Summer Of Discovery Ch. 02

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“Twins become sexual empaths after Ferris Wheel mishap at the fair.”

It is several days after the incident, the day after Melanie discovered that her best friend, Sheri has the hots for her twin brother Mark. Enjoy!

Mark was excited over learning that Melanie’s good friend Sheri was interested in him, and not just “interested”, but actually hot for him! Mel had read her thoughts about Mark and told him what she was thinking.

Since the Ferris Wheel/lightning incident a few days before, they had discovered that they could feel what the other twin was thinking about themselves, and what other people were feeling toward their twin. At least, they could feel sexual thoughts, and they found that they were both suddenly very hot for each other. I surmise that it was related to the high solar flare activity that had been happening at the time, as well as their touching each other when the lightning struck, and the fact that twins already share a special closeness that no ether people have. Whatever the reasons, when they were in close proximity to each other, that is, within eyesight or ear sight, they felt all these sexual thoughts from and about their twin. Both seemed to be normal when they were apart, however, when they were together sex was foremost in their minds. (See “Summer Of Discovery” for more details of these events.)

Buck was out in the fields and Betty was making an egg and milk delivery. Mark knocked on Melanie’s bedroom door.

“Come in,” she said.

“Good morning, sis!” smiled Mark as he entered Melanie’s room. She had been dressing and was standing by the bed in just a bra and panties. He had seen and touched her already, so why cover up now? Besides, she LIKED the way he reacted to her body lately. And she could tell he really liked what he was seeing now.

“Looking good, sis!” beamed Mark as he plopped on her bed.

“So, what do you need bro?”

“Well, I need a lot of things, but what I came in for was to get Sheri’s phone number, and to ask you if it is alright if I ask her out. She’s your best friend, so I don’t want to cause any problems between you two.”

“Oh no, I think it would be great if you took her out. I know how hot she is for you now and I want you both to be happy. Besides, I got wet between my legs when I felt what she was thinking about you. It’s such a turn-on being able to feel someone’s intimate thoughts like that.”

She walked over to her nightstand and reached down to get her address book from the drawer. As she reached for it, she bent over from the waist; her panties-clad butt only a couple of feet from Mark’s admiring stare at its smooth, hard roundness.

“Go ahead, if you want.” She said as she retrieved Sheri’s number. He wanted to touch her butt, she felt, and surprised him by telling him that.

“Darn, no secrets from you, huh? Can’t I admire your nice butt without you wanting me to touch it?”

“Who said I WANT you to touch it? I just said that you MAY.”

“You didn’t have to say you wanted me to touch it. I know you do.” He said as he reached his hand up to caress her firm buttocks. She remained bent over, enjoying the feel of his big hand rubbing her cheeks as she wrote down Sheri’s number on a piece of paper. He enjoyed the feel of her through the cotton briefs, but, even more, liked the touch of her soft skin as he wandered past the side and bottom edges of the material, down her thighs and up again. She parted her feet when he touched her pussy lips as they pushed out through the material between her legs. It was warmer there than the surrounding skin. He rubbed up and down her lips through the material, and then flicked his fingertip over her love button, which was peeking out between them.

“Yes, I DO want you to touch it! Touch it all you want. Your hands feel so good down there.”

He stood and pulled her panties down over her hips and past her knees, where she then let then drop to the floor, and stepped out of them. He felt her warm buttocks and even warmer little quim, exploring with both hands now. He used one hand to release his belt and zipper, jerking the Levis and boxers over his own hips. Melanie was still bent over, sighing from his caresses, supporting herself with her hands on the nightstand, her long blond hair cascading over one shoulder. She felt his hands leave her for an agonizing few seconds, then heard his pants being removed and waited patiently for whatever might come next.

Mark’s cock was hard from the time he entered the room and saw her in her undies. He stepped up behind her, letting his big cock lie in the crack of her ass. As he moved his hips forward, it slid up her crack, causing low moans of pleasure form her. He held it in his hand and rubbed it all over her lips, which were now very wet. The crack in his head kissed her clit like a French kiss. Mel reached under, between her legs with one hand and felt his cock, sliding down the length of it to caress his tight balls as he let the hard wet shaft slide up her ass crack again. She moved forward, illegal bahis letting his cock drop down, grabbed the head and positioned it at the entrance to her willing pussy. As she moved back, he pressed forward and impaled her about halfway with one stroke.

“Oh, God, yes. Fuck me Mark. Your big cock feels so good inside me.” Exclaimed Melanie. She wondered to herself if she was becoming a slut. She had never acted this way with any of her boyfriends before. She wanted sex any time Mark was near her. And it felt so good that there were no thoughts of it being wrong any more. It just felt TOO good to be bad. No, she wasn’t a slut, she decided, but only a horny girl who was getting her desires fulfilled by her studly brother.

Mark pulled out until the bottom of his head was showing, enjoying seeing her labia stretch out around it, then pushed in slowly, going an inch deeper this time.

“You should see how it looks from this view, Mel! Your pussy and butt are so sexy like this. I never saw this view before. And, I can feel that you are liking it this way, right?”

“Oh, yes, it feels so hard and deep this way. One guy did me from behind once in his car, but it wasn’t like this at all. Push it in again. I know you like it too.” moaned Mel. Then, “Ahh, something feels different. I’m getting a tingling like I never had before. Keep fucking me just like that.”

He was holding her ass cheeks to keep from pushing her over. Now that his cock was wet with her juices, he rubbed her back as he pistoned his member in and out of his lovely sister. His hands reached under and cupped her firm, pointed titties through her bra. Her nipples were hard in his palms. Reaching to the back, he freed the clasp and released the bra, which she let fall to the floor. As he grasped her boobs again, she arched her head up and pushed back onto his cock with her rear end.

They kept up the pace for what seemed like an hour, but was really far less, enjoying the warmth from the sun shining in her window next to them. They were barely out of sight from any prying eyes that might be down below. He seemed to be harder than ever before. She thought he felt even bigger than before. They both wanted to keep doing this forever, as every stroke sent them to higher and higher levels of excitement. Her cute little ass hole begged to be touched, so he ran a finger down her back, between her cheeks, right down over her pucker hole to feel her pussy lips as they held his cock tight between them. Her pelvic muscles clinched down on his dick when he touched her ass. That felt good. She liked it, so he touched it again. Even she didn’t know if she liked it or not, and he couldn’t sense what she felt about it, but her throbbing muscles gave away her internal feelings. He licked a finger and inserted it in her ass up to the first knuckle. Her hips were rotating up and down as her muscles milked his cock and her sphincter relaxed to allow his finger to go in a little more. This set off her orgasm.

“Oh, Mmmmm, Oh, I’m cumming. Fuck me good, bro. Can you feel it?

“I feel it. You are so fucking hot, sis! I feel you cumming all over me. I’m almost there too. Keep milking me that way and I’ll be right behind you,” He smiled because he WAS right behind her, fucking his sister for all they were worth, both loving the sensations. “Here it comes. Oh God, you’re making me cum too. Feel it shooting inside you?”

Melanie felt it but was too overcome with her own spasming orgasm to reply. Her whole body twitched as she felt her own cum each time he shot his inside her. The juices from their lovemaking were running down her legs and dripping from his balls as they slowed their movements. After a few minutes, they fell over onto the bed, his shrinking cock and finger pulled from her orifices. They hugged each other face to face, kissing one another deeply and lovingly.

“Do you think I was hitting your “G” spot? You sure seemed to cum a lot. I never felt anyone cum like that before,” said Mark.

“That must be what it was. I’ve heard of that, but didn’t think it really existed. I felt like I could keep on cumming if you hadn’t cum when you did. We’ve GOT to try that again sometime. What I DO know is that, not only do I feel MY intense feelings when we make love, but I feel yours too. It’s like being inside your body as you fuck me. Do you feel that too?” asked Mel.

“Yes, I think I do. I didn’t really understand it until you just explained what you were feeling. Yes, I felt everything you were feeling. It is a strange thing to feel what a woman feels when she makes love.”

“Oh, Mark, you called me a woman. I still felt like a little girl until recently. And yes, we are making love. This is not just sex, but I know we both need to have our own lives apart from this little thing we seem to like to do together.”

The doorbell rang.

“That must be Jim. I forgot he was coming over today to hang out,” said Mark.

He hurriedly washed himself off and pulled his pants back on to go get the door, leaving illegal bahis siteleri Melanie to clean herself up.

“Hi, Jim, come one in. I was just getting dressed,” said Mark.

“Hello, Mark. You look like you just got out of bed or something.

“Oh, I’m just a little tired and getting a late start today,” lied Mark.

They went to the kitchen to get a drink and sat there chatting.

After a little while, Melanie came bouncing in, wearing only yellow cotton workout type shorts and a matching tight tank top, which clearly showed that she hadn’t bothered to put her bra back on. And, from what he could see, she had left off her panties also.

“Hi, Jimmy. How’s it going?” asked Mel, smiling as she looked directly into his big blue eyes.

“Good. Good to see you. You’re looking very fine today,” he teased. He didn’t know what it was about her that looked different today, but she did. It was probably her ‘just-fucked-my-brains-out’ look, but, of course, he had no way of knowing what had just transpired upstairs.

As she pored herself a drink and joined them at the kitchen counter, Mark sensed what Jim was thinking about his sister. Jim noticed her still firm nipples and wondered how they would feel in his hands and mouth. And he wondered why he had never thought about dating her before. But now he wanted to hold her, touch her, kiss her, and more.

Mark smiled to himself at the little secret as he had felt, for the first time, the same kind of thoughts that Mel had felt from her friend, Sheri. He could tell that Mel couldn’t sense any of the thoughts he was feeling from Jim. This was going to be fun, and he couldn’t wait to tell her what he had just discovered.

They sat and chatted for a while. Mel had always liked Jim, but just as a friend. Her brother’s friend was her friend too. That sort of friend. Today, she noticed how he seemed to be giving her more attention, looking at her differently. Jim was a nice guy, so she didn’t mind. He was about an inch shorter than her brother Mark, but still plenty tall enough, with dark brown hair, those deep blue eyes, wide, strong shoulders and strong legs. He wasn’t dating anyone special at the moment.

Melanie excused herself to go do some chores. Mark said he had to go pee and went off to find Mel. She was in the bathroom when he found her, and he told her he had something exciting to tell her. He also had to go pee real bad, since he hadn’t gone since before they had made love that morning.

“Do you mind if I go pee with you here?

“No, go right ahead. I might even hold it for you,” she teased. “Now what do you have to tell me?” she asked as he pulled his soft cock out and began to pee. She watched intently, as they had never been this open with each other before now, and she liked looking at his cock and seeing the warm pee shooting out of it as he started to tell her:

“What do you think about Jim,” he asked.

“He’s OK. You know he’s my friend too, don’t you?”

“Yes, but, I mean, did you ever wonder what it would be like to date him?”

“No, I never thought of him that way. He IS handsome though. What are you telling me? Why are you asking me that?”

“Mel, I felt it for the first time when you came into the kitchen. I think he wants you. He noticed your nipples poking through your top, and wanted to touch them, and he wanted to hold and kiss you. What do you think about that?” said Mark.

“Wow, that is great that you can feel those thoughts too.” She was more excited to discover that Mark could sense the same type feelings from others that she could feel from others about him.

“Yeah, it’s so exciting getting those thoughts from someone. I now know how you felt yesterday. But, what do you think about him? Would you like to date him? If you do, I’ll help set it up for you, discretely, of course.”

“Yeah, I think I would. He is nice, and very handsome, and now I know that he has sexy feelings for me. Maybe I can get someone other than my boring brother.” She smiled as she hugged him. “But you have to help me and tell me what he is thinking and expecting. We girls have to be careful, you know. I don’t want to be raped or anything like that.”

“By the way, Sheri’s phone number is still on my nightstand. Are you going to call her soon?”

“Yes, as soon as I get a chance. I can’t wait to get close to that hot redhead. I think we’ll have fun. And, don’t worry; I know Jim has only good intentions for you. He won’t hurt you. But, there IS something I should warn you about.”

“Oh no, what is it?” Mel quizzed.

“I’ve seen his cock in the gym. Not hard, of course, but it looks to be about an inch longer than mine, and maybe even thicker. He may be a little shorter in height than me but he makes up for it in other ways.” informed Mark.

“Thanks for the warning. I don’t mind. I think I like them big now, after feeling your big one in me this week. So, yes, go ahead and help us get together and we’ll see what happens. Now, go, before he wonders what canlı bahis siteleri you’re up to here”

Mark called Sheri and set up a date for the upcoming Saturday night, to go to the movies and maybe a hamburger or salad afterward.

Saturday came and Mark was off to pick up Sheri for their first date. They went to see a movie at the local town theater. The movie was good. They shared some popcorn and drinks as they watched, but didn’t have much chance to talk until afterward. As they drove to “The Hub”, they discussed what each liked or disliked about it. Of course, he already knew her, but this was entirely different, being on an actual date with her. She was easy to get along with but he just couldn’t sense any of the passion for him that Mel had said that she had. They arrived, sat in a corner booth, and ordered some snacks.

While eating and chatting aimlessly, they noticed Mel outside talking with Jim by her car. Mark had talked to Jim and kinda let him know that he should talk with Melanie sometime, without letting on that he knew what Jim was thinking about her. And he certainly wouldn’t want to tell him just how ready his sister was to get to know him more intimately. So now they were talking animatedly and seemed to be having fun. Mark smiled to himself at the thought of what could become of those two when and if they hooked up together. He could sense both of their feelings for each other right now, and knew that it wouldn’t be too long before they would be doing even more together.

“What are you smiling at Mark,” asked Sheri.

“Oh nothing. It’s just interesting to see my best friend and sister talking to and enjoying each other.”

“Yeah, it’s kinda like your sister’s best friend talking to her brother,” she smiled, without giving away any of her private feelings.

Mark excused himself to go to the restroom. As he was coming out, Melanie was just coming into the hallway outside the door.

“Hi, Mark,” Mel said as she gave him a quick hug. “I didn’t see you before but I knew you were here. I could feel all the sexual tension between you two. The date must be going pretty good, huh?”

“Actually, not bad, but not THAT great,” said Mark. “We are getting along fine, but I just don’t feel anything from her like the feelings you said she had for me. I don’t want to be too forward and be wrong, or make a big mistake, you know?”

“Hmm, I can see your dilemma. But, trust me, she wants you.”

“Hey, I can tell you and Jim are getting along well too. I suppose it won’t be long before you two get to the next level, right?

“We are getting along fabulously. He’s cool. I had to be careful not to get caught looking at his crotch after what you told me about his, ahem, ‘equipment’. I really want to check it out now,” said Mel.

“Well, what do you think I should do now with Sheri? Should I try anything or wait?” asked Mark.

“I think I have an idea that might work. Do you think you can get her over to our house tonight?” asked Mel.

“I can make up some excuse, I suppose. What do you have in mind?”

“Just get her there and I’ll be home when you get there. Then keep your mind open and we’ll see if my plan works. Now, I have to go, and you should not keep her waiting any longer.” She said as she gave her brother a quick kiss. “I envy you. Sheri is such a fox. You two are going to have some fun, I just know!”

Melanie came by their booth to say hi to them both before going back outside to talk with Jim. Mark had asked Sheri to come with him to listen to his new CD, and maybe have a glass of wine. She accepted. The plan was on.

Mark and Sheri arrived home first. He led her into the den and asked if she still wanted that drink. Yes, she did. So, Mark put in his new CD and went to get a couple of glasses of wine. Melanie came home shortly after and let herself in quietly. She wanted to be like a fly on the wall for this to work. Their parents had already retired for the night, but it was not uncommon for their twins to have friends over at night, so they would have no problem with a third person in the house. The kids were good and trustworthy. If only they knew what was going to transpire tonight…

Melanie listened from the kitchen, which was next to the den. She couldn’t hear a lot of their conversation over the music, but she could feel everything they were thinking from there. And, boy, were they thinking. How could these two not be aware what they were feeling for each other, she thought? Well, she was going to help them if her plan worked ok.

She drank a glass of wine herself while she waited. Mark and Sheri finished the first glass and Mark came into the kitchen for more. Melanie already had it pored for him. He wasn’t surprised to see her, but still didn’t understand the ‘plan’.

“You just go back in and take her this wine. The first glass has you both loosened up, so it’s time to DO something. Just pay attention to what I’m thinking when you are with her and I’ll try to give you instructions telepathically. I can tell what she wants, so I’ll try to tell you through my mind. I know you can tell what I’m thinking, so let’s try this and see if it works.” Gushed Mel, who was getting excited at what was going to happen to her brother and best friend.

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