed me to a seat at the table with my name in front of it. Dan sat opposite me. I glanced at him across the table. We were both slightly flushed and out of our depth…and I prayed he was as aroused as me.

Bob started to talk, introducing the others around the table. I barely heard, going back over what had happened so far in my mind and fantasizing about what was yet to come. My pussy was so wet, my panties rode up in my crease and I hoped I didn’t stain the chair.

My attention came back to the moment when Bob introduced the young man sitting at my right as Harry, who was to be married to his sister the next day, by his grandfather, the infamous Father John, who was on my right. The young man just smiled sheepishly but Father John gave my thigh a squeeze when he smiled at me, a squeeze close enough to my crotch that I was sure he felt the dampness of my panties.

When Bob introduced Casey, the young woman on the other side of Father John, he leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I’ve heard she was a very strong willed precocious young girl.” he said with a chuckle, “Her father Gavin is very easily controlled by women, especially his daughter.”

Someone said that perhaps Gavin may have already had his way with his daughter that day, Ted just chuckled.

“More like the other way round. She probably wraps him around her little finger before she fucks him.”

Casey’s face was slightly flushed as she smiled brightly. I suspected Father John was fondling her pussy at that very moment…and the comments were accurate.

When we finished dinner and all helped to clear the table, Bob announced The Playpen was open. I started to ask what that meant but he silenced me with is raised hand.

“Lisa, Will, Casey and Dan, a moment,” he said as the others filed out of the dining room.

We went down a short hall to an office with a small conference table. Bob handed each of us some papers, illegal bahis a pen and an envelope with our name already neatly printed on it.

“I thought we were going to The Playpen.,” Casey started to complain.

“Oh don’t worry, we will be going there shortly and I assure you everyone will be waiting…or mostly anyway,” Father John said with a devilish smile, “but first, since you four are here for the first time, we need a little more information for your confessions and induction into the family.”

I started looking through the papers, five or six pages listing just about every form of sexual activity I had ever heard about and a few I hadn’t.

“Some of this seems pretty personal,” I gasped.

“Yes it is,” Bob agreed, “but we need to know every intimate detail about you, your fantasies and your fetishes.”

I looked over at Dan, for reassurance. He just shrugged and began filling out the Fantasies and Fetishes questionnaire. After a momentary pause, I did the same.

After perhaps ten minutes, everyone was done and, following Father John’s instructions, placed the completed forms in the envelopes. Bob returned alone.

“Now we can all enjoy ourselves and join the others in The Playpen lovely young Casey is so anxious to visit,” Bob chuckled and led us out a different door than the one we entered.

Casey hooked her arm in my husband’s arm and followed Bob and Will and me down an unfamiliar hall. Bob opened the double doors and stepped back allowing us to all enter together.

At first glanced it looked like everyone else was there…and they were all mostly or totally naked.

“I’m so excited,” Casey gushed as she pulled my husband closer, “this will be my first orgy with people I haven’t known my whole life!”

As she finished speaking she simply turned her back on him, pulled her skirt right up over her waist and her panties down around her knees.

“Do you think they will like my ass?” she asked coyly before stripping all her clothes off. I could see from the look on his face and the bulge in his pants that my husband liked it a lot.

Carol was standing with her daughter as we entered and looked completely unruffled by the scene around them. Other than a garter belt and tan stockings, Alice was in the buff with that small triangle of dark hair between her legs. Carol wore only a bright smile.

Ted stood between them, looking at young Casey with lecherous eyes. His intentions were clear, his dick already hard and long. Even Casey was taken back by the size of it.

As I looked on unsure what to think or do next, Carol and Alice took it upon themselves to get everything moving.

Carol slipped up alongside Casey’s father, Gavin, and chatted to him about how lovely his young daughter looked now that she had taken off all her clothes. Gavin had a very stiff dick which Carol brushed over with one hand, not at all accidentally.

Gavin was short and portly with a balding head and a rather small cock surrounded by salt and pepper pubic hair. Carol knew he was very submissive to women and suspected especially to his daughter.

“Your daughter has nice tits and a lovely ass, Gavin. My son thinks she is really pretty.” Carol said simply. “Tell me, Gavin, do you like your daughter’s firm tits?”

Gavin just nodded helplessly, feeling himself being drawn into his submissive persona but could do little to avoid it .

“Yes, Carol, she is pretty and I love her tits.”

About that time, Casey stepped completely out of her clothes laying at her feet. She looked over at her father with a scowl.

“Daddy, come over here right now,” she commanded, “and fold my clothes up neatly.”

I was shocked that this young woman would speak to her father in such a disrespectful way. Gavin just blushed and shuffled over to his daughter, dropping on one knee to pick up her clothing and began folding them. When Casey turned away from him to grin directly at Ted, I noticed Gavin sneaked a quick sniff of his daughter’s panties.

“Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable,” someone murmured in my ear, pulling the zipper on the back of my dress down until the garment fell around my ankles. I turned my head to find Alice standing close enough behind me that her erect nipples pressed into my back. My own nipples stiffened with the touch and I felt a tingle between my legs.

Standing there in just cotton panties, I wasn’t sure what was expected next. Her hand brushed lightly over the thin fabric covering my ass, her arms embracing me as one hand slipped under the waistband to split the folds of my pussy lips…my tingling and very juicy pussy lips by that time.

“Mmm, I don’t think you mean to soil these lovely panties, now do you?” Alice cooed, her fingers obviously coated with my wetness as she pulled my panties down around illegal bahis siteleri my ankles.

I moaned with arousal as she stood behind me and cupped my breasts in her hands, gently pinching my nipples while outlining the outside of my ear with her tongue. Carol meanwhile was clearly enjoying herself as she continued talking to Gavin.

“It appears your daughter likes my son, Gavin,” she gestured as Ted stepped closer to Casey. “and it appears Ted very much likes your daughter.”

Ted’s dick was standing at complete attention straight out from his body. I had to admit it was an impressive specimen.

“You don’t have to stand up all this time, Casey. Why don’t you take the weight off your feet and sit on my husband’s lap.” Alice exclaimed from behind me.

Ted dropped into a nearby lounge chair and Casey grinned wickedly as she stepped up between his legs.

“Daddy, come over here now,” Casey cried out again.

Gavin groaned but walked over to his daughter. She took her father’s dick in her hand and smiled sweetly at him.

“I’m going to fuck this one first, Daddy, so make sure his dick is as hard as he can be, the way you know I like.”

Gavin blushed again and mumbled something I couldn’t hear then dropped to his knees and started to lick and suck Ted’s cock. After a moment, he moved aside and held Ted’s rigid dick up for his daughter.

Casey giggled as her father helped her lower herself down onto Ted’s lap and on to his stiff cock. Then she stopped giggling and gasped quite a lot. As Ted started to jiggle up and down in harmony, Carol started to drift away.

“Look after her Ted. I need to circulate.”

Although Gavin was himself very stiff, he was clearly embarrassed as he stood by and looked at his daughter on Ted’s lap. Carol momentarily held his penis and jerked it a few times.

“Don’t worry Gavin. Trust me, my son is a really good fuck.”

My pussy was on fire. Other than a few porn videos, I’d never seen anything like this before. Alice fingering me while she licked my ear contributed as well. I looked round for Dan and saw him sitting on one of the platforms with Nicole and her son Will.

Somewhere along the line, he had gotten naked too and his dick was rock hard in Nicole’s hand. Her legs were spread wide, the pink flesh of her inner cunt glistening in the low light. Both he and Will fondled one of her tits and had a finger inside her pussy.

Dan looked my way and smiled wanly. I smiled back and turned to Alice, jamming my tongue into her mouth as I pulled my hand up between her legs.

Alice eagerly returned my kiss and practically dragged me over to a platform next to Dan. We kissed passionately for a few moments, all the while I was getting more and more aroused.

Then she pushed me down on my back and dove down between my thighs. I started to cum almost as soon as her tongue lapped over my throbbing slit to my clit…over and over…exquisitely teasing out a growing orgasm. Just before I lost myself in an momentous climax, I looked over to see Dan, leaning back, watching Alice lick my cunt as Nicole sucked his cock and her son fucked her from behind.

He smiled his approval and I started to cum so hard and so often I lost all awareness of anything but my own pleasure.


I could hardly believe what I was seeing as I stepped into The Playpen.

When young Casey pulled me closer to her, my arm brushed against the side of her breast. She looked at me with a bright smile then took a couple of steps away, bent forward and lifted her skirt up over her back, fully exposing her taut ass and skimpy panties that were little more than a thin strip of fabric disappearing into her ass cheeks and cunt lips.

“Do you think they will like my ass?” she said coyly to me as she stripped all her clothes off, letting them fall around her feet.

Whatever anyone else thought, I liked her ass and the plump mound of her pussy topped with a thin thatch of flaming red hair that matched that on her head. My cock throbbed in my pants as I gawked at her and then looked around at the others. Everyone seemed perfectly comfortable being naked and, in a few cases, casually groped each other.

Carol walked up to Casey with her father and said a few things back and forth I couldn’t quite make out. Gavin seemed a bit embarrassed but after a moment picked up his daughter’s clothes and folded them neatly. I sneaked a look at in Lisa’s direction and she appeared to be as dumbfounded as me as she stared at Carol and Gavin and Casey with her mouth slightly open. If I had to guess at that moment, I would say her nipples were erect and her panties pretty moist.

Before I could do or say anything, Nicole walked up to me and put both her arms around my neck. She was as tall as me so she could look me canlı bahis siteleri directly in the eye. Like the others she was completely nude. She was very thin, with small tits that were barely more than the bumps of her dark brown nipples. A silver bar pierced her right one.

Her son Will shuffled up behind her and just stood looking at us sheepishly. He was a big lad, at least six foot four inches tall and well over two hundred pounds. He had a hard thick dick to match.

“Come over here and let me get a good look at what we have to play with,” Nicole cooed and pulled my face to hers, our lips meeting as her tongue flicked between my parted lips.

Then she took my hand and led me over to an empty platform covered by a foam mattress a few feet away. She sat down and efficiently unclasped my belt and zipper so my trousers fell down around my knees. Her hands encased my throbbing cock and balls through my underwear and looked up at me with sparkling eyes.

I was still wearing my shirt and sports coat. Nicole looked over to her son and told him to take them from me. I kicked off my shoes and, in a moment, I was naked except for the underwear through which Nicole continued to fondle my cock and balls and my black socks. For some reason, I never did take the socks off for the rest of the evening.

“We’ve been so wanting so get better acquainted with you since dinner,” Nicole murmured, slipping her hands up the outside of my thighs and under the underwear.

Ever so slowly, she pulled my underwear down around my knees, her eyes locked on mine the entire time. I groaned lowly as my dick popped straight out, practically hitting her lips.

Will sat down next to his mother and when I looked down, he was tenderly kneading her left nipple. He just grinned looking up at me and dropped a hand down between his mother’s legs. Nicole moaned softly and spread her legs for him as she flicked her tongue across the head of my dick.

I sat down next to her and twirled the pierced nipple between two fingers. She took my other hand and put it down between her legs and my finger joined her son’s in her warm, wet slit. She started slowly jerking off my cock with one hand and her son’s with the other.

In an attempt to keep from immediately shooting my cum on her hand, I looked around frantically for Lisa. She was staring at Casey riding Ted’s cock while Gavin stood by watching. What made me even more aroused was Alice held Lisa in a tight embrace from behind while cupping Lisa’s tits in both hands.

When her eye caught mine, Lisa smiled slyly, turned and rammed her tongue into Alice’s mouth. After a moment, Alice led Lisa over to the platform next to the one I was on, pushed her down and proceeded to eagerly lick my wife’s pussy.

Nicole looked over, squirmed around to get on her hands and knees and began sucking my cock. Her son climbed up behind her and slipped his large cock into his mother’s pussy.

Just as I was about to cum in Nicole’s mouth, Lisa left out a loud shriek, clamped her knees around Alice’s head and started to thrash uncontrollably. I knew she was lost in a massive climax of her own when my cum gushed into Nicole’s welcoming mouth and down her throat.

Fantasies for both of us were quickly becoming reality.

As my orgasm receded, I collapsed on my back with my softening dick laying on my stomach. Next to me, Nicole moaned as her son grunted his cum deep into her pussy, then rolled her over on her back. When Will’s cock pulled out of his mother, a river of semen gushed out. Will quickly slid down between her thighs and lapped up his own cum as quickly as it flowed out of her.

Nicole’s fingernails dug into my forearm as she started to cum on her son’s face. I was surprised how quickly my own arousal grew as a woman I just met and barely knew groaned her orgasm right next to me.

Then, I felt a hand softly cup my balls and tenderly tug on my dick. Carol stood bending over me, grinning devilishly, her soft ponderous tits with stiff erect nipples swaying gently just inches from my face with the movement of her hands. Bob stood grinning next to her, one hand rubbing Carol’s ass crack and pussy, the other stroking his stiff dick.

“Hi, Dan, I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back to you but now I’m ready to properly welcome you into the family,” Carol cooed and tightened her hand on my cock.

With that, she dropped to her knees between my legs and slowly inhaled my dick until her nose pressed firmly against my pubic hair. Ever so slowly she drew her mouth up with her teeth lightly scraping over the skin of my cock until the throbbing head was just barely between her lips. She repeated this motion several times and I was about ready to explode again as the first hints of my precum smeared on her lips.

“Not quite yet, Danny boy,” Carol murmured, climbing up on the mattress and straddling my hips. “I truly want to taste your cum in my mouth, but this first time I want to feel your sperm filling my pussy…at the same time my Bob fucks your wife and floods her cunt with his semen.”

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