Sugar Fix (Craving Sugar 3)

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Thanks to everyone who has voted for my past stories of Sugar. I hope that you enjoy this one as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I currently have plans for three or four more chapters.

I would also like to thank Anonymous for informing me about a myspace user called JUSTYUMM who has been plagiarising my stories. A big heads up to all the writers here to watch out for little trolls who feel the need to steal others work. On the other end of the scale one cannot help but feeling slightly egotistical that the aforementioned trolls used one of my stories.

P.S. JUSTYUMM if you would like to consider adding me to your contacts I can tell you of any upcoming chapters you may like to consider ‘borrowing’ LOL:-)



Sugar stirred gently. “Hey you.”

“Hey.” Unspoken she leaned forward kissing my lips gently, before laying her head back down on the pillow staring into my eyes. I gently stroked her hair feeling it’s softness against my fingertips. Another soft kiss warmed my body, endorphins firing like mini explosions. I felt her nose brush against mine as she moved her head to stare into my soul. We were millimetres apart. I kissed her nose making her smile. Another kiss. Slow this time, sensual and lingering. Our tongues slow dancing to an imaginary beat. A 3ft bubble seemed to be surrounding us as time stood still just Sugar and me in our own little world. As our lips parted, time resumed, I could hear the birds again in the tree outside chirping away happily enjoying the sunshine, which was slowly beginning to rise in the sky. The sun’s brilliant yellow hues enveloping our bedroom, piercing through the slats of the blind.

Sugar rolled onto her back her arms stretching over her head yawning heavily. The sheet, which until now had barely covered her lithe body, dropped away in defeat exposing her. My eyes soaked in the radiance of her body. The sight of her breasts made my cock twitch she spread her legs slightly as she continued to stretch out on the bed. My cock hardening at the thought of the tightness contained between her legs.

“Caught you with your hand in the cookie jar again.” She caught my eye before staring down at her pussy as an indication of her statement. “Or should that be the honey pot.” Her smile made my heart melt. She lay there making no effort to cover herself up. My cock stood to attention. Sugar smiled deliciously “Umm. I love getting up early.”

“It’s almost nine.” Pausing slightly before the nine as I turned my head to look at the clock on the wall. “Half the days gone.”

“You always were an early riser.” I shrugged slightly still trying to walk myself up properly before realising what Sugar was suggesting looking down at my cock and then at Sugar. She looked at me before rolling her eyes in mock annoyance.

“Guess I’m going to have to show you everything.” Her voice was husky as she rolled on top of me, her thigh pressed against my cock, her hair tickling my chest and shoulders. I gently brushed her hair from over her eye with my hand tucking it behind her ear.

“What did I do to deserve you?”

“Shut up, you big lug and kiss me.” Our mouths joined for an intense kiss her whole body seeming to melt into mine. My hand was alternating between stroking the small of her back and pert ass checks reminding me of the conversation the night before. Sugar telling me between alternating sucking on my balls and gently licking my cock how she wanted us to experience anal sex. Just the idea of fucking Sugar’s ass excited me tremendously making my cock ache at the slightest thought of it. I ran my finger over her peach cleft making her body shudder, pressing her thigh harder against my cock. I could feel her smile against my lips, and her nipples harden and begin to bore into my chest. I felt her thigh move, her weight shifting slightly as she repositioned herself over my cock sliding down onto me, slowly easing me into her. Her movements slow and deliberate, so we would both feel every stroke. I leaned forward slightly keeping as much of our skin connected as possible, licking her lips as our kiss broke. Sugar gently began to slide up and down my cock slowly. A sensual sigh escaped past her lips as she tilted her head back. Every time she pushed down on my cock, she clenched her muscles, gripping me, refusing to let go.

“I’m not going to last long if you keep this up.” I gasped trying to focus.

“Mmm… Oh…” She pushed down on my cock gripping me even tighter. “You’re not supposed to.” Her cheeks had flushed and I could feel her thighs quivering slightly. She gripped my cock again biting her lip to suppress an unusually loud growl. She was cumming and cumming hard, I couldn’t hold myself any longer and felt my cock twitch and erupt inside of her. Sugar’s hips bucked involuntarily, her pussy clamping around my cock tightly. Her arms wrapped around me pulling me into her.

We didn’t move we just lay staring at each other smiling and breathless trying to regain our composure. Our mouths locked the resulting kiss hungry and demanding before smiling and giggling like lovesick teenagers, illegal bahis stealing quick kisses here and there.

“Come on you.” Sugar said shakily rolling off me and walking to the bathroom. We’ve got a big day ahead.”

“I was kind of hoping we could spend the day in bed?” I sat on the edge of the bed mustering the energy to start the day.

“Not a chance you big lug, you need to sort that costume out for tonight.” Her voice trailed off as I heard the sound of the shower start. I reluctantly got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

“Have you got any ideas for your costume yet?” Sugars voice echoed loudly over the shower in the bathroom obviously unaware I had followed her into the bathroom.

“Not yet.” I replied making Sugar visibly jump.

“Shit. You scared the crap out of me.” Sugar opened the shower door so she could see me better.

“Sorry. I needed to take a leak.” I said pulling the toilet seat up. “So you got any suggestions for this costume of mine?”

“None that I’m going to mention.” Sugar’s tone implied things I didn’t even want to contemplate, her eyes stealing glances at my cock.

“How about a sneak peek at yours to help me out then?” Sugar was leaning forward to wash her legs and just gave me one of those over the shoulder looks.

“I’ve written the address for the costume shop down for you, it’s on the fridge.”

“Thanks a lot.” I said sarcastically, a devilish smile forming. “Oh and Sugar.” I waited for Sugar to look over at me still busy scrubbing her legs.


“Don’t worry about not giving me any ideas for my costume.” Sugar looked at me with a ‘you’re crazy’ look on her face and proceeded to roll her eyes at me. My hand went to the toilet flush.

“No… Bruce please… Nooo.” I flushed and watched Sugar nearly take off as she leapt out the shower.

” SWINE.” Sugar shot me a dirty look before gingerly testing the water to continue her shower.

“Mind if we share.” I said stepping in with her pressing my semi hard cock against her ass. Sugar arched her back sighing loudly.

“How can I refuse an offer like that?” Playfully wiggling her ass against my cock. I swatted her ass making her giggle.

“Good girl. Wash my back for me would you?”

Showered and dressed after a wonderful back rub I headed for the door. “Shug’s. What you up to later? Do you want me to bring us back some lunch?” Sugar walked over to me, my eyes soaking up the image of her, as she’d still not got dressed yet.

“No. I’m ok.” She said leaning in for a kiss. “I’m going round Sarah’s later to hear all the gossip about her date with her new boy, and then I got a hot date tonight.” She beamed one of her killer smiles at me. “What you up to then? After your little shopping trip I mean.”

“Well, now I’m footloose and fancy free so to speak, I might just head over the club for a few hours.”

“Anything else planned?” Sugar asked trying to show her most nonchalant innocent look, but failing miserably instead shrugging it off and smiling expectantly.

“Well I wasn’t going to say anything but I’ve got a hot date myself this evening.” I winked. “Maybe we’ll see you out and about?”

“Who knows?” She said returning my wink with one of her own. She pressed her body into me needfully “I guess you’ll have you wait and see.” I pulled her in for another kiss hoping Sugar would decide to drag me back upstairs. Sugar ran her hand over my chest and down to my groin. “I’m betting you’ll get more than a goodnight kiss with muscle like that.” She purred the words out. Gently squeezing my cock through my trousers. My mind was reeling; Jesus was Sugar trying to kill me. “After all it is an official first date.” She flashed me one of those killer smiles as I playfully slapped her ass, opening the front door with my free hand.

“Now get gone before the neighbours see us.” Pulling the door open slowly, Sugar diving out of sight quite masterfully as I did. The sight of her marvellous bare ass making my heart and cock lurch.

I traipsed around looking for that costume shop for nearly an hour before finding it. It had been a good job I had at least looked at the address, before forgetting to bring it with me. A sure sign age was beginning to creep up on me a few years ago I could have recalled the address instantly. Maybe returning back to the company would take more effort that I had previously thought. Maybe it wasn’t worth going back at all. I put that train of thought to one side as I started looking at all the costumes available after finally finding the shop. It actually wasn’t that hard a task as I first thought especially after handing the slightly disinterested clerk ten pounds to help me out after ten minutes of fruitless searching. Yes, that would do quite nicely. I headed back to the car after making a little detour after spotting something for Sugar.

I arrived home for a reasonable time. As I walked into the lounge, I noticed Sugar had left me a note propped against an unwashed cup on the coffee table. I couldn’t help but smile when I pictured her rolling her eyes at me for telling her to wash her cups up like illegal bahis siteleri so many other times in the past. I read the note whilst drying the cup and placing it back in the cupboard. Top shelf. Making me smile at the thought of Sugar stretching to reach it. Her short skirt or jumper exposing her firm arse. A little tease between the two of us followed by a hideously sneaky wink from me approving of her choice of underwear for the day. Also, something that Pete had nearly walked in on countless times. I sat down reading the note again.


Gone round Sarah’s.

Decided to get ready there. Makes it more like a real date.

See you at 8 pm

A Hot Date


I read the note again feeling slightly more nervous of this whole first date thing. I was already in the deep end, loving Sugar the way I did. My shoulders and back felt stiff as a board all of a sudden. I grabbed my golf clubs and headed to the club. An hour or two at the club would sort me out. Hit some balls on the golf range then a relaxing massage that would sort my head out. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. A picture message from Sugar! ‘A taste of what’s to come’ or so the title informed me. My shoulders neck and back all stiffened at the sight of the picture. Sugars beautiful cleavage was instantly recognisable. My cock twitched at the thought. Damnit. What was nestled between her breasts I couldn’t make out clearly? It was some kind of blue band. Lace maybe or silk.

The range was virtually empty when I arrived, unusual on a relatively warm morning, the club however would be an altogether different matter. After some light stretches I hit a few balls, my shoulders and neck were tighter than normal and the draw on the balls I’d hit which for some reason were also harder to correct for than normal. Normally that only happened if something was niggling away on my mind. I packed away the clubs in the boot of the car and headed to the club for a drink and a massage. For anyone who has yet to experience a proper massage I would recommend arranging an appointment with Sum, my masseuse as soon as possible. After an hour under her delicate Thai hands, you’ll feel ten years younger and float out the door.

As usual she masterfully and sometimes I wonder magically removed all my tension and knots. By the time I got home, I felt a million dollars.

I grabbed a quick sandwich whilst flicking through the paper and attempted to finish the crossword I had started waiting for Sugar to finish her shower and the ridiculous amount of time it took her to dry her hair. A shower and a shave later followed by twenty minutes of looking for grey hairs I started to get ready for the dreaded fancy dress burlesque. Music always helps one through those stressful times and after another ten minutes of searching through all the cd’s Sugar had left out of their cases I found my prize. Grant Green Jr. Introducing G. G. A wonderful cd full of memories of my last trip to New York, where I had the pleasure of listening to Grant Green Jr live with Bernard Purdie and Reuben Wilson at Birdland. I made a mental note of contacting an old friend of mine who I knew would be visiting New York next month to recommend the sea bass at Birdland. I also wondered what Sugar would make of New York.

The costume I or rather the assistant in the store had chosen was a Gothic Victorian count affair, coupled with a pair of fangs I could probably pass for Dracula reincarnate. “I am Dracula, and I bid you welcome.” I said in a most overly dramatic Transylvanian accent, chuckling to myself. Outside a dog was barking probably at the neighbour’s cat that had a penchant for shredding my morning paper lately. I’d noticed it was always my paper never Pete’s. “Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make.”

I stood in front of the mirror to check out the costume. Black dress trousers and shoes, white shirt with a large jabot, which incidentally is one of the most fiddliest awkward things to get to look just right. Burgundy vest with black panelling at the back and a full black cape with burgundy lining. Silly top hat, which I took off, immediately put back on, and then decided to forgo completely and cane. I looked good considering.

Luckily, I had arranged for one of the drivers at the club to serve as chauffeur for the night, apart from being discrete the cars were definitely more luxurious. The minor points count after all. God I was like a nervous schoolboy. So nervous John my driver for the evening who coincidentally reminded me very much of a young Michael Caine even down to the cockney accent, offered me a slug from an hip flask which he kept in a small wooden box which he’d placed next to me as I’d got in the car.

I smiled slightly at the contents of the box whilst taking a hit of the whiskey, condoms, pills which I assumed where Viagra and various other bits and pieces.

“Another Sir?” John half questioned and half implied I needed.

“Do I look that nervous?” It was an honest question, I’d had a knot in my stomach ever since this whole ‘first official date’ business had been mentioned. John looked canlı bahis siteleri hesitant to answer. “Go on, you can tell me the truth.”

“You do look a bit anxious Sir. If you’ll forgive me for saying.” I took another large slug from the hip flask. “Easy Sir, you’ve got the whole night ahead of you. Begging your pardon.” John watched me screw the cap back on the flask putting it back in the box. “If I may Sir I recommend the small green spray.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a mouth spray Sir, get rid of the whiskey breath before your lady friend arrives. Been using it on the wife for years.”

“I take it she doesn’t like you drinking?”

“On the contrary Sir, she’s partial to a cheese and onion sandwich before bed. Unfortunately I’m not that partial to cheese and onion.” The way in which he’d said it and the knowing smile made it difficult to decide whether it was more for my sake and breaking the nervous tension or if there were an once of truth in what he’d said. “I’ve been doing this a few years now Sir and you get to know these things, although you’re certainly younger than some of my clients. Some of the things those old gents get up to with the young ladies, well it’d make you toes curl.” John eyed me nervously, obviously trying to read my reaction to what he had said. “Most probably more than my jobs worth mentioning too.” His face giving away a rather guilty look and probably having one of those ‘what did you say that for, you pillock’ moments.

“John relax. I’m not going to say anything, and stop calling me Sir. It’s Bruce.” John looked quite relived. “Besides it’s nothing like that. It’s just complicated is all?”

“Thank you Sir. I mean Mr. Bruce Sir, for not saying anything. Sometimes let my mouth run away from me is all. If I might offer some advise Mr. Bruce Sir?”

“Shoot, and it’s just Bruce.” John leaned back in the chair as if what he was going to say was some amazing secret.

“Well Mr. Bruce Sir. If this lady is special to you, which I assume from your actions she is, and you love her which I suspect you do.” He paused waiting for confirmation from me. I nodded my head for him to proceed. “Well, Mr. Bruce Sir. If she loves you back, what’s so complicated about that?”

“It’s not that I’m worried about, other people are involved and…” John cut my sentence short.

“Begging your pardon Sir but you should only worry about you and your lady friend’s feelings. Let the rest of the world sort it’s self out.”

“So that’s where I’ve been going wrong eh. It’s that easy?” He scoffed at that. Making me think for a split second, I was in the car with Michael Caine again.

“That or screw it all up, pack your bags and hit the road. Speaking of which Mr. Bruce Sir. We should be off Sir before you never find out.” He turned to start the car.

“John.” His eyes glanced at me from the rear view mirror. For a split second, there seemed something there. A dark cold blue shimmer in his eyes. Something I couldn’t place, but a somehow familiar feeling. It faded as quickly as it had appeared. The knot in the pit of my stomach tightened before relaxing again slightly as John’s familiar smile came into view in the rear view mirror.

“Yes Mr. Bruce Sir?”

“Thank you John.”

“All part of the service Sir.”

The car pulled up quietly to the modest house. Sugar’s friend, Sarah’s home. I braced myself before stepping out of the car. There was a slight breeze in the air. I stood next to the car willing my legs to move. As I heard John’s door close, a singular thought ran through my mind sending a chill down my body. What if the parents were home, how would I explain this one? An old quote ran through my mind. O, Sir! You are old; Nature in you stands on the very verge of her confine. The words began to take on the tone and afflictions of John, before I snapped out of my oneirism. I could not be sure if it was my own thought or John’s words, which had embedded the quote into my head.

“Mr. Bruce Sir. Your lady’s waiting.”

“Yes.” I said. “On with the show.” I adjusted my cape and fidgeted with my Jabot one last time, a quick check of the time from the old pocket watch, which I’d decided to add before leaving the house. Mainly for authenticity and for a vain attempt to add a more individual touch to the costume showed I’d arrived exactly on time or roundabout, the damn thing seemed to lose several minutes each time I wore the thing. I stepped forward. The light from the front porch caught the fringe of my peripheral vision.

Sugar was stood in the doorway, my jaw dropped at the sight of her. My eyes scanning over her beauty. The first thing I really noticed were her legs. Clad in white stockings with a very familiar blue lace bow on each knee a stark contrast against the black thick-heeled shoes. My eyes travelled up her legs to her toned thighs, surrounded by a sheer white petticoat under her rather short blue dress with a little mock apron both of which had been cleverly designed to lead the eye to her slender waist. Another blue bow rested on the top edge of the apron, low enough for the swell of her breast to be level with the bow. The picture message Sugar had sent me earlier came back into view. The source of my earlier torment now apparent. My cock stirred in my boxers pressing against my leg. To hell with this party, I just wanted to rip her clothes off and ravish her body.

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