Terry Ch. 03: A Girl and her Mother 01

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Awesome Cock


This story contains an amount of unintentional incest, the people concerned didn’t know this initially and their relationship is revealed three quarters of the way through chapter 2.

If you want to know now, read now, otherwise move on to the next paragraph. Terry turns out to be Alison’s long lost twin.

My sincere thanks for all the help I have received from my editor.


In some ways this is a bit of a sad story. My parents were not nice people, Mum was a real virago and they were always getting into trouble with the police, both had spent several short spells in prison. They went out drinking nightly came home drunk and if we were lucky Mum would be too drunk to start shouting at or hitting me and my older brother and Dad was never far behind her.

Every place we lived in turned into a cold, dirty, smelly dump. We never had heat or enough food and regularly no electricity or gas due to lack of money.

For my eleventh birthday I had no presents because they forgot but made promises I’d get a better Christmas present instead. Two days later Mum was with the police again and Dad came home from the pub swearing and shouting.

I was alone in the house and pretended to be asleep but he came into my room, pulled the covers off the bed, ripped my pants off and raped me. The pain was horrendous and I really thought I was going to die. I was screaming and fighting with him but it only made it worse. He was lashing out with his fists all over the top half of me. When he finished he fell asleep on me then fell to the floor and threw up. The last thing I remember thinking was ‘thank God it’s over for another night.’

When I woke I was in great pain and it took me a while to realise I was in a hospital bed, with my sleeping brother holding my right hand from the armchair beside me. I called out for water and a nurse came to me quickly and waking my brother they explained: When he got home he went to the phone box to call for an ambulance.

My left arm and shoulder were badly broken as were several of my ribs. I’d had emergency surgery to repair a punctured lung and the damage to my rear end. I had a temporary bag fitted and a catheter. Most of my upper body was badly bruised, my left eye was swollen and closed and my left cheek had been sewn, having been ripped open against my teeth.

To put it bluntly, I think I was lucky to be alive. This was three days after the attack. Of all my injuries the hole in my cheek, having received some nerve damage, was the only one that gave me ongoing sensitivities.

Dad had been arrested and in fact spent fifteen years inside for the attack and a number of other charges. Mum was also imprisoned for a couple of years for the other bits too.

I healed quite quickly and surprisingly well, my brother and I went into care and our parents were never allowed to see us again.

I had successful counselling but very occasionally had nightmares about that evenings rape attack and Mum beating us. I could never identify the parts where I was hiding in the foot well of a car from some horrible attack, or where everything was falling on top of me, including blood. If I awoke, I’d not be able to get back to sleep for the rest of the night.

My brother had been lucky and got a brilliant job working with an engineer, he’d been in Sri Lanka for a while so I was all alone.

I got an apprenticeship with a national company and was so proud when at the age of twenty I left my foster parents and got my own bed-sit in the attic of a four story house. It was OK when I moved into it but bit by bit I decorated it as and when I could afford to and I kept it immaculate. Having lived through all the squalor, I turned very clean and tidy almost to the point of OCD as it’s now known. My contract with the landlord stated monthly inspections but after three or four months he would skip my flat, not even coming up to the third floor when he was in the building.

At the age of twenty-two I was six feet two, thirteen stone (180lbs) with shoulder length almost black wavy hair. In the last two months I lost my virginity and had a month’s relationship with Gisl, a woman of seventy-two and spent a glorious weekend with a gorgeous, slim, natural blonde girl of twenty-five called Alison. To save any confusion a different Alison features from here on.

I was working but my rent and other expenses accounted for more than eighty percent of my wages so I had to sell my car. I started a second job as an office assistant to the boss’ wife in a small engineering company that I had been dealing with in my main job. I was there to replace Gissy, a woman of sixty who was about to retire after thirty-two years and I had to learn the job in her last month.

Gissy was short at a bit under five feet, very slim body with short black hair, big bright green eyes and small bust, in fact she looked much like Mia tuzla escort in the film ‘Love Actually’ but always wore clothes that were designed to hide her figure with full skirts to below her knees.

She was efficient, organised and little officious, almost standoffish but very helpful with every question I had and didn’t mind when I asked the same question again some time later. After a few days she started giving me a lift home to my little bed-sit which was on her way home. As soon as we were in the car, she softened and was chatty, talking about the usual: Weather, sport, TV, our families etc. I felt really comfortable with her. She was so different outside of work. I developed a bit of a soft spot for her. A couple of times her daughter Alison, who is the same age as me, was waiting in the car park for a lift home too and like her mother, I got on well with her.

The retirement party was a grand affair with all the staff and their families, all the speeches and presentations and rounded off with a disco (what did happen to DK the DJ?). I seemed to spend most of the evening with Alison as neither of us really knew anyone else there. At the end of the evening we shared a taxi but he missed my place and I was invited in for a coffee by Gissy. The three of us chatted for a couple of hours then I was given a sofa bed to sleep on in the study/third bedroom.

Sadly at 6am I had the nightmare, Alison heard me and came to the room. We then sat and chatted about my experience. I felt so embarrassed and a bit relieved when I was allowed to leave after a big fried breakfast.

I moped around all weekend and on Monday found it difficult at work without Gissy. When I left at 1pm Alison was waiting for me with a smile, sandwiches and coke cola. It was a lovely summer’s day so we had them in the park then lay back on the grass for a couple of hours chatting and sun bathing. Apart from my brother, counsellor and other officials, Alison was the only person I had ever revealed so much of my life to, and she took it all with great understanding.

As I had my first month’s pay in my pocket from the new job, I asked if she would go to the cinema with me to see ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’ Afterwards we got Chinese takeaway and went back to my little flat to eat it. Alison stayed the night in my little bed; we shared some rather unremarkable and forgotten sex.

We became an item and shared each other’s beds once or twice a week. The sex got better as we learnt more about each other. For the first time in my life I felt loved, I spent a fair bit of time in their home. I got on really well with Gissy and started thinking of her as a mother figure. Now away from work she tended to wear baggy joggers and sweatshirts. We all shared many laughs including the occasional cushion fight, and always greeted each other with a friendly hug and kiss.

Six months on Alison went away to southern France on a month’s residential ‘team building’ course. A few days in I went to her place to collect some college work that I couldn’t find and hoped I’d left there. Gissy was there watching a film that had just started on TV. I made coffee for us then sat beside her and we chatted a little in some of the less gripping parts of the film.

She leant forwards to put her cup down and slipped as she sat back, her hand landed very hard directly on my willy. She went bright red and shifted along the sofa quickly. I convinced myself this was not a deliberate act and pulled her back, put my arm round her neck and kissed the top of her head to relieve the embarrassment. She responded by putting her hand on my chest and kissing my cheek. I flinched a bit as the scar is still sensitive and I’m very self-conscious of it. She moved her head away and asked how I got it. It seems that part of my history had somehow not made it to her.

We sat there for a while with her leaning against me with her hand on my chest and my arm round her shoulder as we watched the film. When two characters kissed I sort of gave her a little squeeze and she did the same to me. I gave her another kiss on her hair and she lifted her head to kiss my cheek again but this time the kiss landed on my mouth as I turned and we lingered there. Taking the plunge, I forced my tongue in her mouth… wow what a kisser, it went on for ages and I got very turned on.

I started caressing her neck and arm and she hugged in closer. When I went to touch her breast she moved my hand away so I caressed down her side to her waist, hip and thigh and she did the same to me, I brought my hand back up along the same route but when I got to her breast she turned it away again. I ran back down to her knee then moved to the other leg, up between them and as I got to the top she opened them so I could touch her pussy through her joggers. This carried on for a while and she was getting very vocal and working her hand around my bulge.

Well she had an orgasm big time with lots of jerking and moans. tuzla escort bayan As Gissy calmed I again tried to touch a breast and she rejected my hand saying: “Not there.” We continued kissing and touching, she opened my jeans, pulled my willy out and gave me a lovely hand and blow job. I knelt on the floor in front of her & pulled her joggers right down and off, then pulled her forwards on the seat to do the same with her ‘bikini pants’. I started lifting her jumper, again she stopped me so I asked why. She replied: “Just leave it.” then I went down to lick her out and found the string…

Now bear in mind nine months ago I was a virgin and, although I had been in a ‘full on’ relationship with her daughter, this is the first time I had encountered the little bit of string. I stopped abruptly, my erection collapsed and didn’t know what to do.

“What’s wrong?”

I stammered some sort of answer.

“Don’t be silly. At my age all that sort of thing has gone,” and with that she gently pulled on the string to reveal two very wet, pale pink love eggs. “I often wear these especially when I was at work. It helped keep me sane.”

“Ah was that your smiley time as we call it.”

She blushed “Oh heck, did it really show that much?”

Problem over, I stuck my tongue in her pussy and sucked her to another orgasm. I stood up to remove my clothes and Gissy sat forward to suck on my willy which was hard again. She realised I was getting close to coming and pointing to her pussy said, “Kneel down.” I did and slid my willy straight into her pussy to the hilt and felt that feeling of being enveloped for the first time.

I savoured that as she held me close and tight for a few moments while I had a little rest. When I felt I was beginning soften, I started slowly moving out and in. I planned to have a long slow fuck but unfortunately after a few thrusts I got carried away and pumped for all I was worth, then leant forwards to kiss Gissy again. During this kiss I again tried to touch a breast and was quickly stopped.

She started playing with my nipples and my softening willy soon got harder again. As I was still firmly positioned in her pussy I started pumping again. It didn’t take her long to have another noisy orgasm. With my knees hurting, I pulled out leaving a trail of our juice on the brown leather seat and spun round to retake my place beside her. We rested for a while till the film finished, me completely naked and her with only bra and jumper. I got up to go to the toilet and cleaned myself up. While in the bathroom I was looking in the mirror telling myself how stupid I was as this would very likely spoil the relationship I had with her daughter Alison.

By the time I came out of the bathroom Gissy had gone to the kitchen and was well down the route of preparing something to eat. Still dressed just in the red jumper, I stood behind her, put my arms around her and gave a hug. She responded by leaning back against me and turning her head to the side and up for another French kiss. During this I was caressing all round her body and when I got near her breasts she again stopped me. Her daughter is exactly the opposite and would have moved my hands onto her breasts in that situation.

We sat at the clear glass dining table to eat our food and made a start on the bottle of Matteus Rose. Gissy spent most of the time opening and closing her legs which of course I had a perfect view of through the clear table. My willy was again at full mast and where it touched the underside of the table it left a trail which we laughed about. After eating we returned to the lounge with the rest of the bottle.

When the bottle was finished Gissy said, “It’s late, stay with me tonight,” took my hand and gently led me to her bedroom. I was taken aback at the contrast with Alison’s bold, white and black room. This was very girly, cosy lilac and pink with soft lighting and a massive seven feet square bed which didn’t fit in with her small size.

This was the first time I’d been in Gissy’s room and felt nervous as I looked around. She turned to me and with a sweep of the hand gesture said, “You like?” She went up on tip toe for another kiss but as there was well over a foot between our heights, I bent my knees to get lower. I put one hand around her bottom and the other round her back with my fingers finishing under her arm, touching the wire of her bra.

She put her arms around me with one behind my head to pull in tight for the kiss. I straightened my legs picking Gissy up, as I did she wrapped her legs around my hips and I stood there enjoying the kiss for over ten minutes.

I must say that Gissy’s kisses were gorgeous and so much sexier than Alison’s or for that matter any of my previous ‘girlfriends.’ I would have been happy if this was all there was. My willy was rock hard again and touching Gissy’s bum cheeks and backs of her thighs as we moved.

I stepped over to the bed and as I bent escort tuzla down to lay Gissy down my willy got pushed quite hard against her bum. “You cheeky thing,” I had no idea what her reaction meant and apologised bearing in mind what my Dad did to me. As we let go of each other I stood, Gissy got up on her knees held my willy and balls and gave me another blow job. I was so excited I shot my lot in no time and we both collapsed on the bed for another kiss, this time of course Gissy had my cum in her mouth and it added another level of interest to the situation. I settled down, spun her around on the bed to get to her pussy. I’d not really looked at a pussy before and was a bit surprised that the four lips were so prominent; they were bigger and longer than I expected. I explored a pussy for the first time, playing with her lips, pulling and rubbing them with my fingers, putting two fingers inside, pulling them apart to open her so I could see inside. I couldn’t see much as the lighting was low and her pussy was in shadow but I was enjoying this new experience. I used my tongue to explore, licking inside and tasting our combined juices and nibbling & sucking her lips, while I was doing all this she was gently stroking me all over my back, legs, arms, chest, nipples and my willy, I remember how peaceful I felt, enjoying the new sensations and just absorbing the calm and, dare I use the word, ‘love’.

Then I moved on to nibbling and licking her clit and bang – the calm and peace stopped abruptly as she started on another orgasm. She put her legs round my head and squeezed hard for the duration and it seemed to go on for ages. I was struggling to breathe but fortunately she let go of my willy to grab handfuls of bedclothes so I was able to swing my legs and bottom round a little otherwise I would not have been able to breathe at all.

When she came down from her high, we untangled from each other. I turned round to lay my head on the pillows and Gissy laid her head on my shoulder with her hand on my chest, playing with my nipples. I idly stroked her back, arm and bottom and we both fell asleep.

About an hour later I awoke with a start, desperately needing to pee and with ‘morning wood’, I managed to extract myself from Gissy’s hug and went to the bathroom. When I got there, I sat on the toilet with my erection sticking straight up and my thought was ‘how the hell do I pee?’ I started rubbing my willy thinking I needed to cum to lose the hard on.

“Well am I not good enough for you?” came from the open bathroom door.

“Ah… Oh… I need to pee but can’t while I’m like this.”

Gissy walked over, pushed me back against the open toilet lid, placed her hands on my shoulders and straddled me. As she sat my willy went straight up her pussy and she started bobbing up and down on me. I put my hands round to her back and stroked to her shoulders, arms and waist.

As I felt I was nearing my orgasm, I moved my hands up toward her breasts, she let go of my shoulders and pulled my hands away with an “Ah ah” and a finger wagged in front of my face. This was getting very frustrating as I have always been very much of a breast man.

Gissy started grinding her clit on me and coming as loudly as ever, I came hard and my erection collapsed. I involuntarily started to pee while I was still inside Gissy and she was still grinding hard on me. The startled look on her face will stay with me forever but I was afraid something was going to get broken where she was putting so much pressure into my groin while she finished her orgasm and I was still peeing into her, most of my pee was running out of Gissy’s pussy into the toilet but the rest was running down our legs and onto the floor.

When we had finished Gissy said, “We need a shower.”

While she had her shower in the ensuite I stayed in the bathroom, cleaned it up and had my shower then climbed back into bed beside her. We chatted for a little while about what had just happened was a new experience and how good it felt for us both. We promised each other we would attempt it again sometime then we fell asleep.

I woke at 7am to the smell of coffee and bacon, I had a pee and a quick wash then followed my nose to the kitchen to find Gissy fully dressed and made up, standing at the stove.

“Morning lover” as she turned to me when I padded round the corner “what on earth did you do to me last night?”

“Oh Ah… sorry I only came round to collect the college work.”

We had a hug and kiss and over breakfast had a meaningful chat about our relationship, we decided it was not to happen again and to keep it to ourselves. I again asked about touching her breasts and was told “just drop it.”

Gissy dropped me at work on her way to see a friend and we kissed as I got out of the car.

The following Tuesday I was surprised to see Gissy walk in the office, apparently we had messed up one of the monthly returns and the boss asked her to come in and sort it. I left early for an emergency dental appointment as I had broken a tooth, Gissy finished about the same time and gave me a lift.

On the way to the dentist Gissy asked: “Are you avoiding me?”

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