The 7-Day Challenge Pt. 06

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Saturday June 4th, 10:30am

I texted Jen. “Free 4 lunch?”

“4 U, always” was her response.

“I’ll pick U up in the van, 12:15pm”, I sent back. “Claire watch the twins?”

“She’s here, says she’ll watch.” The mere mention of Claire caused a stirring in my loins, but I refocused. It was time to get some answers.

Saturday June 4th, 12:15pm

I stacked a bunch of boxes in the passenger seat of the van to make it look like there was no room in the front. When I picked Jen up, I told her, “We just got in a shipment of stuff, there’s actually more room in the back. You mind riding there?”

“No, that’s fine,” she replied, “We’re not going far, are we?” For the first time in a long time, I lied to my twin.

“Nope, not far at all,” I told her, “Just down to the Burger Shack.” I opened up the back door and, taking her hand, helped her in. Instead of letting go of her wrist, I swiftly pulled a pair of handcuffs out and twisted it behind her, snapping a cuff bracelet on it. I then did the same for her other wrist.

“JAMES! What are you doi-MNGH!” I gagged Jen with a rag from the floor of the van. She was still struggling, so using my leg I swept her legs out from under her; she landed on the padding I had laid out earlier. Using an extra-large zip-tie, I strapped her ankles together. To make her feel even more out of control, I tied a large shop towel around her eyes as a blindfold.

I have to say I was a little stimulated watching Jennifer flop around helplessly. My sister was wearing tight jeans and an oversized button-down shirt, but no bra under the shirt so things moved about nicely. I purged those thoughts from my mind; she was my twin sister after all. Stepping out of the van, I closed the door and got behind the wheel.

I drove to the south end of Cherokee Lake, taking the long scenic route. Most visitors go to the north end because the shoreline is mostly beaches. The shore on the south end of the lake is mostly boulders and cliffs, and few people went there. As it was, the gate was chained and locked with a closed sign on it, no one on duty in the guardhouse.

A pair of bolt cutters took care of the lock, then I zip-tied the chain back together so it was hardly noticeable. To minimize the chances of us being disturbed, I pulled the van into the far end of the parking lot behind a grove of trees.

I opened the back doors of the van and cut the zip tie holding her ankles together. I slid her to the rear door sill and pulled her upright. She stood on shaky legs. I was glad her shoes today were flats and not heels.

Walking her over to a nearby tree, I positioned her with her back against it. Undoing one of the cuff bracelets, I re-snapped it so her arms were now cuffed around the tree and untied the blindfold. She squinted as the light hit her eyes, but stayed silent the whole time, not struggling.

“OK, Jen,” I began, “First things first. The challenge is over.” Jen’s eyes widened in surprise at that announcement. “Toni was completely right about Katie. I found out she lied to me about how much money she owed; it was a lot more than I thought, and she showed no sign of slowing her spending. She only wanted to marry me to get rid of her debt. When I confronted her about her lies, she kicked me out.”

I continued, “It gets worse. Toni keeps cheating on me with Duane even though I told her to stay away from him.” I looked at her now, my intensity burning. “But the kicker is you, my sister and best friend – you’ve been somehow involved through this whole thing, I just don’t know exactly how and to what degree.” I discovered I was shaking a little from the feelings flooding through me.

Struggling to contain my emotions, I went on. “I know you’re playing some game with me, and I need to know what you’re trying to accomplish. I brought you here because I want answers. I’m not going to hurt you, but you’re not leaving until I know WHAT’S GOING ON!!” I surprised myself by shouting those last few words. In the last couple of days my heart had been repeatedly torn to pieces, and I was angrier than I knew.

I pulled the rag out of her mouth and held a small water bottle to her lips, which she guzzled greedily. Some of the water spilled onto her shirt, and I couldn’t help but notice how the wet material clung to her tits nicely. “James, please,” she began to plead, “What are you doing? This is crazy, please let me go!”

I patted her cheek gently, and then gave it a light slap. “Sorry, Jen, I’m asking the questions around here. Let’s begin at the beginning. Why did you tell Toni about our engagement?”

Jen said nothing, just held her head down. I reached over and undid the top three buttons of her shirt. Sure enough, no bra! “I’m going to start undressing you Jen. Every time I don’t get an answer, another bit of skin gets revealed.”

I unbuttoned the fourth button, exposing more cleavage and her midriff. “We’re about twenty miles from town. It would be a shame if you had to walk back naked.” Jennifer knew me well enough to know when I wasn’t bursa escort bluffing – this was definitely one of those times.

She looked off into the distance for a second as if thinking through her options, which were none. Then she looked into my eyes and nodded her head in acquiescence. She began explaining.

“James, you’re my brother and my best friend. I need you to confide in. I can’t talk to Momma like I talk to you. It’s always been that way. When you met Katie, she began to come between us. You spent more and more time with her, and that was hard for me. On top of that, it was obvious you’d fallen hard for her. There were things about her I didn’t like, but I didn’t dare say anything because you wouldn’t hear it. To you, she was perfect. You can be very black and white sometimes.”

Renee’s words came back to me about how when I fall in love, I fall really hard. I had to admit, my sister knew me well. “That’s true,” I agreed. “Go on.”

Jennifer seemed relieved I was actually listening to her, “It was obvious to me Katie was smart and ambitious. From little remarks she made here and there I got the distinct impression that when she gets her degree she plans on finding a job in some big city like Los Angeles or Chicago. If you two were married, that would mean you’d be gone too. I couldn’t stand that. I didn’t know what else to do, so I told Momma about your engagement to see if she had any ideas.”

This was sounding plausible, but I still suspected some bullshit was afoot. “OK, I get that, but why the contest?”

“It was Momma’s idea. She hates Katie and is convinced she’s a gold-digger, but like me she was afraid if she said anything directly against Katie it would just make you more defensive. She told me that when it comes to love, men seldom listen to reason but they always listen to their cocks. She’s known you’ve had a thing for her ever since that night she got drunk and tried to seduce you. That’s how she came up with the idea of the contest. She thought she could get you away from Katie by out-fucking her.”

I pondered this for a bit, then asked, “If you didn’t like Katie, why were you helping her?” I was standing very close to Jen now – while tied up in the van Jen had worked up a good sweat, and the scent of it mixed with the scent of her shampoo combined in an intoxicating brew. Along with my agitated emotional state, my dick was stirring.

Jennifer explained, “I was trying to work both sides. I wanted Momma to win, yes. But you were so crazy about Katie, and she seemed like she treated you well. I thought if I coached her a little and got her to like me then if you got married I wouldn’t lose you to her completely. That’s why I gave her a sex manual from my bridal shower and I loaned her a couple of pieces of clothing. I also gave her some sisterly advice about you, like how you get can crazy jealous and how a woman crying gets you horny.”

I was angered, stunned and impressed all at the same time by Jen’s knowledge of my emotional quirks. “Who the fuck told you about that stuff?” I demanded.

She shook her head and laughed. “James, you are such a GUY. I’m a woman, AND I’m your twin sister. Living with you all these years I know pretty much everything about you.” I think I blushed at this point, chagrined at my sister knowing my weaknesses so well.

Regaining my composure, I got back on track and resumed my questioning. “You said you were working both sides. How were you helping Toni?”

I watched Jen’s face for a sign of deception, but it looked like she was being forthright with me. Either that or she was an accomplished liar. “Since I wanted Momma to win I helped her kick your intensity up a notch or two by making you jealous. When we had brunch the other day and you asked about her sex life, I deliberately led and told you it was non-existent. I figured you wouldn’t believe me and you’d get suspicious. I also knew that Duane was at Momma’s house for a little lunchtime loving. She had deliberately invited him as part of the plan. She actually wanted you to find them together to make you crazy with jealousy.”

My mind was reeling at how easily I had fallen right into the trap. “What else?” I whispered hoarsely.

“I knew you were going to be at the Grand Marquis Hotel Wednesday night because I helped Katie plan your seduction. I also arranged to have dinner at the hotel restaurant with Duane and made sure I sat so you’d see him clearly, but not see me so well in the dim light. Duane actually wants to marry Momma, and I had offered to give him advice on winning her heart. Because we look so much alike it was easy to dress in Momma’s clothes and jewelry so you’d think I was her.” Jennifer smirked. “I guess it worked, huh?”

While my emotions were being hammered by this news, my rational mind was thankfully not idle. I knew there had to be more to this. Then I re-focused, and moved in so my face was right next to my sister’s. “Jen, how the hell did your birth control pill prescription get in Katie’s medicine cabinet?”

Jen took a deep bursa escort bayan breath and exhaled slowly, then answered. “I know it looks strange, James, but it wasn’t for Katie’s sake, it was for yours. Katie was really a virgin, yeah, but even without the challenge I knew it was only a matter of time before you guys started making love. And I know you – if Katie got pregnant, there’s no way you’d abandon her like our daddy abandoned Momma. You’d marry her for sure, and I didn’t want to see you saddled with an unplanned baby so young.”

I stepped back from Jennifer for a minute, my mind racing to out two and two together. “But what about Toni?” I asked. “She’s not on birth control. What about her getting pregnant?”

Jennifer looked down. “James, Momma wasn’t afraid of that…because she’s already pregnant.”

I sat down on a stump, stunned. “That’s impossible, it’s just too soon. We’ve only been doing it for a few days.”

Jennifer looked up, rolling her eyes. “James, I love you so much but sometimes you can be such a fucking idiot. It’s not your baby she’s carrying; it’s Duane’s. Because of the contest, Momma hasn’t told him yet. They’ve been sleeping together for months, and not always with a condom. If it looked like Katie would win, Momma was going to tell you the baby was yours; she was sure you wouldn’t leave her.”

The realization of what it all meant really threw me for a loop, and I sat down on a fallen log because suddenly I couldn’t stand. Neither of them was risking pregnancy; it had all been all a ruse. What I thought was a competition for my love was just a carnal turf war for my cock. But WHY? If Toni had a boyfriend and was going to have a baby, why would she be so possessive of me? We could have worked through Katie’s debt without all this drama. What could have motivated her?

As Conan-Doyle wrote, ‘eliminate the impossible, and whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’ I thought about the events of the week, and of the conversations I had with Jennifer…and then like Sherlock Holmes, I finally deduced the answer.

My emotions were running high – I was angry, pissed off, and horny. Jumping to my feet again I got in close to Jennifer, our bodies inches apart. Her breathing became erratic and fearful. “Jen,” I demanded, “There’s more to this than just Toni and Katie and jealousy, what are you not telling me?” I unbuttoned another button on her blouse, exposing her navel. Only one button remained.

Jen’s eyes got wide when she saw the fury on my face. She began to confess, tears forming in her eyes. As much as I enjoyed it, I was not going to let her distract me now. She blurted it out: “OK, James, I give up. I lied, because I…I was selfish. I didn’t want Katie to take you away, that’s all true, but I…”

“You what?”

Tears were rolling down her cheeks now. I did my best to ignore them, determined that she would not manipulate me again. “Promise you won’t hate me,” she began.

I snapped at her impatiently, “Of course I won’t hate you, you’re my sister and my best friend! But I want the whole truth!”

She replied, her voice quavering. “OK, OK!” She paused for a breath, then continued, her voice more steady now. “You know how Momma I look alike, especially under the right circumstances? In exchange for helping Momma win, she allowed me to trade places with her a couple of times during the challenge.”

There it was. Even though I was expecting it, I was astounded nonetheless. “WHEN?” I shouted, “When could you have possibly…” Then I answered my own question as I it came to me. “It was when Claire blindfolded me.” Tears were streaming down Jen’s face, and she sobbed. She didn’t answer, only nodded.

Finally she continued, “After you took Katie home from the Grand Marquis, I went to Momma’s and waited, then swapped places with her in the middle of the night when you were wearing the blindfold.”

“So Claire was in on it?” I wouldn’t have believed it of Claire, but there it was. The number of women in my life who had NOT deceived me this week just dropped to one – Renee.

Jen pleaded, “Please don’t be mad at her, James. I told Momma about you being attracted to Claire, so she asked her help. Honestly, Claire loves you and doesn’t want you to leave either.”

Claire loved me? Loved me in what way? That was an interesting point to ponder, and for a brief moment I was distracted by the significance of it. However, time was short so I re-focused on getting the truth out of my sister.

I ran the scenarios through my head. Something didn’t add up. “Wait, you said a couple of times. What was the other time?” I demanded. “I was with Toni last night. I know it was Toni because her nipples were pierced. I made her pierce them yesterday to mark her as mine and get Duane to back the fuck off.”

Jennifer said nothing for a moment, just looked at me with loving eyes. “Undo the last button,” she whispered. I did and the blouse opened fully revealing two beautiful freckled breasts very similar to Toni’s – including escort bursa the rings in her nipples.

I couldn’t help myself; even though this was my own beloved sister, I could not resist cradling her beautiful tits in my hands. She gave a slight gasp of pleasure, then continued to explain “Momma called me from the car as soon as she finished getting her nipples pierced and had me run down to Doggfather’s to get mine pierced too.”

My eyes were wide with surprise. “Wait, then that means…”

“Yes, you bastard, it was my ass you spanked and my pussy you fucked; and it was also my ass you fucked. It was my first time, and it was quite a surprise because Momma never told me she’d done that with you. I’ve never even let my husband do that; thanks to you it hurts to sit down right now!”

“Why didn’t you say something? And what did you mean about Claire helping the two of you?”

“I didn’t say anything because I was afraid if I told you what I wanted, it would change things between us, maybe drive you away. As to Claire, I want another baby and Claire wants another grandchild, so she was all for helping me to conceive.”

I was shocked. “But Alan’s her own son! Why would she want to have a grandchild that wasn’t his?”

“Remember I told you at lunch last Tuesday about Alan not being able to make another baby?”

“Yes,” I said.

“It’s not that he can’t – it’s that he won’t. We’ve been fighting a lot about it.”

I continued my questioning. “OK, so what does that have to do with me?” Her hair was tangled and hanging in front of her face, so I reached up and gently brushed it off her forehead. Between the fact that I had unknowingly fucked my sister twice and that Claire wanted Jen to have my baby, it was having a familiar effect on my cock – it was as hard as a steel beam.

“Alan and I got married and had kids right away, but our marriage hasn’t been the greatest. In couples therapy he’s said he sometimes resents becoming a dad so soon. Our biggest fights are about kids. I want more, he doesn’t! In fact, he keeps condoms in every room, just in case we find ourselves having sex in any room other than the bedroom. He won’t touch me without latex on his cock. It makes me feel like my pussy has some kind of disease.” Her eyes started tearing up again. Oh, my…

“But Jen, what about that stuff about IVF? I told you I’d pay for it.” As astronomical as the costs were, I could handle it, because I had a secret of my own. I breathed an inward sigh of relief that I’d never told Katie about it, because then I’d be broke for sure.

“There’s no way I could hide the treatments from Alan, he’d find out sooner or later. Plus, I’ve got a perfectly healthy man in my life whose baby I’d love to carry and Alan would never know.”

“But won’t Alan suspect something? How would you explain a pregnancy?”

“Condoms aren’t 100% effective, and they do fail sometimes.” She winked at me, a conspiratorial look in her eyes. I could see sabotage in her future.

“If he resents being a dad with the first two, what will he be like with another baby?”

“I’m not worried about it. As much as he’s fighting it, Alan’s such a good dad to the twins I know he’ll still be a good father once the new baby is here. And Claire will be happy to babysit so we can take occasional romantic weekends.” One thing I admired about my sister, once she set her eye on a goal, nothing got in her way.

“I want your baby in me, James. And Claire wants it as well. Heck, if she was younger I’m sure she’d want your baby in her too,” Jen laughed. “Is that such a bad thing?”

I can’t describe how I felt other than a wave of love and calmness sweeping over me. I went around behind Jen and unlocked the handcuffs, then took her in my arms and kissed her like a lover for the first time. It was a long, slow, passionate kiss, and we were both shaking when I pulled away. “No Jen,” I finally answered, “it’s not a bad thing at all.”

I went to the car and brought back a blanket I used for picnics with Katie and spread it on the ground. Taking Jen in my arms, I lowered her down and took her clothes off, then mine.

I lay down next to her and took her in my arms again. I ran a fingertip around her nipple rings, and she giggled. “No spanking or anal this time, OK?”

“No, Jen, we’re just going to make a baby.” I snuggled my face into her hair and kissed her peppermint-scented head.

I moved down and kissed her neck, and she giggled. “There’s good news,” I told her. “The first two times I was in you I’d already cum – I was running on empty, sperm-wise. This time, I’ve got a full load.” I moved my hands down between her legs and spread them. My fingertips danced across her pussy and came up moist. She was ready.

I moved over her and placed my cockhead on her now-wet labia. We were face to face. “Are you ready for this,” I asked, “I mean are you sure?”

Jen pulled my face close to her. “Fuck me, James,” she whispered, and kissed me deeply. I entered her, and it was heaven. I was truly, intentionally fucking my twin sister, and I never felt so in synch with anyone. It wasn’t rough, it wasn’t gentle, and it wasn’t romantic. It was unlike any sex I’d ever had. It was like I could feel her pleasure and she could feel mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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