Teased Beyond Comprehension Ch. 01

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Florida is nice this time of year. Dad, mom, my twin brothers Joe and Jon and I were kicking back for a couple weeks on the beach in Ft Lauderdale. Dad is a successful business man and is able to afford nice trips for us to take a couple times per year.

I am in my mid 20s and my brothers Joe and Jon are in their first year of college. They’ve always been extremely close and worked together through all the middle and high-school problems like studies, girls and sports. They even played on the same basketball team. I’m very close to them and have always been protective of them as their big sister. I’ve given advice and encouragement when necessary, covered for them a few times – normal big sister stuff.

Our entire family is tall and athletic. Dad and Joe are about 6′ 4″, Jon is about 6′ 6″, I’m about 5′ 9″ and mom’s the short one at 5′ 7″. We like to run races together, ride bicycles and stay very active.

This trip is all about relaxation. We get up, eat breakfast and head to the beach. Joe and Jon are in the surf all day on boogie boards and generally ogling all the girls who happen to walk by. A few times I caught them looking at me, but never in an overly uncomfortable way. I have noticed their respective bulges from time to time and believe me, they are both quite healthy young boys! Both mom and me were blessed with very large breasts, especially mom, and the boys couldn’t help noticing our bodies in the bikinis wore most of the time. I used to be envious of mom’s body and sometimes was turned on by how much dad must enjoy fucking her.

Long ago, mom was the wife of one of dad’s best friends. Dad had always wanted her but his friend had dated her while he will still in another relationship. He even ended up being in their wedding. Sometimes I’m guilty of masturbating in my bedroom next to theirs while they were going at it. I remember a particular cool winter night when I could overhear what they were saying.

“I thought you were so hot when Rick married you. I was so jealous of him!”

“Yes dear, I know but I was young and desperate at the time. I didn’t know how important good sex would be to me. You know that I started craving your big cock soon after Rick and I were married since Rick just didn’t have it. I remember how you told me how big Rick’s eyes were at the racket club that time when he saw your erection in the shower. That night, he told me how big it was one night when he fucked me! I think it turned him on in some perverse way and probably didn’t know how much that added to my craving. Little did he know that he would catch us together a year later and now he has to just imagine your big towering cock plunging into his lovely bride every night!”

“God, I love your titts; and I loved cupping them from behind as I fucked you in front of Rick!”

“Rick loved them too dear, he used to spurt all over them with my hands all over and up his ass. Does that make you jealous honey? I used to titt fuck him all the time and I can see from your huge boner that you’re really turned on at the thought of that! Come here my big cocked lover and take Rick’s place between my legs. Come on, shove your huge cock into me and make me forget all about your best friend. Take all the pleasure you want from his woman! Show me how hungry your big penis is to fill your best friend’s woman over and over again!”

Then I would hear them grunt and squeal as they fucked over and over like animals. “That’s it baby, rocket your cock deep into my warm, wet pussy. Shoot all that baby juice up inside me! That’s it, fuck your best friend’s wife and show me what a man you are! Take the pussy that was his and shoot your load up it! Feel my warm wet pussy milking cum from your balls. Enjoy all that pleasure!”

I would cum all over my fingers as I heard my dad and mom explode together. I could only imagine what she was doing to his nipples, balls and ass as she milked cum from his huge cock. It drove me absolutely wild!

After about a week into our trip, it seemed to me like the boy’s bulges were getting bigger every day. I wondered how horny they must be getting after a week or so of not being alone to jack off. I know that for me, a week with no privacy was starting to drive me crazy!

Mom doesn’t know that I’ve had the hots for her for years, but that’s a private fantasy I keep to myself. I think she has some idea noticing me ogling her from time to time. She also plays into the fantasy, enjoying teasing me indirectly and she probably fantasizes about the effect it has on me while being fucked hard by dad. My mom loved to tease the sex out of people. It started with Rick, then dad, then from time to time her boys, and also me. She never crossed the line, but knew how to walk as close to it as possible.

A good example is what lead up to the events of week two of our trip. Dad and mom had asked if anyone wanted to go to a shopping outlet that was about an hour away. They were going for the entire day and gave us the option of bursa escort tagging along or staying at the beach house. Joe and Jon immediately said “See ya later – have fun!” and immediately left for the beach. I told mom I would come along and started to get ready. Dad left for a short while to fill up the car.

After showering I was in my room and mom came in, fresh from her shower in her bra and panties. I could hardly look directly at her she looked so hot. Her soft skin was shimmering and tan, her DD breasts were spilling out of the cups of her huge white bra. To this day I think she was fully aware the effect it was having on me. She just wanted to push it as far as she could!

“Baby could I borrow one of your polo shirts? You always look so nice!”

“Sure mom,” I said “take what you like.”

While she picked out a few things she said, “Thanks for coming with us, dear. I think the boys need some alone time, if you know what I mean!” She winked at me as she said it. Obviously she was aware that a couple of college age boys could only last so long with the family without a break, so this would help relieve some of their tension. Of course I wondered exactly what they might do about it which got me even more turned on!

Mom left and got dressed as I was finishing my make-up and hair in the mirror. I was so hot I couldn’t even think about the day at this point. Two minutes later, mom came back into the room and the sight of her just about sent me over the edge. Mom had her beautiful shoulder length hair in a pony tail, was wearing a white tennis skirt, sexy sandals, and one of my red and white striped American Eagle polo shirts with 4 of the 8 buttons open. Her nipples were pointing through the material and were quite obvious even through the heavily striped material. To this day I wonder if mom plucked at her nipples to get them hard for me, but she looked amazing and I was literally dripping at the sight.

I was sitting on a chair faced at an angle away from the vanity and my mouth gaped open. I tried to look away as mom confidently walked up to me with a bottle of aloe lotion in her hand and asked if I would help her out. “Honey, could you be a dear and put a little lotion on my shoulders and neck? The sun’s got my skin dried out.” She smirked as she said it, being fully aware how much control she had over my sexuality.

“Um…sure …mom, I can do that.” Mom gave me the lotion and I squirted some on my hands. As I was mixing the lotion in my hands, mom knelt down on the floor facing me between my legs. She looked into my eyes and slowly unbuttoned the last 4 of the 8 buttons, spreading the collar to the edges of her shoulders. “You’re such a wonderful daughter, thanks for helping mommy out dear!”

Trembling at the sight of my mom’s enormous chest I began to rub aloe into her shoulder and around the back of her neck. “MMMMMMM, thanks baby – that feels so nice! You make mommy’s skin feel so good! Could you put some on the front too – just at the top?”

I got some more in my hands and all I could think of was how much I wanted mom to lean forward and lick my thighs. I wanted her tongue snaking and curling through my labia and then wrapping itself around my clit as she pulls my ass cheeks apart. I wanted mommy’s index finger tip to snake its way to my ass and slowly rub the rim. I want to tell her how much I love her as I stare deeply into her beautiful eyes and cum all over my hot sexy huge, milky titted, polo shirt mother’s face while she tongue fucks my pussy and sucks my clit off! God I was so hot!!!

She knew it too! With trembling hands, I rubbed more aloe into her neck as a glob of aloe dripped down between her breasts. I wanted to go after it but hesitated and mom just smirked, looking up at me.

“Thanks baby, I’ll get the last part!” she said as she reached down and kneaded the large glob of aloe deep into her globes taking slow meticulous care of each one.

“Thank you honey, now button up your mother. I can’t have these boobs showing like this, it might cause an accident!” My trembling hands closed up 4 of her buttons trying to avoid handling her massive breasts as mom stared into my eyes. “Could you be a sweetie and pop mommy’s collar my dear? Daddy likes it that way?!” I un-rolled the collar of my shirt up nice and straight and mommy got up to leave.

Before she did she bent over to whisper in my ear. The sight and smell of my large breasted mother wearing my polo shirt and feeling her warm breath on my ear was making me feral! She put one of her hands on my knee and whispered, “Honey, why don’t you stay here today too. Dad and I will have a good time and maybe you can take advantage of some alone time too! What do you say?” She lightly stroked the inside of my thigh a couple times and I stared to whimper. I said, “Maybe that’s a good idea mom. You guys have a good time.”

Then she turned to leave winked at me and said, “See you in a few hours my dear! Remember just how much your bursa escort bayan mommy loves you!” I thought I saw her lick her lips as she smiled and left the beach house.

I was positively steaming with thoughts of forbidden sex! Evil thoughts of all types where entering my mind – my mom and dad fucking, mom and Rick, mom and dad with Rick watching, mom and me with dad watching, mom visiting me at college with my sorority sisters watching then joining in, my huge dicked brothers with my mother! Oh the fantasies they must have had from time to time. I was about out of control when I settled on a curious thought.

Joe and Jon think I’ve joined mom and dad for the day. Surely they will not be at the beach all day long, unless they find some girls or something. They must be planning to relieve themselves at some point. I wonder what thoughts are running through their little dirty little college boy minds right now?

I wanted to know and worse yet, I wanted to watch and listen. Would they come back one at a time? My mind started reeling through different nasty thoughts about my pent up brothers. Maybe they would bring back a couple girls to fuck. Maybe even a guy? Probably not. Maybe they will swap their girls after they finish! Maybe they’ll bring back one girl and sandwich her between their huge cocks! OK, that’s not helping me at all! Maybe one will bring back an older woman who looks like mom! Maybe she will get down in front of him, lick his head and beg him to cum all over mommy’s face! Or maybe the two of them will jump in bed with their busty mom-like woman and fuck her until she screams! I think I’m losing it!

I walked through the rented house from room to room practically dripping with all the thoughts running through my head. Finally I think I found the spot with the best vantage point. In mom and dad’s bedroom, there was a closet with two doors. One door opened to the bedroom and the other to a large bathroom connected to one of my brother’s bedrooms. The closet door to the bathroom locked and had a louvered opening. With the light off in the closet and both doors closed it would be impossible to see in from a lit bathroom. The closet gave me a perfect view through the bath to the big bed in the bedroom too, so if anything happened this would give me the best chance to watch and hear practically anything. I was drooling at the thought but had to move quickly. I got a folding chair and put it in the closet with a towel over it. I picked up a tiny vibrator I brought with me on the trip and had another quick thought. I went into mom’s closet and picked out a soft silky top that I loved to see her wear. I wanted to smell and feel mom when I came, so I slipped it on and went into the closet and shut both doors. I felt like such a bad girl and I could hardly wait for my brothers to return. I sat back in the chair and rubbed my chest in mommy’s soft shirt, rubbing my clit through my panties ever so slowly. I was lost in my thoughts of my mom and waiting for the possibility of seeing my horny brothers.

I was lost in thought when I heard the door to the house open. I was listening intently to see how many voices I could hear. Only two. Jon and Joe were laughing about something and wrestling around a bit like guys do. I could hear practically every word and was waiting anxiously to hear what happens. I was drooling and knew I would have trouble keeping myself from orgasm so I moved my hands away from my clit and just teased the insides of my thighs.

A few minutes passed and they started to watch a movie. Awhile later, I thought I heard some kind of love scene in the movie and some sort of sigh from one of my brothers. Minutes later the bathroom door opened and shut behind Joe. I was beside myself never having seen my brother’s cock, curious and very horny. Joe was dressed in a slightly oversized pink polo shirt and swim trunks. He lowered his swim suit and my breathing stopped at the sight. His cock was so large. I was thin, about 8 inches long and was probably half to three quarters erect. His veins were filling faster than he could get his trunks to the floor as he stood facing the mirror in the soft bathroom light. To see Joe this way was sending me off fast so I tried to look away for a bit.

I heard quiet stroking and slapping noises. My eyes unable to resist I looked back and saw him staring at himself in the mirror in front of the sink unceremoniously beating his meat into a thick froth. His pre-cum was already everywhere, on his hands, glistening on his huge head and running down his huge balls. He stroked with his eyes rolled back, collar all the way open, just enjoying the trip to paradise on his own. His hand stroked up and down his full length time after time after time. I stuck the vibrator inside me but didn’t turn it on. I just needed to be filled imagining it was Joe. Fuck me, my beautiful brother Joe, with your big beautiful cock. Make sissy cum with you and squirt all your lovely hot juice up my cunt I thought wickedly escort bursa to myself.

He was starting to pant more frequently now. Next thing I knew the bathroom door opened again and oh my I thought, this could get very interesting! Jon came in wearing a similar shirt. His big blue polo was ALL he was wearing and his cock, much to my surprise, was probably an inch longer! His shirt was covering his cock like a big tent. I could see his huge heavy balls and the base of it but nothing more. In his hand he had something with a power cord and I thought I was going to completely lose it! What the heck was that and how was he going to use it on Joe?

Their words to each other made me drool. This was obviously not their first time together due to the matter of fact way they spoke. They’re twin brothers and I suppose experimentation happens more often than not, but oh my, they have such huge sex organs and they certainly weren’t surprised to see each other this way. They must just love doing whatever they do to each other!

Jon plugged the power cord in, turned my brother around and sat him on the edge of the vanity.

“I see you need some relief too, little brother!”

“Who are you calling little?!”

“Hey, I have the bigger cock! Ever seen a tent with a longer pole,” he said as he stuck his waist out pushing his blue polo shirt with his cock out at least a foot from his stomach.

“What did you bring along? I’m so horny! Have you seen mom and sis this week? Damn! I would do them both if I had the chance!”

“I think you’ll like what I have for you, but I doubt you’ll last very long with me using it on you!”

Jon was smiling obviously in full control and was going to control Joe’s pleasure. Next thing I saw I would never forget. Jon was sitting on the vanity on a towel in his big pink polo, legs spread, cock towering 8 inches straight up now, drips of clear fluid forming at the tip and drizzling down the sides. Joe stepped up between Jon’s legs with his cock still tenting his polo. God, I wanted to see that massive thing! Joe stared down to his crotch as Jon moved until their cocks were together. Then he slipped the bottom of his blue polo shirt over both cocks! Now I couldn’t see either cock but it looked so fucking hot! I could only imagine what it felt like, cock to cock with your twin brother!

I only saw a glimpse of Jon’s cock, but it was huge. Joe’s impressive, but Jon’s thickly veined cock is enormous! Jon grabbed both cocks at the base, with the soft gauzy material of his polo shirt pulled tightly around both penises which were now tightly sandwiched together. He stopped so they could feel each other for a moment before the inevitable pleasuring was about to take place. These were my two huge, tall, hung brothers, face to face, cocks and balls touching. I thought I would explode, but that was just the start of it!

“Oh my little brother, I think you’re even bigger than last time!”

“God that feels so good! I can’t believe how that looks with our dicks touching. I’m so turned on!”

“I can feel your heartbeat, Joe, can you feel mine? All that blood’s just rushing up into your cock head, isn’t it! I can feel your balls throbbing against mine! I just love rubbing our balls together when their full, don’t you? That’s it, just relax and flex. Let’s flex together for awhile!”

I watched their two fully boned penises throb against each other as Joe tried to rub it up against Jon’s cock. Jon had other plans. I stuck a finger down into my cunt which was now sopping wet. I let out a soft sigh as I watched the torturous pleasures begin. My brothers were lost in their own world, cock against cock, feeling each other’s pleasure beginning to build.

“I have plans for our cocks that I’ve been thinking about all week.” Jon picked up the device and it clearly was some sort of massager. It had a flat rubbery head on it that was easily wide enough to span the thickness of both cocks. Jon had been planning this for awhile.

“Ever feel one of these?” Jon said.

“No, but it looks like a lot of fun! Where did you get it?”

“You don’t really want to know, trust me!” Jon said as he flicked the switch on and it let out a high pitched humming sound.

“Oh my! What are you going to do with that?”

“I’m going to empty our balls! Won’t that feel good?”

I was beside myself. I’d completely soaked the towel by now but was staying absolutely still. I didn’t want to make a noise or miss a thing! I grabbed my nipples through my mom’s satiny shirt and watched, hardly breathing. I could feel warm fluid dripping down my ankles.

“This lovely massager,” Jon said as he moved it near Joe’s cock head “was a gift from mom for my 18th birthday!” With both penises still gripped together Jon touched Joe’s cockhead with the massager tip.

I saw Joe’s mouth move and say, “Oh my God!” but no actual words came out. Joe’s body lifted uncontrollably off the vanity as his body shuddered with pleasure. Jon stopped for a bit then did it again and again and again, each time sending shocks of pleasure through Joe’s abdomen and balls.

“Does that feel good?” he asked as he ran the raging machine up and down the sides of both cocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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