Suspense Ch. 01

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“Meet me at the Hamilton Suites at 6 pm Tuesday. I will have a surprise for you then. I love you and can’t wait to hold you. I have made reservations and all arrangements with the hotel. Get a room key card from the desk and go to the room and wait for me.”

The email was short but to the point. Your heart skipped a beat as you reread it. You knew what day it was, but looked at the calendar anyway to be sure Tuesday was really three days away.

You got up from your desk and went to your closet and looked for the right dress to wear. It had to be a dress. You and I both loved that slow and rich excitment of tender touches and forbidden movements of my hands under your skirt when we meet. You removed three, that you hadn’t worn when we met before and laid them on the bed, then searched through the lingerie drawers for panties and bra to go with the dress.

You couldn’t decide between two of the dresses so you put them back in the closet and busied yourself with household chores. The next two days dragged by slowly, but finally Tuesday dawned.

You took off work early and raced home to get ready. At about 4:30 you got in your car and started for the hotel. You arrived at 5:45 and went in to the registration desk.

“I believe you have a key for me. The registration name is Damon Walsh.”

The desk clerk typed in the computer keyboard and then encoded a key card. He smiled as he handed it to you.

“We hope you enjoy your stay miss.”

“I’m sure I will.”

You found the elevator and took it to the forth floor and then walked down the hallway until you found the room. The keycard clicked the door lock and when the green light came on, you opened the door and went in.

The lights were on. Fresh flowers cast off a spring meadow scent. On the bed was a bright box and a card. You picked the card up and read it.

“Hello sweetheart. I have some things I want you to wear for me. You will find them in the box. Please change into them. There is another instruction card in the box. I hope you will follow my wishes exactly. If so, I promise you a night to remember.”

You opened the box and pushed the tissue paper away and saw the black corset and stockings. They were French and felt exquisite to your touch. You smiled as you imagined the planning that had preceeded this evening. You stood and held the corset up to you and looked in the mirror. The red piping accentuated the rich black textured satin and lace.

You quickly undressed and cinched the corset tight with the draw cords and then snapped the back closed. You were held tight into the shape that it defined, but you didn’t feel confined. You bent and turned to see how restricted you would be. Satisfied, you sat down and pulled the stocking on and secured them with the garter snaps. You posed in the mirror, looking at the contrast between the black garments and your white flesh. You felt warm and liquid as ran your hands over the corset and your breasts and then across your belly.

You could illegal bahis feel that familiar soft electric feeling building deep in your stomach. I brief touch of your fingers between your labia confirmed what your mind already felt. You watched yourself lick the wetness off of your fingers in the mirror. As you stared at that V between your legs, you wondered if you really had to put the panties on too.

You sat down in the chair and reluctantly slid the sheer black panties up over your legs, then stood and pulled them up tight. You could easily see the shape and outline of your lips through the fabric. The soft sensation of the silky material against your now swelling lips made you gasp as you tugged at the panties until they were pulled up between your lips. Your finger traced between your labia. You closed your eyes for a moment in that sweet exploration.

You started to remove the box, but noticed another card in the bottom. You picked it up and read.

“I hope you like this gift. I know you are stunning. Look in the mirror now and see the beauty that I marvel at when I see you. There is another package in the top drawer of the bureau. Open it and follow those instructions. I will see you soon, my love.”

You sighed as you put the card back into the envelope and moved the box and wrappings off of the bed. You took the new package from the drawer and set it on the top. You tore through the ribbons and paper, in an urgent need to see what surprise was hidden inside. You impatiently pushed the tissue away and pulled out a handful of scarves.

You lay them on the bed and straightened them out. There were five and they were all alike. They were a dark rich burgandy color. You read the card that was among them in the box.

“I want you to take one of the scarves and fold it until it is about six inches wide, then go to the bed and sit down. Place the scarf over your eyes and tie it securely. I want your sight to be blinded tonight, so your other senses can be heightened. When you have done this, lie back and relax. I will be with you soon.”

A shiver ran up your back as you folded the scarf. You felt the softness of the silk brush against your face and you closed your eyes as you positioned the scarf over them. You pulled it tight enough so that no light seeped through. You felt for the bed and crawled into the middle of the bed and lay back. Your heart raced with anticipation. Your mouth was suddenly dry. You could hear outside noises and the hum of the little wet bar refrigerator.

I opened the door and saw you lying there. You looked regal and so beautiful. The image of “Sleeping Beauty” sprang to my mind as I walked up to you. You turned your head to me.


“Yes, sweetheart. Relax. I don’t want you to say anything more for awhile.”

You sank down in the bed, disappointed. I took my jacket off and placed it on a chair, then got a coke from the refrigerator. I moved to the edge of the bed and started rolling up the scarves across illegal bahis siteleri the corners. When I had them all prepared, I took your left hand and kissed your fingers and hand and wrist. I slowly kissed and licked your arm to your shoulder.

You turned toward me, and I kissed your lips gently before moving back down your arm. I looped the scarf around your wrist and then gently moved your arm into an outspread position. You resisted, but I kissed your lips again.

“Relax and trust me.”

I felt your tension melt away and I positioned your arm and secured the scarf around the top bed post. You instinctively pulled to see if you could move your arm. I moved to the other side of the bed and secured that arm also. I watched your chest and saw your breathing had become deeper and faster and I smiled to myself, knowing you were responding as I wanted.

I massaged your right foot. My fingers pressed ont he top of your foot and my thumbs rubbed into your arch, flexing and moving down to the heel and then toes. And then I rotated your foot at your ankle and I carressed and massaged your calf. My mouth was wet as I kissed your foot and followed my hands as they moved across your foot and leg, and when I felt your tensions gone, I bent your knee up slightly, then looped a scarf around your ankle and tied it to a corner post.

I moved your leg to be sure you had sufficient play in the scarf. I repeated my routine with your other leg and foot and when I was satisfied, I stood back and looked at you.

You looked so helpless. Your legs and arms were spread and your face was upturned as if you sought some light or understanding of what was about to happen. I went to the side of the bed and leaned down. I kissed your left breast. Your flesh spilled out of the cup and I licked your soft skin and kissed it in quick little kisses, making sure your visable breast was soon covered with the wetness of my kisses.

I pushed the cup back a little and slid my hand over your breast and teased your nipple. I pulled it up until it peeked over the edge of the cup, then I rolled it back and forth, then between my thumb and finger and finally I flicked it with the end of my finger. You squirmed under my touch and I saw you shift toward me as much as your confines would allow.

I continued playing with your nipple for a few minutes and your sighs had become gasps when I finally released it and moved to the other side of the bed. You heard me there and tried to roll toward me, anticipating more of the same for your right breast. Instead I moved to your legs and began to kiss your right thigh about three inches below your pantyline. You moaned loudly when you felt my wet mouth sucking your flesh, and you shifted as you offered me more to pleasure.

I carress and massaged your leg as I kissed and sucked and licked your thigh, moving unceasingly from your knee to the edge of your panty, from the innermost area of your thigh to the outside of your leg. I loved your leg for canlı bahis siteleri a few minutes and then when I saw your head raised off of the pillow, I slowly kissed my way in the most deliberate way up the inside of your thigh until you felt my hot breath against that most sacred area of your body.

I paused then for a moment as I saw you tensing up in anticipation, then I leaned down and pressed my mouth over your vulva and I kissed you and sucked you through your panties. You moaned and struggled to free your hands as if you needed to guide my face to your desperate pussy. I held my mouth over you and flicked my tongue against your lips, which I could feel so easily defined through your silky, wet fabric.

I licked up between your lips a few times and pressed my stiffened tongue hard between them, pushing your panties inside. Then I spread my tongue out and lapped against the face of your lips over and over and over. Your hips pushed up against me and I fought to resist my need to rip your panties off then and devour your hot, soaking pussy. I forced myself to stay with my plan, and I moved back then, leaving you in that state of frantic need.

I left you there for a couple of minuites and went to the bar and got more ice. I made enough noise for you to hear me and know what I was doing. I watched as you sank back down on the bed in disappointment at being left as you were.

Soon, I went to the other side of the bed and I began to kiss your right breast and I pulled that nipple out and teased it. My lips closed around it and I sucked and flicked it with my tongue and scraped my teeth across it. You soon were caught up in this play and you writhed and groaned with every new play.

I leaned across you and began to tease your other nipple, and when they were both erect and dark in color, I moved back and forth, teasing and taunting them. I paused for a moment and you raised your head up, trying to know what I was doing. You screamed when you felt the cold ice cube that I placed against your nipple. You shook your head back and forth as I plied it on both nipples, alternating the shocking coldness of the ice with the hotness of my mouth.

I sucked and licked your nipples and iced them on and on until I heard you gasping and moaning incoherent words, then I grabbed your nipples with both hands and I pinched them between my thumbs and fingers and watched as you shook. I pinched harder and harder and then released them and slapped your tits with the edge of my hands, causing your nipples to spring back and forth.

I sucked them and bit at them, then pinched and pulled them until I saw your breasts stretch up off of your chest, then released them and began to gently kiss and suck them as if I was nursing. I played with your breasts until I felt you shake and climax and then I gently carressed them as if soothing them after such a travail.

I left you there for a few minutes and I sat in the chair looking at you. Your breasts were pink from all of my play and I saw your legs were wet from the juices that flowed from you. Your panties were creased between your lips. Your face was flushed and beautiful. I was proud of my work so far. I smiled as I thought about how much I would enjoy you in the next few hours.

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