The Cline’s Conquer Time Ch. 04

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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. This series of stories feature some light sci-fi elements, but for the most part, they are in the background. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. And finally, I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


“Life is full of choices. Each choice can decide the rest of your life. Life can go in infinite directions. Different permutations, different outcomes. You can literally end up anywhere in life… with anyone. But I honestly feel, from the bottom of my heart, that in each and every one of these different outcomes, different destinies, I would have ended up with you.”


(Timeline E: Jocelyn Cline Battles Time)

Let me help you out. A man shouldn’t have to carry his drunk bride to the wedding suite.” Jackie said, rubbing his shoulder.

“No, it’s okay. I got it.” Derek said smiling.

“You sure?” Jackie said, styled eyebrows raised, seemingly hinting at something that he was not understanding. Jackie had made him uncomfortable all night. Sure, she had been nice, but she seemed very… flirty. Maybe that was just the way she was. Still, Derek was a bit freaked out by her. It might be best to stay away from her. But she was Heather’s sister. She wouldn’t do anything to ruin her sister’s big night and make him feel uncomfortable. Right?

“Yeah. I got it.” Derek said with a smile. Jackie smiled, seemingly disappointed, but she let him pass.

Seconds after he passed Jackie, Derek heard the band stop and heard some conversation begin on stage. He kept focused on leaving, but he heard the tone of the band change, and he stopped when he heard a female voice on the microphone.

“Oh baby, be mine! Oh honey, take my… body and say, you’ll always be mine.”

Derek turned to look, only to see his mother-in-law on the stage. She stood in front of the microphone, as if she belonged there, belonged on stage. Derek stopped walking and watched his mother-in-law at work.

“My flesh against yours… is all that I crave.”

Derek’s eyes were enraptured by his wife’s mother singing. Her voice was smooth, silky and sexy. Derek recognized the song she was singing, it was “Be Mine” by Yvonne, but it had never sounded so sensual as it did when Jocelyn sang it.

“Skin against skin… sweat mixing with sweat.”

Her voice was impressive, full and mighty. It took over the room as she sang. It commanded attention.

“My body and yours… nothing between.”

Jocelyn’s large breasts heaved outward as she belted the sexually-charged song, her hard nipples showing through her dress.

“Your love isn’t here… it’s just you and me.”

The song was a controversial one, as it seemed to endorse unprotected cheating. It was a very inappropriate song to sing at a wedding reception.

“Your hands on my flesh… the best you have felt.”

Jocelyn’s smooth, sensual voice was singing a siren’s song, and Derek was unconsciously moving towards the stage.

“You abandon your life… I’m all that you want.”

Jocelyn’s cold, striking eyes met his, drawing him forward.

“You lose all control… in pleasure with me.”

Derek wasn’t alone. The crowd was enraptured.

“Oh baby, be mine! Oh honey, take my… body and say, you’ll always be MIIIIIIINNNNNNNNEEEEEE!”

She boomed out the last part of the song, and as she finished with a flourish, causing a raucous applause to fill the reception hall. She stepped down from the stage like an experienced songstress. She approached the frozen Derek.

“What’d you think?” she asked firmly, looking at him.

“That was good, really good.” Derek stammered as she held his gaze.

“I’m sorry my dear daughter made a fool of herself. I thought she had better control than this.” Jocelyn replied.

“Well, I’m sure she’ll regret it in the morning.” Derek replied, fearing the fierce hangover and shame she would feel when she emerged from her drunken stupor.

“Well, I can’t believe Jackie didn’t offer to help with Heather here.” Jocelyn said, disappointed.

“Oh, she did. I told her it was okay.” Derek said.

“Well, how about I help you two get up to your room, and I’ll sing you another song… in private.” Jocelyn offered.

“Oh, uh, it’s okay.” Derek replied.

“Well, I am her mother, and I insist on helping out.” Jocelyn said firmly, aggressively moving toward them to take Heather’s arm over her shoulder.

“No, uh, Jocelyn, I’ve got it really.” Derek said, smiling nicely.

“Derek, I know you’re a nice young man, but it is my responsibility as her mother to take illegal bahis over for her since she showed such little restraint and got herself trashed. So budge over, let me help, let me take over.” Jocelyn said.

Derek felt strange defying Jocelyn. He didn’t want their relationship to begin with her being pissed at him, and she looked like the type not to be defied. But Derek was Heather’s husband. She was his responsibility, now. She wasn’t Jocelyn’s to mother anymore. Except… Derek didn’t want to anger Jocelyn.

What would he do?

“Uh, okay, I guess.” Derek said, acquiescing to his mother-in -law. He didn’t know why he did that. There was just some part of him that felt like he should obey her wishes. She was the mother of his wife after all. It would be a good idea for him to give her what she wanted.

“Good.” Jocelyn said, as if she were expecting that answer. Jocelyn walked over to her son-in-law and daughter and got on the other side of Heather. She leaned over towards her daughter and put her arm around her shoulders. Jocelyn grabbed her shoulder in her hands and firmly squeezed into it, digging her nails painfully into her daughter’s shoulders.

“Stand up straight and walk! You’re embarrassing yourself!” Jocelyn whispered harshly in her daughter’s ear. Jocelyn had always been very no-nonsense. She did not put up with any bullshit from either of her daughters. And to her, bullshit was anything that got in the way of her plans. And although her daughter getting drunk did make her plans to fuck her son-in-law so much easier, she needed to get to the hotel suite before she could make him hers.

Derek was again just shocked by the fact that this woman was Heather’s mom. She truly appeared to be barely older than Jackie. Heather’s mother was a stunning redhead. She wore a slinky black dress, extremely low-cut to expose more than a hint of the cavernous cleavage caused by the mountainous peaks on her chest. Her dress was backless, allowing the world to see her firm and fit sexy back. Her skin was creamy and appeared to be silky smooth.

Jocelyn was a true Cline woman if there ever was one. When Heather was a child Jocelyn doted over her, but that changed once her and Jackie became teenagers. Once Jocelyn recognized Jackie’s nature, once Jocelyn realized that Jackie would become a true Cline woman and Heather would not, Jocelyn and Jackie practically became BFFs while Jocelyn and Heather’s relationship became increasingly more boring. Jocelyn and Jackie’s relationship was no typical mother-daughter relationship. Once Jackie turned 15 and sprouted gigantic tits, Jocelyn began to treat her not so much as a daughter but as a friend. A confidante. A girlfriend who she could share her adventures. An apprentice she could teach her life lessons. Jackie had learned everything from her mother. How to flirt. How to seduce. How to dress seductively. How to entice men. Rich… powerful… married men. While Jocelyn and Jackie became as thick as thieves, Heather was left behind while Jackie entered the world Cline women were entitled to. Heather went to College. Jocelyn and Jackie… they got fucked.

Jackie had been successful, but she was no Jocelyn. While Jackie was slumming it with the New York nightlife, Jocelyn traveled the world. The Cline bunch, Jocelyn, Jackie and Heather had lived all over the world thanks to Jocelyn’s exploits. But Heather and Jackie were young. Heather wanted to settle, at home, in America. And Jackie wanted a turf of her own and she chose New York City as her stomping grounds. But that was thinking too small. Jocelyn was worldly.

Jocelyn traveled the globe. She flew in the fanciest of planes, with the fanciest of men. Not just businessmen and playboys. She got fucked by leaders. By celebrities. By royalty. Men didn’t say no to Jocelyn Cline. Young or old, single or married, Jocelyn was always victorious. Like her daughter, Jocelyn never worked a day in her life. But unlike Jackie, Jocelyn had a discernible talent, other than sex, of course. She could sing.

Jocelyn had an incredible singing voice, practically operatic. She was told she could sing opera and be among the best, but that was not her thing. The opera scene doesn’t get you laid. But if the price was right, Jocelyn was happy to show off her incredible pipes. Only at the fanciest of parties did she do this. It wasn’t a job or anything, but she made sure to get paid handsomely. Jocelyn sang in front of kings and queens, musicians and movie stars, and Jocelyn always stole the show. Jocelyn laughed at those little pop starlets that were blown away by this woman double their age, looking so sexy in a hot, ballroom gown. Jocelyn knew there was one thing men loved, loved even more than hot, sexy sluts: Men loved hot sexy sluts… with talent. Seeing a sexy woman with legit talent turned men on like no other. Jocelyn knew this for a fact, because it wasn’t those fake little pop starlets that were getting fucked by their hot young musician boyfriends illegal bahis siteleri at the end of the night. It was her. How could they resist? Jocelyn was as sexy as could be. That was why she had busted out her voice at the reception. No man could resist her siren song.

Jocelyn was a young mother, only 40. She had silky, crimson hair, a deep, dark red. Her face was absolutely fucking gorgeous, perfect smooth lips and dark mysterious eyes. Her skin had that perfect soft complexion that really set off her hair perfectly. Milky, creamy skin, so soft to the touch. No man could resist when she flashed her long, firm legs. Her creamy thighs. It was impossible for any man to keep their hands to themselves. Jocelyn knew just how to drive men wild. Her velvety skin. Her smooth, sexy voice, tinged with honey. Her plump lips, built for kissing. Her eyes were mysterious deep pools, capable of drawing you in. Her face was perfectly made up, flattering her strong features, her prominent cheekbones, her sexy lips. She looked classy, regal, but with a hint of playfulness to her. Her firm, sexy back, built to be shown off in backless dresses. Her fit belly, still flat after two children. And then, there were her tits.

Her tits. Holy fuck, her tits were amazing. Firm… perky… jutting… round…. smooth… fleshy. When you’re a 40 year-old with all natural EE cups, you just have to show them off. And boy, Jocelyn did show them off. No matter the elegant dress, no matter how expensive, she made fucking sure that it showed off her canyon of silky smooth, cavernous cleavage. They jiggled and bounced with every step she took. When she sang, her breasts ballooned and swelled as her chest billowed with air, making all the audience members know how truly “talented” she was.

And then there was her ass. What an ass Jocelyn Cline had. Round and perky, heart shaped and fleshy. It was built for booty shaking. If she was that type of woman, she would be a bikini girl in a music video, even though she was a mature woman. If she were a model, it would be her ass that would be her claim to fame. Even in her fancy ballroom gowns, her fancy dresses, countless men fell victim to staring at her wondrous, glorious ass.

Jocelyn, despite being a mature, older woman, somehow, someway had her daughters beat in every category. Not just Heather, I mean, that was obvious. She had Jackie beat as well. In her opinion, she was hotter, sexier, had better hair, a better ass, sexier legs. And facts were facts: her tits were far bigger. Jocelyn loved that feeling of superiority she had when looking at her daughters.

Heather loved her mother. Jocelyn was idolized by both her daughters. As they traveled in their younger years and watched as Jocelyn brought the house down by singing, as they watched Jocelyn work a room and be the star of the party, both girls wanted nothing more than to be exactly like their mom, especially Heather. Heather seemed like she had the inside track. She was more active, more inquisitive, more energetic. And Jocelyn would admit that when she was a child Heather was her favorite. It wasn’t until Jackie’s and Heather’s teenage years that that changed. When Jackie filled out in all the right places and Heather didn’t. When Jackie was revealed to be a true Cline woman after all and Heather was not. Much like with her relationship with Jackie, Heather desperately wanted to return to how it used to be, where she was the apple of her mother’s eye. But it was too late. Jackie was her mother’s daughter. They were close, closer than most mothers and daughters. And like Jackie, Jocelyn’s relationship with Heather had become nothing more than cordial. Heather just didn’t fit in with Jocelyn’s lifestyle anymore.

Heather had always been a good daughter. She always obeyed her mother. She always trusted her mother’s judgment, even when she didn’t understand or agree with it. But there were times where she wondered if her mom was a bit of a hypocrite, because she let Jackie show off her body like crazy in slutty clothes and yet Jocelyn didn’t object. Yet, Jocelyn would never let Heather dream of wearing anything like that. Heather sometimes felt like her and her sister played under different rules. Jocelyn had all these rules. Heather obeyed like a good daughter would, yet Jackie flounced the rules, disobeyed all the things her Mother said to her. And still, Jackie was obviously the favorite in her mother’s eyes.

Heather hid her displeasure for years. She had always been the good daughter, but that always got her nowhere. Jocelyn had let Jackie start dating from a young age. She encouraged her to have lots of boyfriends and dress really nasty to attract guys. And she rewarded her for this behavior, buying her a nice car and fancy clothes and giving her whatever she needed. Yet, when Heather reached the same age Jackie did when she had begun dating, Jocelyn gave her nothing. She didn’t want her dating, she bought her nothing and there was no car for her. canlı bahis siteleri Heather was frustrated by this, but she was too good of a person to yell and scream at her mother’s hypocrisy.

Jocelyn had always known exactly what she was doing. She was fully aware of this hypocrisy, and she accepted it. Because the truth was, her daughters were very different, and they did play by very different rules. Heather had the brains. Jackie had the body. This became clear to her as they grew up. So she imparted the cold hard truth to both of her daughters, who she honestly loved dearly. She treated her daughters like the world would, because the truth was, Jackie would have it much easier than Heather would. Jackie would probably have a much better life than Heather would and that was a fact. It might not be fair, but life was much easier for beautiful women. Jackie had to get used to the fact that the world would be handed to girls like her. Jackie would not have to work for anything. People would give her whatever she wanted just to be in her proximity. Men would fall over themselves to be with her. Jackie had to learn that fact from a young age and if she understood it she could use that to her advantage. She could use her body like the weapon it was. She could get the world in the palm of her hand, thanks to Jocelyn’s tutelage.

Heather did not have the same advantages as Jackie had. It was cruel but it was the truth. She was pretty but not eye catching. Her body was fit but plain. The truth was, no one would ever fall over themselves for her. She had to get used to the fact that she would have to work hard for everything she needed to get. She shouldn’t even get used to trying to use her body to impress others. She could never be that type of girl. Heather had to get used to having to earn things with her own merits. Clothes, cars, jobs… boyfriends. She had to use her brains and personality to get boyfriends. She couldn’t rely on her looks like her sister could.

These lessons were very cold lessons indeed. Cold, but probably accurate. Despite her blatant favoritism, Jocelyn always believed she was a good mother. A stupendous mother. And she still believed that… even though she wanted to fuck her daughter’s husband. This wasn’t purely an act of a slut. This was an act any good mother would do. Cause the truth was, Derek was way out of Heather’s league, and he would realize that eventually. So she believed it was best for him to realize that fact today, cause it would be much better for Heather in the long run. It would be so much better for everyone involved if Derek were to betray Heather tonight, for him to lose all loyalty to his new wife in favor of the throbbing needs of his dick. He needed to learn this fact now, that he could get something so much better than what Heather could ever give him. That there was so much better pussy out there that was his for the taking. He was like Jackie in a way. He is the type of guy who could have the world handed to him. However his mother had not trained him like Jocelyn had with Jackie. But Derek was not stupid. He would figure this fact out eventually, and once he did, he would avail himself in the pleasures of the flesh, and destroy Heather emotionally in the process. But, if Jocelyn made him betray his wife now, and destroy her emotionally now, yes it would hurt, but it would make Heather stronger in the long run.

Therefore, her plans would really be for the best. Heather would confront the ways of the world, and she would learn to not marry a guy so far out of her league, a man that was destined to leave her. She would learn to marry someone plain and normal, like her, not someone extraordinary like Derek.

He would learn that his hot body was a weapon built to pleasure gorgeous women. And Jocelyn, well, she would get the reaming of her life from her son-in-law on his wedding night.

Everybody wins.

Jocelyn loved the forbidden taste of young male flesh. Young men so desperate for a Mommy figure to guide and control them. Young men so baffled by this mature woman’s hot fucking body that they had no choice but to fuck her, fill her with cum, and vow to be her undying sex slave forever. Jocelyn had many sex slaves. They lived normal lives, most were happily married, but when Jocelyn was in town, they were at her feet. Jocelyn lived to be worshipped. She was too fucking hot not to get the proper worship she deserved.

And this Derek, he was so young, so inexperienced, and so sexy. He was destined to end up at the beck and call of an older woman. An older woman who knew how to care for that great big young cock Jocelyn knew she had. He was destined to end up on an older woman’s leash. Jocelyn wanted to be the one holding that leash. Jocelyn wanted to be the older woman he gave his undying love to.

Sure, he was kinda, sorta, technically, legally married to her daughter. She loved her daughter, truly, but when she weighed the options in her head, she had to decide which was more important to her: her sweet young daughter’s love, or a big fat cock on a hot young man. She had to decide which of the two gave her more pleasure. More fulfillment. And unfortunately, for Heather and her marriage, the answer was clear.

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