Teaching Her to be an A Student

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Fingering Pussy


The high school Mr. G worked at has a long standing tradition of handing students their actual diploma at graduation and held graduation the weekend before the last day of school. These two factors combined create the unique problem that seniors need their grade finalized before the course is over. The solution was simple; seniors just have to take their finals a week early.

Not that he’s complaining. In fact this scenario works out quite well for Mr. G who teaches only senior level classes and therefore gets an easy last week. But then you get students like Maddie, a junior in a senior level class. It’s ok when there are a couple of them; it’s actually quite fun when it’s a couple of them hanging out that last week. They’ll play cards, tell stories and generally get to know each other real well, which even benefits them since Mr. G can write them a phenomenal letter of recommendation after that. But this year it was just her. Maddie was the only junior taking AP Calculus which meant the two of them were alone together for 50 minutes a day that last week.

Maddie would have been his last choice of student to be along with. First, he couldn’t convince her to take the final early with the seniors, so the stress of the final still hung in the air. Second, Maddie rarely talked. Quiet students are like a quiet date, it’s unlikely to be awful but it’s hard to make it great. A lot of times they come out of their shell when it’s one on one, but if she doesn’t then there are going to be a lot of awkward silences this week. Finally, she was a hottie. Normally that is not a negative, especially since she had just turned eighteen less than a month ago. It should be irrelevant. It would be if he was a good teacher, a good man, but he couldn’t trick himself into believing that anymore. Not after he fucked 4 students earlier this year.

“Morning Maddie,” he said as she walked into his room. She wore a green V neck shirt and these short little black athletic shorts. He saw pale her pale creamy white legs out of the corner of his eye, but he maintained strict control to not look down. That voice in the back of his head never stopped, but he maintained strict control over his body. Not his head, not his pupils, he was not looking.

“Now normally I make the juniors test with the seniors. It’s school policy for a junior in a senior class. You were here for the review, you should be just as ready as them only now there’s an opportunity for you to question them about the final that gives you an unfair advantage.”

“I wouldn’t do that Mr. G, I swear. I don’t cheat.”

“Yea I know. I saw the panic in your eyes last week. That’s why I agreed when you asked if you could take it latter.”

He sat next to her and got a whiff of her perfume. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He clenched his fists as he fought the urge to move closer to her. Come on don’t slip up again, he told himself. Stay focused. “You can do this,” he told her. “We did solid AP review for the 4 weeks leading up to the exam. We took practice tests and reviewed them. I had refresher lessons on material from the beginning of the year. Then we had 3 weeks of review for the final where you worked on that massive review packet. And we went over every single one of those questions in class. At this point how much more are you going to master in 5 days? I want you to succeed and I’ll give you anything you need to perform your best, but I think you’re ready. You just got to believe in yourself.”

“I mean I get it when you go over in class, but then on the test the questions are just so different.”

Mr. G gritted his teeth and took a deep breath, this time to calm a different emotion swelling inside of him. Students making excuses or accusing him of being unfair was his biggest pet peeve. “It could be nerves and test anxiety, but I assure you that that homework and tests cover the exact same material and if you know the concept then a new wording shouldn’t throw you. If you can do the packet on your own without looking at the solution then you should do quite well on the final.”

She nodded silently, but she didn’t look convinced. “Why don’t we do some example problems today and then maybe you’ll feel ready tomorrow.”

“Ok,” she said quietly.

He borrowed a piece of paper from her and wrote down the integral of one over the square root of 4x and then slid the paper back to her. She stared at it for a moment and then wrote ln of the square root of 4x. “That’s not right.”

“But I thought denominators go to ln.”

“That’s only one over x. One over anything else is something different. You need to rewrite it using algebra or maybe the substitution rule.” He emphasized the last two words and she got the hint, but then she wrote u = x. “That’s not a good u.”

“I’m sorry. I always have so much trouble figuring out what u should be.”

“That’s not even a good guess though. If u = x then there’s no point to u. You could just use x then.” illegal bahis She stared at him blankly, clearly not getting much of what he was saying. “Let’s try a different problem.” He wrote down the integral of x(x + 5), but then she forgot to distribute before integrating. He then tried giving her an even simpler problem but with bounds. She was actually able to integrate that one, but then as expected she didn’t know what to do with the bounds. She plugged them in at the wrong time and added instead of subtracting. This was really bad.

Frustrated he grabbed her book and opened up to the very first problem of chapter 6. “Do this.” She tried. She made a small mistake initially but for the most part was doing well, but then about halfway through she second guessed herself. Then she went back, but instead of discovering the mistake she just made it worse. From there the problem spiraled out of control, getting further and further from the answer until finally she hit a wall. “I’m sorry I can’t do it.”

“That was a homework problem and on the simpler side at that. You should know this.” She didn’t respond, but just looked down at her lap. “Look I don’t mean to berate or belittle you but these are some basic aspects of integrals. You’ve done this before. You took a test on this and you didn’t knock it out of the park but you performed a lot better than this. You can do this. You’ve done this. You know this. You just have to remain calm and think straight.”

“It didn’t make a lot of sense then and now it’s all so fuzzy,” she said as she started to cry.

Uncertain with how to react, he put his hand on her shoulder and rubbed it lightly. He felt her bra strap through the shirt. The bad thoughts rushed to his head. He imaged reaching down her collar and grabbing her bra, her breast. He saw himself lean in and kiss her, fuck her on the table and give her an A like he did for McKenzie.

No he yelled in his head as he pulled his hand back. Never again he told himself. “Look worse case scenario is not that bad. You’re grade is pretty decent and the final isn’t worth that much. Even if you bomb the final, you won’t fail the class.”

“I can’t get a D Mr. G. My parents would kill me.”

“D’s are unpleasant, but your grade is a reflection of your knowledge and effort and you’re not showing me much at present moment.”

“I’ve been working really hard.”

“I’m sure you have, but working hard and working hard enough aren’t necessarily the same. I need more from you.”

“I’ll do anything Mr. G.”

She had to word it like that. He shook his head. “You’re going to have to spend several hours tonight, make flash cards, and come in tomorrow bare minimum knowing all of the integral rules and be able to do a basic substitution problem.”

“I will, Mr. G. I promise.”


“Maddie just lost her grandfather. Maddie has had a really tough year and was already dealing with a high level of anxiety. I believe it would greatly add to her stress to try to be ready for finals. Is there any way you would consider exempting her from her final? It is at the teacher’s discretion as to whether the student must take it. Please advise as soon as possible so that I can let Maddie know if she needs to gear up for finals.”

Mr. G could not believe the email from her counselor. He should have been moved with compassion, but he just felt angry. She should have fucking taken the final last week and then we wouldn’t be in this position. And after yesterday’s sorry ass performance… based on what he’s seen she deserves a D. If she can pull something together for the final great, and if she just wants to accept the D that’s fine, but she should not be getting a grade boost for this.

“My grandfather died” has got to be the oldest line for a student to get out of work. That line has got to be even older than “my dog ate my homework.” While thinking of a diplomatic way to say “hell no” in his email response to her counselor, Maddie walked through the door.

This cannot possibly be funeral attire, was his first thought when he saw her. She wore a white sleeveless turtleneck. It was a thinner material for summer wear but still baggy enough to hide her small breasts. White to a funeral is kind of weird, but I guess it’s formal enough but then this turtle neck was tucked into a red plaid high-waist mini skirt. The front of the skirt contained two pronounced shiny zippers on either side to create the illusion of pockets. She can’t be seriously wearing that to a funeral. She’s got to be faking the death to get out of the final, right?

Wait stupid the funeral probably isn’t today. Maybe it’s the wake? Fuck I don’t know it could be any day. I should stop judge this girl but damn that’s short. The hem of the skirt ended at about the second joint of her middle finger when her hands were dropped down by her side.

She sat in the front row and pulled out her laptop. Mr. G frowned. Had she been further back he’d have a better angle illegal bahis siteleri to see up her tiny skirt, but in the front row the table obstructed too much of his view. She had nice calves though.

He walked around the table and grabbed the back of the chair next to hers. Looking down at the chair he was about to sit in, it wasn’t much of a shift in angle to stare at her legs. Her skirt had slid up a little when she sat and so now there was barely a 1 inch plateau that stopped him from seeing her panties. If only he could arrange a better angle.

His eyes were focused on her legs only while he was moving, when it was difficult to track his eye line. But once his ass hit the seat his eyes locked onto her face and he didn’t dare look down. He studied her face: fair skin, a light amount of freckles, long straight white blonde hair. He smiled at her and she awkwardly smiled back. “So did you get a chance to look at the problems we talked about?”

“No. I don’t know if you’ve been told but I just couldn’t bring myself to study with all that’s going on.”

“Look, one or two more days is not going to make a difference. You should have been ready last week when the seniors took it. We’ve been reviewing for over a month. You got this.”

“I don’t know Mr. G.”

Mr. G sighed. “Look why don’t you just take the first page today? You’re the last one to take it so once you’re done we can immediately go over it. I’ll show you what you did right and we’ll go over what went wrong and then you can use that experience tonight to prepare for the rest of the final tomorrow.”

“I just can’t take it today. I’m not ready.”

“You need to take it. A zero is going to drop you down to an F.”

“That’s not fair.” She said passionately as she turned towards him. “I have a C in the class. You said I wouldn’t fail.”

“That C isn’t earned yet until you’ve taken the final.”

“My counselor said I didn’t have to take the final.”

“Your counselor isn’t the one who gets to make that decision. I’ve seen D students put forth more effort than I’ve gotten out of you.”

“I’ve worked hard.”

“Please, you’ve probably thought more about if you wanted to wear blue panties today than you have about calculus all month.”

Her mouth opened, but no words came out in reply. She was caught off guard by his comment. His words hung in the air, filling in the silence. When she had turned to face him while they were arguing and with a skirt that tiny there was no way to not see the blue. He had tried hard to keep his eyes focused on her face, but there it was in the corner of his eye, beckoning him. He tried to keep those thoughts at the back of his mind but she got him so angry that the thoughts mixed and they just came rushing forward and out his mouth.

Maddie had spent a significant amount of time deciding every aspect of her outfit including the blue panties. But she didn’t do it with Mr. G in mind. Mr. G and calculus never entered the equation, but now she was suddenly aware of all that he could see. She closed her legs and moved her hands to cover more of her legs, but it was too late.

Fuck it, Mr. G thought. “If you’re not going to work at calculus let’s see what you will work at.” He placed his hands on her knees and spread them wide open. Her skirt slid even higher as a result. He leaned in and kissed her before she had a chance to say anything. She gasped in shock, but those parted lips just provided his tongue easy access to her mouth. She was slow to react, but as his tongue danced around hers, she gave in and joined the rhythm.

His hands slid quickly up her smooth legs, over her skirt and under her shirt. Lifting her shirt up over her head, he threw it across the room. His head dropped down to suck on her neck and chest. His lips passed over the cold chain of her necklace. His hands reached back and undid her bra strap. Her bra fell down to her lap and his lips found their way to her erect nipple.

She moaned and her hand reached down to rub herself through her blue panties. Excited, he reached down and undid his belt followed by his trousers. He stroked himself until he was rock hard and ready for her. Standing up while she remained seated, he pressed his rock hard cock against her lips. She complied and opened up for him just as she did for his tongue earlier.

Here he was again, consumed by emotion, his dick in a student. She slipped her finger underneath her panties for direct contact as she fingered herself. She must greatly prefer this to him making her cry over her pathetic display of calculus knowledge.

Always the teacher, he placed his hand on her head to guide her in a bobbing motion. She couldn’t quite take all, but she gave quite an effort. Much more effort than he ever got out of her in class.

He pulled back and placed his hands under her armpits, lifting slightly to indicate he wanted her to rise. Standing up she was shorter than him with the top of her head level with canlı bahis siteleri his eyes. One hand pinched her erect nipple while the other felt her soaked panties. Then his hands reached around and grabbed her ass, not very big but firm.

He lifted her up so that she sat on a student table. Taking a step back he took her body in. His hands rubbed up and down her smooth creamy legs. Her stomach and tits equally pale. No tan lines, no real body fat either. She was toned and skinny. A large silver crucifix hung between those tits. It was a big one and an odd shape. The arms went up slightly instead of straight out to give it more of an airplane outline. You probably wouldn’t even recognize it as a religious garb if it was turned the other with the depiction of Christ facing inward.

He didn’t need it to face inward though. That little symbol was not enough to stop him at this point. Fuck at this point he’d probably still enter her if the principal walked in. If you’re fucked anyways, might as well get a good fuck out of it.

He pushed her legs farther apart and took a step towards her. Her skirt riding even higher now formed a belt around her midriff. With his left hand he pulled her panties to the side so that he could enter her. She gasped as he slowly entered her, pushing in deeper and deeper until the entirety of his manhood was inside her.

From that point his hips moved back and forth. Slowly at first, but he quickly picked up speed. She leaned back, placing her hands back on the table and arching her back. Her legs went up into the air and wrapped around his waist. Pumping harder and harder, her necklace began to bounce and jump off her body.

She just started to moan as he felt the pressure building. Normally he’d try and prolong it, but giving her a loud pleasurable organism was unfortunately not in the cards during school hours with 30 unsuspecting students and their teacher just on the other side of that wall.

His muscled tenses and he leaned into her as he came deep inside of her. After that he was very relaxed with his head resting on her chest. He kissed her nipple one last time before pulling out. He raised his pants and tucked his shirt back in while she fixed her skirt and looked for her bra and shirt.

He grabbed some tissues to wipe up a couple drops that fell on the floor. “So you said your parents will be content if you maintain your C-?” he asked as he was crouched over the spot he was cleaning.

“Um, yea, but… Well I was thinking I should get higher now.”

“How many times do I have to tell you this? A’s are for students that work hard. All you did was spread your legs and lay on your back. Look I’m even doing all the cleanup.”

“I…” She was speechless. She didn’t even want to sleep with him. “You forced yourself on me.”

“Yea I made you finger yourself while you sucked my dick. Look, you wanted to avoid a D and now you have. No matter what happens on the final, I’m guaranteeing I won’t drop your grade. So just suck it up and take the final, you could do awesome and get an A or bomb it and keep your C-.”

“I think I already sucked enough up today.”

“Look if you want to earn an A that way then I’m going to need a lot more from you.” The bell rang to end class, before she had a chance respond.


Mr. G was standing in the hallway talking to Ms. Eggleston when Maddie arrived in the morning. “Don’t work too hard today with your one student,” she joked.

“I’ll have a couple more later in the day,” he quipped back without addressing Maddie.

Maddie entered his room without speaking to either of them. Mr. G couldn’t help but feel disappointed in Maddie. She came in wearing khakis and a T-shirt. She’s not even trying to earn that A she claims to deserve.

Mr. G closed the door behind him when he entered the room as the bell rang to start class. She was sitting at her desk with her notebook out. It looked like she was working on a math problem. Shit, maybe she actually did study last night and wants to take the damn final. I guess things are better this way, but damn did he want to fuck her again. Plus, he didn’t get a chance to grab his usual trophy yesterday.

“Please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance,” said the principal’s voice over the PA. Maddie stood and turned towards the flag which just so happened to involve turning away from Mr. G. Maddie was just wearing these plain old khakis, but damn were they were tight. Horizontal folds went down the back of her leg as the fabric stretched around her legs. Her ass wasn’t big, but it bubbled out in those tight pants. Then between her legs… he so badly wanted to slide his dick into that thigh gap.

Waves of disappointment washed over him, drowning him as he stared at that thigh gap. He really thought he had her convinced to go that route for the A. With how poorly she did in their review session, it’d be really surprising if she could get a C on the final let alone something higher to raise her grade. Even if she studied her ass off last night, one night is not going to make up for slacking off for weeks, months even. Maybe she just decided a C- was an acceptable grade after all. He did promise her that as a bare minimum.

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