Susan from Philly Pt. 07

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Susan sat quietly in the car as we drove back to the hotel. Pulling in to the driveway she looked over at me and said, “I need a drink. There is a good bar around the corner.”

The valet opened the doors as I rolled to a stop. “Thomas, room 1611,” I called out as he handed me a ticket.

“This way,” Susan said as she got out of the car flashing everyone in the driveway. I had to jog to catch up with her. We walked in silence the two blocks to the bar. It was a bar, dark, cold, booths on one side and a large wood bar down the other.

As we entered the bartender pulled a bottle of Jack Daniels out and began pouring a drink. Susan walked by the bar taking it from him.

“What are you drinking?”

“Dewar’s on the rocks.”

Susan settled into a booth near the back of the bar and I slid into the seat opposite her.

“You okay?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

“What is it?”

“Two days ago I would have never walked around all day with my pussy and ass exposed, flashing strangers. I would not have been naked getting ass-fingered on my desk and then fucking in my office in front of the window. I would not have thought of being pissed on or pissing on somebody else.”

“It has been an interesting couple of days. I have really enjoyed being with you,” I answered.

“My pussy won’t turn off. I am dripping wet, juices running down my thighs and my pussy keeps having little mini orgasms. Everything we have done is so naughty, exciting and I feel like I cannot control myself. I’m not sure what I am going to do after you leave tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry, but I do have to go in the morning.”

“I know, I just don’t know what I will do with what I have learned and felt the past couple of days.”

I took a sip of my drink, looking over my glass at her. “This has been as big a turn on for me as I’ve ever had. You are an incredible and giving lover,” I said setting my glass down.

She smiled, “Me too. Thank you for helping me live out some fantasies.”

“Definitely been my pleasure.”

Looking at the bartender she made the circle the wagons, another round of drinks sign.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she said as she slid out of the booth and walked to the back of the bar to the bathrooms.

The bartender delivered the drinks. I sat there reflecting on the wild fun that had gone on. Susan had certainly shed some inhibitions the last couple of days and had opened some new horizons for both of us.

I had been sitting there about five minutes when the door opened and a petite blonde in a gray tailored suit and blue blouse walked in. The bartender said hello and began to pour her a drink. She walked to the bar, took the drink and spoke with him. He nodded in my direction and she walked towards the booth.

She walked up, looked at me and asked, “You Dave?”


“Hi, I’m Julie, I work with Susan. Thought I might catch you guys here.”

“They clearly know you guys here.”

I could see her more clearly now, slim, 5’6″, short blonde hair and a set of tits that I bet are impressive to see naked.

“Where is she?” Julie asked.

“In the bathroom.”

She sat her drink down and walked back to the bathrooms. I waited, sipping my drink. After a couple of minutes Julie returned and slid into the booth across from me.

“She okay?” I asked.

“She’ll be out in a couple of minutes. She is trying to put her face back together.”

“Yeah, but is she okay?”

“I think she is overwhelmed with what has happened. She had really built up, in her head, you coming to town. Ever since you two were together in Newport she has been trying to figure out how to get with you again.”

“Wow, I had no idea. She is a very sexy woman and this has been an amazing experience for me.”

“I could tell in her office this morning. Her window had hand and tit canlı bahis şirketaleri prints on them, she left her bra on the floor behind her desk and her desk was a mess.”

“Thanks for covering for us.”

“No problem, it has been a fantasy of hers for quite a while, but she could not do it with anyone in the office. Her idea was a just a quickie, lift your skirt kind of thing. Being completely naked on the desk and being exposed in the window was so much hotter than she imagined. I had to go to the bathroom and finger myself after she told me the story.”

“You two really are close,” I said.

“We are, very,” she said suggestively.

Susan rejoined us and slid in next to Julie. She had cleaned up her makeup and brushed her hair. As she slid in, she leaned over and kissed Julie on the cheek, in a very familiar manner.

“Feel better?” I asked.

“Yes, very much.”

“What did you guys do today?” Julie asked.

“Geno’s, the usual tourist stuff and then garage sex. I was basically naked being finger fucked by Dave. After I came I pulled his pants down, sucked his cock and fingered his ass. After cumming in my mouth I kissed him sharing his cum with him.”

“Sounds like a really hot time, wish I could have seen it,” Julie said. “Have you been naked under your dress all day or did you lose your bra and panties this time?”

“Yes she has and she has basically flashed everyone she sees,” I answered.

“It feels incredible not wearing anything under my dress,” Susan said. “It has made me incredibly horny all day long and was why I had to get off in the garage before we went anywhere.”

Julie looked at Susan, “Still naked under there?”

Susan just nodded. Julie looked at me as she slid one hand off the table moving towards Susan’s lap. Susan shifted in her seat to allow Julie access. Her eyes closed, a moan escaped her lips and her head rolled back slowly as Julie must have made contact with Susan’s pussy. I could not see, but could imagine her fingers brushing along Susan’s hairless pussy. Julie’s arm moved slowly and Susan continued moaning.

“You were right, you are very wet,” Julie said smiling.

After a couple of minutes, Susan’s body shook lightly as she closed her eyes. Julie pulled her hand back and put two fingers in her mouth sucking Susan’s juices off of them. Susan was trying to get her breath back under control and my cock was just hardening in my pants.

Julie looked at me and smiled, “Very close.”

I signaled for more drinks which appeared quickly. Not knowing where this might lead, I asked Julie what she was doing this evening. She said she was meeting her mom for their monthly dinner and needed to leave shortly.

“That’s too bad. I wish you could join us for dinner.”

“I wish I could but Mother insists we get together once a month and I can’t get away. Besides I wouldn’t want to get in the way of your last night together.”

I fake pouted and Susan kicked me under the table as Julie laughed. We had a couple of more drinks and Julie announced that she needed to go. As Susan was starting to move to let Julie out, Julie reached over and pulled Susan’s face to her passionately kissed her. Julie’s hand wandered down and rested on Susan’s left tit. They broke off the kiss and looked at each other. Julie whispered something in Susan’s ear and Susan nodded yes. Susan slid out of the booth letting Julie out. Julie looked at me and winked.

Julie looked at Susan and said, “Call me tomorrow.” Looking at me she said, “Nice meeting you and enjoy.”

Susan slid back into the booth.

“How long have you two been involved?” I asked.

“About six months. Started with a couple of innocent touches when we were working late. We have stayed overnight together a few times since then.”

“Your first time with a woman?”

“No, I had canlı kaçak iddaa some experiences in college. I enjoy being with her, the sex is great, but I still prefer a real cock in me.”

“I like my real cock in you.”

“Looks like you were enjoying watching us.”

“Whats not to like, two sexy women enjoying each other in front of me. It was definitely a turn-on.”

Grabbing a menu Susan said, “I’m hungry, they have great burgers here.”

“Sounds good to me. I definitely need to keep my strength up to keep up with you.”

We ordered and I switched over to drinking beer. While we ate Susan ran her bare foot over my jeans and crotch pushing my cock with her foot.

During dinner I asked about Julie, “Does she have a boyfriend?”

“No, she is definitely into women and not really interested in cocks. Although we use toys and a strap-on on each other when we are together. She has been with guys, but like I said, cocks do not do a lot for her.”

“You ever been in a threesome?” I asked.

“No, but have fantasized about it.”

“Two guys and you or two women and a guy?”

“Before I met Julie, it was always two guys. But I would be interested in an evening with her and a guy.”

“Sounds fun either way.”

“How about you, been in a threesome?”

“Yes both MMF and FFM.”

“Either of those with your wife?”

“No not really. We were with a friend of hers one night out dancing and we started to get all tangled up with each other when we got back to our apartment when my wife passed out and we could not get her to wake up. Her friend and I wound up fucking each other. The wife has not been up for another one again.”

“Who was the FFM with?”

“Two women from the Dallas office. I had been fucking both of them and they figured it out so they decided we should get together one day.”

“Your office? Do I know them?”

“Yes, one of them.”

Susan thought for a moment, “Jackie?”


“I would fuck her,” Susan said.

“And she would probably let you and we could all join in together. Although the two of you together would probably kill me.”

“She the one you fucked in your office?”

“Yes and all over the building. She is like you have been the past couple of days, will fuck anywhere. Although we have not been completely naked in the office. Will have to work on that.”

“And the MMF?”

“One was with a guy from the office when we were out of town working. We found a sexy lady who wanted to fuck all week. Even double cocked her pussy one night.”

“Two cocks in her pussy? How did that feel?”

“It was really tight, it helped that she was super excited and wet. Took a little work to get them both in but it was worth it.”

“How did it feel touching cocks?”

“It was a little weird at first, but rubbing cocks together in her was very exciting and we came pretty close together so we could feel our cocks throbbing against each other. We never did talk about it afterward.”

I could tell she was thinking about the possibilities and I think it was getting her excited. Her cheeks were a little flushed and her nipples were poking against her dress.

“You are okay with touching a guys cock?”

“When you have two cocks and one woman in bed there is going to be some contact. If you do not like that you probably should not be involved in a threesome.”

“That’s a good point,” she said.

I started to slide out of the booth, “I need to piss.”

“Can you wait till we get back to the hotel?”

“Yes,” I said, wondering what she had in mind.

Susan downed her drink, signaled for the check and went up to the bar to pay. The bartender wished her a good evening and smiled at me as we left.

We walked back to the hotel. I could tell she was deep in thought and I did not bother her as we walked. Several canlı kaçak bahis people joined us in the elevator as we rode up to our floor. Entering the room, Susan walked over to the floor to ceiling windows and opened the curtains. The sun sinking but was still out and light spilled into the room. Standing in front of the window her dress was almost transparent.

“Can anyone see me up here?”

“Yes, in the daylight you can see into the rooms. See the rooms across the street with open curtains?” I said pointing to the hotel across the street.

She looked across the street and after a moment nodded yes.

“They could see you too,” I said.

She was looking out the window at the hotel next door, her eyes moving from room to room. Her hands moved to the straps on her dress, pulled them down off her shoulders and she let the dress fall to the floor. Standing naked in front of the window she began to massage and rub her tits. I stood in the middle of the room watching her, my cock growing harder in my pants.

After a couple of minutes, Susan’s right hand moved down her body to her pussy. As I watched her beginning to masturbate in the window I began removing my clothes and was quickly naked in the middle of the room with my hard cock sticking straight up.

Knowing that she might be seen was driving her quickly over the edge. Stepping to her side I could see her face as she focused on looking out the window and rubbing her clit. I was slowly stroking my cock as I watched her. She was clearly worked up and her hand began to fly over her clit. Her breathing became ragged and she put her left hand out on the window to steady herself. She wanted to been seen. When her orgasm hit her she shoved her fingers deep into her pussy and held them there. Her body was trembling and she slowly dropped to her knees. As the trembling subsided, I stepped up behind her and dropped to my knees. Taking her in my arms I held her as we sat in front of the window with her recovering.

Her breathing slowly returned to normal and she was resting her head on my shoulder. I was enjoying just holding her and my cock had started to deflate. Susan was continuing to stare out the window. She turned and made eye contact with me.

“That was amazing knowing someone could be watching me.”

“It was amazing to watch. Being exposed really turns you on doesn’t it?”

“Yes, I did not know it would be so exciting to have it all out there.”

I started to stand up, “I’ve got to piss. I’ll be right back.”

“Wait, I’ll come with you.”

Susan followed me to the bathroom and I stepped to the toilet. I figured she wanted to see me piss again or hold my cock while I did. She pulled me to the side and had me face the tub. Susan stepped into the tub and laid down in it.

“Piss on me. Piss all over me.”

I grabbed my cock, aimed at her pussy and started to piss on her. Susan stared wide eyed as the piss looped out of my cock onto her. I started to move up her body and was quickly pissing on her tits. She began to rub it all over her upper body and pussy. My piss streamed down her body and into the tub. Soon I was out of piss and stood at the edge of the tub watching Susan rub it on her body and she began to lick her fingers. It was an incredible sight.

Susan sighed and looked at her piss covered body.

“Your piss is so hot on my body. That felt amazing.”

“It was amazing to watch.”

She stood up in the tub and leaned over to kiss me.

“Go get in bed, I’ll get cleaned up and join you in a few minutes.”

I nodded and walked toward the bedroom as she started the shower. The curtains were still open but the sun had gone down enough for the street lights to start coming on. The room was in a semi-dark state with the light from the bath spilling into the room. Crossing the room I stood at one side of the window and looked across at the other hotel. I could clearly see into rooms with their lights on and curtains open. No one appeared to be looking out. I could hear Susan in the shower. As I stood there my thoughts went to what else could happen tonight.

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