The Apartment Ch. 03

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Another one for the series. Again, I pushed it out quick, be warned it may contain nuts.

… I mean errors. I hope you enjoy.

Daniel watched his aunt stroll through the arrivals lounge. She looked good, he thought. Very good. The young man noticed the resemblance between his mother and her sister. He saw similar facial features, the slight upward slant of her eyes — which gave an impression of teasing, and the same snub, upturned nose. They shared the same bright smile, but it was the eyes that were seductive; just as he’d found his mother’s to be only the night before. Their figures also alike; both had wide hips, big bust, and great legs. His aunt’s legs looked superb today, Daniel observed, as she strode towards him wearing a denim skirt to mid-thigh. Her tits looked good too; the tops of which peeped from the deep V of her sleeveless tank-top and jiggled as she moved.

“Are you my lift, Danny?” Susan smiled as she shoved her sunglasses into her hair and kissed her nephew’s cheek.

They hugged quickly on the busy concourse. Daniel, knowing what he did about his aunt’s sexual leanings, felt his cock twitch at the contact of her body. He suppressed the desire to turn her face to his and kiss her like a lover. That kind of trick would be sure to shock and outrage the woman; his mother had told him she had a plan for Aunt Susan; all would be well if he just followed his mother’s instructions.

“Susan might be free and easy, Daniel,” his mother had drawled as they stood together in the kitchen of the villa earlier that morning. “But our… situation will be a shocker; even to her. You go and pick her up from the airport. Be polite… and charm her a little. Flatter her, she’ll like that. Then, when you get her here, I’ll work on her…” Helen’s eyes took on a distant look. “My son and my sister… I hope she’ll share you with me…”

Daniel had gulped at that. The thought of both women at the same time was daunting. So much had happened in the last two days. First his sister had seduced him and sucked his cock, and then his own mother had gently persuaded him to fuck. He knew his sister, Alexandra, and his father had been fucking — and he still had unfinished business with Alex too… But as apprehensive as he was, Daniel still felt a huge surge of arousal at the prospect before him.

Helen laughed at her son’s worried face. “Leave it to me, darling,” she purred and kissed his mouth. “It’ll be fine.” Helen squeezed her son’s cock through his shorts. “You’d better get going. Susan’s flight will be in soon.”

The heat and press of Susan’s body excited Daniel as they hugged. He sniffed in the scent of her long, dark hair and hurriedly tore himself away from the embrace. If he lingered in that place any longer he’d be hard-pressed to keep an erection down.

On the drive back Daniel couldn’t help but take quick, furtive glances at his aunt’s legs as she sat in the seat to his right. Susan chattered away to him, with her skirt high up her thighs treating the young man to an impressive expanse of smooth, tanned leg.

Susan gave her nephew a long look when the back of his hand stroked her just above the knee during a gear change. She thought it strange that the boy’s hand should stray so far across the divide from the gear stick to her seat. Daniel seemed to be concentrating on the road ahead, and Susan pushed the slight incident from her mind.

Daniel’s heart was thudding in his chest. He realised his impetuous move had been unwise. He’d seen his aunt’s stare out of the corner of his eye, and so decided to pay more attention to driving than to scenes of wild, incestuous debauchery. Incest, he thought and felt a tremor of arousal at the word. That’s what it is we’re doing. I’m fucking my mother… I’m going to, I hope, fuck my aunt. I want to fuck my sister… His cock swelled rapidly; and I want to watch my father fucking the women too…

The young man swallowed heavily and his fingers gripped the wheel tightly as an image flashed across his mind of him fucking his beautiful sister, with the girl on all fours, while his father fucked her mouth.

So much for concentrating on driving.

“Are you OK, Danny?” Susan asked. “Do you feel alright? You’re sweating.”

Daniel realised he’d groaned out loud at his fantasy reel and he grinned at his aunt weakly.

“Sorry,” he mumbled. “I just remembered I … That I…” He needed an excuse, quick. “I’ve got some work to do on my thesis. I’ve been lazy with it and I’ve just remembered.” His aunt laughed. Daniel wanted to kiss her exposed throat as the woman’s head tilted backwards.

“Do a little each day,” Susan counselled. “It’ll be done before you know it.”

He nodded and decided that it would be wisest to follow his mother’s advice. Let her fix things. And meanwhile he’d leave his aunt’s legs, and throat, alone.

…For now.

An hour later, Susan, having showered and changed into a hot-pink bikini, lounged by the pool. She held a tall, sweating glass of something strong in her hand and illegal bahis looked through her sunglasses at her sister.

“Helen, darling, this is certainly the life.” She raised her glass in a toast. “Cheers.”

Helen grinned and raised her own thin-stemmed glass of wine in reply. “Up yours,” she smirked.

“Where’s Jack?” Susan asked, enquiring after her brother-in-law.

“Out in town with Alex.” Helen had suggested that her husband and daughter make themselves scarce while Helen worked on her sister.

“Oh,” Susan looked disappointed. ‘Will they be long?”

“You just want his big cock, don’t you?” Susan grinned but said nothing. “You’ve only just got here and you’ve got designs on my husband already. You’re such a slut.”

Susan grinned even wider at her sister’s teasing. “It’s the sun. Makes me feel so sexy. Sun and booze and Jack’s thick dick… That’s what I promised myself, sister dear.”

Daniel appeared and Susan abruptly broke off her vocal appraisal of Jack’s sexual prowess. She didn’t notice her sister’s sly smile when the boy, bare-chested and wearing baggy swim shorts, padded onto the deck.

“Ah, just the man,” Helen said. “Be a love and oil up mummy’s back will you.” Then, to Susan’s slack-jawed surprise, Helen stood and pulled her bikini briefs down her legs. After unclasping the top half of the swimsuit, Helen lay face down on the lounger and wriggled to get comfortable. “There,” she smiled. “That’s better. Now oil me up, Danny. I don’t want to burn.”

A silent Daniel squirted sun-tan oil onto his mother’s bare skin and began to rub the goo all over her body. Susan continued to stare when the boy’s hands slid over his mother’s buttocks.

What on Earth are you doing, Helen? She thought. Nude sunbathing is a bit much in front of your own son — she’d noticed her sister’s bald mound and had been shocked that Helen could flaunt herself so brazenly in front of Daniel — but to ask the boy to smear oil onto her body… And on her bare arse too!

“Thank you, darling,” Helen crooned.

Susan noticed the decidedly smoky timbre of her sister’s voice. She’s turned on! Helen’s getting off on having her son cover her in lotion.

“I think I can manage my front.” Helen rolled onto her back and took the lotion from her son. She drizzled the stuff onto the upper slopes of her breasts and began to smear it in.

Daniel looked at his mother’s tits as they squashed and bulged under her massaging fingers. I’d love to do that for you, Mother, he thought. I loved feeling your big jugs last night. His shorts tented quickly as his cock grew.

“Get me another drink, Danny, please? Helen asked. She held her glass to her son. “Are you ready for another?”

A stunned Susan, still reeling from what she’d just seen nodded and swallowed three inches of gin. Without looking at her nephew, she handed him the glass and he walked off quickly.

“What the fuck was that!” she hissed when Daniel was out of sight. “Naked… Your twat all bare… Letting him touch your arse… Are you fucking insane?” Susan’s outrage exploded from her in a burst. “Your son doesn’t do things like that. You shouldn’t ask him to do things like that!”

“A sister doesn’t usually fuck her brother-in-law. Most families would frown on that. But it doesn’t stop you from getting all wet and fucking my husband, does it? It hasn’t stopped you for over twenty years.”

“That’s a bit different. He’s not my blood.”

“You’ve felt my tits and kissed me a few times,” Helen countered. “And I’m your sister. I’m blood. And…” Her eyes narrowed behind the dark lenses, “there was the time you took a little lick at my pussy. Or have you forgotten that?”

Susan’s face burned. “I was drunk. It was just one of those things… Heat of the moment.”

“I didn’t mind at all,” Helen whispered and stood. She walked slowly to where her sister lay on her deck chair. “I wouldn’t mind if you licked it again.”

Susan stared at her sister’s hairless mound. Despite her shock and initial disgust, Helen’s words affected her. She had indeed tasted Helen’s pussy — and she’d enjoyed doing it. She hadn’t been as drunk as she made out and remembered the incident clearly. Kissing her own sister, feeling her skin, and licking her sex had been a huge, illicit, thrill.

Daniel returned and Helen gave a blurt of laughter before diving into the pool. “Put my wine on the table, there’s a love,” she shouted, spitting water and smoothing her hair from her eyes when she broke the surface.

“I’ll leave it here,” the boy replied. “I’m going inside.” He’d sensed something was going on between the two women and decided to leave them alone. All the better for his mother to talk to Susan. Besides, his constant arousal meant his cock leaked continuously into his shorts and was in danger of showing his aunt the effect she had on him.

Susan sat under the high Portuguese sun. Its warmth bathed her skin and she felt the gin ease her troubled mind while she sipped and watched her sister cavort like illegal bahis siteleri an otter in the clear, sparkling pool.

Helen climbed out of the water and stood to bask in the bright sunlight. To be naked under the sun, to feel it kissing her breasts and warming her shoulders caused a trickle of desire to slide between her labia. She sighed and closed her eyes while she recalled the details of her seduction of Daniel. His reticence soon boiled away by overpowering lust as he’d drilled into her relentlessly. Her nipples tightened and her insides clenched at the prospect of having him again — very soon — and at the thought of watching Daniel with Susan.

You’ll be licking my juice off my son’s cock before the day’s out, Susan, Helen thought quietly.

“Does anyone overlook this place?” Susan’s question cut through her sister’s reverie.

“I don’t think so,” Helen replied. “And even if they do, I don’t care.” She grinned at Susan and walked back to her chair. “So, tell me,” she said and took a sip of wine. “What plans do you have for my husband’s cock? And do you think you could bring yourself to lick my twat again?”

This time Helen was gratified to see her sister grin. “Maybe,” she shrugged, “if you get me tipsy.”

Helen smirked at Susan over the rim of her glass. “How about you take off that bikini and I oil you up? …Back and front.”

Susan stared for a moment and then gave a throaty laugh. “I need more gin,” she said and reached for the clasp of the bikini top.

Daniel sat on the sofa in the apartment below the villa. He was quite naked, having discarded his shorts which now lay in a heap on the floor. His cock was at full-blooded stiffness as he slowly turned the pages of a photo album that featured his aunt and his father. Every so often he would stroke his thick penis slowly as he devoured every detail of his aunt’s sexuality with his mind. He noticed fine points with a clarity that surprised him. Susan had changed subtly over the years. Different hair styles presented themselves as the two decades slipped past on the pages in front of him. He saw too how her body had altered; her voluptuous figure ripening towards what he saw as perfection. Her breasts were fuller, her hips broader, and her legs slightly thicker at the thighs, but he preferred her as she was now — He moaned softly and caressed his erection again.

The boy froze with the album open in front of him and his cock in his fist. He’d heard a noise. It sounded like someone coming down the stairs. His heart slammed and his tummy churned. Was his mother coming for him?

The lust made Daniel reckless. Rather than scramble into his shorts and hide the book, as he would have done only twenty-four hours earlier, he just sat there and awaited whatever fate held in store.

Nevertheless, for all his boldness, his heart still leapt in shock when his aunt and his mother walked into the room. He stared at their nakedness.

“You might be OK with Danny seeing you nude, but I’m not too comfortable about walking around—” Susan’s chatter ceased abruptly when she saw her nephew. “Oh my God!” Susan blurted. “Danny—!”

Susan turned to flee.

“Wait,” Helen barked. ‘See what he’s been looking at?”

“Dear Lord.” Susan’s face grew pale with shock. “Is that…? It is isn’t it?” Susan pointed to the photo album. “And it’s me!”

Daniel blushed hotly. His daring began to flag along with his tumescence. “I…” he stuttered. The boy looked to his mother to take the lead.

“Yes it is, Susan. And you appear to have had quite an effect on the lad.” Helen paused and added: “Does he remind you of anyone? His father perhaps?”

Susan looked at the boy as he sat aghast and motionless in his seat. Jesus, she thought, he’s just the image of his father. Beautifully muscled, lean, hard… And that cock! Then, through the gin fizz she came to her senses. “I shouldn’t be here like this. I shouldn’t be looking at my nephew … Not like this. We’re all naked. I’m pissed but I know this shouldn’t be happening. I’ve got to go.”

“No you don’t, Susan,” Helen hissed harshly. “You think you want to leave, but look at him. Go on. Look! He’s Jack all over again.”

Susan, despite herself, turned her face to her nephew. There he was, Jack as he’d been when Helen had brought him home that first time. The moment she’d seen Daniel’s father as a young student she’d desired him. And she’d had him, her sister’s boyfriend and then husband. How many orgasms had the gorgeous bastard elicited from her over the years? Here he was again, although Daniel had something more, she noticed. His innate shyness, that’s what it was. The young man in front of her was scared, frightened, she could see it in his face. Through all the confusion, Susan felt a sudden rush of affection for the boy.

“Isn’t he just like Jack,” Helen whispered to herself. “It’s like having a time machine.”

“Come here, Daniel,” Sensing her moment, Helen growled the sharp order. “Come and say hello to Aunt Susan.”

The boy canlı bahis siteleri stood slowly. He felt like he was dreaming. He’d fallen asleep looking at the images of his aunt and he was dreaming. He was sure of it.

“Do you want to touch him, Susan?” Daniel heard his mother whisper. “He wants you to. I know he does. We talked about you this morning.”

Time hung suspended. Daniel thought that if he spoke or moved then he’d break the fragile thread that held the scene in the air.

Susan’s mind whirled again. The three quick gins — large ones at that — had really kicked in now; the reminder of tasting her own sister, and the shock of seeing Daniel massage oil into his mother’s buttocks, to her shame, had aroused her; the lewd conversation about Jack, and now seeing his son, so erect and beautiful… It was too much. Desire boiled in her veins; she struggled against it inside, but…

Helen watched closely. She made a move. “He wants you, Susan,” she whispered again. “Look at the size of him. He’s been looking at those pictures of you and he’s huge.” Helen reached for her sister’s hand slowly. The woman blinked at her when their fingers touched. Susan’s eyes closed and she gulped when Helen’s hand guided her own to Daniel’s penis. “Feel him,” Helen told her. “Touch his cock. Feel how hard it is. Just like Jack’s. And you know how good he feels when he’s fucking you.”

Susan moaned and curled her fingers around Daniel’s girth. “No,” she murmured. “This is… Jack isn’t blood. This… He…” But her fist moved slowly up the thick shaft. “God help me.” She squeezed Daniel’s root and slid her hand down again.

“That’s it,” Helen implored sounding slightly out of breath. “Just remember Jack. That’s it. Stroke that lovely cock.”

Daniel groaned and turned his face to his mother. He stared at her with dull-eyed lust. “Shit,” he swore.

Helen nodded, her eyes shining. “I know, baby. I know. Just let Susan play with you for a little minute. Let her get used to this.”

“This is just so wrong,” Susan mumbled when she heard her name. “We… I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Nobody will ever know but us, Susan.” Helen whispered in that hypnotic tone again. “It’s just us. Me, you, Danny … Alex, and Jack. The family.”

Susan’s eyes widened. “Alexandra and Jack? You mean…?”

“Later,” Helen murmured. “Just think of this for now. Think of that cock. Imagine how it’d feel stretching you open.”

Susan closed her eyes and sighed.

Helen took advantage of the moment and kissed her son. She was so excited, so aroused, she had to fight the urge to kneel on the sofa and order her son to fuck her from behind. She fingered her hard clit and rolled her tongue inside Daniel’s mouth as the boy returned the kiss.

“Oh my God,” Susan blasphemed again when she saw mother and son locked in a passionate kiss. “You’ve fucked him haven’t you?”

Helen broke the kiss and smiled at her sister. “Yes, and it was glorious. He fucked me and fucked me,” she said, eyes bright. “And in the end … He filled me with his cum.”

Susan let go of the cock and stared at her sister through wide, shocked eyes. She held a hand to her mouth and stifled a gasp. “Your son? You fucked him? And he came inside you?”

“Just like he wants to do to you, Susan.” Helen reached between her sister’s legs. “Just like you want him to do too … If you’d only admit it to yourself.” She felt Susan’s trimmed pubic bush tickle her palm as she rubbed the tip of her middle finger over Susan’s clitoris. The woman gasped but made no move to stop Helen’s probing digit. “Hold his cock again, Susan. Stroke it. Get it as hard as you can and then just lie back and let him push all of it into you. I know you want too.”

Susan felt the desire sluice from her body. Helen was right; she did want to feel that cock. Nephew or not, blood or not, she wanted it. Then, in a burst of euphoria, she capitulated. “I do want it…” Her sister kissed her.

Daniel stared at his mother and aunt as one fingered the other and they both kissed. Fingers curled around his stalk again; he looked down; it was Susan.

He knew then that his aunt was his.

“Oh!” Susan blurted. “Oh no… No… I can’t. We—”

It was too late. The boy was inside her. Helen had led her to the sofa and gently eased her onto it. Susan had opened her legs of her own free will, but, at the last second, as Daniel knelt between her thighs, she balked.

Now it was done. He was there. She could feel the great thickness of him stretching her.

And it felt so good.

“Aunt Susan,” Daniel croaked and pulled half the length out of her body. “You and Mum… You’re so gorgeous…” He moaned loudly and pushed back into his aunt’s body.

“Do it to her, Danny,” Helen implored, wide-eyed and breathless as she fingered her sex and watched her son and sister.

“Mum, I…” The young man groaned. Helen saw the grimace and knew what it meant.

“Take it out, Danny,” she ordered. “Quick, pull it out and come on her. You can put it straight back in. You’ll be stiff for hours!”

Daniel gulped and his eyes rolled in his head. “Oh shit…” he hissed but still managed to pull clear of Susan’s opening just as the first spurt gushed from the eye of his cock.

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