The Campground

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They turn onto the road leading into the campsite. It is a beautiful area of woods, tall large trees stretch along the side of the long and winding road. The sun, now at a low angle in the sky, shines through the few spaces between leaves and makes light dance on the hood of their car as they finally pull up to their area of the campsite. As they step out of the car, their noses are tickled by the unmistakable smell of the forest, enhanced by the light rain from the night before.

Their tent goes up quickly, two sleeping bags zipped together lay inside on some nice soft padding. He begins to start a fire as she gets the food from the car. In no time at all they have a beautiful fire before them and their dinner is cooking on a grill and a pot while they watch some of the smoke from the fire drift upwards through the hole in the trees up to the now dark purple sky as stars struggle to shine through the fleeting daylight.

They enjoy their dinner filled with conversation and plenty of laughs, sitting next to each other on a blanket with their backs against a large fallen tree. They lay back and look up at the stars and the sparks from the fire flying up towards them, their bare feet near the fire.

After a short while she says, “Oh, I wish I had thought to get supplies for smores!” Without saying a word, he reaches behind them and grabs a bag and hands it to her. As she opens the bag, her eyes light up like it’s Christmas Day as she finds all the ingredients she needs. He grabs two sticks to cook the marshmallows with, as she opens everything up and sets it out. When the first pair of marshmallows are ready, they grab the graham crackers and chocolate that she prepared and make their sandwiches. Without needing to even say it, they both offer to feed their’s to the other. They both giggle as they do it, they can’t believe how silly and yet cute they’re being. She giggles as they eat their second ones, a little bit of the marshmallow has dribbled onto her lower lip. He raises his thumb up to her lip and wipes it off as he smiles, but before he can pull his hand back, she lowers her head slightly and envelops his thumb in her warm, moist mouth. Her eyes close and a small “mmm” is audible as she sucks on his thumb and playfully dances her tongue along it. She lets his thumb gently slide out of her mouth as she opens her eyes, and he sees they have a powerful lust behind them. She smiles, half innocently, half sexually. She laughs as she sees his face, half shocked, half excited. She sees his chest moving slower and deeper, and she barely even needs to look down to confirm the excitement she’s caused in him.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I make things, — uncomfortable for you?” she asks in her wonderfully teasing manner, but as if this weren’t enough, as she says the word ‘uncomfortable’ she slides her hand along the inside of his thigh, halfway up his shorts. His eyes flutter shut at the sensation and a quick few gasps take his breath. “Well then I guess I should stop,” she says as she quickly removes her hand and sits back, hands to herself, with a fake innocent expression on her face. He can see that the game is on.

“Well, I guess that this wouldn’t have any affect on you then,” he says as he leans in, seductively kissing the side of her neck. He can feel the muscles beneath his lips tremble at the touch of his soft, wet lips. He can feel the very tiny hairs stand up on her neck, begging to be the next to receive his touch. He brings his hand up to cup around the other side of her neck, and her head almost falls into it, opening up the side of her neck to his lips. He kisses up the side of her face and flicks his tongue against her earlobe. She softly moans. Her one hand comes up to the back of his head, grasping it as his tongue plays with one of her piercings. Her hand gently plays with the hair on the back of his head, but quickly moves up to the top of his head so she can feel his longer hairs between her fingers, tickling them ever so slightly.

He stops, and pulls his head back to be even with hers. Her eyes open and he can see completely clear into them. Her pupils are large and fully open to let him into her soul. He can see right into the depths of her and the love that lies within them. The beauty is too much, to just look at her any more, and their mouths ache to collide. As the passion takes over, he throws one leg over her body so that he is straddling her on the ground and their mouths meet, lip to lip, they both inhale deeply through their noses and slowly release it just as their tongues touch. Just the tips play with each other dangerously, like two electrical wires, sparks jumping between them. As they both bring their hands up to hold the back of each other’s head, their tongues come together completely and dance against each other. Neither of them can get enough.

They break, but only to continue kissing the face of the other, he kisses along the opposite side he started to tease earlier, as she canlı bahis kisses his neck too. He is forced to stop as she finds one of his weak spots. He is paralyzed where he is, unable to move from the pleasure, his breathing quickens rapidly. She knows exactly where to kiss and lick to cause his entire body to tense. He can feel her lips curve slightly from a smile as she knows she has complete control over him like this. She takes advantage of the situation and undoes his belt and shorts and lets her fingers play lightly with the tip of his head through his boxers as it twitches in response to her delicate touch. Just then her mouth slides off of the spot it has been teasing mercilessly, free from the gripping pleasure, he quickly takes the chance to pull her shirt up over her head.

The contrast of her beautifully pale skin against the color of her bra is an amazing sight. He grabs her hips and his mouth lunges towards her neck, kissing and tonguing down her body. As he does so, he lifts and turns her so that her back can lay flat on the blanket beneath them, at the same time kicking off his own shorts. As his tongue plays between her beautiful C cup breasts, his hands slid gently along the smooth skin of her sides, and around her back on its way to unclasp her bra. As she arches her back to allow room for his hands, she brings one leg up so that her leg, uncovered because of the short jean shorts she is wearing, rubs against his inner thigh and teasingly presses against his balls through the fabric of his boxers. Now slightly more distracted, he fumbles some with the clasp of her bra, but finally getting it released, he pulls the bra off of her breasts as they fall, unconstrained. And as she lay back flat against the ground, her arms reach up to pull his shirt over his head.

As his shirt completely comes over his head and he can see again, there is a pale beauty before him, falling softly back to the ground, her long brunette hair falling around her head, with a beautiful smile on her face, her arms falling above her head, causing her wonderful breasts to jiggle as her nipples stand proudly on top of them. The fire light glistens off of her amazingly fit stomach and shines off of her belly button piercing as it moves slightly from her breathing.

“What are she looking at?” she asks with a smile across her face.

“A beautiful dream in the flesh,” he replies.

She giggle slightly and tells him, “Oh shut up and kiss me,” pulling his head down to hers to share another amazingly passionate kiss, as his hands seem to automatically find her sides again. As they kiss, his hands move up and start to play on her breasts. Her one hand holds firm on the back of his head, as her other trails down with one finger along his chest. She hooks her finger in the waistband of his boxers and playfully moves back and forth between the elastic and his flesh. His fingers seem to soften their touch as they make their way towards her nipples, they are almost like feathers moving across her flesh. Her hand now trails down into his boxers along his leg, but just as her hand almost reaches its destination, his fingers brush ever so lightly across her nipples, sending a shockwave from her nipples straight through her body. The move she was trying to be slow with is quickly forgotten as she just grabs his balls at the sudden shocks coursing through her. She moans from the shock, as he grunts from the sudden exciting grab. Just as the feeling begins to subside, she starts to move his balls around in her hand and tease them gently with her nails.

He can’t help but moan from the exciting new sensations, and he continues to moan as his mouth comes down onto one of her breasts, while his hand continues to work on the other. The softness of her breast against his mouth is an amazing feeling, and he quickly flicks his tongue across her nipple, causing her to briefly squeeze him again. His head quickly shoots to the other breast, sucking the nipple completely into his mouth. He allows his teeth to ever so slightly scrape her nipple as he slowly releases it. He can feel her body squirm beneath him.

Without warning, she pushes him up, following him part of the way as he goes backwards onto his back. He can see the fire in her eyes! Her hands grab quickly at the sides of his boxers, her nails scratching his skin a bit, as she yank his underwear completely off of his body in one swift movement. Her upper body swoops along his legs, her breasts rubbing against his legs as she travel upwards, and then she licks her tongue from his balls all the way up his shaft and flicks her tongue just as she comes across the top. The trail of her saliva on his dick marks the origins of the tingling sensations shooting through his body. Just when he thought the feelings were about to die down, he feels her moist hot lips on the head of his cock, and her hand grasping his balls. She slowly takes the majority of his cock into her velvety soft, warm, and moist mouth. bahis siteleri The shocks going through his body are indescribable, and launch his body into small convulsions as he has a dry orgasm. She is relentless on his dick, as she sucks and licks and lightly bites and flicks; each different movement of her mouth causing him to exclaim his enjoyment with each new sensation. Her mouth does things he didn’t even know was physically possible. He keeps trying to hold her head in his hands, but each sensation hits him so hard it throws his arms out to the side. He is quickly approaching his peek.

“If….mmmmmm, you keep-ohhhh his god!– doing that, I’m-oooooo, going to lose it!” he stammers out. And all she replies is a muffled, and elongated “Mmm hhmmmmmmmmmm?” The vibrations from her throat are just too much and he cannot hold back no matter how hard he tries. Shivers run from the tips of his fingers and toes and all converge right inside his groin as he erupts. She can feel as it quickly rushes up along the underside of his cock and the hot liquid shoots into her mouth. He opens his eyes to look down and, to his disbelief, sees that she is swallowing it all! As she slowly pulls her mouth off of him, a small drop slips out at the corner of her lips. She stares up at him and seductively licks it from her lips and smiles. She can see the fire now in his eyes, and he lurches up at her for the most intense kiss yet! It is so passionate that it overtakes her and she starts to fall onto her back, exactly where he wants her to be. He trails his tongue down her neck, between her breasts, and over her belly button ring, as his hands unto the button on her jean shorts. His teeth grab the zipper and pull down which makes her laugh a little; she finds it funny, as well as a little bit hot. He pulls the shorts down and off of her legs, leaving her only in her boy-cut underwear, which matches the bra that now lies across the fallen tree.

Starting at her knee he starts to kiss up her inner thigh, randomly switching from one leg to the other, but continuing to move upwards. At the same time, his fingers dart between her underwear and flesh, sliding in just to slide right back out and enter somewhere else. Without warning he does a long lick from bottom to top, along her sex, through her underwear, which is already soaked in her wonderfully fragrant fluid. He pauses for a moment, tasting her intoxicating juice on his tongue, while she recovers from the large gasp she made from his sudden movement. He reaches one arm, completely behind her and lifts her easily off the ground, while the other hand grabs her underwear in the back and pulls it below her ass. He then uses both hands to grab the top of it in the front and pull down, making sure his index fingers slide along her clit as they pass. With her underwear completely removed, her scent takes hold of him, making him drunk with lust for its taste, and for her pleasure. As if the scent wasn’t enough, the sight of her completely naked on the blanket overwhelms him, he can’t help but look her up and down, taking in every bit of her beautifully milky skin as the yellows, oranges, and reds from the fire light her up. But once again, his eyes are drawn down, to where the fire light dances the most off of her moist and glistening sex just waiting for his touch.

He leans in and starts to kiss her on the birthmark on her leg, then moving to the ones higher up. She moans, and he looks up to her face, his hot breath teasing her entrance, and he pauses there just long enough, continuing to breath out onto her until she half-whispers, half-whimpers, “pleassssse.” He bring his hands up to circle around her beautiful hip bones as he slowly licks around the outside of her sex, sometimes small circles, sometimes quick darts. As he circles down to the bottom, he runs just the tip of his tongue up along between her lips all the way up as her hips raise up with him. When her hips touch down to the ground he starts to lick again, but this time much deeper, harder, and slower. He can no longer restrain myself from starting to lick, and suck, and lightly nibble all around her clit. Her breathing increases and she starts to softly moan. He pauses just long enough to lick two of his fingers and then continue with his mouth as he gently slides his two fingers inside of her. His fingers feel as though they are wrapped in the most delicate of silks as they move in and out of her, up and down, touching every bit of her that they can while his mouth pleasures her. Her hips are rocking with his movements as her breathing quickens even more. His tongue is delighted at getting to feast on her wonderful body, receiving a sweet taste like nothing else that has ever touched his lips. He can feel her hands grabbing at the back of his head, trying to run her hands through his hair but at the same time tensing against his head with each little shock that runs through her. He starts to increase the pace and she starts to moan slightly bahis şirketleri louder and louder, her hips are going in a circle, he can feel the slight perspiration all over her skin. He starts to feel tension against his fingers inside her and then her entire body shudders as she quietly cry out. More of her fluids pour out and he happily drinks and licks up the delicacy of her body as it slightly convulses.

She grabs the back of his head and pulls him up to her face for a kiss, her own liquid still on his lips. She gives a slight “mmm” from the taste of her own juices on his tongue. As they kiss, their sexes rub against each other, sending shockwaves through both of their bodies. They continue to kiss as his shaft rubs along her silky lips, growing to its full length and sliding more easily as her body naturally responds. He breaks their kiss, and bring his mouth up to her ear. He lightly bites her earlobe and slowly pulls away, letting it slide between his teeth. Then he whispers softly into her ear, “I want to make love to you.” She whispers back, “Yes, make love to me, please make love to me.”

He brings his hand down to coat his member with her juices and then slowly places the head against her sex. He gently eases his way inside her, her lips force against his head, almost denying its entrance regardless of her own willingness for it. Just as his crown slowly moves past her lips, it seems to almost unlock her body’s resistance and almost feels as though her body is now pulling him farther inside her. Her lips are firm against his shaft as it slides in; she can feel his head along her walls, his girth filling her, the sensation she has been longing for. As his body presses against her own, he is now completely inside of her, the sensation causing his member to twitch, sending a shock through her body, making her to moan. He pauses for a moment, enjoying the feeling of being completely inside of her, wrapped in her warmth, connected to her in the most intimate of ways. He slowly begins to pull back out of her, now glistening with her juices, her lips gripping him, almost not wanting to let him go. They slowly begin to thrust in and out, the pleasure building with each thrust, their hips working in unison. They both exchange moans and whimpers, overwhelmed by the electricity running through their bodies. She feels him throbbing inside of her, wishing he could grow larger to be able to feel more of her. Their bodies are pressed together; their loins feel even hotter than the fire next to them. They kiss each other’s faces more and more wildly as they increase their pace. Caught up in all of the passion they roll across the ground while still together, off of the blanket.

Now she is on top of him, he can feel the cold damp soil beneath him, it almost feels like steam should be rising up from where his skin meets the ground since his body is so hot if only from just the idea of you. Some of the damp leaves on the ground stuck to her back; she welcomes the cool feeling, however they quickly warm up to match her body and float gently to the ground again. She sits up with him inside her, straddling him, she starts to use her legs to move him in and out of her, his hips quickly finding her pace and matching it.

He is absolutely captivated by the site of her on top of him. His hands firm on her hips as they make love. He looks up to her face, eyes closed from pleasure and such a sexy expression of pleasure across it. Her hair is damp near her skin from perspiration as the length of it bounces in the air and seems to dance along her neck and shoulders. His eyes follow down and see her glorious breasts as they bounce from the movement, almost hypnotically. Her nipples stand out, completely erect and filled with a little more color from the excitement. He looks down to her beautiful stomach, shining from the light of the fire and her perspiration, her belly button piercing bouncing in the air. His thumbs trace her hip bones as his eyes continue lower. The site of their bodies colliding is absolutely amazing. Her body enveloping his, every time she comes down on his body, small shocks shoot through his body. Between her body hitting his and the site of their bodies together launches him into another dry orgasm, shaking his body, his hands curving around and grabbing her ass firmly as the shocks cause his body to convulse and he moans loudly. She smiles looking down at him.

He pulls her body to his chest, and rolls her onto her back, the cool ground causes her to gasp and then let out a long stuttering breath. He passionately takes one of her breasts into his mouth, tasting her sweet sweat on his tongue. He thrusts into her faster as he licks and sucks and bites feverishly, too caught up in the passion to worry about leaving any marks. He moves one of his hands down to rub her clit while his cock continues to thrust in and out. His free hand moves to play with her other breast, massaging and caressing it. He wants to pleasure her more than she has ever felt before, he wants her to feel every nerve in her body exploding and at the same time craving more, he wants her to have an orgasm that matches the amount of love he has for her.

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