The Butler Did Me

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Rita was a pleasant supervisor from the very beginning.

In light of how intense things became later on, it is now difficult for me to remember how approachable and agreeable she was right from that first day. But if I try, I can recall a perfectly normal, pleasant woman in her mid-forties whose prim clothes and hairdo belay a friendly and approachable personality. She was well-coiffed and always looked put-together, and the way her short straight pale brown hair framed her face almost made her look older than she was, but she never let that look become intimidating.

And at this point I must say it’s impossible for me to recall even those early days through anything but a risqué lens. Even before I met Rita, I had always been tickled by the idea that people — especially women — who looked so prim and repressed were probably smoldering underneath. Now, of course, I know I was right about that in this case. But Rita’s outwardly conservative appearance already had me wondering what naughty thoughts were just below the surface months before I was actually to know all about them.

I was twenty-five and fresh out of grad school and still accustomed to wearing jeans and sweatshirts when I was thrust into our office and its skirts-only dress code. Rita proved just how agreeable she really was when I flouted that rule by wearing pants to work, beginning with my very first day. I didn’t even own a skirt, and I had no desire to change that. My long hair was all the feminine ornamentation I cared for. As I strode rebelliously into the office in my pants that morning, I fully expected trouble. Instead I got a welcoming smile from Rita. “Good morning, Anna,” she said. “Nice outfit!”

“Thanks,” I said nervously, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It didn’t. “Let me know if you need any help,” she said. “Especially if anybody hassles you about the dress code. About time somebody challenged that.”

“Okay,” I said. “Thanks.” Sure enough, an older male staffer did comment on the matter, but after I brought the attention to Rita neither he nor anyone else hassled me again.

With the ice broken, I continued wearing pants to the office and never suffered any consequences for it. Rita, despite her encouraging words about breaking the code, always adhered to it herself. She always wore proper skirts, often pleated or otherwise frilly ones, with crisp white blouses and dark stockings and blazers, and tasteful flourishes like gold earrings and just a touch of makeup here and there. She made old-fashioned look hip. That, most of all, is what I recall about my earliest days of working with Rita: older, but comfortable with herself, and beautifully coiffed.

That, plus she never fell into the annoying habit of trying too hard to be hip with us younger staffers. And by virtue of that, she seemed cooler to us than she would have had she tried. An average Monday morning might find me comparing notes with the other young women in the office about our Saturday night at some dance club. If Rita overheard, she would chime in with a pleasant encouragement — “I sure do remember those nights!” — but no regrets about not having spent such a wild weekend herself. “My husband and I just spent the weekend by the pool,” she would often say.

If only I knew all the significance of that statement back then! But I was soon to learn.

She was wearing a particularly lovely black suit with a long pleated skirt and a ruffly blouse on the day our relationship changed forever. I happened to be wearing a less-ornate but similar outfit, with tailored pants and a plainer top. Rita commented on as much — “We have great taste, don’t we?” — when I met with her in the conference room to work with her on a project that was due late that afternoon.

I laughed at the resemblance and her comment. “Yes, I should follow your lead more often, Rita!” And it was all business for the next few hours.

It was a long afternoon, and the conference room grew stifling after a while. By the time I had finally hit the Send key with our report, Rita and I had both removed our coats and I was both delightfully aware of the outlines of her bra under her sheer blouse, and excruciatingly aware that she could no doubt see mine as well. I was once again thanking heavens there were no men in the room when Rita asked the big question. “Anna, have you been to the pool here yet?” There was a swimming pool in the basement of our building, but only the higher-level staff had access.

I shook my head. “Remember, only the management gets keys.”

“Yes,” Rita confirmed, “But we are allowed to invite anyone along that we want. I was thinking one of the others might have invited you at some point.”

“Wouldn’t have been able to join them if they had,” I told her. “I haven’t got a swimsuit handy here, after all. And I wouldn’t want the others to see me in one anyway.” The ‘others’ were all male, and had been professional enough to never suggest any such thing.

“I can’t illegal bahis blame you for that!” Rita said with a laugh. “I’d had my key for nearly a year before I ventured there myself for that very reason. But I’ll tell you, you see a fat balding male in swimming garb once, and you’ll never be embarrassed again about the way you look in your suit! At least not around him.”

“I’ll keep that in mind if I ever get a key,” I said, packing up my computer.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, Anna,” she said, gathering up her suit coat and her papers. “I’m definitely ready for a dip after this afternoon, and I have an extra suit you can borrow if you’d like to join me.”

I looked up at my supervisor. She was looking friendly and not at all embarrassed. I found the idea of her seeing me in a swimsuit — especially her swimsuit — more than a bit uncomfortable. But the idea of that refreshing water did sound terrific after that long afternoon, and I had to admit that it was in my best interest to build a good relationship with her. Besides, there was nothing waiting for me back home except my tiny living room and a frozen pizza. A swim before that would be delightful.

“Sure, I’d love to.” I heard myself say it, even as I could scarcely believe I was saying it.

“Wonderful!” There was that youthful grin of hers again. “Just wait for me by the elevator.”

When she arrived at the elevator with her gym bag, my angst over the whole matter was gone — we were friends, after all, why not? — but I still had no inkling of what was about to be revealed, both literally and figuratively. As we took the elevator down to the restricted floor, the small talk was of the project we’d just finished and the anticipated reaction to it. Sex and romance couldn’t have been further from that mind as we stepped out into the hallway I’d never seen before. Rita led the way to the women’s locker room on the right, and given the exclusive nature of the pool I naturally assumed there would be private stalls for changing.

I was mistaken. When Rita unlocked the locker room door, I was greeted with the sight of a woman about her age, perhaps a little older, standing before a locker in her bra and panties. She turned and smiled a greeting at us, which I managed to return as I realized what I was in for now. Rita was a friend, but she was still my boss, and now she’d be seeing me naked? I felt humiliated already, but reminded myself that at least it would be over fast.

“You can hang your clothes in my locker,” Rita told me, as she set the gym bag down on the bench and opened the locker. “I only have access to this one, so you’ll have to.”

“Okay,” I said as evenly as I could. Rita was rummaging through her gym bag for the spare swimsuit and hadn’t seemed to notice how uncomfortable I was with the situation. At least the other woman we’d seen was nearly dressed now and would be out of the way soon. There was nothing for me but to make this as quick as possible, I concluded. I took off my coat and hung it on the hanger in her locker, and began unbuttoning my blouse.

I only just had it open when Rita found the suit — it was a dark red one-piece — and handed it to me. “Here you are, dear.” She showed no signs of undue interest in my body, so I felt a bit more at ease as I removed my blouse. “Why don’t you hang that on the same hanger as your coat?” she asked, taking it from me. “Here, I’ll do it for you. It’ll save hangers. I only have the two.”

I was down to my bra, and the world hadn’t stopped turning. The rest was just a bit easier, and I was no longer in any rush as I removed my pants, shoes and stockings. By the time I could no longer put off getting fully nude, Rita had nearly caught up with me anyway. She wasn’t gawking at me, so I did my best to return the favor. But I couldn’t help noticing how lovely and feminine — not to mention confident — she looked in her lacy black lingerie. Blessed with small breasts, she sported an ornate bra with far more delicate style than anything I could ever find in my size. It didn’t look very supportive, but Rita didn’t look like she needed much support. Her high-cut panties were of the same style and hugged her hips delightfully.

My prurient earlier thoughts had been right: Rita smoldered beneath it all, all right. I felt absolutely frumpy in my plain white bra and blue panties, which I hurriedly removed while trying to look only at the row of lockers as I pulled on Rita’s extra swimsuit. It was a bit small for me, so pulling it up around my breasts and getting the straps on took some doing.

When I was done, I saw Rita looking bemusedly at me. “I’m sorry if that’s too tight for you, but you fill it out beautifully for what it’s worth, Anna.”

“Thanks,” I said with a nervous smile as I turned to look at her again. My nervous smile got a lot more nervous when I glanced downward and realized Rita was fully nude now. There was my boss, checking me out in my swimsuit — or really her swimsuit — illegal bahis siteleri while she wore nothing but a smile. Her small breasts stood out proudly from her chest with equally dainty nipples at attention, and her hair down below was a shade or two darker and much curlier than her neatly combed head hair. Wisps of it reached out onto her well-tanned thighs. It was but a long split-second before I noticed she had no tan-lines: her legs, shoulders, breasts and pubic area were all the same rich shade of tan. That was the last thing I registered before I instinctively turned away. “I’m sorry, Rita!” I exclaimed.

Rita laughed, and made no move to cover anything up. “It’s quite all right, Anna. If I didn’t want you to see me in the nude, I wouldn’t have invited you for a swim, would I?”

“I suppose not,” I admitted, turning back to her. Skimpily dressed as I was in her too-tight suit, I now felt overdressed.

“You need to shower before you get in the pool,” Rita said. “You can do it with your suit on, but I prefer to shower in the nude and then put my suit on just before I go out there. Go ahead and wash up. I’ll meet you in the showers.”

“Okay.” She did not need to tell me twice! The shock passing as I walked to the showers, I had to admit that I’d liked what I’d seen. Although I am straight, I have always found women beautiful, and Rita had surpassed my expectations given her age. And what was up with that all-over tan?!

I was soon to find out, for she arrived in the shower area, still naked and with her suit in her hand, while I was standing in the lukewarm spray to make sure I looked wet for the lifeguard. “Sorry, Anna, but I hate the way the wet suit feels so squishy before you get in the water. I can’t explain it, but it feels much better when it’s dry when I put it on, even if my body is all wet. I should have explained that to you, but honestly, I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about prancing around naked with me.” And she laughed gently.

“I’m not sure how I’d have felt about it either,” I admitted. “But I love how comfortable you seem to be with your body.” Saying it gave me an excuse to admire her openly as she turned on the next faucet and let the water drench her lovely body.

“Thank you!” she said. “It did take me some time to feel that way. But my husband and I have been nudists since we were younger than you are now, and after a while it feels perfectly normal.”

“Nudists?” I wasn’t as surprised as I would have been ten minutes earlier. “I see. I mean, I couldn’t help but notice…”

“My tan?” Rita stood with one leg stretched out and displayed the unbroken shade from her toes to her face. “Yes, I think a lot of the women who see me in here notice that, but they’re too shy to ask. Which I understand. But yes, my husband and I sunbathe nude regularly in our backyard. He’s had other men comment on it as well, in locker rooms and such.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said, and suddenly it really did. The sheer naughtiness, sharing it with a man I loved…I imagined I would get used to it too. I turned off my shower. Rita followed suit and then finally pulled on her suit.

“If you’d like to try it, you’d be welcome to join us some weekend,” Rita said.

I couldn’t help laughing. “Are you sure? I mean, the office, and…is that appropriate?”

“Anna, did you know I was a nudist before just now?”

“No,” I admitted.

“In four months, you had no idea, did you?”

“Not at all.”

“Well, no one else needs to know if you try it out either, do they?” And she grinned at me.

The swimming that evening was delightful. There were several others in the pool, but no one from our office. That set me at ease, and I had the laps in the pool to think about Rita’s invitation. But I really didn’t need to think about it very much. It sounded irresistible. If being naked with her husband didn’t seem quite right to me, I had only to remind myself that she would be there too. And would there be others? Perhaps a young man or two from their circles? A girl could hope! And hope I did.

In the showers after our swim, I told Rita I would like very much to accept the invitation. This time I had taken her lead and removed my swimsuit for the shower. “I thought you might,” she said, gesturing at my bare body. “Getting into the spirit already, I see,” she added with a twinkle in her eye.

“I guess so,” I said with a nervous laugh. I had never put on such a show for anyone, female or male, before. Even at the college gym, it had always been all-business, get in and out and don’t check anyone else out if you could help it. I was excited and very horny all of a sudden, but also a bit embarrassed.

Rita sensed the embarrassment, of course. “Relax, Anna. You look beautiful.”

“Thanks!” And I felt beautiful in that moment, as we enjoyed our refreshing shower unencumbered by damp clothing.

As we toweled off and got dressed to go home, I had given up on any pretense of keeping my canlı bahis siteleri interest in Rita’s body to myself. She was just as uninhibited in admiring me as I got my clothes back on. When next anyone saw us, we were two well-dressed women on our way to her car in the parking garage. A couple of older men passed us on the way to the car, and I wondered if they had any idea of the state we had just been in together. If I know men, they probably at least imagined it. Little did they know how right they were! The thought made me laugh.

“What’s so funny, dear?” Rita asked as she unlocked the passenger side door of her Cadillac.

Might as well be honest. “Those guys we just walked past? I was wondering if maybe they were imagining us naked together, and hey, we just were!”

Rita joined in my laughter. “Indeed, if only they knew! Which reminds me, there will likely be others at our house when you visit, dressed the same way. Of course you know what you see in my home stays in my home.”

“Oh, of course!” And I meant it. I already felt tremendously privileged just to be invited.

To say I was wound up when Rita dropped me off at my apartment building would be an understatement. A big one. Images of all I had seen and all she had told me swirled through my head as I unlocked my apartment door and was home. Nevertheless, one had to eat, so I got that frozen pizza in the microwave and poured a big glass of wine, and focused for the moment on dinner even as my thoughts were running wild.

I couldn’t resist for long, of course. Once I was done eating, I took my wine glass and curled up in my easy chair before the television. But I had CNN tuned out nearly as soon as I had tuned in, remembering everything from the wonderful evening. One thing bubbled to the surface again and again: Rita’s comment about her husband and his all-over tan. “He’s had other men comment on it as well, in locker rooms and such.” Now, I didn’t know what Rita’s husband looked like at that point. I didn’t even know his name. But it didn’t matter. I imagined him as similar to Rita: quiet, conservative, yet robust under it all. There he was, a well-dressed man with short, neatly combed hair, undressing in a locker room. Out of somewhere appeared a younger man, closer to my age and more overtly sexy of course, and he checked out the older man’s endowment as they undressed the way I was sure men always did. And there it was as he pulled his briefs off for the shower: a big, meaty penis, not only big but also tan.

I giggled as I imagined the younger man’s reaction. “That’s quite a tan, Jim.”

And of course Jim patted it in pleased confirmation. “Yep, my wife and I both sunbathe nude in the back yard. You should see her tan!”

“Wow, you go bare in the back yard? Don’t you get shy?”

“What’s to be shy about when you look this good nude?” And with that I saw Rita’s husband prancing off to the shower, every inch of his hard tanned body on display while the younger guy gaped in admiration. As I imagined it, my laughter gave way slowly to intense focus on his body as I envisioned it, and how well it would fit with Rita’s, and slowly but surely I worked the younger guy into joining him nude in the shower. After a while Rita was there too with the both of them. I soon had my pants unbuttoned and unzipped, but that didn’t give me the access I really needed in that state. I stood up and slipped off my pants and panties and relaxed spread-eagled in the chair. As I closed my eyes and imagined both of the guys naked in the steamy shower and the added treat of Rita there with them, I soon had my middle finger buried in my pussy and my other fingers rubbing all around it. As I rubbed my way into a lather, I imagined all three of them with their hands all over my body and me admiring theirs as the hot water pulsated all around me…

By the time I went to bed, I’d lost count of how many orgasms I’d had that night.

The next day at work, Rita told me the next get-together at her home was set for the weekend after next. She also told me there would be “a number of other guests,” female and male both, and that she’d understand if I got cold feet. For good measure, she also gave me an open-ended invitation to come swimming with her after work any evening along the way if I needed to “get back in the mood.” She said that last bit with a businesslike smile that betrayed nothing, adding to my growing straight-girl crush on my boss.

We did go swimming together twice more during that week and a half, me growing more comfortable with my nudity each time and finding myself even hornier when I finally got home. Now, I never considered myself a horny gal. I used to masturbate once a week or so in college, even when I had a room to myself. I don’t even really know why it never grew on me back then, as it certainly felt good and I had a vivid enough imagination and all that, but it didn’t…not until Rita got under my skin. Well, Rita and my imagination’s version of her husband, well-endowed and always careful to rub sunblock over every inch of his plump hard cock before stepping out into the bright sunshine to lie shamelessly nude alongside Rita in the grass, the neighbors unknowing just over the fence.

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