Tammy’s Education

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It started like any other Monday for the past four weeks, stretching the stiff muscles of my back as I rolled out of bed, not looking forward to the two hours of exercises my doctors had ‘prescribed’ for me. I called my boss, to see if there were going to be any projects e-mailed to me, as it was still another six weeks before I could look forward to going back to work. I know that sounds weird, but I was so bored, I really was looking forward to going back to work. As the company’s only graphics analyst, everyone seemed to come by my office to talk about assorted projects all day. Until ‘the accident’, that is. It was over a month ago, a group of us had stayed late to make Y2K preparations, I was working with the software supervisor, Michelle, when there was a loud thud in the drop ceiling above us, then a 16 foot section of the ceiling just fell down onto us.

Michelle, shielded by me as I leaned over her, only got a scratch on her forehead. I, on the other hand, absorbed the weight of about a quarter ton of insulation, heater/air-condition ducts and god knew how much electrical wiring. Somehow, the vents had let go, taking everything else with it as gravity took over. As a result, I was taken to the hospital, diagnosed with a sprained lower back, unable to lift anything over the weight of a coffee cup, and now faced at least ten weeks of physical therapy. As I wasn’t allowed to drive, I couldn’t go to work, the store, anywhere. Because it happened at work, I wasn’t suing the company, and could do part of my job at home, the company quickly decided to pay 100% disability, plus whatever over-time I could work at home, which they conveniently paid in cash each week. A fully paid, 10 week vacation, with a cash bonus. A sweet deal , right? Wrong. Being trapped in my own home all day sucked hard. Fate smiled on my sanity, however, in the form of my niece, Tammy. My brother lived all of five streets away, about a ten minute walk, his wife having left the two of them a few years ago. Her birthday was next week, with the surprise party being here this Saturday.

She would come over after school, do her homework, help with my housework, and keep me company till Tom, my brother, would pick her up, usually around 9-10:00pm. Stretching as I walked to my bathroom, I stepped into the shower, wondering if I had any cash left in the house to pay Tammy, about twenty a day. A good deal for us all. I get my house cleaned and had company for most of the day, and she gets paid for baby-sitting her 26 year old uncle. As it was only 10:00 am, I decided to take a shower and eat later as I looked over the few things my boss had e-mailed me. In the shower, my bored mind wandered to my niece, small for her age, only 4’10”, a whopping 95lbs., but already showing signs that she would have her mothers voluptuous figure. I almost envied the boys at her school, knowing how she liked to wear mini-skirts and half-tees. Her budding breasts, firm heart shaped ass, long muscular legs… She really knew how to show off her assets, without actually seeming trashy. I was half erect as I stepped out of the shower, my nine inch tool pointing out ahead of me as I dried off, thoughts of my niece fading as my guilty conscience took over. I didn’t bother tying my robe for the short walk to my bedroom, expecting the house to be empty. The shock on my face was obvious when I stepped out into the hall, almost walking into my niece, coming up the stairs that lead in from the back door. I stopped, frozen, stunned. She stood rooted to her spot as well. Her eyes locked to my semi-erect cock, which was now at convenient eye level, only three feet away. My cock, enjoying the audience, slowly started to grow, which, somehow, brought me back to reality.

“Tammy… what are you doing here…? ” I managed to ask as I quickly closed and tied my robe.

“There’s no school this week…” She muttered, unable to look me in the eyes as she blushed a deep crimson red. “I’m sorry about… I’ll head home , OK? Maybe later I can…” Her voice trailed off, although she didn’t move to leave.

“No, please, don’t leave… I’m sorry, I should’ve covered up, I just didn’t think you’d be here… Listen, we’ll talk, if you wanna, when I’m dressed, OK? Why don’t you go online and check out my e-mails for me, see what my boss wants me to do today…” I noticed that she looked relieved that I didn’t want her to leave, her eyes cautiously checking my robe for another peek at my manhood before looking up at my face.

She smiled, “Thanks, Uncle Dan… I appreciate it, really…” She said, her voice almost a whisper. She took the two steps to close the distance between us and gave me a quick hug.

It was then that I noticed what she had on, or, more correctly, almost had on. A black nylon mini skirt, black halter top, low cut to show off her budding cleavage, her nylons felt almost electric against my exposed thighs as we embraced, my hands bursa escort noticing for the first time just how soft and silky her long brown hair was as I held her head to my chest. I kissed her on the top of her head, breathing in the strawberry scent of her hair, my dick twitching as our bodies pressed ever so gently together. Once in my room with the door closed and locked, I dropped my robe, my right hand automatically grabbing my now fully erect cock. I squeezed it gently, slowly catching my breath. I quickly dressed, refusing to answer the urging of my alter ego, at least with thoughts of my niece, regardless of how beautiful or sexy she was. Knowing she’d get suspicious if I wore anything but shorts and a t-shirt, I put on the loosest shorts I owned, hoping I wouldn’t need them to hide any future erections. But somehow knowing I would.

I joined her at the computer, sitting down in the chair I had gotten from the doctor, which had extra back supports built in. I slid up beside her, reading what she was typing, an instant message to her friend, Bobby, a hopeful boyfriend, at least on his part.

“Boys are such pigs…” She muttered, closing the chat window with her friend. “All’s he ever thinks about …” She growled, smiling when she saw the grin on my face. “And what’s so funny?”

“Nuthin… It’s just that, well, girls think the same things we do, but don’t give in to the thoughts, that’s all…” I laughed as she punched me, glad that we were back to normal. We finished the work I had, then sat in the livingroom talking about how little there was to watch on TV during the day. Giving in, I let her rent a pay-per-view movie, more than a little surprised when she chose a rather spicy movie about two couples helping out with each others relationships, more correctly, their sex lives. I sat in my recliner, occasionally looking over at Tammy, obviously transfixed by the steamy sex scenes, noticing how her erect nipples pushed their way easily thru the thin material of her halter. My eyes didn’t miss how , in her reclined position on my couch, her skirt had ridden up. I could see the hint of her shiny red panty’s beneath her nylons, her crotch barely exposed by her bent legs, her knees slightly apart. Every now and then she would shift her butt around, her fidgeting making it apparent at how aroused she was becoming by the movie. The persistent throbbing in my own crotch kept me watching the movie and my niece. I had to keep my arm in front of my groin to hide the now obvious tent of a bulge. I could only hope the lust I felt wasn’t too obvious in my eyes. The hornball in me soon took over, however, and I crossed my arms across my chest, shifting in my chair slightly to make my bulge a little more apparent.

During one particular scene, with a brunette going down on her fiancee, my nieces jaw dropped open, showing her surprise. Unfortunately, this was a soft core flick, and they never showed penetration. I would have liked to seen her reaction to the actors cock disappearing into the woman’s mouth.

“What’s she doing…” Tammy asked in a whisper, swallowing as she spoke.

‘This town can’t be that small…’ I thought with surprise, not believing she didn’t know what a blowjob was. “You mean, you’ve never heard of that before? What about what he just did to her?” I asked, almost hoping she’d ask about fellatio.

“Well, no…” She said embarrassed, her eyes not meeting mine as her knees wavered slightly, her legs settling on the couch about six inches apart. Quite the view, trust me.

“It’s got about a hundred names. It’s oral sex, basically.” I stopped, giving her a chance to tell me to shut up.

“I’ve heard of oral…” She trailed off, unable to finish the term. “But I never thought it meant…”

“Sex, with your mouth. Fellatio, giving head, a blowjob, and all sorts of other nasty names I’m sure you’ll be hearing at school in no time.” I finished, my eyes locked on the small wet spot in her crotch, I licked my lips, imagining just how sweet her young virgin pussy would taste.

“But what is it? What’s she doing?” She asked, unable to take her eyes off the screen.

Was I really serious about this? She is my niece… My raging cock answered for me. “She’s using her lips and tongue on his…” I didn’t know what word to use, not wanting to scare her off.

“His … cock?” She asked, her voice a mere whisper. Her eyes showed that she was picturing the image in her mind, obviously enjoying the sight, from the looks of her erect nipples and dampening crotch.

“Yes, she’s sliding it in and out of her mouth. If she does it long enough, he’ll come in her mouth, that’s when she’ll swallow his sperm or let it squirt out all over the place.” I finished, taking a drink of my OJ, my throat suddenly dry.

“Doesn’t it taste nasty?” She asked, looking over at me as she spoke, her eyes going to the bulge in my shorts.

“Well,” here bursa escort bayan goes nuthin I thought, mentally crossing my fingers, ” my girlfriends never complained. They’ve certainly enjoyed it when I’ve done it to them…” I said as casually as possible, given my condition.

“You’ve… you’ve done that? Doesn’t it taste…” She trailed off, her mouth agape at the thoughts going thru her innocent mind.

“It tastes delicious. Although, it can get messy… But that’s what tongues are for. Cleaning up messes… I’m like a dog at a water bowl when I go down on a woman. Licking till my tongue is sore.” I finished, licking my lips as I looked at her, letting my eyes drift down her sexy form to her crotch, imagining what she’d taste like.

“But how does he taste?” Her eyes never leaving my own crotch. “He pees thru that…”

“You never taste that, tho’. By the time a guys even close to hard, all you taste is a little pre-cum, the fluid that helps the sperm come out.” I said, sitting up now, pretending to need more OJ. “You want something to drink while I’m up?” I ask, stopping near the end of the couch where her head is, her face only inches from my throbbing erection. Looking down at her angelic face, her innocent beauty staring lustfully at my crotch, I ran my fingers thru her silky hair, my fingers gently caressing her cheek as she looked up at me.

“I ah… I want… ahm…” She stuttered, uncertain what to say.

“Go ahead Tammy, ask… Anything you want… You know I can never say no to you…” Her eyes locked on mine as I spoke.

Then, to my amazement, her small hand reached up and carefully pressed against my throbbing erection. The feeling was electric. My whole body feeling the jolt of pleasure as her tiny fingers tried to close around my enormous rod.

“I wanna see it again…” She said carefully, sitting up as she did, keeping her legs about a foot apart as she put her feet on the floor, never taking her hand off me as she moved.

“Go ahead.” I whispered, stepping closer. “You take control. You’ll feel safer that way. And don’t be afraid to stop. Any time.”

I watch, entranced, as my niece slowly reached up and pulled down my athletic shorts, taking my boxers with them. My cock, seemingly larger than nine inches now, it was so hard. She just sat there, looking at it in awe, her soft hands on my thighs, her face close enough for me to feel her hot breath upon my shaft. I stepped out of my shorts quickly, pulling my shirt off as I did.

“You want me to strip, too?” She asked, her voice innocent and curious, although her lust was obvious.

“No no, I’ll do that myself. I wanna enjoy this as much as I want you to enjoy it…” I smiled down at her, our eyes showing love and lust for one another.

“mmmmmmm” She purred, her eyes drifting down to her new toy, her delicate little fingers slowly wrapping around my shaft, not quite making it all the way around. “It’s so big Uncle, how will it fit…”

“A little at a time, Sweety, just lick it, get it moist then let the head slide in and get used to it in your mouth…” I couldn’t believe I was giving my niece instructions on how to suck my cock. It blew my mind when she followed them.

I watched in ecstatic silence as her tongue reached out to tenderly lick and taste my erection. She slid it carefully up and down my shaft, placing little butterfly kisses up and down it’s length as she went. I almost fainted as I saw and felt her soft, moist lips close around the head, I knew I wouldn’t last long as I felt it slide into her mouth. I looked down, pulling her hair out of the way to watch it slide in and out of her mouth. She managed to take almost half of my shaft in her tiny mouth before pulling up, her lips never loosing their tight grip on me. She moaned with my cock inside her, the vibration almost driving me over the edge. The sight alone was enough to make me explode. My nieces beautiful face, her pink shiny lips wrapped around my glistening rod, gracefully sliding up and down, over and over, going faster and faster as she got used to the wide girth of my rock hard cock in her mouth. My hands on her head held her in position as I slowly started to pump my cock in and out of her suctioning mouth, her cheeks pulled in by the force of her suction. I warned her that I would be coming soon, asking her if she wanted to stop. Her answer was to go faster. Her hands held my ass cheeks tightly as she pulled me into her mouth. My pace quickened, my balls tightening as I felt an explosive climax nearing. My grip on her head tightened, as I fucked her mouth faster and faster. My cock almost a blur as I pistoned in and out of her mouth. My tingling balls and throbbing cock told me we had reached the point of no return and I slowed my pumping, wanting to enjoy the sight and feeling of my nieces first blowjob all the more. I leaned back, my eyes riveted to the sight of her lips escort bursa locked on my rod, the feeling of those silky, moist lips upon me indescribable. One quick push into her mouth and I felt myself spasm inside her, shooting load after load into my nieces tiny mouth. She somehow managed to swallow almost all of my load, only a few drops of jism escaping her captive lips, her hands milking my slowly softening shaft for every last drop.

“MMMM. You were right, you are delicious…” She said with a mischievous grin, licking her lips as she finished.

Grinning at her, I lifted her up onto her feet. “My turn…” I whispered, leaning down to kiss her softly on the lips. We held our lips together, neither of us quite sure what to do next, until my tongue could stand no more inaction. It slowly and carefully snaked it’s way out of my mouth, ever so gently parting her lips and pressed into her tired mouth. Knowing her mouth must be tired, I didn’t prolong the kiss, I pulled back and started kissing my way gently around her face and neck, feeling her almost tremble beneath my fingers.

I kissed down her shoulders to her breasts, my eager hands already lifting her halter up to expose her firm young breasts. Seeing that they were already erect, I blew cool air onto them, bringing out goosebumbs all around her aereola, her nipples hardening that much more. While my tongue and lips were busy with her firm little breasts , she managed to peel off her halter top without me even noticing. Probably because I was quite content gently sucking one nubile breast then the other, as my hands continued their gentle wanderings. Even my fingers tingled as they slid down her naked torso then down past her slim waist, lifting the hem of her skirt to feel the silkyness of the nylons hugging her firm thighs. I pulled down her skirt in one quick movement, leaving her standing before me in just her nylons and those cute little red bikini panties. I kneeled now, ignoring the small pains in my back, my hands and lips on her body the only thing I could feel, except the tingling of my now fully erect cock. Once on my knees, my hands carefully caressing her firm little, heart shaped ass, my tongue pushed away at the front of her panties, spreading the damp spot upon her crotch. Her heavy gasps of breath and quiet whimperings of pleasure told me I was doing my job correctly. I slowly turned her around, so I could feast upon the sight of her perfectly shaped ass, barely contained by the tiny nylon panties, the shade of her nylons adding all the more to her alluring figure. I let my tongue trace ‘I Love You’ all over her buttocks and thighs as I rolled down her panties and nylons together. When she stood naked before me, I knelt, kissing her feet and toes. Looking up, I whispered “Lay down and enjoy the pleasure of being a woman, Tammy.” I grinned, at her apprehensive smile, her eagerness and lust conquering any fear she may have had.

Sliding onto my stomach between her thighs, I let my eyes feast in the glorious sight before me. She had almost no pubic hair at all, the dark brown fuzz having just started to grow. Her pussy lips, glistening with her anticipating moisture, lay bare before me, were truly that of a woman, not the little girl one might think of a virgin, especially in high school. I pressed my tongue onto her lips, pushing into her, a little more as she spread her thighs to allow me access to her most private parts. I heard her moan, her voice betraying her age with a high pitched squeal of pleasure.

From that point on, I showed no mercy to her tight little pussy and engorged clit. I slowly tongue fucked her to one orgasm after another, her brain obviously over-whelmed by the new sensations coming from her virgin cunt and my talented tongue. Then I assaulted her clit, carefully sucking the tender button into my mouth, teasing it back and forth , up and down with my tongue. I slowly pushed one, then two fingers ever so carefully into her tightness, stunned to find even my fingers had trouble penetrating her. I was especially careful not to press too deeply, wanting to save her virginity for my throbbing cock, and hoping she’d ask to go that far. She reached such a pitch in her squeals that I had to stop after twenty minutes or so of sucking the sweetest pussy on earth. It took her a few minutes to regain her composure and to catch her breath. When she was back in control of herself, I slid up beside her glistening nubile body, to embrace her gently to my own panting body. Kissing for what seemed an eternity, she pressed closer to me, letting my erection press against her dripping lower lips, keeping her thighs just far enough apart to let me between her, but not let me into her.

Her smile told me she wanted to, but it would wait till later that day, as we still had another eight hours before her father, my own brother, would come to pick her up. We snuggled even closer, somehow. Content in the knowledge that the rest of the day, not to mention our future had much more pleasure in store for us. But that, as they say, is another story…

Hope you’ll read that one, too.

Sincerely, Orallygifted.

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