The Alchemist’s Daughter

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Once upon a time, there was a small family of three that lived in a cosy cottage in the woods, just off from the village road. The Alchemist, his Wife, and his Daughter, Amy. The man was fairly small and skinny, nearing middle age, but wily and smart; he knew how to manufacture tinctures and potions that he sold at a local village market as remedies. The Wife was slightly older than the Alchemist, and in her day had fucked and sucked many a fair cock before settling down with him, though she coyly convinced him that he was only her second lover. Her curly locks were dark crimson, her buxom breasts DD’s oft contained within a white lace bra beneath her flowery dresses and flour-stained apron. She had a little extra around the hips, ass, and thighs, but the Alchemist didn’t mind that one bit.

Amy, their daughter, was their pride and joy. At eighteen years old, she was a chestnut brunette with dark inviting hazel-brown eyes to match. In some lights they appeared delicately flecked with gold, creating a lovely contrast with the light brown freckles across her nose and cheeks, as perfectly placed as stars in the night sky. She had a beautifully petite 5’2″ figure with B-cup breasts that held their own weight braless, perky pink nipples that she massaged sometimes alone in her bedroom, making a slight damp patch in her white cotton panties, always stopping herself before sliding her hand down there, vowing to remain a good girl until marriage. Her clean and looked-after size five feet sealed her dainty, virginal image.

One day, when her father was in his workshop, Amy entered. Her usually bubbly and jovial mood had hit quite a funk; her self-image was dropping each day that passed without a suitor. In truth, she got desperately horny at nights without release, and her chaste, virginal disposition was beginning to depress her. She needed to lift her mood.

“Daddy?” She asked, ever sweetly.

“Yes, honey?” Said the Alchemist, eyes not lifting from his mixing and matching of reagents.

“I’m in a little funk.” She pouted, crossing her arms. “I don’t feel pretty, nobody ever comes by to ask for my hand even though they see me when I help out at market. I see them looking, but noone ever speaks to me!”

“Well darling, they’re probably intimidated. Young guys are like that. They’re more scared of you than you are of them!” Smiled the Alchemist, thinking of himself at that age. It took him until he was 25 to lose his own virginity to his gorgeous older wife, and in truth he hoped Amy would hold onto hers for at least that long.

He remembered that night, when he hoped his meagre 4-inch erection wouldn’t let him down, cumming prematurely before his cock ever entered her pussy. He remembered his reddening cheeks as the pitiful droplets splashed against the outside of her soft puffy pussy lips and in the stubbly dark pubic patches around. She patted him on the head after and smiled, promising him she didn’t mind. When they tried again in the morning he lasted around four seconds inside her hot wetness before he blew his load, squirming and groaning on top of her. She couldn’t help but giggle that time, and weeks later she told him she was pregnant.

“But I feel like it’s because I’m not beautiful. I get bored having noone to talk to, staring in the mirror all the time! Please Daddy, could you make me a potion to make me beautiful?”

“”But Amy, you already are!” He laughed.

“Please?” She gave him the big puppy dog eyes. Pouted a little. He sighed.

“Fine, darling. I’ll make something experimental that will enhance your already beautiful looks, but you have to promise you’ll be content after that!”

“I will, Daddy, thankyou!” She smiled and hugged her father.

All through the night he worked. With clinking bottles and tinctures and mixtures, perfumed potions, concoctions, and fixtures, he created a small pink vial of liquid he thought would appease his daughters request. Enrich her hair colour, and bring some colour to her sometimes-pale cheeks. In the night as she slept with her teddy bear he left it by her oaken bedside table and went to bed exhausted.

“Wow! Dad! Thankyou so much!” He was awakened by his daughter’s ecstatic cries from the other room. Clearly happy with the results, he smiled as he entered – and his jaw hit the floor.

Amy stood there, in her black silky nightie, completely transformed. All her beauty had been enhanced, her chestnut brown hair and darkened to become the rich colour of bountiful soil, her eyes were bigger and even more inviting, her teeth had become bright beautiful white and gleaming, and her usually thin lips pursed in a full-lipped red pout. She looked naturally like she had the perfect amount of makeup applied at all times, eyelashes dark and long, just a hint of shadow under her eyes. She had been elevated in the face from an 8/10 to a true 10. Her cheeks had a soft red blush to them.

The real changes came below. Her perky B-cups had been illegal bahis enhanced to D’s, slightly smaller than her mother’s but perfectly aligned to her body, stiffer nipples poking braless into the black silk nightie. Her soft thighs had grown the maximum amount they could whilst still leaving a teardrop gap. Turning, she inspected her ass, the full cheeks having grown and become gorgeously peachy. All over she had just light enough of a tan to suit her hair colour and eyes perfectly. She was fully enhanced.

The Alchemist had didn’t know where to look as a shameful erection began to pitch a tent in his boxers. Amy didn’t notice and squealed in delight as she came forward and through her arms around him. He stammered.

“Uh.. uhm, I’m glad you like it, honey.” He cleared his throat. The smell of her hair now, even unwashed, was insatiably intoxicating. Her pheromones had become so enticingly enhanced that he thought he might cum in his pants on the spot, and left the room immediately.

“I-I-I just have to run to the toilet, honey!” He shouted over his shoulder as he left. All he heard was her shouted thanks as he shut the door and within five seconds, before he had a chance to lower his boxers he ashamedly jizzed in his pants, the orgasm shaking his legs and spreading a dark blue stain against the navy material. In the aftershocks he heard a sharp intake of breath from outside and felt a sinking feeling in his gut.

“What has your Father done?!”

The three sat around the kitchen table quietly, Amy still in her black silk nightie, her father hiding his cum-stained underwear with a black dressing gown. The Alchemist looked down shamefully. Amy brought out a small vanity mirror and constantly pouted and checked herself out. The Wife glowered.

“You must change her back,” She growled. “What were you thinking?!”

“She asked me to help, I didn’t know it would have such an effect!” He pleaded.

“Well you’re a fool, now she’s self-obsessed. Oh, honey, but you were gorgeous before!”

“I know, Mother. But I like the changes! I like having big tits.”

The parents were aghast. As the mother drew breath to launch into a polemic, she was interrupted –


Three heavy close-fisted bangs at the door. They had not had a visitor for some time. Weeks, perhaps months. Who could this be? Wearily, the Alchemist rose. He opened the door to see three young black men at his door. One was at least 6’4″, wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, showing off huge arms with tribal tattoos. One was tall too, around 6’2″, but leaner, he looked like he could be a sprinter. The shortest was 5’10” and would’ve looked comical in contrast to the others if not for his own huge arm and neck muscles and fierce expression. All three had baggy, sagging, ripped jeans. The smallest one spoke.

“Yo, uh… This is kind of weird, but, we were walking by here and the smell coming from this place kind of drove us wild; the guys have never smelled anything like it. What is it, like a perfume, flower or something?”

He. knew instantly it was the enhanced pheromones. His daughter’s enticing smell must have had ten times the effect on the young virile men. Their dark pupils were partially dilated and their jeans betrayed the stirrings of erections produced from the olfactory sensations.

“Erm… I think some flowers are blooming in the fields yonder. A new strain of d-daffodils I…” The alchemist stammered, but the largest of the men had already seen the source.

“Holy fuck! Wassup girl?” He grinned as he looked past the Alchemist to where Amy sat, looking small and innocent and exceptionally beautiful at the table.

“Yo, what you seen, Tyrone?” The smallest smirked.

“It’s her. I just know it!” Tyrone’s voice was a deep chocolatey baritone even in his excitement. He tried to barge in.

“This is my house! You cannot come in here. Leave now!”

“Get out the way, old man.” Tyrone swept him aside easily and he landed on his ass on the floor. The two taller men stooped to enter the door of the cottage. The smallest smirked at him.

“Now that is a bombshell girl you got there. She a virgin? Yo baby, you wanna see what Lamar has here?” With that he grabbed his semi-erect cock through his jeans. The Wife stood at the table in her own dressing gown, concealing her white bloomers and bra.

“W-what are you doing! Get out!” She cried.

“Daddy?” Amy even looked gorgeous as she knitted her perfect brows together for her father. Lamar shut the door and locked it tight.

“I- I don’t know what you gentlemen are after, but-” He was interrupted by the crack of a slap from the middle tallest man, drawing shrieks from the women.

“You speak when spoken to now.” He directed his attention toward the women, particularly Amy. “I’m DeShawn, nice to meet you.” He grinned to reveal a grille of gold and silver teeth.

The Wife had one arm around Amy and with the other brandished in front of her a kitchen knife, their backs to the kitchen counter.

“You s-stay illegal bahis siteleri back now, you hear! I’ll hurt you!” She cried. Amy had tears brimming in her eyes and buried a beautiful sob in her mothers shoulder.

Tyrone and Lamar advanced around either side of the table whilst DeShawn towered above the Alchemist.

“Come on now, baby, put it down,” cooed Lamar. “How long it been since you got some action? Sheeit, I bet daddy ain’t packin'” He grinned, nodding to DeShawn.

Grabbing the father by the scruff of the neck, he dragged him a little closer, stunning him with another slap, then de-gowned him, exposing his shameful wet patch.

“Oh shit, he already done came!” The three men set about laughing, while the Alchemist felt the mixture of stings of both the smarting slap and the deep humiliation. DeShawn yanked his boxers off and threw them at the Wife, who flinched.

“Look at that worthless pecker. That three inches or two, white boy?” DeShawn laughed. Then he kicked him in the balls with his size 11 Air Jordans so hard he retched, doubled over groaning on the floor.

“Honey! Oh God!” The Wife began to weep.

“Listen, we won’t do nuthin’ else to hurt him. Doors locked, noone’s getting out. I gots the key.” DeShawn brandished the key. “Alls you gots to do is help us out a little.” He placed the key on the table and stuck one hand down his pants. “Know what I mean?”

The Wife’s hands trembled as she held the knife, the three muscular black men glaring at her like sex-starved hyenas. DeShawn was still stroking himself with one hand. With the other he dropped his jeans and kicked them off along with his shoes. She couldn’t stop her eyes lighting up as she saw the hardening cock go from six, to seven, finally eight rock-hard inches, at least 2.5 wide. Her eyes were transfixed and she had to admit her mouth had begun to salivate.

“Shit, wait ’til you see what Tyrone’s packin’!” laughed Lamar. The three grinned.

“Don’t look, sweetie,” she whispered to Amy, whose head remained firmly in her shoulder as she sobbed, black silky nightie just barely coming down to her milky mid-thighs and concealing her white cotton panties and innocence beneath. Despite her words she couldn’t take her own gaze off the hefty cockhead.

“If I… If I do, you’ll leave us?” The Wife whispered meekly.

“Yep. Help us all out, and we go.” DeShawn grinned devilishly. Lamar held his hand out for the knife. A few tense seconds passed. Only the sound of DeShawn’s weighty meat pumping slowly in his hand was heard. The Wife felt betrayed by a dull ache in her warm pussy and butterflies in her stomach.

“Alright… Here. Cover your eyes, baby.” She handed it over. Amy stood with her hands over both eyes, trembling. The Alchemist still doubled over on the floor.

“Honey, no…” He groaned weakly.

“Honey, yes!” Grinned DeShawn. He came around the table and stood beside the kitchen sink, next to the counter Amy and her mother were stood against. Amy not looking. The Wife slowly, trembling, descended to her knees, to whooping and hollering from the other two and excited nodding from DeShawn.

Before her face now was the eight-inch black cock. Still pumping softly, the smell was enticing and amazing to her, being twenty years at least since she had one before her of this size. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter now. DeShawn grinned down at her. Her mouth opened, big lips parting.

“Time to suck.”

Cock entered her mouth. The black flesh teased around the inside of her mouth, touching every inch. When it was fully coated in her saliva he brought it out, rubbed it across her face; he propped the weighty shaft against her face before slipping his sweaty balls into her mouth, pumping his cock with his hands a few times.

Tyrone and Lamar came striding over to Amy, but the Alchemist was on his feet now, staggering toward them.

“Ugh.. do we need to fuck him too?” Lamar growled. Tyrone wasted no time in walking over and grabbing him by the hair, forcing him to watch his wife and daughter.

“See that, bitch? That’s your family.” Tyrone sneered.

His Wife’s world had narrowed down to the meaty cock in her mouth, accumulating his precum and her saliva. He was throat-fucking her now, in and out, gagging, slopping, slurping; the brutal attack on her throat brought guttural moans from the mature woman. DeShawn grabbed her crimson locks and wound them around his hands, bringing her forward even more onto his cock, swinging his hips and bottoming out on every thrust. Lamar came behind her and ripped her gown off whilst Amy sobbed behind, then released the DD-cup tits from the bra where they bounced and hung freely through her facefucking. He threw the bra to Tyrone and laughed.

“Put it on him.”

Tyrone grinned and complied, fastening it to the father’s meek chest. The sound of the wet, deep facefucking echoed through the cottage interjected with the only other sound of Amy’s quiet sobs. Lamar came over to her.

“Listen girl, it’s alright, come canlı bahis siteleri sit over here.” He moved her hands off her eyes. “M-m-mummy?” She stammered, aghast. Watching the black meat hammer in and out of her mother’s mouth, leathery balls knocking repeatedly against her chin, sent her young mind into overdrive. Her jaw dropped. Lamar led her by the hand to a chair and moved it so she was sitting directly across from her father, still held roughly by Tyrone, now ashamedly wearing her mother’s bra.

“Daddy… What’s happening?” She sounded like a lost kitten.

“It’ll be over soon baby. Mummy will make them go away.” Her father broke into a sob. Ack-ack-ack slurrrp from the corner.

Lamar felt her dark straight chestnut locks. He smelled her hair deeply.

“Oh my God. He said. “Amazing…” He stroked up and down her face, thumb resting on her perfect red lips. She looked up at him, confused. Then he pressed his thumb in softly, parting her lips, thumb brushing against her tongue, then in and out, in and out. She found herself sucking it as she knew not what else she could do.

“Hey! We all get a turn with her.” Tyrone reminded him.

“Can’t you go fuck the wife? She’s wet for it anyway.” Said Lamar, who took his thumb out of Amy’s mouth, placed it in his own, then returned it to hers, smearing his saliva on her lips. Tyrone rolled his eyes.

“Let’s get more comfy.”

DeShawn’s blowjob was interrupted as the scene was moved into the living room. The already lit fireplace gave a cozy hue to the room as the cock-drunk Wife was laid out on the shag carpet. On the three-seater sofa, to either side of Lamar sat Amy on his left and her father on his right, his hands bound tightly behind him with the belt from the Wife’s dressing gown, DD-cup bra still firmly in place.

“Put on a show, fellas.” Grinned Lamar. Tyrone stripped naked totally now, revealing a Godlike physique and a cock at least nine inches semi-erect. The Wife moaned at the sight of it, her white bloomers now completely soaked. DeShawn, with a thick sheen of saliva reflecting firelight on his cock, pulled them off. He walked to the Alchemist and rubbed his face and nose in her juicy panties, then stuffed them in his mouth.

“Mmf!” Tears escaped his eyes, but he couldn’t deny that the sweet musky smell of his mature wife’s turned on pussy had given his worthless pecker a full erection. DeShawn went back and spread her legs easily, inserting two fingers into the moist slit. She moaned and arched her back as he massaged her G-spot expertly. Even the dark hairs around her pussy were sodden and glistening now. Tyrone positioned his nine-incher above her.

“Say please.”

“Mmf!” The Alchemist tried to protest, receiving a backhand from Lamar.

Amy watched her mother getting fingered in total bemusement, frowning… Feeling her nipples get stiff, she wondered… How would that feel, if it was me?

For the Wife it was too much. “Please,” she moaned low, “please fuck me!”

It was all Tyrone needed. With a grin he resumed fucking her mouth, his huge balls draping against her forehead and eyes. Her legs still spread, DeShawn slipped a third finger in her sopping wet slit and began fingering her faster, she moaned so much from the invasive pleasure in her pussy that the vibrations in her throat made Tyrone have to slow down, lest he shoot his load too quickly.

“Now check this out, white man.” DeShawn grinned. He took his three fingers out and held them beneath the Alchemist’s nose. It was more than he could handle, and he shot his meagre load again onto his hairy thighs, to the derisive laughter of the men and the blushing embarrassment of Amy.

“What a bitch,” Lamar laughed, shaking his head. The Alchemist shook and quivered from a mix of fear, embarrassment, and the aftershock of premature ejaculation.

DeShawn returned and within seconds had penetrated the Wife and was roughly fucking her bareback. She was loving every second of rapturous pleasure now and did nothing to conceal it, bucking and rocking her hips to meet his thrusts with reckless abandon as she moaned and slurped and gagged on black cock and drew her knees up high and wide and grabbed the ass of the young black man fucking her raw to draw him as deep into her as possible.

The Alchemist noticed then that Lamar had one arm around Amy and another on her right breast, massaging the nipple through the silky fabric. He was whispering inaudibly in her ear and Amy was listening, frowning, nodding… Her own hands in her lap, not stopping his transgressing hand. Then he pinched her nipple and Amy broke into a naughty giggle, covering her mouth with her right hand; when it dropped it returned not to her own lap but Lamar’s left thigh.

“Mmf!” The Alchemist protested and attempted to move, receiving only an angry backhand to the nose from Lamar, causing tears to blur his vision. The fucking effort from DeShawn ramped up as he grabbed her hips and tilted her pelvis slightly, and the Wife was almost screaming in ecstasy now as her arms went wild, painted nails clawing any available surface, ripping chunks from the carpet as she finally began to cum from a cock for the first time in years. The vibrations from her moans finally put Tyrone over the edge and he began to cum too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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