Taking Care of Dad

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Double Penetration

“Shit!” Dan felt the pain shoot through his knee. On top of the pain, he had the embarrassment of knowing he had opened the front door and hit himself in the knee with it.

Stacy ran to the living room when she heard her dad. Seeing him limping she went to instant worry, “Dad, are you all right?”

Dan made his way to the sofa, “I’m fine, I’m just a klutz.”

She sat down beside him, “Are you bleeding?”

“I’m fine, really.”

“Look you old fart; I don’t want to lose the only parent I have just because you’re clumsy and stubborn.” She started to raise the leg of his jeans.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to make sure you aren’t bleeding.” She couldn’t get the leg of his jeans high enough and started undoing his belt.


“I can’t get your clothes to cooperate, so take your pants off.” She saw him start to object, “Dad, I’m pre-med and there are no surprises here, I want to make sure you’re all right.”

Dan knew he was defeated before the battle even started. He had never been able to win an argument of any kind with his wife and his daughter was just like her. Unbuckling his belt, he unzipped his jeans and pushed them down below his knees. His knee was bruised but that was all, “See I told you it’s fine.” The truth was it still hurt like hell and he reached down to rub it.

Maybe she was over protective, but where her dad was concerned she had no plans to change. “Let me do that.” She sat next to him and gently started massaging his knee.

Dan had to admit, her fingers made his knee feel better. “Thanks, that does feel good.”

Stacy heard him start chuckling. “What’s so funny?”

“I’m sitting on the sofa with my pants pushed down and you’re massaging my leg. I was just wondering what your mother would say if she saw us?”

Stacy smiled at the thought, “Mom would probably wonder why her husband was so clumsy.” She kissed his neck, “And hope he wouldn’t change.”

“I love you too.”

Stacy felt his arm come around her back and snuggled against him. Definitely being a daddy’s girl, she and her dad had always been close. When her mom had died, she had easily taken over as the woman of the house.

Dan was becoming uncomfortable with his daughter being so close and innocently rubbing his leg. It was making his knee felt better, but it was also causing him to feel other things. Her fingers were so soft against his skin and he could feel himself getting hard. He was having conflicting emotions. It had been a long, long time since he had felt anything — but this was his daughter. Part of him knew he should just stop her and cover himself. It would be embarrassing for them both but they could just laugh it off later. Yet, his cock was aching for any kind of attention.

As her mind wandered, thinking about her mom and how close all three of them had been, she had absently kept rubbing him. Feeling her dad fidget made her stop traveling down memory lane. Looking down she was shocked to see she had given her dad an erection. The head was pushing against his underwear and she couldn’t take her eyes away.

Stacy had never thought about her dad in a sexual way. She hadn’t even fantasized about it. It was too…it was too…, she couldn’t think of what it was. Almost on its own, her hand was still rubbing his leg and all she had to do was extend one finger and she could touch his hard cock. She felt herself having trouble breathing. The feeling of power she got when making that happen always sent a charge through her. Her hand kept drifting near the bulge in his underwear.

Dan felt her fingers scrape across his cock even as he heard the front doorbell and he thought his mind would explode. He jumped up, pulled his jeans up and headed out of the room. “Want to get that?”

Also snapping out of it, Stacy couldn’t believe what almost happened. She had accidently given her dad an erection, but she’d had every intension of touching it and there was nothing accidental about that. What had she been thinking?

Supper was very strange for both father and daughter. It was a meal eaten in silence with neither one being able to make eye contact with the other one. Stacy kept thinking about what had happened over and over. Her mind was filled with all kinds of why’s and what if’s.

It was the first time in her entire life that Dan was uncomfortable being near his daughter. “Stacy I…” Stacy finally looked at her dad’s face and instantly pendik escort burst into tears and ran out of the room. Dan knew it was up to him to fix this and followed his daughter to her bedroom. He found her stretched out across her bed crying.

He sat on the bed and put his hand on her back. “Baby…I am so sorry. Please don’t hate me.”

Stacy sat up and hugged him, “I could never hate you dad. Besides, I’m the one that did it.”

Dan put his hands on her face, “I could have stopped you.”

Stacy shook her head, “I made my own father hard. Dad I should have stopped.”

Dan held her to him, “But I didn’t want you to.”

Father and daughter held each other. Making her dad hard was totally innocent on both of their parts – she knew that. Any woman that rubbed a man that way would have probably gotten the same result. But there had to be more to it because neither of them had wanted it to stop.

Finally, Stacy pushed him away, “So what do we do now?”

“Do you still love me?”

“Yes, I love you.” She pressed her lips to his, just a short father/daughter kiss, and laid her head on his shoulder. “Dad, if we hadn’t been interrupted, I would have done more. I wanted to do more. I didn’t know I had feelings like that for you.”

Dan hugged her to him; I didn’t know I felt that way about you either. Maybe it’s because you and I are closer than most father and daughters.”

Stacy kissed her dad cheek, “We are that.” She pushed away from him and watched him get up to leave.

Dan went to his bedroom. This day was definitely one both he and his daughter would never forget. He took his clothes off as he slept only in his underwear. He tried to get his mind clear by watching a little television.

Stacy tossed and turned but she simply couldn’t fall asleep. She kept picturing her dad’s erection in her mind and felt herself getting turned on. Then she would fuss at herself, roll over and try to think of something else only to have it happen all over again. Finally she slammed her fists on the bed in frustration.

Her mom had died when she was only 14 and since then it had only been the two of them. With her dad helping, she had taken over the cooking, cleaning and laundry. Even at 14 her breasts had been a good size and she was fully developed by 16, plus she had added a pair of long legs. Now she was in college and in all of that time her dad had never done a thing. Her hormones had been raging and the fact that her dad had not taken advantage of her said a lot about his character.

Maybe it was just physical, but maybe it was more. She didn’t know, but she knew she had to find out because this wasn’t going away. Tiptoeing down the hall, she opened his bedroom door and slipped inside. His silhouette in the moonlight made her heart feel lighter. Several girls at her sorority had mentioned that they thought her dad was cute. She suspected it was more because of the way he fussed over her than his looks. He didn’t just say he loved her, he showed it in the things he was constantly doing for her. Some of the girls had father’s that could care less about them or had even beaten them when they were growing up. She was pretty sure they would trade places with her.

Dan woke up as Stacy sat on the bed and slipped under the covers. “Are you all right?”

“I can’t sleep.” She scooted over to be next to him.

He felt her body next to his, her body heat felt nice. “I haven’t had anyone in bed with me since your mom.”

Stacy slept in an oversized football tee-shirt. She pressed herself into him and laid her head on his chest. “How come you haven’t dated since mom died?”

He felt her fingers start to play with the hair on his chest. “I didn’t want anyone to come into our lives and make you feel uncomfortable or anything.”

She kissed his neck. “Dad, I wasn’t even trying to turn you on today but you still got hard. Don’t you take care of that for yourself?”

Her lips on his neck, and her fingers playing made it difficult to talk. “No I don’t. Why am I having this conversation with my daughter?” His cock had started to grow as she teased him and he was grateful that he was covered by a blanket.

As her fingers played, Stacy had rubbed herself against him and now her nipples were getting hard. “Do you think I look like mom?”

Dan held her close as he pictured his wife and absently brushed his hand in her hair. “Yes and no. You have her hair escort pendik with the multiple layers of different color blonde.” He let her curls cascade around his fingers. It feels soft and luxurious just like hers did. She used to let me play as much as I wanted to. You keep yours longer than she did which only makes this more fun.”

Stacy was having trouble breathing as her dad played. Raising her head, she looked into his eyes.

“I look into your big blue eyes and I see your mother looking back at me. Yours are the same light shade as hers only yours are brighter. Those are eyes a man could get lost in. I did and I never wanted to find my way out.

What he was saying was making her light headed. All the stupid boys couldn’t get past her looks to find out about the woman underneath. She was actually very lonely and his gentle touch was making her wet. “How did you do it? Mom was pretty, so how did you get past her outside to find the inside?”

“I met your mother in a park. She had found a puppy that was lost and she was trying to find out who it belonged to. I helped her and it took us about an hour but we did it. I asked if she would like something to drink and she accepted.”

“Don’t tell me, let me guess, chocolate milkshake right?”

He chuckled, “Yeah, and a large order of curly fries to split. We were both surprised because we thought only an hour had passed as we sat and talked and it had actually been three hours. She was very lonely even though she was pretty.”

“I know the feeling.”

“Do you?”

A heavy sigh escaped, “I haven’t had a boyfriend since high school.”

“But you’re a junior in college. Surely you could find a guy.”

“Oh I can find all of the guys I want. I’m pretty and have big breasts and that is enough for them.”

“But that isn’t enough for you is it?”

“No. I want someone to find ‘the me’ on the inside.”

Your mom actually thanked me for looking at her face when we talked and not her chest. I walked her home and I kissed her. We started dating after that. It wasn’t until our fifth date that she kissed me and it was me returning the kiss.”

“Show me your first kiss.”

“Are you sure? I mean – because of this afternoon.”

His touch had made her entire body tingle. “I’m sure — because of this afternoon.” He pushed her to a sitting position then she felt his hands on each side of her face and then his lips pressed gently against hers. Stacy was surprised, she expected another father/daughter kiss but this was probably the very kiss he had given her mom, one of a guy trying to impress a girl. She knew that her dad was sending her a message, if she continued he would not be able to stop.

As they kissed she had lain on top of him, Dan felt his hard cock pressing against her. “It was like that until she kissed me. That was a kiss that lasted until she died.”

“Let me try that.” Stacy kissed her dad on the lips the same way he had kissed her. She bet he hadn’t expected her to do it. Her body was getting aroused by their playing around.

“That was very nice honey, but that wasn’t how she kissed me. Apparently she was pretty and lonely just like you. I never thought about it but she also had a hard time finding a boyfriend because of her looks. It was a kiss that was telling me to stop thinking that she was out of my league. It was her way of telling me that she had fallen for me.”

“Then you kiss me the way she kissed you.” She saw him hesitate and placed her hand on his, “I’m sure dad.” She saw him lean into her then press his lips to hers; slowly he pulled away ever so slightly. She was enjoying the kiss and found herself leaning into him and they fell into a natural, passionate rhythm. She felt his hands touch the sides of her face again then gently sweep her hair behind her ear. She felt one of his hands softly stroke the back of her neck while they continued kissing passionately.

Dan ended the kiss, “I’m sorry honey. That wasn’t the kiss she gave me. You have me so turned on I can hardly stop.”

Her whole body was on fire just from his kisses. If this is what her mom felt it was a wonder she didn’t have a bunch of brothers and sisters. “I don’t want you to stop.” She felt him draw her back into him and his lips were pressing against hers almost before she got the words out of her mouth. He moved his hand and slowly, gently pulled her closer towards him. She felt him subtly lick his lips and pendik escort bayan keep them slightly parted. Then he gently explored her tongue with his, giving her enough time to do the same. She shivered with pleasure, her dad could really kiss and apparently her mom could too! It left her breathless and panting for more.

“It’s a good thing you have that top on, I’m all out of self-control.”

Grabbing the hem she pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her dressed only in her panties, “And now?” Stacy saw her dad bend down. His lips captured one of her nipples and she sucked in her breath. Feeling his hand on hers, she let him move her hand where he wanted and found out how much he wanted her. His cock was hard and he had taken it out of his underwear. She closed her fingers around it and gave it a squeeze.

Dan was breathing hard as his hand found her other breast. “I want you so much.”

She’d had nothing for some time and he’d had nothing for far longer. All of that frustration combined so that father and daughter both desperately needed a release. Their lips sought out each other frantically, their hands were all over each other, giving and getting pleasure feverishly. Their brains let their bodies take over as panties and underwear were ripped off of each other.

Their foreplay was a few wild movements of mutual sexual stimulation. He got between her legs and his tongue and lips on her pussy sent electrical charges completely though her entire body. Breathing hard, Stacy grabbed his head and pushed him into her and was rewarded by his tongue not only licking her clit but sliding in and out of her pussy. She couldn’t take anymore, “Put it in me dad!”

Dan moved over her and Stacy guided his hard cock to her burning pussy. Dan rammed himself deep and hard into her. This wasn’t relaxing lovemaking; this was mutual frustration that had built up to an agonizing degree needing release. The sounds coming from Stacy were animal. The hard shaft pounding into her made her dizzy with delight.

The two had joined at a spiritual level, and they exploded in a sexual frenzy. First he was on top, slamming into her with her demanding he give it to her harder. Then she was on top plunging down making him go deep, with him using his hands on her hips he made himself go deeper still. Their movements took them all over the bed in numerous positions. The room was filled with the sounds of their reckless passion.

She was on fire, desperately needing satisfaction. Stacy’s whole being was caught up in the most thrilling physical experience she had ever known. Her body instinctively gave everything she had to give, and yet demanded nothing less than everything from him.

He rammed his hard cock deep into her. Stacy matched him thrust for thrust and angled her hips so that he could hit all of the spots. Dan grabbed her breasts as the bounced in rhythm to their movements. Her nipples standing proud as his fingers played. Their lips kissed, their tongues played. Her pussy grabbed his cock as it slid out of her demanding he put it back in her. They were gripped in an almost primitive fury. He rammed himself into her deeper and as fast and as hard as he could and still she wanted it harder, deeper and faster. Their bodies were out of control and his spirit collided with hers in their effort to give to each other as well as get from each other.

Dan let out a loud, “AAAAGGGGHHHH!” He forced his hard cock deep into the inferno she had become. She was tight and burning hot. White, scalding sperm shout out from him with incredible force. Everything that had built up in his balls exploded out of him.

Stacy wrapped her legs around him, convulsing in an orgasm that rocked her whole body. The two had joined at a primal level and their bodies had become unrestrained during the wild and unbelievably fantastic mating of their souls. It kept going and going.

Finally, they collapsed on the bed, both totally exhausted and gasping for air. The only sounds were father and daughter trying to catch their breath. Finally, Dan moved so that he could see her face, “Damn.”

Stacy tried to shake her head to show she understood, but didn’t have the energy. She just mumbled, “Um.”

He put his head on her chest and listened to her heart still pounding hard. “Is your heart beating for me?”

She managed a short, “Sure.” Her fingers ran through his hair. “What do you say we do it a little more relaxed and romantic next time?”

He rose up, “I think that is a tremendous idea. Want to try in about an hour?”

Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she moaned, “Oh crap.” She looked at him and saw his big smile, “Oh you.”

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