Surprised with a Kiss

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The night is dark, save for a pale silver sliver of moonlight spilling in through a crack in the blinds and pooling on the floor. I lay still in my bed, drifting between wakefulness and sleep. My hands rest absently on my body where I had been playing earlier as I thought of him. The sheets caress my naked skin as I lazily imagine that I am with him now. I miss him so.

A rattle at the door breaks the stillness of the night. A key inserted in the lock, then the soft, slow creak of a door being pushed open. I hear it all, but half asleep I imagine it is from a different apartment, or perhaps just wishful thinking. My love isn’t due to visit for another week.

My eyes are closed, so I don’t see him standing in the doorway, a soft smile on his lips as he looks down at me. He crawls into bed beside me and softly kisses my cheek. My eyes fly open and I see his looking back at me in the darkness. They are soft and brown and sparkling with love. I gasp and move to embrace him. My brilliant blue eyes are already shining with tears.

“What are you doing here?” I ask between kisses.

“I had to see you,” he answers, caressing my face.

After that we don’t talk for a while. There are a million things I want to say to him, and I’m certain we could talk for hours… But there will be time for that later. My mouth finds his, and we are lost in a passionate kiss. His lips are soft, yet fierce, moving against mine with an unusual hunger. His velvet tongue slips between my lips and starts exploring my mouth. Our tongues dance around each other, güvenilir bahis gently caressing at first, then twirling and twisting as the kiss deepens.

He has one hand at the back of my head, buried in my golden hair. The other explores my body, trailing gently down my arm, massaging my breast, slipping down to my waist. I moan against his mouth and press against him. My hands slip under his shirt and I start rubbing his back. I find the edge of his shirt and start pulling it up. He breaks away just long enough for me to get it over his head, then is back on me before I even have a chance to drop it. I toss the shirt aside and pull him on top of me. I wrap my arms wrap around him and press against his warm body, loving the feeling of skin against skin.

He holds me close and his lips move to my neck. I sigh as he hits my weak spot and turn my head to give him better access. The kisses trail down my neck to the hollow of my collarbone, then finally to my breast. I feel that wonderful tongue of his flick across one nipple, then the other. I moan and grind against him. I can feel him straining against his jeans, and I know he wants me just as much as I want him.

“I need you now,” I moan. Without even touching me my pussy is dripping wet and throbbing with desire. He doesn’t respond at first, continuing to kiss and nibble on my breasts. “Please baby…” I whimper.

This time he listens. He stands briefly to take off his jeans and boxers. His dick springs free, harder than I’ve ever seen it. The sight makes my mouth water. On any türkçe bahis other night I would drop to my knees then and there to worship that beautiful cock, sucking and stroking until he was overcome with pleasure. But tonight I need him. My pussy aches, and I know I have to have him inside me.

He climbs back on top of me and starts rubbing the head of his dick up and down my slick pussy lips. I moan and arch a little as he rubs it back and forth across my swollen clit. Finally he presses against my opening. He holds it there for a moment, letting the anticipation build until I’m squirming under him. Then he plunges deep inside me, shoving all the way to the base with his first thrust. I cry out with pleasure and wrap my legs around him, trying to push him in deeper.

He’s still a moment longer, and then he’s thrusting in and out of me as fast as he can. He hits me so hard that our bodies slap loudly against each other with each thrust. Soon I’m moving with him, bringing my pelvis up as he comes crashing down. Our bodies move in a perfect rhythm, and our moans mingle and echo loudly in the night.

He shifts position inside of me ever so slightly, and I cry out as he hits my sweet spot. My walls tighten around his shaft and I dig my nails into his back. I throw my head back and cry out for more. His pelvis is grinding against my clit just right, and his cock slams repeatedly into my g-spot. I speed up as I feel the pressure building deep inside me, and he matches my speed. My toes start tingling and I curl them, arching my back to press güvenilir bahis siteleri closer against him.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I cry, nearing the edge.

“I won’t baby,” he groans. His balls are tight as they slap against me and I know he is close too.

“Please. Please don’t. Don’t stop.” It becomes a mantra as I say it over and over again, lost in the pleasure. “Don’t stop.”

My fevered cries excite him further. He is slamming into me hard enough now that I know I’ll be sore later. But I don’t care. I love it.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, Yes!” I yell and thrust back against him. “Baby I’m-I’m cumming!”

My words send him over the edge. I feel his dick pulse and tighten. He pumps streams of his sweet sperm into me, filling me with his cum. When he finishes he collapses over me, panting. Our sweat and juices are running everywhere, mingling together. He slowly softens inside me and gingerly rolls off me to lay on his back. I turn to my side to snuggle against him and rest my head on his glistening chest. My eyes drift closed as I feel the steady rise and fall of his chest and listen to his heart beating.

“I love you,” I whisper to him.

His arms wrap around me. “I love you forever,” he replies.


We spent the weekend together, talking and laughing and making love. We explored my new town together, and I showed him my new favorite pizza place. When it was for him to go home I cried. He held me close and kissed me, telling me that he loved me and we’d see each other soon.

Now he’s back at school and I’m at work, distracted by thoughts of him. The nights without him are hard, but the memories of our nights together help sustain me. When I miss him, I choose my eyes and imagine him crawling into bed to surprise me with a kiss.

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