Summer Fun Ch. 02

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Kim and I could only get together on the days when I worked from home, but we managed a regular Wednesday morning fuck session. Then one day, after our Wednesday morning fuck, Kim and I were lying together on my bed.

“We’re having a party on Saturday,” she informed me. “You should come.”

“Well, I don’t know…” I started to say. The truth is, I didn’t care much for Kim’s husband, Roger. He was a sales rep, and he seemed to talk a lot, mostly about himself. Plus, I did feel a bit guilty, as I was regularly fucking his wife.

“Oh, please come,” said Kim. “My sister Kitty will be there. It’s Kitty’s birthday. You’ll like Kitty – she’s an even bigger slut than I am.”

The thought of meeting super-slut Kitty overcame my dislike of Roger. “Of course I’ll come,” I said.

And so the next Saturday I presented myself at Kim and Roger’s door, thirty minutes after the appointed time. I was greeted enthusiastically by a slightly tipsy Kim. Immediately I was worried – I hoped that the alcohol would not make Kim say anything compromising about us.

Kim introduced me to everyone, but there was no sign of Kitty. Then a voice behind me said, “And you must be Tim. I’m Kitty.”

I spun around, and was greeted by the sight of a beautiful dark haired woman. Kitty was drop-dead gorgeous. There was an obvious family resemblance between her and Kim, but Kitty was truly hot. And her tits! They were spectacular! And they were doing their best to escape from her tight, low cut top. Immediately I started thinking of ways that I could get to slide my cock in between them.

Kitty immediately hugged me, rubbing her tits against my chest. “Happy birthday, Kitty,” I said. “Why thank you, Tim,” she replied. And then she kissed me full on the lips.

Nobody seemed at all surprised by Kitty’s behaviour, but I needed a drink.

Also at the party was Kitty’s daughter, Kelly. Kelly looked to be a couple of years older than Lucy, which would make her eleven. Lucy had stayed to keep Kelly company, but Jason had managed to escape, and was having a sleepover at a friend’s house.

After the excitement of meeting Kitty, the party became boring. I couldn’t think about anything else except Kitty’s fabulous tits.

I finally managed to get Kitty alone. “So, do people call canlı bahis you Pussy?” I asked cheekily.

“Only my very good friends,” she replied.

“Do you think that maybe I could become your good friend?” I asked.

“I think maybe that could be arranged,” she said. “I hear that you have a lovely cock.”

“Somebody’s been talking,” I said.

“Well, we’re sisters. We tell each other everything. I’ve heard nothing but good things about you.”

“Good ‘bad’ things, I hope,” I said.

“Oh yes,” she said. “So…, do you like my tits?”

“What’s not to like?” I said. I was about to reach out and squeeze them right there, but at that moment, Lucy and Kelly came running into the room. Talk about bad timing!

Lucy came up to me. “This party is boring, Tim,” she said. “And it’s so hot outside. Could we please go for a swim in your pool?”

“It’s OK with me,” I said. “Ask your mothers.”

“Can we, Mom, please?” said Kelly.

“You didn’t bring a swimsuit,” said Kitty.

“She can borrow one of mine,” said Lucy.

“I’ll keep an eye on them, and make sure that they don’t drown,” I said.

“Oh, all right then,” said Kitty. The girls shouted “thank you!” and ran off to change.

“I’d better go and get the pool organised,” I said.

“Come back later for birthday cake,” said Kitty.

“Count on it,” I said.

‘Getting the pool organised’ consisted of turning on the filter, and skimming a few leaves off the surface. This only took a few minutes, and I was just finishing up when Lucy and Kelly came running into the yard. They were both wearing oversized T-shirts and carrying towels. The dropped their towels and peeled off their T-shirts, and dived into the pool.

The girls splashed around happily until Kim called out over the fence, “Tim! Lucy! Kelly! Time for birthday cake!” So the girls got out of the pool, dried off, and put their T-shirts on over their swimsuits. Then we went back to the party.

After singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and eating cake, Lucy and Kelly disappeared from the room. Someone put on some music, and Kitty started dancing. My cock immediately tented in my shorts. Then Kim grabbed my hand, motioned me to be quiet, and led me out of the room.

Kim led me upstairs and into Jason’s bedroom. As soon bahis siteleri as the door was shut, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. “I’m so horny,” she whispered breathlessly, “I need you to fuck me right now!” Then she pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and bent over Jason’s bed. “Give me that big cock, Tim,” she pleaded. “Give it to me right now! But we have to be quick.”

The sight of Kim’s bare pussy made my cock rise immediately to full attention. I pulled down my shorts, and rammed my cock hard into her wet pussy. “Oh yes!!” she moaned. “Fuck me hard! Fill my slutty cunt with your cum.”

I knew that we had to be quick, and quiet, so I rammed her cunt as hard as I could. Kim was a very noisy fuck, which usually I loved, but I didn’t want anyone to hear her. So I held her face into a pillow as she came so nobody could hear her squeals.

Kim and I returned to the party as quietly as possible. Everyone had started dancing, and so Kim and I joined in. Kitty was dancing with her brother-in-law Roger, and was grinding up against him very suggestively. Roger seemed to be enjoying himself.

Eventually the party wound down, and soon it was time to go home. Kitty went around and kissed each man on the lips. I noticed that she paid particular attention to Roger. Interesting, I thought.

Man, I want to get me some of that, I thought.

As she was leaving, Kitty hugged me goodbye, again rubbing her tits against me. “Call me,” she whispered, slipping something into my hand. It was a card with her phone number on it.

The next time that I saw Kim, while we were fucking, she said, “You made quite a hit with Kitty. I’m sure that she’ll let you fuck her.”

“You don’t mind?” I said. “She is your sister.”

“I might even join you,” she said. “I just love sucking on her big tits. I can suck her tits while you fuck her big fat pussy.”

The thought of these two hot women together was just too much for me, and I came, harder that I had ever come before.

Later, as we lay together, Kim said, “You know, Kitty and Roger fuck. They think that I don’t know, but I do.”

“I thought so!” I exclaimed. “The way that they were flirting at Kitty’s party. And you don’t mind?”

“I was really angry when I first found bahis şirketleri out,” she said. “But then I decided – what the hell! Roger’s dick is pretty small, so I don’t miss it. And now that I have you and your lovely big cock whenever I want it, I’m happy.”

“And you still want to do a three-way with Kitty?” I asked.

“Sure, why not?” she replied.

Kitty has eagerly agreed to a threesome with Kim and me, but it was proving to be difficult to arrange. Kitty couldn’t join us in our Wednesday morning liaisons as she was working. At other times the children were a problem. Normally Kim and Kitty would babysit for each other, but there was nobody that they could leave all of their children with. So eventually Kim said that I should just go out on a date with Kitty.

“You wouldn’t mind?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “Not as long as you keep fucking me whenever I want.”

“Count on it,” I said. She squealed with pleasure as I grabbed her.

So Kelly had a sleepover at Kim’s house, and Kitty and I went out on a date. It was a fairly standard first date – dinner at a Thai restaurant, followed by a movie. All though dinner Kitty was restless – I could tell that she was horny. Then at the movie cinema we sat in the back row. Almost as soon as the lights went out, Kitty grabbed my hand and put it on her thigh. I didn’t need a second invitation. I slipped my hand up under her skirt, slid under her panties, and found her pussy. She moaned as soon as I touched her, and gasped when I pushed my finger into her pussy. She squeezed my arm as I fingered her, and moaned with pleasure as she came.

After the movie, I drove as quickly as I could to Kitty’s house. I didn’t wait to be asked in, I knew that it wasn’t necessary, I just followed her into the house. As soon as we were inside, Kitty threw herself against me, kissing me passionately and rubbing her superb tits against me. By the time that we got to her bedroom we were both naked.

I threw her onto the bed and jumped on top of her, ramming my cock into her cunt. It slid into her in one thrust. Kim was right – Kitty did have a big pussy. But my cock was big enough to handle it. She moaned and gasped, begging me to fuck her hard. When she came, it was loud and long.

I fucked Kitty twice more that night, and again the next morning. As she fixed breakfast for us, she had a very smug and satisfied look on her face. “We have to do this again, sometime soon,” she said while we were eating. “Very soon,” I said.

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