Sucker for the Librarian

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(Hi! Thanks for reading. As always, please pardon any errors. I upload revisions if needed. If you have any ideas for situations or things you’d like to see, please let me know. Feel free to leave constructive comments. I appreciate the feedback.)


There was no stopping this, he decided. Enough was enough. The library sat in front of a major staircase. It was nearly closing time but the lights of the office were still switched on. She was still there. Or at least, he hoped that it was she who was on duty. What if it wasn’t? The hesitation slowed his flurry of steps but didn’t stop them.

It’s all right. If it wasn’t her, he would deal with it later.

He caught his reflection in the aluminum slivers that decorated the walls as he sprinted up the steps. Black rimmed glasses, tall and dressed in a semi-casual suit as required by the preppy school rules. He wasn’t bad looking. He had a nice smile, broad shoulders, and a trim waist. The awkwardness of his teenage years had melted away, leaving behind a pretty attractive adult male – the very picture of the desired male teacher. He wasn’t short of admirers but this one… this one had eluded him ten years too long.

The glass doors greeted him but stopped him. He turned to the clock. 7.45 p.m. He was right on time. Why did she have to be so by the book with these things? He knocked, rapping his knuckles on the glass panel closest to the office. He could hear the pop songs that were blasting through the gaps in the doors. That meant the library was closed and no one else was present.


He knocked again and stood there, almost feeling like a fool until he saw the familiar face behind a large book cart. “Nathan?” she mouthed and hurried to the counter to release the magnetic locks on the doors. As he came through, she only managed to get a few words out. “What are you doing here? The Library’s closed.”

He marched past her and into the library office, away from prying eyes. Behind him, the glass doors shut and locked themselves. She shut off the music and followed him, eyeing him as he removed his glasses and tucked them into the pocket of his blazer.

“Hey! That’s off-limits to everyone including teachers!” she confronted him, the skirt of her dark blue dress fluttering about her calves.

Nathan turned around and shut the heavy office door before he grabbed her by the wrist and pressed her up against it. Her tortoiseshell glasses clattered to the floor, somehow kicked out of the way and into safety. He kissed her deeply and roughly, fingers burying themselves at the roots of her hair as he tugged her face back so he could taste her mouth fully. She froze, her palms pressed against his chest as he rested his leg in between hers. Then, almost as if he was in shock at what he did, he released his grip of her ever so slightly.

At this distance, he could see her face in detail. The large brown eyes and thick brows sat on a small, doll-like face. A constellation of faint freckles scattered itself across the bridge of her nose. She had high cheekbones and a full mouth that she loved putting a classic red lipstick on. It was smudged now and he was sure he had it all on his face but he didn’t care. “Bhumi,” he breathed her name as he pressed his forehead against hers. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply, letting her perfume fill and leave his lungs.

Bhumi wriggled against him, palms still pressed against his chest. She could feel his hard cock raging and obscene against her hip. He ground it against her as he shrugged off his blazer, seeking release in more ways than one. His hot breath invaded her mouth and nose, suffocating her. She pushed back against him, weakened momentarily by having the wind knocked out of her lungs. “Nathan-“

He kissed her again, cupping her face as he wrapped an arm around her waist. She was much smaller than he was but shapely. She was soft and round when he was all lanky and angular. He wanted so much to run his palms over the curve of her ass. He had been dreaming of this ever since he was a student here.

He was twenty when he first laid eyes on her. The new librarian who had the sweetest, warmest smile and wore everything from hoodies and jeans to tea dresses and black stockings – whatever that suited her mood for the day. She was sharp and getting roasted by her was one of the highlights of going to the library. Bhumi had always looked younger than her years, an advantage when she needed the students to cooperate. He refused to believe that she was a full decade older than he was.

Things were different then. He was now her age then but nothing from that period in his life had faded. Coming back as a teacher when the opportunity came up only intensified his desire for her. He knew that the moment they attended the first staff meeting and she took her seat two chairs away from him, looking almost no different than she had a decade back.

He ran a thumb over her cheekbone, wondering if this had been a mistake. “I’ve always bostancı escort bayan wanted you,” he confessed as he studied her face. Her eyes wide in shock were fast narrowing into slits at his overtures. Was she confused? “I thought I was very obvious.”

“You were a student!” she retorted, a slight panic in her voice.

“I’m not now. Stop treating me like one.”

“You’re still a colleague,” she wriggled again, looking away as a deep blush crept up her neck and found a home on her face. He could feel the heat radiating from her skin. This was no small embarrassment. “I like my job.”

He glanced at her, frowning slightly. “I don’t like this cat-and-mouse game, Bhumi,” he pressed on. “I understand if back then you felt it was inappropriate. But we’re equals now. I’m not the nerdy kid that used to study late whenever you were on duty. I can pronounce your name. Your full name.”

She resisted the urge to laugh, keeping her expression serious. Yet she avoided his gaze now, remembering the old joke. “Shut up. And you were almost a stalker!”

“So what? I know you want me,” Nathan gambled. He pulled away from her, naked desire in his eyes as he looked down at the floor between them. The rapid rising and falling of her chest, pressed urgently against his ribs. He could feel her heart thumping. “You go the extra mile for me but refuse all offers to go out for coffee or lunch. You remember everything about me but keep it a secret. You’ll joke and laugh with me when we’re alone in the library but once you step out those doors, you clam up like you don’t know me. You blush when I’m close but you never told anyone that we knew each other. You keep pretending that you didn’t know me as a student. I can’t take this, Bhumi. I thought I could… but I came back and it’s like the past repeating itself.”

Bhumi steadied herself, reeling from the force she had been subjected to. “Nathan,” she said weakly. “This is still highly inappropriate.”

“Then tell me to get off you,” he released her from his grip. His palms settled flat against the doors for a second, as he came to terms that he had been completely wrong about her. “Tell me you don’t want to and I will. But say something. Stop playing this game with me, Bhumi!”

She bit her lower lip as she stepped forward in muted fury. He had done it now. She would slap him, run to the office. If he was lucky, she would only file a sexual harassment claim at HR. Perhaps, he had been wrong. Perhaps, this attraction was only one-sided and he had ruined whatever friendship they had. The idea rose like bitter bile in his mouth.

“You and your stupid librarian fetish!” she snapped, pulling him back to her. This time she kissed him of her own volition. It was sweet, sweet vindication. “Wasn’t it just that?” she mumbled in between kisses as he responded.

He ran his hands along her body, sighing in satisfaction as he touched her thighs and went under her skirt to cup her ass. Her flesh filled his palm, making her squeal slightly when he squeezed. “At first,” he confessed, hoisting her up so that she could wrap her legs around his waist. “But it was much more than that… when your date picked you up-” he bit down on her lower lip as in revenge for the jealousy he felt.

She whimpered deliciously and only ran her hands over his chest and down his back. The pain only seemed to soften her against him.

“You remember that day, don’t you?”

Mutely, Bhumi nodded, licking her lips. He had waited for her to finish work and she, uncomfortable with the attention he paid her, made whoever she was dating at the time pick her up.

“And you sat with every other student but you always bloody left when I came to join in,” he carried her over to the table. He cleared a space for them as well as he could with one arm before he set her down. Bhumi was lovelier than he remembered. It was as if she had finally grown into her skin. She was finally under him, skirt hiked up with her hair messy and breathing hard. He ran his hand along her thigh. “Are you attached to these?” he asked her, feeling the nylon against his skin.

“No,” Bhumi managed to answer, her heart in her throat. She had been wet from the moment he had her pressed up against the door. She felt him hook some of the nylon in between his fingers and rip a hole at her inner thigh. She gasped when she felt his cold fingers touch her bare skin. She arched her body and pulled him to her, closing her eyes when he pushed her panties aside and plunged a finger into her.

A sweet drip of liquid ran down and over his knuckle immediately. Her flesh was hot and eager. Everything about her was neat and pretty. Her pussy was smooth with only the slightest cover of pubic hair on the mound. She took pains to groom herself. He wasn’t about to let that go to waste. He kissed her again, lewdly pumping his finger into her while she whimpered. He pressed his thumb against her clit and rubbed lightly, smiling when she tossed her head back.

“Oh my God,” ümraniye escort she cried both in pleasure and shame. There was no coming back from this. The idea that she knew him as someone fresh out of high school left an aftertaste of self-loathing at her lack of control and indulgence. She tugged at his shirt, freeing the buttons and swearing when she realised he wore an undershirt. Having pulled that off him, she touched his bare chest and shoulders as if examining a new book. He had filled out in the decade apart. Sleek muscles replaced the bony frame of his young adulthood. His dark skin glistened with a patina of sweat. She moved her mouth away from his lips and down his neck. Her hands touched him all over. She wanted all of him.

“I need to be inside you,” he ignored her. Of course, he had imagined her sucking his cock while on her knees. In between the shelves and whatever else, his teenage mind could have cooked up then but there was no time for that. He wanted her smooth fingers wrapped around his cock at least. Kissing her again, as if to reassure her it was all right, he groaned, “Take my cock out.”

She reached down, fumbling with the belt before she freed him. It was lengthy and veiny, barely fitting as her fingers gripped around it. Instinctively, she jerked him, tugging at his hard cock. Her hungry mouth opened and she craned her neck as if she wanted to swallow him whole. When he pulled away to watch her, she felt herself drip at the thought of his cock sliding over her tongue. “I want-“

“You can suck it later,” he told her, positioning himself between her legs, pulling his fingers out of her.. “I need to fuck you. Right now.”

She guided the swollen head to her slit and just as he thought she was going to guide him in, Bhumi smiled slightly and merely rubbed the head against her flesh. “You’re an idiot,” she told him, making the head of his cock wet with her juices.

“You’re a cocktease.”

“I know,” she smiled softly as she gripped him harder and slipped out and away from him. “If you fuck me on that table, it’s going to break.” She pulled him to the floor and pushed his cockhead past her lips and sucked hard before he could protest. Her mouth felt better than he imagined. She plunged him as deep as he could go, choking lightly when he went a little too far. She coughed to breathe but didn’t let him leave her mouth. Rivulets of spit ran down his cock and into her grip. He was slick and hard with lust. She delighted when he closed his eyes and strained against her when she ran her tongue along the underside of his cock. “Is this what you didn’t want?”

He couldn’t answer with her manipulating him like that. “Fuck!” he moaned hotly. “You’re so hot, Bhumi. Just suck me off.”

Her skillful fingers worked his balls as she rained kisses all over his cock. He gasped when she sucked each ball gently, letting them plop out of her mouth carefully before she focused on getting his cock in her mouth again. To think he only wanted to fuck her? She chuckled. He was still a boy in so many ways. She was rewarded with his hands grasping the sides of her face and he began thrusting in her mouth. Wet gagging sounds and squelches filled the room.

Bhumi pulled away and glanced at a nearly naked Nathan on the floor. He had a beautiful body – smooth dark skin just glistening with effort and desire. He had a thin line of hair that ran down from his navel to his groin. His handsome face had his eyes closed and his dry lips parted to breathe in more air. His pants pooled at his ankles. His shirt and undershirt were completely off. And she?

She was fully dressed, thanks to his impatience. He blinked and caught his breath during the sudden stop. As he moved to get up, she pushed him down. “My turn,” she whispered, kissing him on the forehead before returning to his mouth. “Jerk yourself off.”

Stunned, he complied as she took off her stockings and panties. She climbed over his face, putting his head between her thighs. Her skirt fell about his head like a tent. He watched her hips trying to find the right placement before she lowered her pussy onto his willing mouth. His tongue pleased her, licking at the wet flesh as she ground herself against him.

“Oh yes,” she sighed, relishing the sensation of his tongue stabbing into her. She watched his fingers wrap around his cock, tugging and jerking desperately for release as he ate her out. Her nipples hardened against the fabric of her bra but that was the last thing on her mind. All that mattered was his tongue fucking her hot, dripping cunt.

He had eaten pussy before but this one was different. Everything about her was an extra turn-on. It was just the way she did it. The way she spread her pussy lips as she lowered herself. He could see how pink and aroused she was, smell her as he lapped away. She tasted wonderful – salty with sweat but also sweet. His tongue ran inside and out of her easily, snaking between and across the folds of her flesh to fuck her in a way that pleased escort kartal them both.

“Eat me out… oh fuck, fuck…” She could feel the orgasm building in the depth of her belly. She spread her legs a little more and began to ride his face, the sight of him masturbating as he tasted her turning her own even more. “Fuck!” she swore when she finally came, her thighs shivering. She slid off him, trembling as she did so.

Nathan wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as if he had just had a meal. “I need to fuck you,” he snarled, both pleased and angry that she had taken control. He threw her to the floor, careful to not hurt the back of her head too much. Pain in the right amounts, he had learned, was something she responded positively to. Distracted, his large hand gripped her by the neck and squeezed slightly.

She gasped, making him smirk as he forced her legs apart and rammed his cock deep into her. She took all of him easily, raising her hips as if to get more of him inside. He began to fuck her steadily, pushing his cock against her insides. “Oh fuck, yes… yes… Oh, Nathan.”

Releasing her neck, he undid the buttons of her dress and pulled her bra down. Her breasts popped wantonly, unnaturally stuck out because of the underwire. She was gorgeous, writhing and squirming underneath him like that. All golden-skinned and dark-haired with her body fitting so easily in his hands. He lowered his mouth to her breasts, sucking on each nipple lightly before biting down. “Fuck, Bhumi… you feel so good.” He wanted her cunt to swallow his cock completely. He ran his hand over her face, pulling her mouth open wantonly with his fingers. She sucked on his fingers before they ran down her neck to the sweet hollow between her breasts. “This… oh fuck… your cunt is amazing.”

She groaned, completely undone by the moment. He filled her up wonderfully, delving and shoving a little more with each thrust. Her back wall called for mercy but she could only spread her legs more. Her hips wriggled to accommodate more of him, rubbing her clit against his body at each opportunity. “Fuck me! Don’t stop! Harder! Yes, like that… mess me up… oh fuck, fuck… fuck me, please…”

“I want this again… ” he told her as he continued to pound her viciously, spurred on by her cries and whimpers. He felt her pussy tighten around his cock, making him lose his mind. Her face twisted itself in a mix of pain and great pleasure. “I want to fuck you again… tomorrow. Do you want my cock fucking your hot cunt again?”

She nodded, eyes clenched shut as she gave herself fully to being fucked. Her mouth opened to answer but there was only vulgar moaning.

“Say it!” he commanded. “I’m tired of this bullshit, Bhumi…fuck… you… Fuck all… your… rules…” His thrusts punctuated his words and he pulled out of her completely.

She cried out, the sudden emptiness between her legs torturing her.

“Do you want me to fuck you again?”

“Fine! Yes! Fuck me again!” she almost begged, pulling him to her to kiss him again. Her hands desperately pulled his cock back to her aching pussy. He smirked at the sight of her wriggling to impale herself on him again. “Just don’t stop!”

His cock brutally fucked her like a piston as he leaned over her. His full weight pressed wonderfully against her ribs, mashing her breasts against his bare chest. He kissed her deeply as his cock fucked her senseless. “I love fucking you…” he gripped her hips, nails digging against the bone. Small crescent-shaped nail marks decorated the spots where his hands had been.

Her pussy clenched in response, not wanting to let the fucking end. She raised her hips and squeezed each drop of desire out of him. He gasped, feeling his orgasm building. Her cunt was tight and inescapable. He was addicted now. “Tell me where to come or this is going inside your cunt!” he groaned hungrily, releasing one breast from his lips to kiss her.

“Cum in me… please…”

“Ah fuck… Fuck…” he moaned from deep within his gut. “Bhumi!”

She bit down on his lower lip as he shuddered suddenly and plunged deep into her before collapsing on his elbows. His forehead pressed against the floor next to her face, his breath hot and ragged against her neck. Her legs wrapped about his thighs, unwilling to let him go. She felt his cock twitch a few more times as he pumped her full of his cum. Her fingers relaxed, entangling themselves in the thick curls at the crown of his head.

Finally, slipping out of her with a wet plop, he rolled over onto his back and stared at the ceiling. It was better than he had imagined with his limited teenage experience. The library office smelled of air conditioning and sex. Bhumi was exquisite and the way she moaned still rang in his ears. His cock twitched involuntarily at the memory of it. He turned to look at her. “Wow.”

She ran a hand over her face and laughed softly into her palm. “Oh my God,” she blushed deeply as she readjusted her bra and tucked her breasts back into the cups. “I can’t… I can’t believe that just happened.” She looked at him and shook her head. “I should head home. We both should before the security guard comes by.” She winced at the clock on the wall. 8.30. Crap. The trains were going to be full.

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