Summer Heat Ch. 02

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The characters and events in this story are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. The work has been written for entertainment only, and is not meant to promote or endorse criminal acts of any kind.


The years have passed. Jane and I are still together, but now we have an eighteen year old daughter. It wasn’t planned and we were both rather worried at the time that, as we were brother and sister, the baby might be born deformed due to the accumulation of genetic defects. But luck was with us and Cassie has turned out to be a happy and healthy teenager.

Of course we had to hide the fact that I was Cassie’s biological father in order to avoid the outrage of friends, relatives and society in general. You can well imagine the scandal that such a revelation would have caused and, of course, we also wanted to protect our child from being caught up in the calumny that no doubt would have erupted if the truth had ever become known.

Jane simply claimed she had gotten drunk at a party and had sex with some guy she didn’t know and couldn’t remember clearly because she was utterly smashed. That Jane and I were living together was explained by the fact that I was supporting my unmarried sister, and being a father figure to a child whose male parent was ‘unknown.’ To Cassie, of course, I was simply her loving uncle Jack.

Naturally, people may have been suspicious of our relationship. But Jane and I were always cautious. We had separate bedrooms, and were extremely careful when others were present not to display anything more than the usual affection one would expect to find between brother and sister. Most people simply think us odd.

The arrival of Cassie brought an end to the wild and spontaneous sex on the lounge and in the shower, but that finishes when most couples have kids anyway. Instead we, like other parents since time immemorial, had to wait until our daughter was soundly asleep before screwing like wild dogs on heat. It is fair to say that both of us yearned for those earlier days of uninhibited fucking.

But of course the truth can rarely be hidden forever. In the end there is always the chance some one will find out, and this is the story of what happened when they did.


It was a Sunday afternoon. Cassie had gone to the movies. Jane and I were alone in the house. My sister was peeling vegetables for the evening meal and I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. It was a fairly typical scene of domestic life, one that didn’t portend the chain of events that were soon to come about.

It all started when Jane dropped the knife. The sound of cutlery clattering on the tiles made me look up from my reading. I saw my sister bending over. Miniskirts were back in fashion and I had a good view of her shapely butt and the black lacy thong that cleaved the cheeks of her arse. My cock stiffened at the sight. It was far more interesting than anything the newspaper had to offer.

Jane may have been forty, but being an aerobics instructor at the local gym had helped her maintain the figure of a girl half her age. It had been over a week since we’d had sex. Cassie had been staying up late at night studying for her college exams, which had made it impossible for us to fuck. Needles to say, I was hornier than a bull.

Abstinence makes the dick grow longer, or so I’ve heard. Well, mine was pretty long now. I got up and slipped my arms about Jane’s lissom waist and kissed her neck.

“Please, Jack,” she sighed as she continued to dice the carrots. “I’m busy.”

I ignored her comment. My hands slid up her bare belly and lifted the tube top over her breasts. Jane’s tits may be small but they are nicely shaped and still very firm. She gasped as I ran my tongue over her stiffening nipples and began to knead her jugs with my hands.

“Are you still too busy, sis?” I grinned as I slid one hand under the waistband of her miniskirt and panties. Her shaven cunt was already oozing wetness. It doesn’t take much to turn my sister on.

“Maybe the vegetables can wait after all,” she replied huskily as she put down the knife and gripped the edge of the bench with both hands as I began to stroke her clit. She uttered a soft moan and spread her legs to allow me better access to her dripping slit. I unzipped her mini and it slipped down her shapely legs, leaving her standing in nothing but her skimpy thong. There was a thick uncut cucumber on the bench. I picked it up, and knelt in front of Jane.

“Here’s one vegetable that can’t wait,” I quipped. Jane laughed.

Then I pulled her underwear down, spread her pussy lips and slid the cucumber into her cunt. Jane gasped as I fucked her with the vegetable, slowly pumping in and out of her hole whilst licking her clit. After a few minutes my sister’s legs began to tremble and her breathing came in ragged gasps.

“Oh, Jack,” she cried. “Faster.” I was only too happy to oblige.

Jane groaned, grabbed illegal bahis one tit and began to knead her swollen nipple. Her hips began to buck, matching my thrusts as I drove the cucumber deep into her dripping cunt. I could tell she was on the verge of coming. I slid one finger up her arse and plunged the vegetable into her slit as far as it would go. My sister uttered an orgasmic scream. Her fingers dug into her tit. Her pelvis thrust convulsively against my face and I felt her cunt spasm. She collapsed into my arms with a satisfied sigh, and I lowered her gently to the floor.

It was then that we saw Cassie standing in the kitchen doorway, mouth open like a fish, and staring at us with eyes so wide that they seemed on the verge of falling out of her head. Well, how to explain this situation? There was my sister lying on the floor, tube top pulled up above her naked breasts. Her skirt and thong were down around her ankles. Her slit, wet with cunt juice, had a cucumber deeply imbedded in it, and there was me in the middle of pulling it out.

The cat, as the saying goes, was well and truly out of the bag and there was no way it was going back in. It was so quiet you could have heard a proverbial pin drop. Cassie closed her mouth, turned on her heel and left without a word. Shortly, we heard her bedroom door close behind her.

Jane and I looked at each other, and I didn’t have to be a mind reader to know what she was thinking – “Oh, shit!”

She hurriedly scrambled into her clothes and then both of us walked in silence to Cassie”s room. It’s fair to say we felt like condemned prisoners going to the gallows. Neither one of us really knew what we were going to say.

I knocked on our daughter’s door. “Cassie,” I called. Silence greeted me.

I called again, but there was still no answer. I turned the handle, only to find it locked. Jane’s look of worry reflected my own. Was Cassie all right? Had the shock of what she saw made her do something foolish? Fear took hold of me. I stepped back and kicked the door. It flew open with a crash. Jane and I stood there staring at what we saw.

Cassie was naked. She was straddling the bed post. One foot was on the floor, and the other on the mattress. The bed knob was buried deep in her cunt. Her head jerked up at the sound of the door crashing open and she froze in the middle of a pelvic thrust. The only explanation I could think of was that the sight of Jane and me fooling around had aroused her so much that she needed to frig herself.

We stood there staring at our masturbating daughter, who returned our startled look. There was a moment of silent embarrassment; then Cassie grinned cheekily. She rose up slightly and I saw the bed knob partially emerge from her slit, spreading it wide. Her cunt lips clung to the slippery sphere like a sucking mouth. She lowered herself onto the bedpost and moaned in pleasure, her hips making slow circles as she screwed the ball into her dripping hole and fingered her clit.

Part of me wanted to leave, or at least to look away, but I was unable. The scene was mesmerizing. My cock was as rigid as a granite pillar. After fooling around with Jane I was in desperate need of a fuck and the sight of my daughter uninhibitedly masturbating in front of me was like throwing petrol on a bonfire.

Jane seemed even more effected by the sight. She was flushed and breathing heavily. Her eyes were wide and fixed on the bed knob as it slid in and out of Cassie’s cunt. Cassie read her expression like an open book.

“Come and join me,” she invited, her voice throaty with rising passion.

I watched in amazement as my sister stripped. Jane pulled her tube top over her head, and I saw that her nipples thrust out like bullets from her firm tits. Her skirt quickly slid to the floor and as she bent over to remove her thong I saw her slit was wet and gaping.

I felt I was caught in a surreal dream as I watched Jane mount the other bed post and ease its ball into her cunt. Mother and daughter stood face to face, each watching the other masturbate and obviously incredibly aroused by the sight.

“Like this, mom,” directed Cassie. “Swirl your hips; ease the knob halfway out so it stretches you wide. Now rub your clit.”

Jane imitated Cassie. My sister moaned in undisguised pleasure. I watched in fascination as she wriggled her fabulous arse. The knob glistened. Rivulets of Jane’s cunt juice trickled down the bedpost. Our daughter’s fluids were flowing in equal volume. Both girls were breathing hard.

Cassie thrust her breasts forward invitingly. They were larger than Jane’s but just as firm. My sister knew what she wanted. She cupped Cassie’s breasts, bouncing them gently in her palms. My daughter gasped with pleasure as my sister began massaging the sensitive flesh of her swollen areolas. Cassie returned the favour. Both girls’ hands were trembling with excitement.

I could no longer remain a passive observer. The sight was so powerfully erotic it would have stiffened illegal bahis siteleri the dick of an eighty year old eunuch. I hurriedly stripped. My cock jutted out like the prow of a battleship. I was possessed by raging lust. It no longer mattered that Cassie was my daughter. Nothing mattered but the quenching of my blazing passion.

Both girls were still masturbating, so I moved to the bed, stood on it and presented my dick to Jane. “What took you so long,” she said, grinning at me.

She sucked my cock into her mouth, which I felt obviated the need for me to answer. Cassie watched in fascination as my sister swirled her tongue over the swollen head of my dick and then swallowed my manhood, taking it deep within her throat.

The sight pushed Cassie over the brink. She came with a shuddering gasp as Jane squeezed her tits. Our daughter’s hips jerked and forced the knob deep into her cunt. She cried out as her nubile body was shaken by a second orgasm. Cassie caught her breath and then eased herself off the knob. It came out of her with a wet sucking sound, like a foot being pulled out of mud. She collapsed on the bed, legs spread wide so both of us could see her sopping fuck-hole in all its gaping glory.

I grasped Jane’s head and pulled her onto my dick. My sister grabbed my hips to steady herself as I began to furiously piston my cock in and out of her mouth. Cassie got up and stood next to Jane. She seemed fascinated by the way her mom could swallow my seven inch shaft. Her left hand slid over Jane’s belly and between her legs. She began to help my sister play with her clit.

Jane closed her eyes and moaned. Her body trembled and she furiously ground her pelvis against the knob. By now my sister’s cunt juice had wet the entire bedpost and I was on the verge of coming. Cassie wiped the index finger of her right hand on the slimy post and then thrust the lubricated digit up her mother’ arse.

My sister climaxed. Her orgasmic scream was stifled by my cock buried deep in her throat. Her throat muscles contracted around my shaft. My balls exploded and sent cum gushing into her trembling belly. I withdrew my dick and wiped it across Jane’s lips as she lent against me, exhausted.

Cassie and I eased her off the knob and laid her on the bed. Jane sprawled there, her body glistening with sweat, cunt gaping, and a very pleased smile on her face.

My daughter sat on the bed beside Jane and began toying with her nipples and then she looked at me and grinned.

“Not bad for an imitation fuck, eh dad?”

Both Jane and I looked at her, shocked. Cassie’s words sobered us like a bucket full of ice cold water thrown into the face of a drunk. Now that our passions had cooled and we were no longer caught up in the moment, the full extent of what we’d done crashed upon us.

Cassie laughed at our expressions. “I’m not stupid,” she continued with a smile. “I’ve lived with you for eighteen years. I can see both of you in myself. I’ve had my suspicions since I was sixteen, and after seeing you in the kitchen they were confirmed beyond a doubt.”

I was lost for words and I could see Jane, who had risen to a sitting position, was on the verge of crying.

“It’s ok, mom,” said Cassie as she slipped an arm around her. “I’m cool with this and I don’t regret what happened. I’ve wanted this for a long time, but didn’t know how to approach you. We are all consenting adults, and as far as I am concerned that’s all that matters.”

“I … I don’t know what to say,” stammered Jane.

Cassie grinned. “Perhaps this will help you make up your mind,” she said, as she bent forward and sucked one of my sister’s tits into her mouth, then pushed her back on to the bed.

Jane gasped. She struggled, but Cassie held her down and continued to lick and suck on her engorged nipples. I found the sight too exciting to interfere. Besides, my sister’s gasps of pleasure showed that, despite her resistance, she was enjoying what Cassie was doing to her.

The girls wrestled and writhed, and after about a minute Jane managed to free her hands, but instead of pushing Cassie away she pressed her head to her breast and then slipped two fingers into our daughter’s cunt. Cassie deliberately spread her legs so I could see my sister probing her pussy and stroking her swollen clit. Whatever reservations Jane had, had completely vanished.

By now I had another raging erection which stiffened even further when the girls switched to a 69 position and began to use their tongues to lick and probe each other’s cunts. I knelt in front of Cassie to better watch her as she flicked my sister’s clit with her tongue. Cassie, who was now underneath Jane, spread her mother’s pussy lips.

“Come on, dad,” she urged with a wicked smile. “I want to see you screw mom while I lick her.”

I needed no further urging than that as I got a full view of my sister’s gaping fuck hole. I was on the bed in an instant and, as I slid my cock into Jane’s cunt, I felt Cassie canlı bahis siteleri lick my swollen head and shaft with her satiny tongue as I ploughed my sister’s silken hole.

Groaning, I thrust my engorged shaft deep into my sister’s cunt, fucking her like a dog. Jane clutched the sheets as I furiously pounded her. She gasped. Cassie continued to tongue her clit. I felt my sister’s body tremble. She screamed and Cassie’s face was drenched in Jane’s cunt juice as it spurted out of her slit with the force of an erupting geyser.

Jane collapsed and I withdrew my rigid tool and pressed it to Cassie’s lips. She rolled over on all fours, eagerly took my cock into her mouth and began to suck and lick it. My daughter’s tits jiggled as she bobbed her head up and down on my tool. I grabbed hold of her creamy jugs and began to squeeze them. She proved to be as enthusiastic a cocksucker as my sister, who now eagerly watched her performance.

“You’re doing fine,” said Jane, encouragingly as she began to stroke Cassie’s clit. “Slowly suck his cock as you play with his nuts. Now, stroke the head with your tongue. That’s right, honey. Kiss his balls while you massage his shaft with your fingers.”

Needless to say, under the expert guidance of my sister, I soon felt the hot pressure of cum building in my nuts. I grunted and dug my fingers into Cassie’s tits. My balls exploded and I filled her mouth to overflowing with my gushing load. Thoroughly spent, I collapsed on the bed and watched my grinning daughter wipe her chin. Jane, who continued finger her, looked at me with a wicked smile.

“My fingers are getting tired, bro. How about a little help? Cassie, honey, lie on your back. I want to watch as dad eats you. He’s very good at cunnilingus.”

Cassie rolled over and eagerly spread her legs. Jane pulled her cunt lips apart and held them open for me. I went down on my daughter and began running my tongue over her clit and slipping it into her fuck hole. I lubricated my index finger with her heavily flowing juices and slid it in and out of her arse. Cassie gasped in pleasure and told me not to stop, not that I wanted to.

Jane’s face was flushed and her breathing was heavy. The sight of me eating our daughter and fingering her arse was obviously a great turn on for her. She grabbed Cassie’s hand and pressed it to her cunt.

“Shove all your fingers into me, honey,” she cried as I took over the role of keeping Cassie’s slit spread for the ministrations of my probing tongue.

Cassie eased her fingers into my sister’s cunt. By the look on her face I could see she was amazed at the elasticity of Jane’s slit as her hand disappeared into it up to the wrist. My sister moaned in pleasure as her daughter explored her fuck hole. Cassie slowly pulled her fist out stretching her mother wide. She began to massage Jane’s clit with her thumb while thrusting her other four fingers in and out of her cunt.

Jane squeezed her jugs furiously as Cassie fucked her. My sister’s face was flushed and her body trembled. She drew in a sharp breath and tensed. A look of ecstasy transfigured her face; then she thrust her finger up her own shit-hole, uttered a deep animalistic groan and exploded. A jet of cunt juice sprayed onto the sheets and Jane collapsed on the bed.

By now Cassie’s hips were undulating under the flicking of my tongue. I sucked her clit into my mouth, stretching the sensitive tissue and running my tongue over the swollen nub. I began teasing her, easing off a little, and then bringing her to the brink of orgasm again. Finally, she could bear it no longer.

“Oh, god,” she gasped. “I’m dying…Oh, mom… Oh shit!

I slid my finger all the way up Cassie’s shitter and thrust my tongue into her cunt. Her body arched as if a cattle prod had been shoved deep into both holes. Her cunt erupted juices like a volcano. She screamed once and then went limp as a piece of overcooked spaghetti. Jane, who had recovered somewhat from Cassie’s fisting, crawled to our daughter’s side and spread her thighs so she could see her pulsing hole. She looked at our daughter and grinned.

“You’re wetter than a fish. Dad’s great, isn’t he?”

“Damn right he is,” replied Cassie, breathlessly. “But it’s still not a proper screw. How about it, dad? ” she continued, giving me a saucy grin. “Why don’t you fuck my cunt and fill it with your cum?”

Well, it was an offer I didn’t want to refuse, but I was pretty well knackered by now – my dick, although not completely limp, certainly wasn’t up to the task of giving a good performance. I needed more time to recover and said as much.

“What he needs is some inspiration,” suggested Jane, boldly.

“I believe I have just the thing,” quipped Cassie. Her grin was brazen, and I wondered what the little minx was up to as she reached under her bed and withdrew a cardboard box, then placed it on the mattress and opened it.

Inside was a thick, flexible double ended dong. It was v-shaped, and at the bottom of the v was a knob. Cassie turned it and the whole thing began to vibrate madly. I watched in mounting anticipation as she slid one end of the toy, which was seven inches in length, into my sister’s cunt and helped her secure it in place with straps.

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