Teacher’s Pet Ch. 01

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Hi, my name is Jasmine and I’m 36 years old. I have an eighteen year old daughter that is currently a senior in high school. She’s a good student and I’m pushing her so she can have an easier future.

The story starts shortly after the holiday break when I got a letter from her teacher requesting an appointment. I asked Maria (my daughter) if she had any idea what it was about. She told me she had no idea, but it was obvious she was a little nervous. I called her teacher, Mr. Smith, the next day and set up an appointment for the following day.

I arrived at the school shortly after the students got out. As I walked in, I was directed to the office by a security guard. I explained to the receptionist that I had an appointment and she called Mr. Smith to confirm. She informed me he would be down to get me in a few minutes. She handed me a visitor pass and asked me to have a seat in the waiting area.

Mr. Smith walked in and I was surprised at how young he looked. He led the way back to his office giving me time to admire his beautiful ass. I had to get that thought out of my mind; I was here to see what was going on with my daughter. As he opened the door to his office, he ushered me inside and I caught him looking at my chest and felt his eyes staring at my tight ass as I walked in.

He closed the door and asked me to take a seat. As I sat down, I felt him staring at my chest and looked at him to catch him in the act. Maybe this tight t-shirt wasn’t the best shirt to wear today, especially since I don’t wear bras. I asked why I was here. He told me he was very concerned about Maria because she cheated on her mid-term test.

I was shocked and mad at the same time. I knew she wasn’t doing her best in his class, but I demanded proof. He pulled out two tests and explained one was Maria’s and the other was a male student that sat next to her. I looked over the papers and sure enough they both had the exact same answers, right and wrong. My eyes started to water illegal bahis but I was determined not to cry in front of him. I asked if this would cause her to fail the year as I sat there on the verge of crying.

He said he would let her retake the test, but there would have to be consequences for her actions. My tears started to dry up as I thought of her future. I suggested a week of detention but he replied that it wouldn’t be enough. I stared at the floor for a few seconds. As I looked up, I caught him staring at my chest again. I thought about her for a few seconds more than reached up to remove my t-shirt. I have nice firm tits, maybe if he could see them he would let her of lightly.

The look on his face as I pulled my shirt up and off was priceless as my tits popped into view. He was shocked, but that quickly led to a look of opportunity from him. He said that will wasn’t enough as he walked over to me. He bent down and gave me a kiss. I resisted for about two seconds then allowed his tongue to enter my mouth. It had been so long since a man touched me; I would have done anything he wanted at this point.

We kissed for a minute or so. As we were kissing, he reached down and cupped my breasts; one in each hand. He stopped kissing me and lightly rolled my nipples between his fingers. When he did that, my pussy quivered, causing me to moan. I know he shouldn’t be doing that, but it felt so good, I didn’t want him to stop.

He leaned in and flicked my right nipple with his warm wet tongue which sent my pussy off again. As he moved to the other nipple, I pulled his head in and shoved my nipple into his wet mouth. His tongue rolled around my nipple as he gently sucked. He nibbled lightly on it before he pulled away. I caught myself gasping for air as he removed his shirt. He was well chiseled; no doubt he spent many hours in the gym.

I could see the bulge forming in his pants. It’s been so long since I was with a man, but this was all wrong. Before I could illegal bahis siteleri think anymore, he stood me up and was pulling my skirt off. There I was; topless in a thong in my daughter’s teacher’s office. He turned me around so he could check me out. He told me I had a great body as he slid my thong down to the floor.

He turned me around again as he bent me over the chair and pulled my plump ass cheeks apart. My pussy was quivering as I anticipated his tongue plunging into me. He was intent on torturing me as his tongue slid along the outside of my pussy lips and totally avoided my clit. I kept wiggling my hips so his tongue would either go inside me or brush against my clit, but he was holding me tight.

Just as I was about to go crazy, his tongue brushed my clit! It was like a bolt of electricity shot through me. I came so hard, I almost fell off the chair but he held me up with his muscular arms. He only touched it once, and then went back to licking the lips, but I lost it and the anticipation was driving me crazy.

As I came down from my orgasm, I turned around and undid his pants and pushed them to the floor. His boxer briefs were struggling to contain his rock hard dick, so I moved to release him. I pulled his boxers down and his huge white dick jumped out at me. He had to be at least eight inches long and as thick as my wrist. I licked my lips as I prepared to take him in my mouth.

I took his dick in my hand as I licked down the shaft to his balls. I rolled his balls around with my tongue as I slowly stroked his dick. He was leaning back on the desk bucking his hips with each stroke. I licked up the underside of his shaft to the tip and slowly circled my tongue around the head. He tried to slide it in my mouth, but I held it back.

I stood up and told him to bend me over the desk and fuck me. He didn’t hesitate as he stood up and bent me over. He slipped the fat dick head up and down my pussy lips to drive me crazy and get some lubrication. canlı bahis siteleri He didn’t give me notice as he slid himself deep inside me. I moaned as the pleasure washed over my body. His heavy balls hit my clit and made my pussy contract. His dick felt so good inside me. I didn’t want this to end. I hissed for him to fuck me.

He pulled his long dick out so just the head was inside me and slapped my ass. Without hesitation he slammed back inside me, and then began long fast strokes. My pussy was on fire, I really needed this. He had me cumming non stop so I gave up trying to fuck him back and let my orgasms overtake me.

I’m not sure how long he was pounding me, but he started grunting just as I felt his dick swelling inside me. He grunted he was about to cum. I managed to hiss “inside” and seconds later he unloaded his hot cum deep inside me. I felt it splash inside my pussy and I damn near passed out. His dick felt so good inside me. When he finished cumming, he pulled out and moved to get some tissues. I told him to come around the other side of the desk so I could suck it clean for him.

He slid his softening dick into my mouth and fucked it more than I licked it. A couple of minutes later he pulled it out saying he was too sensitive. I managed to get up and sat on the couch. He came over and pulled my ass forward so it was hanging over the side.

He surprised me when he kneeled in front of me and at my pussy! He didn’t tease me this time, but he slid his tongue inside me and sucked our juices out of me. I came two more times before he finished. I hadn’t cum that many times in years; I had to make sure this continued. He sat on the couch next to me and held me in his arms.

After we both caught our breath I said I had to get home. I asked him if we kept having sex would he make sure Maria passed his class. He smiled and told me it would be his pleasure. As we got dressed and cleaned up in his personal bathroom, we talked and set up plans to get together the next day. Maria was spending the night at a friends so we would have my house to ourselves. I had to get that dick again.

We shared a long kiss before walking out of his office and down the hall.

To Be Continued…

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