That Thing You Like…

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UGH… The dreaded Company Christmas party. The fake smiles. The pretending to care for a few hours while the spouses listen to the corporate elite kiss minion asses for a few hours. Three hours into a 4 hour event, everyone is plastered and the parking garage is a “life or death” obstacle course as everyone tries to leave at the same exact time.

My wife had come home with the news… date and time of the event. I stood there and smiled. Tried to be enthusiastic about the event as I agreed to go.

I poured myself a drink and checked on dinner. I labeled myself as a corporate widow. I was the invisible man at most of these events. The guys she worked with ALL wanted to talk shop or sports – which none of them followed. I did not know any of them and it just felt awkward. The staff was 27 guys and three women. My wife was the senior of the three and a “super star” as far as employees went. The “rumor mill” said that she was next in line for partner. A year ago, I had very little knowledge of the inner workings and thought it was just another meaningless promotion. So I started doing some research on the company, female partnerships and subscribed to their news letter. It made a splash with some at the next company party, but that was where the excitement died.

I got a little more involved in her career and she did appreciate the support. Late suppers, dragging home work and missing a few date nights were part of the benefits package I kept telling myself.

“She’ll make partner… things will get better.” I kept telling myself.

There was a spark in her eye as she told me about the party. “There is going to be a 9 piece band, better food than last year and… ” she tapered off.

I looked up from my drink, “And?”

SIGH… “They are going to announce PARTNER!!” she nearly yelled.

“Awesome!!” I replied kind of excited.

In years past they ALWAYS made everyone wait until New Years and then they mailed the announcement. “There is no glory in that…” I usually joked. “The winner should be able to rub it in EVERYONE’S face… ruin their Christmas and feel good about it for at least ONE night…”

Joni usually laughed at that. In college she was very competitive. She won a scholarship for softball and made it onto the track team as a walk on. She won a lot of events and the softball team won the AAA Championships her Senior year. She was a little ass kicker and work was no different.

Last year, she was snubbed for partner. That guy ended up losing a huge account and was transferred to Korea. It was rumored that he caught gonorrhea before his family transferred in and his wife left him. When Joni told me the story I misunderstood and thought she said diarrhea. It was an inside joke but one she still enjoyed. So every year when the talk of partner came up, I made the joke “I hope he still has diarrhea”.

The year before, it was her first year and NOBODY makes partner their first time on the list. So she accepted the loss in one evening.

Remembering last year… It took two bottles of Merlot before she was feeling better about herself.

Anyway… The next part of this conversation got a little more interesting.

EVERY year we went through the same old bullshit “I have nothing to wear”. This year, I was ready. I made her an appointment at a local boutique that she enjoyed going to but never really had the time to shop and try things on.

As she poured herself a glass of wine, she kicked off her shoes and started to bite her lower lip. A nervous tick she had when she wanted to ask an imposition of me. As she looked up and me, I set my drink down and looked her in the eye. “You don’t have anything to wear… do you?”

She smiled. This conversation ALWAYS meant that I had to take her shopping someplace and bounce around to multiple canlı bahis shops.

I pulled an envelope out of my pocket and handed it to her. I had rented THE boutique for 1 hour. I had a suspicion that the store owner had a small crush on my wife. She always fussed over her when we went in and complained that the ONLY time we ever saw her was when we needed clothes. She flirted with my wife from time to time, but we were always in such a hurry to get in and out that she never took notice.

“WHAT?” she asked.

“I rented your favorite boutique for one hour.” I proudly replied.

“But I-” she started to protest.

“RELAX… Mona said that if you buy something from her this year she will refund 20% and sell you the most expensive garment you choose for 20$ off.” I explained.

“She said if you model it for her she would take an additional 25% off.” I jested.

“She did not!!” Joni said as her face turned red.

I laughed. “God knows what you could get out of that woman if you slept with her.”

“Ass hole…” she said playfully.

We finished our wine and ate. We tried to watch some TV but it was late and she was tired. I soaked the dished and went to bed with her.

The next few days dragged by. I passed the afternoons by shopping for myself. I grabbed a new tie and sports coat.

Joni called me from work and said that she was running late so she was just going to go straight to the Boutique so she wouldn’t miss the appointment.

“You mean I don’t get to go shopping with you?” I asked sarcastically.

“I love you too… asshole” she whispered.

I had rented the boutique for one hour (6 to 7) on a Thursday. Mona said this was the slowest time for her, so it was perfect. Joni showed up a few minutes late, which was acceptable to Mona.

Mona was very laid back and a widower. She was a few years older than us and she had a wild side to her. I didn’t know her too much but I knew how to read most people.

Joni walked into the store and the lights were down low. Mona met her at the front of the store and turned the closed sign around. She smiled and greeted Joni. “You want some wine?” Mona asked.

“That would be very nice.” Joni replied.

I had left a bottle there with Mona. It just happened to be one of her favorites, so things were going well.

“I hope you don’t mind, but your husband told me what you are shopping for, so I took a few things off the rack to save you some time.” Mona informed her.

Joni was impressed and followed her back to the dressing rooms. There was a small rack with about 8 dressed on it. Joni looked them over and found a few that she wanted to buy right there on the spot.

“I know its late… so if you want me to just bring them to you one at a time, you don’t have to keep running back and forth.” Mona said to her.

“Oh…” Joni said “That is a good idea.”

Mona motioned her to the dressing rooms. Joni grabbed a dress and slipped into the first room. She slipped out of her work clothes and pulled the dress on.

“Oh my Gawd…” she caught herself gasping.

“Something wrong?” Mona asked.

“No… I just like the way this fits.” Joni replied.

“We have the full mirror out here Dear… ” Mona suggested.

Joni opened the door and Mona’s jaw hit the floor.

“Put your heels back on!!” Mona insisted.

Joni slipped on her pumps and walked up to the mirror.

“Ugh… Panty lines…” she groaned.

Without a word, Mona reached up her dress and pulled the panties off of Joni.

“What the hell?” Joni yelled at her.

Mona stood up and let the words bounce off of her. She looked Joni in the eyes.

“Been wanting to do that for a little more than a year.” Mona whispered.

Joni was in shock.

“Trust me Sweetie… you don’t wear panties in a bahis siteleri dress like this… or ANY of these that I have picked out for you.” she half scolded Joni.

Mona continued, “You have the body to wear ANYTHING in my store… and wear it better than any of the children that come in here.”

Mona sipped her wine and handed Joni’s glass to her.

“You should show off the goods Dear… In your line of work, you will benefit from showing a little skin and…” Mona stopped.

“And WHAT?” Joni asked.

“Stop being in such a Goddamned hurry.” Mona blurted out.

Mona was a Polish immigrant that got a degree in fashion and made it big as a fashion model. She married an adrenaline junkie and he died at the age of 42 base jumping in Mexico. She had got a huge settlement with the insurance company and owned her store outright at the age of 48. She was a few years older than Joni but she knew people and she knew fashion.

“I have been pretty successful doing things my way Mona.” Joni shot back at her.

“You play a game designed and dominated by men.” she replied.

“Yeah… and I do alright.” Joni said.

“You could do BETTER if you gave everyone something more to look at… that’s all I am saying Sweetie.” Mona finished.

She turned and looked in the mirror over Joni’s shoulder. Her wine glass was half empty. She held Joni’s panties in the other hand.

“Try on the black one… Fuck the rest of those dresses.” Mona said.

“But I am – ” Joni started.

Mona interrupted, “I’m gonna get you promoted to partner at this damn party Baby Cakes… and then you are going to buy all your clothing from me.”

Joni grabbed the black dress and walked into the dressing room.

“NO BRA!!” Mona nearly shouted.

“Holy SHIT Mona” Joni said.

Mona pulled the dressing room door open. Joni looked up at Mona. Mona smiled.

Joni looked at herself in the dressing room mirror. “I would do me…” she joked.

“So would I…” Mona said.

Mona stepped into the dressing room and pinned Joni against the wall. She kissed her gently on the lips and Joni could feel her stiff nipples rubbing against her own body.

Mona’s kiss was warm and new and it excited Joni. She wrapped her arms around Mona and kissed her back, running her fingers through her hair.

Without a word, Mona lifted the dress up and pulled it over Joni’s head. Mona dropped to her knees and pushed Joni back into the built-in bench in the dressing room. Joni laid back and Mona’s tongue found her clit instantly.

Mona clamped down on her pussy and began using her tongue in a way that she could only describe as HEAVEN. Within a minute, Joni was crying out as a powerful orgasm rippled through her body. After that, Mona inserted a finger into her and started massaging the clit from the back side while she tongued her.

Joni cried out “Mooonaaahhh” as she felt the orgasm flush away the day’s tension.

Mona continued to eat her pussy. Joni ran her fingers through her hair and encouraged her to keep doing what she was doing.

Mona started fingering her with TWO fingers and Joni had a huge orgasm sweep through her body… as it was starting to taper off, Mona pinched her nipples and it sent a pulse through her body making the orgasm last a little longer.

Mona looked up and Joni. She leaned back and smiled at Joni.

“I have wanted to do that for a LONG time Baby…” Mona confessed.

Mona wiped her chin with her hand and walked on her knees towards Joni. They gently kissed some more.

Joni… being the competitive woman that she is has never backed down from a challenge. As she kissed Mona, she reached down between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. Joni moved to Mona’s ear and whispered, “Your turn…”

Joni told me she will NEVER forget bahis şirketleri the way Mona responded.

Joni stood up in the dressing room and Mona pulled her skirt up. Mona was not wearing panties and her pussy was completely bald. Mona sat back on the bench. Joni stopped and looked up and Mona. “I have never done this before.” she confessed.

Mona smiled, “I will help you… just listen to me and do what YOU like to have done to you… “

Joni kissed the outter lips of Mona’s pussy.

“Thhhaaaaaats It Baby Cakes…” Mona hissed.

Joni pointed her tongue and found Mona’s swollen clit. She licked it gently at first and then used more pressure as Mona told her to do.

“Oh my GOD… You are a natural Baby Cakes…” Mona said between pants.

She started breathing harder and her body tensed up and she moaned out with a deep growl. Joni didn’t know what to do, so she kept licking Mona’s clit as she body twitched and tensed between sounds.

As Mona started to relax, Joni would lick her harder and Mona would pull her head in tighter to her hips.

“Ohhhh FUCK Baby Cakes… Don’t stop… don’t stop… DONT STOP… OH YEA… YES YES YES YES… MMMMMMMMMMMMM… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” Moan nearly yelled out as she pushed Joni back. Her body tensed up and a fountain of fluid shot out of her pussy and onto the floor. Her body convulsed as the stream of fluid came out of her.

Joni was in shock.

Mona laid on the bench panting – completely out of breath.

Joni touched her leg and Mona turned her head. “its been more than 5 years since anyone made me cum that hard… Joni THAT was amazing.”

Joni was a little embarrassed. She kissed Mona and then helped her up. “I enjoyed it too.”

Both the women sighed and then gathered themselves.

“OH shit… ” Joni said.

Mona replied, “What’s the matter?”

“My work clothes are soaked.” she told Mona.

“Honey… I would say I am sorry but I just had one of the best orgasms of my LIFE…” Mona joked.

The girls laughed.

“Leave them here and I will have them dry cleaned. You can pick them up when you come back to get your New Years Eve gown… AT COST.” Mona said.

“WHAT?” Joni asked.

“You wear that purple dress home… it goes with the heels. You pick two more dresses to take home with you and if you wear that black dress to the party you are gonna make partner.” Mona Joked.


Joni was dumbfounded.

She slipped on her bra and put on the purple dress. Mona bagged up the rest of the dresses, including the black number that started it all.

“How much do I owe you Mona?” Joni asked reaching for her credit card.

“Your husband already paid me for the boutique rental and he said HE would pick the dresses tomorrow so you didn’t have to pack them home tonight.” Mona said.

“Well ISNT that thoughtful of him?” Joni asked.

Joni picked up her briefcase.

“I called you a cab.” Mona said.

Mona kissed her on the lips and gave her a tight hug.

“Where are you going for the holidays Mona?” Joni asked.

Mona started to tear up a bit. Joni could see she struck a nerve.

“You are coming to our place.” Joni insisted.

“I couldn’t…” Mona protested.

Joni leaned in and whispered in her ear, “If you come over, I will do that thing you like.”

“I will bring the Merlot…” Mona replied sharply.

Joni left her a business card. She kept a few in her purse with her personal cell number on the back. “Call me tomorrow and we will work out the details.” Joni told her.

Mona nodded.

Joni was stunning in the purple dress. It was only a few minutes by cab to the apartment building. She was too tired to walk (or even talk for that matter) which made her smile the whole way home. She laughed to herself in the cab.

She walked into the apartment like a proud peacock.

She looked at me and said, “I’m sorry… but dress shopping is a LOT more fun without you there Dear… “

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