The Artist and The Buzzing B

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Eileen had just arrived at her fifteenth college reunion when she ran into one of her college roommates. They hadn’t seen each other in years.

“Claire, how are you? You look wonderful!”

“Eileen! Oh don’t you look great! I love that haircut on you.”

“Thanks. I haven’t checked in yet, have you?”

“No but I see Charlie over there by the Enter sign. I think that’s where we go.”

They headed over to the table to sign in, get their badges and the schedule of activities. They enter the large hall where there are tables set up with food and beverages, and a band was playing on stage. They grab a bite to eat and head to an empty table in the back where it was quieter so they could talk and catch up.

“So, Claire, what’s new in your life? I see you’re wearing a wedding ring!”

“Yes, I finally got to marry my long-time gal pal, up in Vermont, where I’m a CPA for a major law firm. Life is so wonderful now that I keep waiting for the balloon to pop.”

“I can see you’re happy, it’s all over your face. I’m so glad you two were able to tie the knot. How is Joanie doing?”

“She’s all settled in and busy as usual. She’s the one setting up our new house and working at a library. She’s still doing research for her book. Enough about me, what about you? I see you’re married too.”

“Yes, and so happy.”

“You looked for so long for someone. How did you finally meet your husband?”

And she proceeded to tell her of that wonderful day… and night.

Eileen was working as an assistant to a painter and gallery owner and doing her own painting when time permitted. This was in the mid-West and she was 13 months, four days out of college. She had a vacation coming and went to visit her sister Julie up in San Fran for a few days. Julie showed her the sights of SF and of course, the bridge. They decided to leave the beach for Eileen’s last day so they could just relax and talk. They rose that morning, had breakfast, and got ready to leave. Julie’s cell rang as they were heading out the door. Eileen heard her say,

“Okay. I’m off today, but if there’s an emergency, I have my beeper with me. Right, okay.”

Julie is a surgeon at a local hospital.

“Eileen, one of the surgeon’s is out with the flu so I’ll be on call. The beach I wanted to take you to will have to wait for next time, it’s too far to go. There’s a beach a couple blocks from the hospital. It’s usually crowded with RVs and buses, but we might find some space.”

“Hey, all I need is sand, sun and surf. I’ve been in the mid-West so long I’ve forgotten what a beach is.”

They hop into Julie’s car and are at the beach in no time. The only parking space was right beside a bus so they pulled in. They grab their gear from the trunk and find space in the sand, right near the car in case Julie gets beeped. They set up chairs and put sunscreen on each other and settle in for a nice afternoon. The day goes by fast, as they chat and munch a couple sandwiches, carrot sticks, and sparkling water. As they settle into their chairs to catch some rays, Julie’s beeper goes off.

“Sorry, gotta go.”

Eileen walks with her to the car to get her things out of the trunk. Julie says she’ll hitch a ride home with one of the nurses and she’ll see Eileen there later.

“Good luck” Eileen yells as Julie jogs away down the street toward the hospital.

Eileen turns to close the trunk and spies something on the bus next to them. She notices that it’s painted yellow, like the bus used by that TV singing group of years ago. This one has wide black stripes in its middle, going from side to side. Instead of the hippy flowers, the bus has writing on three sides. ‘Buzz me up Scotty’; ‘I love a good buzz’, ‘Buzzy as a B’. She went around the back of the bus and saw ‘If you hear buzzin’, don’t come knockin’; ‘Life’s a buzz’, ‘All that buzz’, ‘This buzz’s for you’. The other side of the bus had writing as well, some different sayings: ‘You can buzz that again’, ‘All buzzed up and nowhere to go’,’ Buzzed to tears’, and ‘Son of a buzz’. She shrugs her shoulders, well, it does look like a bumble bee.

Before going to their spot, Eileen strolls illegal bahis down to the water and wades a bit. The water feels cool on her feet. She walks a little ways down the beach, watching kids toss a beach ball and Frisbee, an older couple walking hand-in-hand. When she approaches their spot, she notices the bus has a sign on the front scroll bar. It says “The Buzzing B.” Cute, she says to herself and lies down on a towel. The afternoon rays feel nice, the surf not too loud.

She turns her head toward the other direction and notices a guy lying on his towel in front of the bus. He’s looking at her with his brown eyes, his brown hair blowing in the breeze. Eileen sits up.


“Hi yourself. I saw you checking out my bus.”

“Yeah, I like the design.”

“Thanks, did it myself.”

“Oh, handy are you?”

“I know my way around.”

They strike up a conversation. He tells her his name is Ben. She moves her chair closer to him and they talk about anything and everything. He’s so friendly and easy to talk to, she feels like she’s known him forever. This makes her cautious. She’s only there for today and leaves tomorrow. The afternoon sun sinks toward the ocean.

“Gee, it’s getting late. My sister will wonder where I am.”

“Oh no, don’t go. I was going to make a fire and cook up some steaks. Please join me.”

Well, she hadn’t really eaten much and she was starving.


“Great, let me get the fire going.”

“I’ll grab what’s left in our cooler.”


When the fire is just right, he puts the steaks on a couple of sticks and rests them on a frame he made out of green wood found floating in the ocean. They discuss San Fran while they wait. With the steaks ready, he puts them on the plates and she adds some carrots.

“That’s all I’ve got, except some water.”

“That’s okay, though, I have some wine. Must have red to go with steak.”

“Okay, you’ve talked me into it.”

The steaks were great and the wine perfect. They enjoyed themselves by the fire.

“Hey, how ’bout toasting some marshmallows? I don’t have any chocolate or graham crackers but I have those white puffy things.”

“Sure, love one.” They toast marshmallows and try to eat them neatly. Eileen gets all gooey.

“I’m sticky. Do you have a bathroom in there?”

“Sure do. Second door on your right.”

She opens the door and walks up a couple steps. She goes behind the driver’s curtain and finds the second door. While she’s using the facilities, he quickly puts out the fire, stows their gear under the bus, and quietly enters the bus. He stays behind the curtain, peeking out and waiting. When she finishes and opens the door, she looks to her right at the rest of the bus, but all she sees are double-doors.

“Hmm, I wonder what’s behind them. Probably where he sleeps.”

But she’s curious anyway and tries them. They’re unlocked, so she opens them. He comes up behind her as lights in that room automatically turn on with the doors. She slowly walks in, stunned that what she sees is not a bed, not a kitchen, but a complete barber shop. A barber shop on a bus! Incredible! She turns to go, and bumps right into him.

“Oh, sorry, I got curious.”

“Well, what do you think?”

“It’s fantastic! Now I get all the writing on the bus. Why do you have a bus?”

“I like to travel, but when I had my own shop, I never found the time. This way I can see the country and make a living. I’m licensed in most of the states I want to visit, so most places welcome me and allow me to park my bus and do business.”

“That’s very cool.”

“Try out the chair. I had it made.”

She sits in the chair. It seems big to her, but then, she’s never been in one.

“Very comfy. What does this do?”

“That makes the chair go back so I can shave faces.”

She finally looks around the space and sees a row of clippers alternated with straight razors. Some look very old. There are also pictures of hair styles on the walls. She points to the clipper display,

“Those look old.”

“Some are. I collect classic and antique equipment. Some don’t work, they are just for display.”

They’re illegal bahis siteleri quiet for a few minutes. It’s turning awkward between them now.

“Well, I guess I should go home now.”

“Are you sure you want to?” He’s got a sly look on his face, like a cat that ate the mouse smile.

“No, I’m not sure.”

“Do you know what’s stopping you?”

She looks down at her feet, playing with her toes.

“No? I think I do. You’ve been to too many salons. You want the barber experience, maybe even need the experience.”

She feels her face turn beet red and hot. How does he read her like that? She’s confused. She wants to leave, at least part of her does, but the part that doesn’t, the part that is curious, stays seated in the chair. He gets up and gets a cape and puts it around her neck. He waits. Will she panic and run, or stay and experience.

He gives her all the time she needs to decide. She settles back in the chair. He lets out the breath he’s been holding.

“You have nice long hair. Is there anything you’d like today, miss?”

Her hair had been driving her crazy for months. Long yes, enough to put in pony tails and buns when she’s painting, but when looking at the artists in the studio, the ones who are getting the commissions to paint, they are bohemian, unkempt, outrageous even.

“It’s time for a change. I need an artist’s cut, something that will say ‘This girl looks like she paints. Let’s look at her paintings, and then buy them.’ Can you give me something like that?”

“Sure. Take a look at these photos.”

He hands her a book of current cuts. She flips the pages until she comes to one she likes, a bob. She points to it and asks,

“Would this look good on me?”

“Definitely. You’ve got thick hair and your face shape is perfect for that.”

“Okay, go for it.”

He places the album on the counter and picks up scissors and comb and starts cutting. Her hair falls on the cape and slides down to the floor. Once her hair is short enough, he picks up clippers and uses them to give her hair the shape she wanted. The buzzing feels really nice, like a vibrator on her head. He buzzes the sides into shape, then pushes her head down and buzzes the back to puff out. The clippers go off and he takes the comb and makes finishing touches.

“How do you like it?”

He turns her to look in the mirror. She looks at herself for several seconds, not recognizing herself. Okay, not bad. She checks each side. Nice.

“Can I see the back?” He hands her a mirror and she checks it out, looking at it from different angles.

“What? What’s that face?”

“Something doesn’t seem right. Let me look at the book again.”

He puts it in her hands and she flips to the page she had found earlier. She looks at the next several pages. There, that one, pointing to a bob with a hidden undercut nape.

“I should’ve looked at more pages before. I want the back like this one.”

“That’s pretty rad. Sure you can handle it? Once it’s done, it’s done.”

“I’ve gone this far, do it.”

He combs and uses clips to hold the hair that will hide the shaved part and picks up a different clipper. He pushes her head back down and shaves her neck up to the top of her ear. That really turns her on. Her neck has been hidden under her hair for so long she forget how good things feel, how much she likes her neck touched. Oh yes, this is what she’s been wanting! This is what she’s been missing in the salon.

Eileen’s neck is tingling, vibrating and it feels so good. With each pass, she gets wet. Her hair is very dark, almost a midnight black.

She hears him mutter “so dark it looks like I haven’t taken anything off. And it’s wiry too.”

He grips her head and pulls the skin taut and shaves again, each spot over and over, trying to get it as bare as possible. Because he has to keep re-shaving, it hurts a little and the clippers are too warm, but she wants this. She wants her neck bare and hot and hurting. She wants to shave her neck like this all the time. She’s so turned on and hot. Her wet spot is getting wetter and she wants to mash her pussy down canlı bahis siteleri on the chair and cum.

He finally has her neck as bare as possible. He brushes the hair off her neck, then unpins and does a final combing. He turns to put his utensils in cleaning fluid. As he does, he turns away from her. She quickly and quietly peels off her shorts and undies, and lifts her shirt and bra over her breasts under the cape.

“Okay, how does it feel?”

He gives her the mirror again and she reaches to feel her neck. So perfect, she has a shaved neck but still looks like a girl.

“I love it! It feels wonderful!”

“Glad you like it.”

He undoes the cape and whisks it off her, turning to shake the hair off. He hasn’t seen her yet. He puts the cape on a hook and turns. Her back is to him.

“You’re not finished yet.”

“I’m not?”

“No, I have to look bohemian… all over.”

A slow smile grows upon his face. She turns the chair and his eyes widen when he gets a look at her hairy, black bush. His face flushes and she bets he just experienced a rush. He stares at her breasts, unconsciously licking his lips. “When you’ve done your job,” she says.

He gets right to business. He places one of her legs over an armrest so she is spread wide open for access. He grabs a pair of scissors and clips in short bursts, leaving pube-hugging hair.

He reaches for the foam and a straight razor. “No. Clippers only. You know how hot I am for them.”

He goes for a clipper. “No, not a bikini trimmer.”

Again he reaches. “No, not salon or sideburn trimmers either. You know what I want. The biggest, baddest one that will fit me.”

His cock is so totally responding to this encounter, and her orders. He takes down the one he was going to use anyway regardless, after he tested to see if she would go for it. He kneels in front of her and starts shaving slowly, bottom to top, shearing away layers of hair. Closer and closer to her skin, to her pussy.

She wants him to hurry, she’s so horny, but he is taking his time, torturing her. Finally, down to bare skin, so painfully slow. She pushes her pubes into the clippers, to force her release. He pulls the clippers back in order to insert his fingers into her pussy, then puts the clippers back on her clit. She’s ready.

She pushes into the clippers while his fingers move in and out, fucking her. She looks down and watches the clippers, his hand, and she cums so hard, humping his hand. She slowly comes down while he licks his hand.

He puts the clippers down and sucks her pussy, licking all her juices. Breathing fast, she points to her breasts and he moves up to suck and play with her tits. He flicks one then the other, sucking them, fondling them. This gets her all hot again and she reaches for his board shorts.

He stands and pulls them down. She sucks him a little but I can’t wait and shoves him down to her pussy. He gets into a comfortable position, with his feet on the footrests for leverage, and puts his cock into her, a little at a time.

“You are such a tease!”

“Oh, you want this?”

“Ohh, yess!”

“Say it.”

“Fuck me, fuck me Barber Ben!”

He gives it all to her and rams in and out, fast, slow, pulling way out then in so deep. She’s had sex before, but never this hot, and she never talks dirty but she couldn’t help herself.

“Fuck me, Barber Ben. Fuck me in your barber chair.”

They are in a frenzy now, not just fucking but nipping and biting and kissing and she’s cuming harder than ever.

“Yesss!!” she screams.

Ben isn’t too far behind and rams into her one last time, holding still while their bodies throb and release. They float away on a cloud. Suddenly they are aware of a buzzing sound. He forgot to turn off the clippers!

“The sound of a bumble bee will never be the same.” They both laugh and know they’ll be pollinating for the rest of their lives.

Of course, she doesn’t tell ALL of this to Claire, just the fact that she met him at the beach and that they were made for each other. They’ve developed a way of introducing themselves as spouses, and they love to watch other’s faces when after a couple of heartbeats, they get it.

She introduces first, “Claire, this is my husband, Ben, Ben Dover.”

Ben says, “Clair, this is my wife, Eileen, Eileen Dover.”

Take a minute and think about it, you’ll get it.

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