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When you get home from work, you remember your wife is gone for a few days. You kick off your shoes and strip down to your shorts. Then smile and say why not the wife in not here to say, “You shouldn’t do that!”

You sit down at your comp and as usual, answer emails. When you come to my name, your cock is already tenting your short as if to say, “Oh fuck let me read it!”

When you open the email, all it says is surprise! You think to yourself and wonder, not what does that mean. However, before you get a chance to figure it out, there is a knock on your front door. You grumble, bullshit and put your pants on to go see who in the hell it is!

When you open the door, you see a beautiful 52 yr old full figured-BBW, in a silk-green pantsuit that sets off her seductive green eyes. You know the minute your eyes meet that its Deana. You ask her in, the offer her something to drink.

The all the sudden remember how your dressed and when your eyes meet, you are both blushing. You walk over to me and help me to my feet and whisper, “Are you shy Deana?”

I reply, “Yes, I am new at meeting me and doing things like this!”

You respond by kissing me long deep and hard as your finger caress the small of my back. You know I am excited my hard nipples are poking you in the chest. You pull away for a moment, and then slowly unbutton my top. When my full breast are exposed you gasp, “OMG their beautiful!” You suck my nipple into your mouth, then tug it with your teeth feeling it illegal bahis swell more and respond.

My hands are now fiddling with your pant and my fingers soon wrapped around your hard cock. You let your pants and shorts fall to the floor and step out of them, kicking them to the side. You quiver as my fingers slide up and down your cock. You stop me long enough to kiss me hard then go back to my breasts, sucking and biting the other nipple.

I moan, “Yesssssss! Oh god, I have wanted you for so long.” I tremble and go week in the knees. You catch me and lead me to the spare bedroom. You help me out of the rest of my clothes then stand there in aw, wondering how any man could resist such a hot sexy full figured woman, with my sexual appetites.

You gently kiss me as you lay me down, your hand instinctively going for my drenched cunt. I gasp and say, “Oooooh gods yes, play with me, feel my swollen clit, finger-fuck my hole!”

You sit up, spread my cunt apart, and finger every inch of me seeing and feeling me get wetter. You move so my hands can stroke your cock. You utter, “Slow down doll, you’ll make me cum too soon!”

I yell, “Eat me! I want to feel your tongue deep in my hole and your lips and teeth tugging at my clit…OOOOOOOH-FUCK-EAT-ME!”

Now how can you resist such a delectable suggestion? You get between my legs and eagerly lap at my cunt like a starved puppy going after its mom’s tit. Before long, I am moving my hips wildly and pulling on your head illegal bahis siteleri holding you against my hot cunt. You manage to shove two then three then all four fingers in my hole. You fuck me hard, then attempt to get your fist in me. Remembering that I told you in one of my emails that I love to be fisted.

Then you do you bite my clit and I scream, “Ooooh Baby, yesssss and literally squirt cum in your mouth, face and all over the bed! Your cock almost lost its load when I came like that and you had not even touched it.

You slide up and kiss me. I eagerly lick my juices off your face and say, “FUCK ME GENE! Fuck me deep and hard, like I have never been fucked before!”

You rise up and ram you cock into me hard with one thrust. Then grab onto the headboard and continue thrusting you cock as deep as it will go, while holding my legs as far apart as they can go. You watch your cock fuck me and your expression tells me you love it. When you look down me, I am sucking and biting one nipple, one then the other!

You shout, “Oh god, do that again! I love it when a woman suckles and bites her own nipples!”

I tell you I love to suck and play with my tits and even do it on web-cam! You cannot stand it; you’re about to burst and fill every crevice of my cunt with jism. I reach down, finger my clit, and exclaimed, “Fill my hot cunt with cum lover!”

You ram your cock hard and when you do, we scream simultaneously….”I’m cumming!!!!”

You tell yourself, canlı bahis siteleri “Damn, that felt so fucking good! No woman has even made me this hot, this naughty, and cum this hard.”

When you cock is still inside me, I pull your lips to mine and kiss you hard as our tongues dance together. I then lick your ear, suck the lobe and utter, “Oh-my-God you’re awesome! Now lover lay on your back!”

When you lay down, I move so my mouth is less then an inch from your cock. I then look up at you and say, “Play with my cunt baby!”

Then take your cock into my mouth and lick our juices from it. I can tell you love it because you are shaking and fucking my mouth deeper. I stop sucking long enough to say, “Get on top of me and slide your cock in my mouth as you eat me. Oooooh god, I love to 69 and me always cum more then once!”

You slide your cock into my mouth and I engulf it until my lips touch your pubic hair. You separate my labia and eagerly lap our juices from me. You can tell by my actions that I love doing this. I tell you that I love it when a man eats our combined cum from me.

In your mind, your wonder what I would do if your cock was in my mouth and a woman was eating me. You quickly brush that thought aside, deciding you can do that in another sex session, knowing darn well I will do it!

You envision that image and fuck my mouth harder–deeper! You bite my clit and I begin to tremble. You go rigid and fill my mouth with cum once more. You hold on for dear life you bite my clit again. As an earth shattering climax overtakes me you swallow hard not wanting to miss a drop of our combined fluids. We lay back on the bed catching our breath.

I turn to you and utter, “Sweetheart, ready for round three!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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