Summer with Carly Pt. 03

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That night was heaven. Unfortunately, the next week turned out to be excruciating. Aunt Karen had determined “something” was happening. Thankfully, her veiled comments at dinner seemed to suggest Carly had been sneaking out at night. Considering the alternative, I encouraged Carly to plead guilty to the proverbial jay walking instead of allowing the court to learn of the more apt felony charges. Carly was having none of it.

“I’m eighteen damn years old!” Carly gritted through her teeth as we walked towards the shop the next morning. “I’m leaving for school in less than two months. Am I supposed to call my mommy from my dorm room when I stumble in at night?”

“Carly, I think you’re missing something really important here. You’re mom thinks you came crashing through the window after heading out to party in the middle of the night. Nod and smile so we can get past this” I said through equally clenched teeth.

Carly cast me off with a high flourish of her hand. “It’s the principle Jake. Don’t you have principles?” She really accentuated the “you” to dig into me.

“Of course I have principles. As in, I very principally don’t want my family to find out we’ve mouthed each other’s happy spots in the middle of the night!” As an answer, Carly rolled her eyes and stomped into the shop. I choose not to follow.

Apparently, Carly had a few near misses with the law due to underage drinking. Her parents were obviously concerned those near misses would derail her path to college and a potential soccer scholarship. As such, the pleasant farmhouse in the middle of Iowa was put on lock down.

Each night Aunt Karen sat reading in a chair in the small loft at the top of the stairs. Not necessarily pointing out that she was on watch, but ensuring any bumps in the night would be noticed. Uncle John made several “random” visits to the front porch during the night. He made casual laps of the wrap around porch quietly puffing his cherry tobacco filled pipe.

I dealt with the torture of not experiencing Carly for several days. It wasn’t just the prevention of the night time rendezvous that hurt; it was the total change in Carly’s demeanor. Instead of the free and bouncy little imp, she was a pouty and bitter crank.

Eventually, the real Carly started to break through. Visits to the shop which had been met with hurtful silence were eventually replaced by a “hey” and then further improved to a “Hi Jake”. I didn’t help the matter as I mumbled responses in an immature way to show her I was hurt by her lack of attention.

Nearly a week after our near miss, Carly sauntered her way into the barn while I was busy cleaning. She kept her hands clasped behind her back and her head down as she slowly walked towards me one foot in front of the other. I could see where this was going. The cute puppy with the sad eyes was about to be forgiven for shitting on the floor.

She stood in front of me silently looking up with comically sad eyes and her lower lip jutting out. Wisps of that curly brown hair hung down across the pale soft skin of her face to complete the effect. I’m almost positive she had spent time in front of a mirror to perfect the look. At first, I resolved myself to not budge. I wasn’t going to let her off the hook for treating me poorly for several days. Especially after the most incredible, intimate moment of my life. But… Carly is Carly.

“I’m sorry Jake” she said in a soft, barely audible voice. The longer I stood my ground, the poutier that bottom lip became.

“For what?” I said in a demanding voice. My blues eyes stared into her brown ones with as much steel as I could muster. I would not be swayed by that pretty face. Though as I looked down, an extensive amount of cleavage was threatening to break my will. I wondered if she had spent time in front of a mirror to maximize that effect as well. Carly was wearing a pale gray, v-necked t-shirt over tight jean capris. Anything she wore with a V neck would be barely adequate with the significant size and rise of her breasts.

“For being a butt,” she said softly. She completed the effect by rubbing the toe of her foot in the dirt. The little shit. The very cute, very lovable little shit.

“Is that all?” I asked. “You spend days ignoring me and call it just being a butt?” I crossed my arms in front of me firmly trying me best to remain serious. All I wanted to do was grab her and hold her tight. She knew it. “Don’t you think you owe me a little more?”

The sweet apologetic face was replaced by an excited, mischievous smile. “You’re right Mr. Jake. I do owe you a little more.” With that, she took my hand in her own and covered it with her other hand. I could feel soft fabric cupped in my hand.

Still holding my hand in both of hers, she stepped up on her tips toes and kissed me on the lips. I looked at the large entrance to the barn hoping no one could see, but I didn’t break the kiss. Our tongues touched briefly as I felt out her soft lips. I took her bottom illegal bahis lip in and gently sucked, producing a deep sigh from Carly.

After several more kisses, Carly turned us and backed away into a partitioned area of the barn. A low wall kept all but the top of her head hidden as she tucked herself into the alcove. I opened my hand to find a soft wad of fabric. Her peace offering was a pair of blue, boy cut panties adorned with much too innocent smiling white stars. The partial hardness created by the kiss turned into a slab of marble as I ran the panties through my fingers and felt a small wet spot.

I was trying to stay mad, but when Carly’s hand poked out from behind the wall with a beckoning finger, I caved like a cheap roof in a hurricane. I maintained my dirty look, but I followed.

Carly was leaning against the wall furthest from the opening. She put up a hand to stop me from moving towards her with that dirty smile of hers. “Just keep watch,” she whispered with dual meaning. I stopped and leaned on the wall at the opening of the stall. Carly turned around seductively with a slow sashay of her hips to grab my attention.

Carly’s tight ass strained the fabric as she placed her hands high. She rose up her tip toes and stretched against the wall. The cat like movement highlighted her athletic form. Even with her back turned, the swell of her large breasts were visible in the outline of her body.

My heart was pounding yet again as Carly slid her hands down her body until they disappeared into the front of her waist. The tight jean material popped loose when the button was undone and her thumbs slid into her waistband on either side. She slid the capris down a few inches, showing the rounded top of her ass. Carly took a quick peak over her shoulder to ensure she had my attention. She did.

Carly threw her head back until her curly ponytail fell most of the way down her back. She had some resistance as she pulled the tight fabric over her muscular ass. With a jerk, the resistance was broken and the entirely of her unblemished ass was visible. The view of her pale skin in something other than bluish tint of night made my breath catch in my throat.

Carly’s hands rose above her head as she playfully danced with rhythmic side to side motions of her bare ass. She took several peeks over her shoulder to see just how interested I was in the show. The rise in my shorts made my interest quite obvious.

Eventually the dancing slowed. Carly rested her forehead against her arm on the wall. Her other hand moved out of site as it danced its way downward. I stood statue still with my mouth hanging open as her hips moved forward and back. Her ass flexed and released in a seductive rhythm. Her deep hunger was evident as she rose on tip toes when she flexed her hips towards the wall and landed on her heels when she released.

Carly looked once again over her shoulder. She gave an upwards nod to indicate it was my turn. While she tucked into the dark corner of the barn, I felt exposed at the opening of the stall. I was hidden from the main door, but still more exposed than her. Again, she gave the commanding nod. “Your turn” she breathed.

I looked around cautiously already knowing the outcome. She may as well have been writing my computer program. Even if someone was standing right next to me, I still may have chanced it. I unzipped the fly on my shorts and began to work my hardness out of the opening. As with past Carly experiences, I felt larger than usual as I pulled and tugged to get the right set of openings between my boxers and shorts.

Carly continued her lustful motions while watching me over her shoulder. When I finally worked my cock through its fabric obstacle course, I was rewarded with a lip bite and a moan from Carly. She bent over a little further so she could turn her head to me more comfortably. Now I could see finger nails of the same blue as those little panties move back and forth from view as she rubbed her slit.

With my hardness now free, I grabbed him with my right hand and made a few uncomfortable strokes. With my inexperience, I was lost without lube or lotion. In my mind, you needed lubrication for this thing to work. I was briefly trapped between very much needing to stroke and not being able to figure out how to do it comfortable. Like always, Carly was ready with a supportive suggestion.

“Use the damn panties, you dope!” she said in her familiar whisper yell from the other night. I tried to make a face that displayed that of course that was my next step, but I’m sure it fell flat. I awkwardly undid the balled up panties and spread them over my cock. Getting the soft fabric instead of the seams lined up correctly was a challenge, but the softness and warmth was exquisite.

As I stroked the smooth cotton fabric over my hardness, Carly pushed her Capris down further. With them bunched down around her ankles, she spread her legs as far apart as she could. I could see the muscles in illegal bahis siteleri her hamstrings flex and release as she continued rhythmically stroking her slit. The tips of her small fingers disappeared inside. Even from several feet away, I could see her painted fingernails glistening with her wetness.

Carly was wide open and exposed to me. From the pale pink skin of her outer labia to the impossibly small pink pucker of her asshole, it was all on display. We were getting off on watching each other and the enjoyment of being watched. Carly eyed me intently over her shoulder. She continued biting that lower lip with her eyes dreamily closing whenever her fingers slid particularly deep inside. I leaned into the short wall behind me as I stroked the fabric over the end of my cock.

Time seemed to stop for hours as we traded gentle pants. Carly would utter a soft moan and I’d reply with an unintentional grunt. Even the most discreet noises seemed to echo in the empty barn. The urgency built like a roller coaster moving towards its summit before the fall on the other side. Eventually, we made it to the top.

Carly maintained her same pace, but now her fingers plunged deeper on each stroke. I closed my own eyes briefly in pleasure when I heard the sticky wet sounds of her fingers diving into her center. I couldn’t maintain a slow pace. Carly had me so revved up, I had to stroke faster. She heard my breath deepen as my orgasm built.

“Oh hell yea,” Carly breathed. Her fingers stopped their back and forth with them plunged deep inside of her. Her hand made small movements as those fingers grabbed her most sensitive spot inside. “Give it to me Jake. Show me what I do to you” she nearly growled at me.

Carly watched me intently as she squinted her eyes in pleasure. Her mouth now hung open as she breathed in quick pants. Her own orgasm built as she did her best to keep from shouting out loud. She was back on the tips of her toes.

I stroked faster and pushed my hips forwards towards her. She was still six feet away, but I felt like every inch I moved closer made the strokes feel better. I grunted louder than I should of when my orgasm came. I held my cock firm trying to hold it back for as long as possible, but when I couldn’t hold it anymore I finished myself with hard strokes. I sent a large rope across the gap, splashing one of Carly’s calves.

Carly’s body silently exploded in that moment. Her fingers pushed deep inside her, she collapsed against the wall. Her ass continued to flex as she drained as much of her orgasm as she could. Her inner thighs glistened with wetness all the way down to her knees.

I myself was using the wall behind me to stand as I stroked the last few drops of cum onto the dirty barn floor. My post orgasm euphoria was interrupted when I thought I caught movement to my left. In my rush to watch Carly, I hadn’t even thought of the dust covered window just off my shoulder. I had been so focused on hiding myself from the main door; I had completely overlooked that window. I didn’t let on to Carly. The movement was probably just my imagination I tried to convince myself.

Carly turned around with flushed cheeks. She uttered a playful “Whoa boy” with a smile. Her dark curls were plastered to her forehead with sweat. Her reddened face made it look like she’d just gone for a run. She stood with her capris around her ankles as she redid her ponytail and tried to make herself look presentable.

“Wow, that was a doozy, wasn’t it?” she asked casually. “I can’t believe you shot that far. Quite impressive distance Mr. Jake. And oh hell yeah was it hot!” I could only smile and offer shy agreement.

Carly finished her ponytail and began the same hip sashaying movements that got her capris down to pull them back up. Her muscular thighs and ass required quite a bit of maneuvering to overcome. She finally pulled them over her hips and gave me a surprised look.

“Whoa, it’s all inside my jeans.” Carly gave her capris a final adjustment while her surprised face relaxed into one of cat like contentment. “But it’s still so warm” she purred with a smile. She took a few deep breaths with that sexy, satisfied smile.

Carly then moved into me and I held her for several peaceful moments. Having another encounter with her was amazing, but feeling her warmth against me again was even better. She pulled out of the embrace and gave me a quick peck on the lips before bounding out of the barn.

I finished up my chores and headed back towards the house. I was a couple hours short of a full day, but I’d powered through my tasks pretty quick that day, notwithstanding my interlude with Carly. I was conflicted between living in the exhilaration of a Carly experience and the brief flash of movement I’d caught at the end.

I was still working hard to convince myself that it was a bird or a shadow. Surely anyone who’d caught me in the act would have said something, right? Based on the location of the window, canlı bahis siteleri it was pretty much impossible for anyone to have seen Carly. Would my aunt or uncle just chalk my self abuse in the barn to an inconsequential indiscretion by a worked up teenager?

I walked quietly up to the wraparound porch, not wanting to draw any attention. I didn’t need any judgmental looks right now. I also didn’t want to pull any attention to my wrapping up the day early. My plan was to slide in quiet and spend the afternoon reading and rehashing the view of Carly’s ass from the comfort of my bed. Once I crested the porch though, it was my turn to be the movement at a window.

Aunt Karen was standing in the kitchen with the look of a very uncomfortable woman. I watched her in profile with a hand on her forehead and one on her hip. As I watched a large breath blew out of her puckered lips. My heart beat sounded in my ears instantly. I was suddenly certain she’d been the movement in the window.

In a stereotype of an exasperated Midwestern woman, Karen kept that hand on her hip while the other swished the air above her head. She looked like she was talking to herself while she stepped back and forth. Even though I couldn’t hear her words, I could hear the aggravated slapping of her bare feet on the hardwood floor. Each moment I watched, I was surer some sort of long talk was coming my way that evening. Even if she only thought I was pleasuring myself alone in that barn, I was mortified.

I wanted to keep walking. I wanted to find somewhere to hide and put hours between me and whatever conversation was to come. I stood there though like a fool, unable to overcome the voyeuristic thrill I was getting by watching Karen in a private moment. I watched her intently both in an attempt to decipher the exact reason for her current emotional state and in happily noticing her feminine details.

Karen was long and lean, quite a bit unlike Carly. Carly’s stout, muscular form was more a product of her father. Karen’s breasts were probably several cup sizes less than Carly’s, but she still had a nice handful. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a loose braid with minimally attended to bangs floating around her forehead. A comfortable light brown sundress hung loosely on her slim frame. I was just achieving 6 feet on my last growth spurt, but Karen wasn’t far behind.

Karen stopped her pacing and pounced on the dining table, her hands spread across its width. She stared attentively towards the nothing at other end of the table. If she looked up just a few degrees, I would be easily seen. Still, I watched.

Unlike Carly, she had blue eyes and high cheek bones. She was still a natural farm girl beauty after fortyish years. Like Carly, however, her lips were full and always on their way to a smile. I felt awful continuing to spy on her, but I was frozen in place. I lied to myself saying I was still watching for information, but I knew I was enjoying my secret observance.

Karen’s breath was slowing from the exasperated raggedness I had witnessed when I arrived. Her intent glare towards the end of the table softened towards a more distracted wistfulness. For several moments she leaned on the table contemplating the inscrutable. I watched in patient curiosity.

Slowly, Karen moved her hips closer to the table. She loosened her grip on the edges and spread her hands out on front of her. When her hips came in contact with the table, she closed her eyes. A very familiar looking lip bite followed. I leaned in much farther than I should have trying to understand the change in her posture and demeanor.

Karen’s hips bumped lazily back and forth against the table. The sundress was tight against her now, allowing me to see the outline of her mound as it rubbed against the table. I once again made the goldfish face with my mouth opening and closing in wonder.

Karen’s mouth was open as well. Long inhales were followed by impossibly long exhales. My cock was becoming uncomfortable in my shorts, but I didn’t dare reach down this exposed on the porch. I could probably be seen for hundreds of yards in a dozen different directions. I probably should have slinked away into whatever hiding spot I could find. Instead, I captured the mental images for later.

Karen continued to grind her mound against the table. She lifted a hand to her neck and caressed up to her cheek and back down. I watched as she rose just a little higher on her toes to get the right angle on her clit. She definitely found the right angle as her head dropped down and that searching hand planted itself firmly back on the table. For several minutes I tried to creep away, but my voyeuristic desire kept me in place.

Her pace quickened and she moved more forcefully into the table. The table legs squeaked on the hardwood floor. I continued to watch in awe at the passion she was generating. When her head came back up, her eyes were squeezed shut and her bottom lip was almost entirely pulled into her mouth. She was biting hard to keep in her moans. As she picked up the urgency, deep grunts could be heard in competition with the soft squeaks of the table legs. I should have moved. I should have at least ducked down a bit.

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