Tales of Lustville Scene 02

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Scene Two

Tracy & Kyle

Tracy woke up the next morning, stretching lazily before she opened her eyes. She felt wonderful, and it seemed like her dreams hadn’t faded completely, because her pussy was still sopping wet, and she still could feel Kyle’s cock sliding slowly in and out of her pussy hole. Then she felt a panting breath on her thigh, and her eyes popped open in surprise.

“Oh, Kyle!” She gasped.

Reaching down, she pushed his face away from her fur lined cunt slit.

“I’m all dirty down there. I don’t see how you can even put your face down there right now. God, I can smell it from here. Yuccchhhh!”

Kyle grinned as he slid up next to her and gave her a soft peck on the lips.

“No tongue kisses either until you brush your teeth, right?” he laughed. “God Mom, sex is supposed to be hot, nasty and dirty. Didn’t you know that?”

“Yes, I knew that you little smartass!” she shot back.

She reached down to grab his cock, and gave it a quick squeeze, then, letting it go and rolling off the bed, she headed for the bathroom.

“But I like my body to be clean when I fuck. It’s the deeds that should be nasty and dirty, dumbass, not the tools!”

Kyle rolled onto his back on the bed laughing.

His mother stopped in the door to the bathroom, and looked back at him.

“Why don’t you go see if you can find something for breakfast, I think I’m gonna take a nice long bath this morning. You rode me hard, and put me to bed wet last night. I need some recovery time.”

Closing the bathroom door behind her, she turned the water on, so the tub would start to fill, then stepped over and stood in front of the mirror. Gazing at her reflection, she cupped her breasts, lifting them, weighing them in her hands. Then she moved her hands down into the rich bush covering her cunt mound, running her fingers through it gently.

“I think it’s time for a new doo,” she muttered as she spread her legs and pulled at the dense fur fringing her pussylips.

Bending down, she opened the doors to the vanity, and looked around inside it till she found her husband’s beard trimmer. She plugged it in, and turned it on. As she looked at the buzzing head of the trimmer, she noticed that it had an adjustable guide that she could set for different lengths. Sliding the guide up as far as it would go, she moved the trimmer down between her legs, and taking a deep breath, ran it slowly into the thick hair of her cunt bush.

Tufts of hair fell to the floor as she moved the blades through her bush, stopping at the top of her pussy slit. She repeated the process several more times, then stepped back to observe her handiwork.

Not bad, she thought. But not sexy.

She adjusted the trimmer again, moving the guide to its lowest setting, She laid two fingers in the middle of her bush, and ran the trimmer down either side of them, so when she was finished, she now had a cute little landing strip bordered by two patches of stubble.

Now that’s sexy, she thought as she posed in from of the mirror. A little clean up with a razor, and she’d be done. Lifting one leg, she rested her foot on the counter and leaned down, getting her face as close to her pussy mound as possible.

This is gonna be tougher, she mused.

She considered asking Kyle to help her trim around her pussylips, but she wanted to surprise him when she showed him her new look. Then, taking another steadying breath, she got to work.

Taking one puffy pussylip between her fingers, she pulled it toward her other leg, and eased the trimmer down slowly between her pussy and her inner thigh. She repeated the process on the other side, then grabbed her hand mirror off the counter and held it between her legs. She was pleased with the result, and glad that she hadn’t nicked herself. She hoped she had as good a luck with the razor.

She turned off the trimmer, then leaned over and turned off the water in the tub. Kicking at the tufts of hair on the floor, she worked them into a pile, then crouched down and scooped them up, dropping them into the trashcan next to the toilet. She got a new razor out of the pack, and sat it with a bottle of lotion on the rim of the tub.

The water felt a little hotter than she liked as she stepped into the tub and eased herself down into it. Stretching out, she sank down till just her head was poking out of the water, and closed her eyes with a happy sigh. She lay in the warm water for long minutes, letting the heat soothe her aching muscles. It had been more than two years since she’d been fucked, and she was sore all over from the unfamiliar exertion.

Her hand slid down between her legs, and she liked the way her pussylips felt without all that hair around them. She wondered idly why she had let herself go like that. She remembered when she used to shave her pussy two or three times a week. But she knew why, she hadn’t had a man in her life, and now she did. It was time to get her act together again.

Sliding up out of the water, she sat on the wide edge in the corner bursa escort of the tub, and spread her legs apart. She picked up the lotion, squeezed a dollop out into her hand, and massaged it into the hairs left on her pussy mound. Her fingers felt good sliding all over her pussy, and she leaned back against the wall and just rubbed her cunt gently, not playing, but just massaging her cunt mound softly.

She squirted another dollop of lotion onto her fingers, and worked it into the hairs covering her pussylips. Picking up the razor, she cocked one leg up, and ran the razor slowly up the outer edge of her pussylip. She repeated the process several times, making sure not to press too hard, trying not to cut herself in such a tender spot.

She tapped the hair out of the razor against the side of the tub, then ran it over her soft skin a couple of more times to catch anything she might have missed. The skin felt soft and silky as she ran her fingers over it, and a shiver ran through her as she caressed her bare skin.

Lifting her other leg, she shaved the other side quickly. Stretching both legs back into the tub, she leaned back against the wall, and started working on the stubble on either side of the small patch she was going to leave. It only took a dozen strokes to clean up both sides, and when she was done, she had a two inch long, one inch wide patch of hair perched right above her cunt slit.

She picked up the bottle of soap from the shelf next to her, and squirted it onto her pussy mound, and worked it in slowly. She splashed some water up out of the tub, and worked up a rich lather, massaging it into the soft, smooth skin of her pussy mound. A soft sigh escaped her lips as her fingers slipped between her cunt folds and brushed over her clit. Eyes closed, her breath starting to come in soft pants, she stroked her clit lazily with her soapy fingers as she fantasized about her first fuck session with her son.

She knew it was wrong, that if anyone found out, they would be stigmatized for the way they were showing their love for each other. But she didn’t really care about that at the moment. Kyle was over eighteen, so there wouldn’t be any legal ramifications. She smiled at that. She could do whatever she wanted with him, and no one could do a damned thing about it.

Opening her eyes, she eased herself back down into the water and rinsed the soap from her cunt mound. Then she snagged the chain attached to the drain plug with her toes, and pulled on it, letting the water start draining from the tub. She stood up and stepped out of the tub, and walked over to the shower. Reaching in, she turned on the taps, holding her hand under the stream till she felt it getting warmer.

Closing the door, she stood under the spray and wet her hair, then went through her daily hair care ritual. Shampoo, rinse, shampoo, rinse, rinse, conditioner, rinse. When she was done, she ran her hands back over her head, wrapping them around her hair as she reached the back, and squeezed the water out as she worked her hands down to the ends. Shaking her head, she let her hair fling out in a cloud around her head, then fall loosely around her neck and shoulders.

A smile creased her lips as she reached up and took the hand shower off its mount. Setting the spray to pulse, she spread her legs, opening her pussylips with her other hand. She pressed the nozzle tight up against her cunt hole, and jets of warm water shot up into her cunt channel, making her shiver. She loved the way the liquid heat caressed her inner pussy walls, and she pressed the nozzle tighter against her pussy opening, bending her knees and squatting onto it. She let the water squirt up inside her for a minute, rinsing Kyle’s cum from her body.

Now the fun part, she thought to herself as she leaned back against the wall. She moved the nozzle up and directed the spray at her clit.

“Oh shit! That’s what Tracy loves.” she panted. “Mmmmmmm, you always know how to get my motor running!”

She held the nozzle right over her clit, tilting it from side to side so the pulsing spray hit her clit from several directions. She felt her pussy creaming as the warm water beat at her stiff little nubbin, and felt her legs getting rubbery as the delightful sensations surged through her.

She slid down the wall slowly, letting her ass come to rest on the seat in the corner. Lifting one leg, she pressed it firmly against one wall, letting the other leg fall out to the side. Keeping the spray pointed at her clit, she moved it in and out, bringing the pulsing jets right against her throbbing clit bud, then pulling it away to tease herself.

It only took a couple of minutes for her to reach her peak, and she sat writhing happily on the seat as the warm water beat a staccato tattoo on her pussy. Finally, she had to move the spray away from her clit, she was starting to get too sensitive. And besides, it was time for more fun with her son, and his big beautiful cock.

Drying off quickly, she went into her bedroom and rummaged around in her dresser, looking through her lingerie, bursa escort bayan then decided that it would be better if she just wore her robe when she went out to show off her new look to her son. She grabbed it off the back of door as she went out, and slipped it on as she walked down the hall. She was tying the belt loosely as she stepped into the living room.

Kyle was sitting on the couch watching television when she came in, and she smiled when she saw that he had showered too, but had only pulled on a pair of baggy shorts. She stopped and just looked at him, thanking her lucky stars that nature had blessed him with such a beautiful body.

“Did you get anything to eat yet, honey?” she asked him as she stepped around the end of the couch.

“Nah, I thought I wait for you.” he grinned as he turned to look at her.

“Mmmmmmm, I’m glad you did,” she purred as she opened her robe and let it slip from her shoulders. “I warmed up a little snack for you while I was in the shower.”

She stepped up onto the couch, planting her feet on the cushions on either side of his legs. Bending her knees, she let them rest against the back of the couch. Her pussy was inches from his face, and she shivered as she felt his warm breath wash over her freshly shaved flesh.

“Jesus, Mom!” he grunted, his eyes going wide. “That’s incredible! I really like that little landing strip you left!”

“I’m glad you like it, sweetie. I did it for you. But why don’t you see if its any easier to eat without all that hair in the way!”

She reached down and slipped her fingers into his hair, and pulled his mouth up against her clean shaven pussylips.

Kyle’s mouth was already open as his mother’s cunt mound pressed against it, and his tongue shot out, skimming between the puffy, hairless lips of her pussy. His hands came up and cupped the cheeks of her ass, steadying her, and holding her in place at the same time. He started slurping and sucking eagerly, his tongue darting in and out of her sopping wet cunt slice, scooping up her tangy nectar as it dripped from her twitching pussy hole.

Tracy moaned happily as her son munched her hairless muff, and threw her head back, swinging her hips in slow circles, grinding her cunt mound into his face. Her eyes closed as her pussy spasmed around his busily licking tongue, and she felt the first tremors of another orgasm beginning in her crotch.

Kyle slipped one hand between her legs, and spread her pussylips with his fingers, so he could get his tongue deeper into her creaming cunt hole. The sweet, musky scent of her cunt filled his nostrils, and the tart, spicy flavor of the juices pouring over his tastebuds was driving him insane. He couldn’t seem to get enough of her pussy juice, it was like the nectar of the gods to him, and he was feasting on it like a glutton at a Vegas buffet.

“C…cu…cumming, baby! Mom’s cu…cumming in your mouth!” she screamed, humping her cunt roughly down onto his face. “Eat my fucking pussy! Suck my cunt till I can’t cum anymore!”

With his tongue licking and lapping frantically, Kyle slurped up her spicy girl cum as it poured from her pussy, swallowing as fast as he could. His face was coated with her creamy spendings, and it dripped off his chin onto his chest and neck. He brought his hand back around to her ass, trying to hold her still, but it was useless. She was jerking and writhing wildly on his face, her cunt spewing her sticky juices all over him.

“Oh god! Sooooo gooooddd!” she cried out blissfully. “Eat my pus…Ohhhhhh!”

Her leg gave out on her suddenly, and she fell to one side. Kyle’s hands grabbed her waist and kept her from falling to the floor, and they tumbled off the couch onto the floor with Kyle landing on top of his mother.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me Kyle! Stick that big fucking cock in my cunt and pound the shit out of me!”

“Wanna eat you,” he rasped as he slid down her body and pulled her legs apart, burying his face back between her flailing legs.

“Oooooohhhh, you meanie!” she giggled. “If you won’t fuck me, then let me suck on your big dick. Let’s sixty-nine, honey!”

She reached down and grabbed at his shorts, trying to pull him around next to her. He helped her, moving his legs up next to her head, never taking his mouthway from her cream soaked crotch.

Tracy rolled him over onto his back, and scampered up on top of him. Her hands pushed his shorts down over his hips, and his huge cock sprang up, hitting her under the chin. Both her hands flew up and wrapped around his meaty cockstalk, and she jerked on it roughly, staring wide eyed at the enormous member. She couldn’t believe that more than half his cock stood out from her gripping hands.

Her mouth opened as her head dropped into his crotch, and she sucked the fat knob of his cock between her lips. She drooled all over the plum colored glans, her tongue sweeping all around over it. She dug the tip of her tongue into his piss slit, moaning happily as she tasted his drooling pre-cum. She moved her hands up the length of his throbbing cockshaft, escort bursa using the spit dripping from her mouth to lubricate the tightly stretched skin of his cock meat.

Kyle raised his arms up so his shoulders were free between her wide spread legs, and pulled her ass down harder onto his face. He was grunting, making loud animal like noises as he slurped and sucked at her quivering cunt hole. Spreading her cuntlips with his thumbs, he sucked on the slippery folds of flesh, then, slipping his tongue up into her gooey cunt gash, he ate her out with single minded purpose.

His mother was humping and jerking her pussy over his face, making it hard for him to keep his mouth on her cunt slit. He gasped under her as he felt her fingers squeezing his balls, and his hips arched up at her face, driving his cock deep into her throat.

Tracy gagged around the throat stuffing bulk of his prickstalk, but kept sucking on him, never letting his cock out of her mouth. She massaged his swollen nut sac, her other hand jerking up and down on his cockshaft as she sucked on his pulsing prickknob. She was drooling heavily on his meaty cock lance, her slobber running down the shaft on thick streams. She massaged her spit into his enormous cock with her hand, and it made loud squishing sounds as she pounded her fist up and down.

Kyle’s tongue skidded over her clit as he tried to dart it back into her sloppy went pussy hole, and his mother squealed around his cockknob. He lashed his tongue around wildly as she pushed her ass back at his mouth, trying to get him to lick her clit again. His tongue hit her pulsing clit bud repeatedly, and his mother’s cunt quivered against his lips, making fresh girl cum gush from between her pussylips into his open mouth every time it did.

Tracy ground her cunt down on his face as she came, her mouth pumping up and down feverishly on his cockshaft. She humped on his mouth as he licked and sucked her eagerly, but with her pussy sated from his mouth, she needed his cock inside her.

“Gotta have it in me, baby.” she whimpered as she crawled off of him. “I gotta have that big dick in my cunt.”

She grabbed his hand and pulled him up, tugging him behind her as she went around to the back of the couch.

“Do me doggie,” she panted as she leaned over, bracing her forearms on the top of the sofa and spreading her legs wide.

Kyle stepped up behind her and ran his dripping cockhead up and down the sopping wet slit of her cunt, then fitted the knob between her puffy pussylips and pressed forward, forcing it into the tight opening of her pussy.

“Oh yeah,” His mother groaned happily, wiggling her hips to help him get his cock deeper inside her. “That feels soooooo good, sweetie. I can’t even begin to tell you…”

Grabbing her hips, Kyle jammed his cock in to the root and started fucking her hard and fast, almost knocking the air out of her lungs. He slammed his prick into her as he jerked her ass back at him, grinding his hips in tight circles, changing the angle of his thrusts on every stroke.

“Oooooohhhh, baby! You’re gonna shoot your load fast aren’t you?” she panted. “Did seeing Mom’s shaved pussy do that to you? Or did you get so excited from eating my juicy little cunt?”

“Both,” he grunted, pumping his meaty cock in and out of her with vicious tip to root lunges. “And the way you just climbed up and sat on my face. Fuck, Mom! I almost shot off in my pants when you did that.”

“I…I’m…gl…glad…you wa…waited, honey.” his mother panted, her voice muffled because she had her head buried in her forearms on the back of the couch. “I wanna feel your hot cum filling up my pussy again. That feels sooooo fucking good. Come on, sweetie. Empty your balls in Mom’s cunt! Go for it you big stud! Flood my cunt with your jizz!”

“You gonna cum when I shoot off in your cunt, Mom?” he asked. “Is my hot cum gonna make your little pussy…Aaaaahhhhh FUCK!!”

His cock erupted in mid-stroke, spraying a stream of steaming spunk into her clasping cunt channel. Jet after jet of creamy cum spurted from his piss slit with every stroke, and he pounded her pussy mercilessly, ramming his enormous cock into her wetly sucking cunt channel again and again.

Tracy’s legs were shaking as her son fucked her from behind, and she was coming just as hard as he was. Her cunt clenched and spasmed around his throbbing cockshaft as it drilled in and out of her. She had a shit eating grin on her face as she let her baby boy empty his balls in her pussy. She’d decided that she was going to share her adventures with her son with her best friend Lois. And maybe see if Lois was interested in having some adventures of her own.

“Oh yeah, baby! Cum in my pussy!” she cried out, throwing her head back. “Keep fucking me, baby! Slam that fat fucker in my cunt and cum in me! Don’t stop, Kyle! Harder! Come on! Pound me with that big fucking cock!”

Her ass went into overdrive as she straightened her arms, pushing off the back of the couch with them. She humped her creaming cunt chute back onto his cock, meeting his strokes as he pounded into her. Her legs were shaking, and she locked her knees, spreading her feet even farther apart. She arched her back to push her ass up, giving him a straight shot into her pulsing pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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