Taken by Bro-in-Law

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It was many years ago. I was 25 which made my sister 20 and her husband 21. For what it’s worth I’m 57 now. It had all started with a phone call one night. We had all tossed a few back. I was in Texas on active duty, and they were in Massachusetts. I was trying to get them to admit to having threesomes with his ex who was there also. To hide the fact of the threesome, they had told my parents that she was his sister.

I had commented that I’d like to fuck my sister, and they laughed, and she said that she didn’t think she could do that. I laughed and told Mike he could fuck met up the ass if he could convince my sister to let me fuck her.

Months went by, and the topic didn’t come up again. As we lived 1000 mile apart, I didn’t think it was going to be more than just a drunken fantasy. Although I had been fantasizing about doing my sister since she started to grow tits, I had never expected anything to happen really.

It was late November almost a year later when I was in town for my fathers birthday. It was a typical cold dark New England weekend, we had a party for my dad, and I was just hanging out after. Going to church was planned for Sunday morning but figured it was going to be a dreary Saturday afternoon and evening.

Well, that changed with another phone call. My dad called out that Mike was on the phone. Wasn’t thinking anything about it when he suggested I come over for dinner in an hour. Since we didn’t have anything planned I figured why not. Now over the years we hadn’t talked much. My sister and I only recognize that the other exists. But Mike is a SciFi nerd like me so I figured we’d chat about Star Trek or Star Wars or something like that. After I had agreed, his next words made me raise my L eyebrow. He told me to come in and come upstairs but NOT to say anything. He reinforced the being quiet and not saying anything a couple of times.

2 pm came quickly, and I headed out. It was snowing lightly, and I remembered why I didn’t miss living in New England. I got there early pendik escort and pulled into the driveway, slipping and sliding a little as I pulled in. I saw a curtain pull back in an upstairs window, but I waited till exactly 2:20 pm to walk to the back door. The door was open and I walked in. I took my jacket off and my boots and walked through the living room to the stairs and tiptoed up them slowly. The master bedroom was just at the top of the stairs and what I saw made me take a deep breath in, which got me a scowl from Mike. There on the bed was my sister. She was naked, and her hands were handcuffed to the headboard, and she was well blindfolded. She was going to see nothing through that. The foot of the bed was toward the door, and I saw that she had been well fucked before my arrival. Her lips were red and swollen, and I could see cum right in the opening of her pussy. I looked up at Mike and he smiled at me.

He put a finger to his lips and spoke to Dianne. “Here he is, the phantom play partner. You will never know who it is and over time you look at one of my friends, you’ll wonder if it was him” He then explained further. “For him to enjoy the pleasure of tasting and feeling you, he had to agree to let me fuck him up the ass. It’s a shame you won’t be able to see that happen.”

I suppose I should describe us a little. I’m skinny as a rail, 6′ 150 pounds and average cut 6″, I’m moderately hairy. Mike is an Italian. He’s about 5’8″, 150 lbs, Hairy all over and he’s got what appears to be a 7-7.5″ thick cock with one thick bush. Dianne, well she is about 5’6″ short mousy brown hair, and tits that are just a bit more than a handful. Beautiful curves and a shaved pussy, with an ass that was made to grab. I’m lousy at descriptions, so this is going to have to do. Her pussy lips are smooth, and her inner lips don’t hang out. I can see her clit. It’s probably a little bit larger than normal. Mike motioned me to get undressed.

As I crawled up the bed almost drooling at the change to taste that pussy escort pendik Mike was slowly stroking his cock, making sure it stayed hard. As I approached Dianne, I kept looking at it out of the corner of my eye. I wasn’t a virgin by this time, but I had never had anything near that thick in me. As I got closer, I could see her spread lips and the cum in her opening. I could smell their combined smells. The bitterness of his cum and the muskiness of her wetness. I stopped with face between her legs, just short of my tongue being able to taste her. I had been fantasizing this since I was a teen. My tongue stretched out, and I tasted her. I taste the combination of his saltiness and her muskiness. It was kind of metallic and sweet at the same time. I liked up from the bottom and then let the tip of my tongue tease her clit. She moaned and lifted her ass off the bed. He must have kept teasing her because she was still wet. I dove in for more, aggressively eating her and licking her pussy. She got wetter and wetter, and suddenly her thighs clamped my head between then and what seemed like a gallon of liquid came out of her filling my mouth, I could barely hear her scream as she came. I was so involved that I hadn’t noticed Mike climb up behind me. I did feel a hand on the back of my head pushing my face hard into Dianne’s pussy and then I felt that thick cock force its way into my ass, balls deep.

The pain was incredible, it burned, and I’m sure I screamed myself, but with my face being forced into Dianne’s pussy, no one heard me. He stayed there for I don’t know how long, not moving. As her legs relaxed I could hear him talking to Her “Did you hear him scream into your pussy, I just took him balls deep. He was so into going down on you. He didn’t notice me coming up behind him. Too bad you can see me fucking him.”

The pain started to fade. I had mentioned that I wasn’t a virgin at this point, I had taken cock in my ass before but never like that. He slowly pulled out and stopped just as his head was at my prostate. pendik escort bayan He obviously knew what he was doing. HE slowly thrust back in. I quickly began to relish the feeling of submission and of being taken. As he started to speed up, he would bottom out and grunt a little when his balls hit my ass. He began to go faster, with long hard strokes. He ordered me to start eating again and told me to make sure I was tasting her asshole also. He kept pounding away at me. I could feel the precum start to drip out of my cock. Dianne started bucking against my face again, and Mike put his hand back on my head and pushed my face harder into her, and he pushed all the way into me, I could feel him cumming, twitching in my ass, filling me up.

As Dianne settled back onto the bed, he pulled out of me. He instructed me to get up and sit on her face, telling her to lick the cum out of my ass. He tongue when right in there going deep after the cum. I looked up, and his cock was in my face. “Now clean it up cumslut” I was ordered. I took him as deep into my mouth as possible, not noticing the taste of my ass and his cum. I was in heaven feeling Dianne’s tongue in my ass. His cock got softer in my mouth, and it was evident he wasn’t going to get hard again. He pulled out and asked if I was ready to take her. Quickly got off her face and moved between her legs. I was so turned on at this point that as soon as I felt that warm wet feeling of a pussy closing around my cock, I started cumming. The feeling was almost painful as I filled her pussy with cum.

Mike put his mouth right up to my ear and whispered. “She has no idea who you are, but I lied and told her that you had a vasectomy. Guess what, she’s ovulating right now.”

I know my eyes got wide and I just looked at him. He told me to go down and clean the cum out of her. I could only think about her getting pregnant and didn’t focus on tasting her’s and my cum. She had another small orgasm, as she came this last time, Mike pulled me away and told me to get dressed and head out. As he walked me down the stairs, he reminded me that my ass was his whenever he wanted it from now on.

Nine months later my nephew was born. Everyone comments about how much like me he looks.

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