Swapping Sisters

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Everyone called them “Brothers-in-law”, but Matt and Barry were married to sisters. They weren’t related, their wives were.

Funny thing was, with flaming red hair, builds that were similar and even like jobs – both were mechanics, although Matt was a motorcycle mechanic – they seemed like brothers.

The guys met every night for a beer after work, they only worked an few blocks away from each other. They’d become best buds after their marriages, sharing dirty jokes and even talking about their sex lives. They were married to very, very different women.

Barry had met the sensual, exotic, curvy Aleya while he was fixing her car. One look in those deep, dark brown eyes of hers and he was a goner. He summoned up all his courage and asked her out, figuring this goddess would look down her nose at him.

To his surprise, she accepted readily. There was a warmth to Aleya that he hadn’t found in any other woman. She made him feel good about himself, she encouraged Barry to improve himself all the time, even supporting him in his bid to buy half the automotive repair business.

He was intimidated by Aleya a lot of the time. She was a College graduate, she had a great job at the local TV station, and she was so, so beautiful. He felt nervous around her, it was Aleya who made the first move. She had him at the apartment she shared with her sister, who was out for the evening. After dinner, he was sitting on the couch and she came up behind him, massaging his shoulders.

He looked up into her dancing brown eyes and said “Wow baby, that feels good.”

She smiled at him and said “I know something that will feel even better.”

She came around to the front of the couch and smiled at him. Dressed in a long, black, sparkling dress, hair up, she almost took his breath away. His heart was thumping, Aleya made him very happy. She took his hand and led him into the bedroom.

She undressed slowly, in front of Barry, teasing by looking back over her shoulder and smiling at him, flirtily. She lay back on the bed, which she had covered with Rose Petals, her one arm behind her head, the other one extended. Teasingly, she’d covered her nipples and pussy with the petals, the rest of his beautiful girlfriend was deliciously, delectably bare.

He took her in his arms, kissed her softly and lay her back on the bed. Barry used every trick he could remember. He kissed Aleya softly from head to toe, massaging her feet, paying attention to her neck, her breasts. He palmed them gently and rubbed softly, he nuzzled his way between them.

“You’re so beautiful” he murmured. He looked over at her brown eyes, Aleya was wrapping her soft, full lips around his cock and began sucking him off.

He’d never felt anything so exquisite in his life, her mouth was as soft as the Rose Petals. She was a marvel, her long brown hair cascading behind her as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft, taking in all of him. Barry had to concentrate hard on not cumming and ruining their evening.

He took Aleya in his arms again and kissed her from head to toe again, her brown eyes full of desire. He readied her to receive his cock, not knowing her “status”, he spread her legs gently and slid his cock into her. Her long, slender legs wrapped around his waist, her pussy was tight, gripping his cock like a vise. Aleya was no virgin, but she was the most sensual lover he’d ever known.

Barry moved in and out of her cunt, gently, loving, tenderly. He continued to make love to Aleya, rhythmically moving in and out of her soft, brunette pussy, her soft sighs of pleasure encouraging him to move a little faster, a little harder. Aleya’s beautiful brown eyes were closed tight as he made love to her, she was moving back slowly, taking all of his cock deep within her, her little baby fists pounding on his back, asking him for more of his cock.

Aleya took Barry’s cock within her, he felt right, his care for her well-being endeared him to her. He was treating her with respect, he was taking his time to make sure she enjoyed every second of their lovemaking. He wasn’t like some of the boys she’d fucked in High School, not savage or rutting, but as he fucked her, he looked at her with affectionate eyes.

Barry moved in and out of her, she opened her eyes from time to time and saw they’d been making love for well over an hour. Having him inside of her body felt so good, so right, but she yearned to cum, to lose herself in his arms and experience the ultimate pleasure.

She dug her nails into his back as he continued to move within her. “Please, oh please Barry, cum with me, oh please!” she whimpered.

Those words and her nails prodded him into orgasm, she opened her eyes and looked at him, her lover, smiling softly. He pulled out and came all over her tits and belly.

They spent as much time together as they could, and when he finally proposed, Aleya wondered what had taken him so long.

In contrast, Matt’s meeting with Angel couldn’t have been more different. She’d been hanging güvenilir bahis out with a biker crowd, a bunch that he’d fixed motorcycles for, but didn’t much like. The guys were jerks and Angel’s boyfriend, Jack should have been named “Jerk.”

Jack was the kind he didn’t like in High School, the loudmouth jock who got the hot girl because he was a “bad boy” with muscles. Angel was so hot, Matt liked her from the minute he laid eyes on her. In a short black leather skirt, black halter and leather jacket, boots that came up to her knees, and those deep, rich brown eyes, she was the wildest, sexiest thing he’d ever seen. She only had eyes for “Jerk” though, until that day.

They had roared into the cycle shop, Jack’s bike had been giving him some trouble, so he got Matt to take a look at it. He needed new plugs, which Matt installed, then he asked Jack for the money. He turned to Angel and said “Pay the man, bitch.”

Angel looked at him, her brown eyes widened and said “Excuse me?”

“I didn’t bring no money, so pay the man. Aw, you know I’m good for it.”

Angel’s face tightened up, she was livid. “You’re fucking good for it? Since when, asshole? You owe me six-fucking-hundred already, you selfish dick. What did you do, spend it all on beer for your loser friends again?”

Jack reached out, as if to strike Angel, when Matt caught his arm. “Not here – not ever, dickwad! Now, can you pay?”

Matt’s “I put up with no shit” look cowed Jack on the spot. He shook his head.

“Okay then. Well, for now – the bike and the lady – are staying here. When you get me the money, you get the bike back. As for the lady, I don’t think she is going with you any time soon, capeesh?”

Jack slunk off and Angel turned to Matt and yelled “Hey, you didn’t need to do that! I am perfectly capable of taking care …”

“You’re welcome.”


“I said, you’re welcome. You are NOT taking care of yourself if you hang around with that loser and his friends. I do business with them, but I don’t have to like them. He’s bigger than you, he would have hurt you.”

Angel looked up at him, eyes a little bleary with tears. She tried a brave smile. “You’re right. My sister’s always telling me the same thing, I guess I like the wild men. I’m sorry and thank you.”

He looked over at her. Today, Angel was sexy as hell, in tight black jeans, a white, nearly-sheer top that only covered her top. Her midriff was bare and she was wearing spiky heels. Her hair was long and loose, down nearly to her ass – which he couldn’t stop looking at.

“I do have a nice ass, don’t I?”

He blushed a little, she’d caught him looking. “Yeah, you do.”

“Let me take you out for a beer later and you might get to see more of it.”

It was nearly closing time, so he took her up on her offer. As he expected, when they talked, she was smart, very intelligent. He found out about her sister, her sense of humor made him laugh. She could be very bawdy, sometimes even outrageous, but he found that sexy.

Angel had no pretensions. She was who she was. When she asked him to take her home, he was taken aback until she made her intentions clear. “YOUR home, dummy.”

Matt was nervous around her, he didn’t know why. When he watched her strip in his bedroom, he figured it out.

Underneath her sometimes-trashy clothes, she was beautiful. Her hair was so long, thick and dark. Her eyes seemed to draw him in, soulful and loving. Her breasts were round, big, a handful he longed to play with. There was a slight coppery tint to her skin – it reminded him of Butterscotch – and she did have that great ass and those great legs. She stood before him, proud and wild and free.

She walked over to Matt, she took HIM in HER arms and she pressed her fat tits to his body, kissing him hard, nearly knocking the wind out of him. She stood nearly as tall as he in her heels, but he was looking deep into her eyes, lost in her wanton sexuality. She was rubbing her naked body all over him, unbuttoning his shirt, she was running talented fingers all over his chest, playing with him, teasing him in ways he’d never known before.

She was beguiling, a creature of passion. Angel kneeled down before him and unzipped his jeans, fishing his cock out. He was glad he’d gone without his boxers today, as Angel took his cock in her mouth, she was like nothing he’d ever known before. Her love for cock was evident in the way she was blowing him, noisily, fisting his dick as she sucked on it, slurping and laving it with a talented tongue.

“Am I a good cocksucker, baby?” she purred, enjoying this new stud. “I bet I am the best you’ve ever, had, right?”

Matt nodded. No question about that, this woman liked her sex and liked being trashy. Okay, fine with him.

“Fuck yeah, you’re a great cocksucker, bitch! I’ll bet you’re a great fuck too, and I’m gonna find out. Lemme taste that hot snatch of yours!”

The busty brunette squealed and got on the bed, body already gleaming with a fine sheen türkçe bahis of sweat. She spread her legs lewdly and stroked her thick, dark bush. “Come on baby, time to go muff-diving!” she mewled.

He dove right into her and became intoxicated on her scent. She smelled good, slightly musky, but like a woman. She tasted wonderful, he gorged himself on Angel’s cunt juice, devouring her. He wasn’t gentile about it, he ate her out like his life depended on it, feeling her nails claw his back as he ate her slit. She was pink and tight, he slipped a finger in her while he ate her and Matt felt like he was being gripped by a vise.

“Man, you’re one tight little bitch!” Matt growled as he continued to eat her.

“Just wait until you get your cock in there, you big-dicked bastard!” Angel hissed as he ate her out. He was great, better than Jack had ever been, he was accommodating her needs, he kept looking into her eyes, seeing if he was turning her on. Jack only occasionally sucked muff, Matt seemed to love it. She couldn’t wait to fuck him, have his big fucking cock screwing the shit out of her!

Angel was panting, her chest heaving, he loved seeing those big, soft tits of hers jiggle as he licked her. “How do you want it, baby?” he asked, still breathing heavily.

“You’re gonna fuck me from behind lover, give it to me hard, make me feel it!” she yelled as she moved around in position. She wiggled her ass at Matt and turned around, licking her lips lewdly. “Come on stud, make me feel that big dick all the way inside!”

Matt grabbed a condom from his wallet, put it on and slid his cock into her wet, dripping, horny cunt. He loved feeling her wrapped tight around his prick, she was taking all of him. He kept fucking her, hard, no gentleness. She was amazing, she rolled her ass back at him, her voice screaming, crying out to be fucked, fucked harder, fucked like the hot slut she was.

A voice in Matt’s head said she was HIS slut, but he didn’t want to get ahead of himself. He was going to fuck her again, he HAD to, she was in his system, but didn’t want to rush it. He sure as hell didn’t want any little bastards running around, and he also didn’t know if the creep she’d fucked before him was clean, so he played it safe.

Angel was amazing, the best, wildest fuck he’d ever known. She’d tighten her cuntal muscles around his meat, then loose them, he didn’t know what other tricks she had in her arsenal, but he sure as hell intended to find out.

Their bodies sure as hell fit together, her curvy, butterscotch-skinned beauty turned him on like nothing he’d ever known before. His dick felt at home inside her, she looked so hot while being fucked, her tits jiggled and he squeezed both of them as he screwed her. “Feels good, you beautiful bastard!” Angel yelled. This Angel was no Angel, but man, she was a great lay!

“Shittt, I’m gonna cum!!” Matt yelled, then Angel did something truly nasty and kinky. She pulled his cock out of her pussy, yanked the condom off and sucked his dick until he shot his load into her sucking mouth.

Fuck, this girl was nasty! It excited him and she knew it, from the lurid grin on her face. “Next time stud, I’ll get you to put that big dick up my ass! I love being buggered!”

He and Angel became inseparable after that – Jack came back for his bike a few days later and threatened Matt, so Matt kicked the crap out of him. For a while, Matt feared retaliation from some of Jack’s friends, but Angel told him – while they were fucking – that his buds were like Jack in bed, “all talk and no action.”

Matt and Angel eloped to Vegas a week later.

The sisters met up at Starbucks, each having a coffee, milk and sugar. Neither of them liked the fancy-schmancy, Latte Crappacino stuff.

“So, how are things going these days Angel hon?” Aleya asked.

Angel sighed. “I’m tired baby, so tired. You?”

Aleya smiled. “The same. What’s wrong baby?”

The girls had been confidantes since childhood, their parents weren’t around as much as needed, so the girls turned to each other. Angel looked at her sister and sighed.

“Als, you know I like my sex wild and crazy. But once in a while, I wish Matty would slow down. Romance me. I’m still a woman, I like a change, I like to be hugged and cuddled.”

Aleya sipped her coffee slowly, not wanting to burn her tongue. “Huh, that’s funny. Barry is just the opposite. Once in a while, I don’t want him to make love to me, I want it hard, fast, kinky! I want to get fucked!”

The girls took their coffee and began walking towards Angel’s apartment. Angel looked over at her sister and asked “So, have you told Barry that you lost your job at the TV station?”

Aleya looked at her sister, her eyes going even darker than normal. “No, and for now, I am not going to tell him. He’d want to know where the money is coming from!”

Angel laughed and hugged her sister as they walked into the apartment. “Matty just likes that I bring in nearly as much as he does. He thinks I’m in güvenilir bahis siteleri phone sales!”

“Well, you kinda are.”

Shortly after losing her job at the TV station due to downsizing, Angel had come to her sister and offered her help. “You know I make good money Sis, if you’re interested, I can get you a job with my company. Thing is – the job’s kinda – outrageous!”

Aleya wasn’t at all surprised, she knew nothing her sister did could shock her. “Okay, you nut, what is it?”

Angel looked almost embarrassed for a moment, then muttered something that Aleya didn’t quite catch. “What?”

“Phone Sex! I do Phone Sex.”

It threw Aleya for a loop, but only just for a moment. If it was sexual, Als would likely try it. She bet it enriched her sister’s love-life quite a bit too.

They talked about it for an hour, Aleya listened to all the details her sister provided and mulled it over. The prospect of some horny fun didn’t turn her off, that much was sure, and the money would average out to even MORE than she’d made before – so she told Angel she’d give it a shot.

Two months later, she was still at it, loving it. Her customers called her at the special number she and Angel had set up, she made 75% of whatever the customers spent. She had one couple that called her every other day and they had “threesomes” over the phone. She had never been with another woman, but every time Bethany and Tony called, she tried to picture herself being eaten out by pretty redheaded Bethany while Tony fucked her doggy-style. She got horny and wet each time and Angel teased her unmercifully about it.

She’d really gotten into it, with Angel’s encouragement. The last month, she’d begun wearing sexy outfits while talking on the phone, allowing a more wanton Aleya to emerge. She and Aleya would get to the apartment around 11 AM, change into something sexy and work until 4 or 5, depending on how busy they were. Then they’d turn off the “Special” phone lines, disconnect them from the wall and go back to their business.

In the last month, a more sexually aware Aleya had emerged. Last week, she’d taken another turn on the pathway of her life.

A customer had called, wanting two girls to make it while he listened. She asked the customer to call back in 5, turned to her sister and said “Now what?”

Angel’s heart was racing as she turned to her sister. She was trying to remain calm, but it wasn’t easy. “Well Als, that’s up to you.”

“I don’t follow you.”

“Well Als, there are two of us here!”

Aleya was shocked. “Angel, I’m you’re sister. That’s ….”

“Incest. So what? Hon, we’ve done `Daddy & Daughter’ calls before. I’m a girl, you can’t get preggers. And hon – quite frankly – every time I watch you and listen to you with customers, I get fucking horny. Matty gets some of the best fucking when I’ve been listening to you.”

Aleya was shocked, yet there was a small trickle between her legs. She was intrigued, she had never made it with a girl, although she knew her sister had experience in that area. Angel was beautiful though, if she were going to have sex with a girl, Aleya couldn’t find a more beautiful partner.

She made up her mind. “Okay – I’ll do it, if you’ll help guide me. So, do we charge double?”

Angel giggled. “Actually sexy, it’s double-and-a-half. We get to have fun and make good bucks doing it.”

The customer called back and Aleya and Angel talked to him for nearly an hour. Aleya let Angel take her first, then guide her through the motions of woman-to-woman loving. She adored it, the sweet tang of her sister’s pussy on her tongue, the first taste of kink she’d ever experienced. She became hot for Angel, wanting to do it on a daily basis. Her sister was only too happy to indulge her lusts, to let Aleya slake her thirsts for another woman on her own body.

The girls were enjoying their new role as lovers. Today, Aleya had worn a sexy black satin bustier, lacy black panties and silk stockings. She’d done her hair and bought a new pair of stilettos, finding out Angel really liked her legs.

Angel was playing “Beach Bunny” for her sibling, wearing only the skimpiest of bikinis, a bright yellow. Within a few seconds of being in the room, the girls had been in each other’s arms.

“Wanna take the day off?” Aleya said with a sly grin as she fondled one of her sister’s big globes. She moved the bra aside and began sucking a big, dark nipple.

“Oh, you fucking bitch, you know I love it when you do that!” Angel sighed. “No baby, we have to work – but how many girls have jobs as much fun as ours?” She slipped her fingers into her sister’s mouth, letting Aleya suck on them lustily.

“Not too many!” Aleya said, as she cuddled her sister close. They set up their phone lines and got into their chairs, stealing little kisses and nibbles while they got ready. Both girls were constantly horny now, neither of their husbands suspected the reason. They were less restrained in their love play too, even sneaking a little kiss in public from time to time.

“I wish we could let the boys see how much fun we have!” Aleya said as she moved close to her sister. Both girls liked to listen in on each other’s calls if they had the chance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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