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Suburbia – Just another day.

You could say Michael was the happiest guy in the world. Michael or Mike as his friends called him was a normal 19 year old who lived in Suburbia. Suburbia was a small town with just over 2000 people. His family had been members of this community for as long as Mike could remember. His family consist of Mike, his mother Ellen, his father Tom and two step-sisters Shari and Iris. His father was 55 years of age and his mother was 39. Shari at 25 was the oldest child and Iris was 22.

His father had a habit of saying Suburbia is the only place on earth where you are free. When Mike turned 18 he found out why. Suburbia as it turned out had this rule of no limits on who you can fuck. It can be your mother, your aunt, your sister, or any of you male relatives if you swung that way. You could go up to any lady walking the street and ask her for a fuck. They best part was no one can say no to anyone for three times in a row for three straight days. This meant if you see a hot woman and wanted to fuck her in the ass at that very moment and she doesn’t want to. You can rest assured that you will be fucking her ass in the next three days once you have formally asked her in front of two witnesses. The only way you could lose this right to ask and receive was if you crossed the town border. Of course, if you want to return you could comeback but you didn’t have any right to ask and receive for at least 7 years.

There is this story of a guy who had left the town for 3 years because he didn’t want to fuck his mother and aunts. He came back disillusioned from the real world and was allowed to live in town because his great grandfather was the founding member of the town. That was a day this new rule was created. He was sentenced for 7 years. On the first day of his eight year he locked himself and his mother and aunts in his mansion. He didn’t come out for the next several weeks. Occasionally, his mother or one of the aunts would be seen in the town. Everyone knew that he was fucking them every moment he was awake just by looking at the way they were walking with bended knees. His mother even tried run from the home once but he caught her near the gates and was seen fucking her for straight 3 hours in every hole until his aunts came to the rescue. This guy was Tom – Mike’s father.

Mike had heard of his father exploits how he had fucked his grandmother and her sisters to the point where they had to ask the town sheriff and judge to come and talk to him. How his mother Ellen had developed a habit of fucking him first thing in the morning and last thing she did before leaving for home. Tom had met Ellen when he was 37 years old. Until then, he had never thought of marriage. His 2 daughters were from his mother and an aunt. He was fucking anyone he liked and anywhere he liked. But Ellen changed that when he saw her the first time. He knew that this was the woman he wanted in home and in his bed every night for the rest of his life. His daughters were too young and were very happy with the new mommy.

Mike was born nine months from the day Ellen turned 18. Tom made sure he was the first guy to fuck her in the pussy and ass. He made sure that Ellen got pregnant that very night. Ellen and Tom married a year after Mike was born on Tom’s insistence.

Coming back to today, Mike was again caught fucking Jenny. The only thing that saved him from jail was the fact that he and his family were considered royalty in Suburbia. Jenny was the sheriff’s daughter and the most amazing ass in the whole of Suburbia. Mike couldn’t get enough of it and never waited for Jenny’s answer. It was a common day occurrence to see Jenny in illegal bahis alleyway behind the cafe she worked in, being fucked by Mike. Today he had fucked Jenny right in the Cafe in front of a dozen customers and the cafe owner was pissed. A formal complaint from the cafe owner and Carl had every right to be here.

Sherriff Carl or Carl for his friends wasn’t too happy about the cafe incident. Also, the fact that Mike was never patient enough to wait for an answer from Jenny before stripping her naked and fucking her was pissing him off lately.

Carl – Tom, this is not how an average 19 year old behaves. He has been fucking her for the past 1 year at least twice a day without her permission.

Tom – I know Carl. But he is just a kid and he will learn to appreciate the value of a happy woman in his bed. It’s just a matter of time.

Carl – Can you at least ask him to wait for Jenny’s break before he goes after her with that perpetually hard cock of his? By the way, I have never seen him without a hard on in the past several months. What’s up with that?

Tom – I will talk to him. And as for his cock, his mother got him some natural herb or something when he turned 18. It has gone down since then. I need to get hold of it myself but it’s very rare and Mike used it all on his 18th birthday.

Mike had been listening to all of this and was smiling. His mother had given him the magic herb as he called it. The guy who sold it over internet said it was one of the few last specimens on earth and would give a hard on for life. He had never thought it was possible but here it was. 9 inches long and ready for a fuck 24 hours a day. It also gave him this obscene amount of cum in his balls.

Carl took his leave and left the mansion. Mike knew that Carl was going wait outside for Iris to give her a good fuck before going back. Shari was right now naked and sucking on his cock. His father returned to living room and took off his robe. He used the oil kept on the table on his 7 inch dick and started towards Shari. Mike knew that this was the father/son talk time. Otherwise, his father would have gone and found some other cunt to fuck. He was going to fuck Sharri’s ass and talk about Jenny.

Tom had been dreaming for fucking Jenny for some time now. He knew she was something special when he found out that Mike had been fucking her holes for at least 3 weeks and was going back again and again. She was 5 years elder than Mike but if that was Mike wanted than Tom had no problems with it. Tom knew that even though Mike wouldn’t confess but Jenny was going to be his daughter-in-law. Jenny knew that too and which is why she requested Tom to wait until Mike had confessed his feelings for her.

Tom (grunting) as he slid his dick in Sharri’s ass – “I have decided that you are going to take Jenny out on a date this Saturday.”

Mike (feeling Sharri’s mouth clenching on his cock) – “Is it really necessary? She has never said anything about it to me.”

Tom (fucking Shari in a rhythm now) – “You are doing to ask her on a date. Take her to a movie and dinner and then come back home without trying to bite her boobs off her chest. It’s time that you either gave her up for somebody else or let her know that you are interested in her.

Mike stood up as he didn’t feel like coming right now. He knew his father was right. It was time. He had been fucking Jenny all over the town and now he either had to let her go or ask her out and see where it goes.

Shari (gasping because her father was now fucking her ass like a torpedo) – AAAAHHHH!!! AAAHHH!!!! Mike, don’t you want me to end what I started?

Mike – You know I illegal bahis siteleri do but not right now. Father, I need some time to think about it. I will let you know by tonight.

Having said this Mike went looking for his mom. He knew that she was the only one who could help him unload. He hadn’t cum in over 8 hours now.

He found his mom in her bedroom. She was cleaning her cunt after the fuck she just got from Carlos. Carlos was his father’s driver. He was exactly what his mom liked nowadays. 20-something and Latino.

Mike – “Mom, can I talk to you?”

Ellen – “yup come in” She was still distracted with cleaning her cunt.

Mike went in and did what he had done since the day he started fucking her. Ellen dreaded this time of the day. Mike could make fucking a very painful experience if he feels like it and today was one of those days.

Mike started slow. He went and sat down on the bed. He waited till his mom was within his reach and then brought her to the bed. Once she was on the bed, he motioned her to lie down so he could play with her cunt.

Ellen knew no matter how much she tried she would never get used to this feeling. She came down to the bed and felt her son exploring her tits. She was expecting him to bite them soon so she kept her hands on his head. Just in case he was too rough with her.

Mike wanted to bite his mom’s tits right now but he wanted to see if he could do it differently this time. Not for himself but for his mom. He took one tit in his mouth and used his other hand to raise his mom’s legs and pushed two fingers in her ass.

Ellen knew something had changed in Mike today. Being Tom’s son gave one many perks in Suburbia and one of them was you are not expected to be polite to other people. Hence, Mike always got what he wanted. He had 3 months ago got all the females of Jenny’s household together in her home including her grandmother and fucked the shit out of them. By night, Jenny’s mother Keri was calling Tom and requesting to save them as they hadn’t been fucked like this their entire lives. When Tom went to Carl’s home, Jenny was fucking Mike on the bed and Mike was biting Keri’s boob so much that you could see the teeth marks on them. It took Tom almost an hour to convince Mike to get back home. When asked why he did that, Mike’s answer baffled everyone except his parents. He had said “I wanted to see if I feel the same way other members of her family”. He had come back home and went to his mother right away. Ellen still remembered the orgasm he gave her that night. She was sore for three days and didn’t let anyone touch her boobs or cunt for the next 2 weeks. She was glad she had fucked Carlos for 2 straight hours today.

She was waiting for him to start mauling her but he was waiting. He started sucking on her 36DDs and then raised her leg and suddenly had 2 fingers up her ass. As much as she liked it she was very wary of what he was going to do next.

Mike spent the next 30 mins sucking on his mom’s tits and fingering her ass. He didn’t want to touch her cunt as he knew Carlos had fucked right before him and she was ready there.

Once Ellen relaxed, Mike started building a momentum which is very unlikely of him. While fucking Mike is the most unpredictable guy she had ever been. Suddenly he moved and took his 9 inch cock and jammed it into her cunt. She was already juicy down there but she wasn’t ready for this. Most of the people in Suburbia have 6 inch cocks. She knew it because she had fucked half the men and women. And nobody talks like women do. Mike 9 inch cock was an anomaly. This was one of the reasons nobody said no to him when he requested canlı bahis siteleri a poke at their cunts.

Mike was fucking her like he had never fucked anyone before.

“Make your cunt tighter”

Here came the first order of the day. Ellen started concentrating on her cunt muscles. She knew if he didn’t feel the difference he would start spanking her and he didn’t go for the ass cheeks. He always spanked the boobs while riding her.

Five minutes later she felt the first spank on her right boob. It stung like a bee. Then he took the nipple in his two fingers and pressed as hard as he could. There were tears in her eyes now.

As soon as Mike saw the tears, he came close to his mother’s face and kissed her eyes and then her lips. He knew now that this was not what he wanted. Not what he needed. His days of fucking any woman who can stand were over. He wanted something more.

Ellen felt his lips of her eyes as he was jamming her. Then he started kissing her like he had never done before. She knew today was the day she could change him.

“Slow down and fuck me like a man. You are not a child anymore.”

Mike slowed down. He knew the next few minutes were very crucial in how he will be fucking rest of his life. He slowly started moving his dick her cunt.

Mom, I am going to ask Jenny on a date. And I need your help in learning how to kiss her at the end of the date. I want it to be perfect.

It was hard for Ellen to concentrate on what Mike said. She knew he was a good kisser but he needed her help in making this the perfect date for Jenny. Jenny, who will be coming in a couple of hours. Ready to get fucked or rather expecting to get raped. Nobody in Suburbia said it but as per the Mike was actually raping her when now waiting for her reply. Tom and Ellen never understood why she didn’t say anything. A formal complaint from her would at least keep Mike away from her.

Suddenly, she felt she was going to come. “I am going to cum, mike. Fuck me faster”.

Mike picked up his speed.

“Fuck me faster. Faster. Maul my nipples.”

Mike started seriously pounding his mom. He knew he was close to coming as well. Instead of pinching the nipples, he went down and took one in his mouth. He kept pounding Ellen’s cunt.


He knew now was the time. He bit on the nipple and started cumming.


Ellen couldn’t think of anything. This was what Mike had to learn and keep doing. This was where pain and pleasure met to create a perfect harmony. He was still chewing on her tits one by one 20 mins after coming.

Mike saw Iris was back and standing near the door. He was sure that the cum in her cunt and on her legs was given by Carl. Shari was standing behind and taking Iris’s help in standing as Tom was busy fucking her ass again.

Ellen held her son’s face and said thank you. It had been years since someone had given her a new experience while fucking. This was one of reasons she never said no to Mike even though he was almost abusive while have sex. Because it was something new and made her cum like a geyser.

Ellen – “We have one week to teach you how to treat a lady.”

Mike – “I am all yours.”

Mike moved and Iris came between her mother’s legs. She loved cream pies and this wasn’t the one to miss. Shari was shrieking near the door. Her father was fucking her ass 5th time today and she was all sore and red down there. He still didn’t understand. Mike reminder Ellen of how Tom was in his early days.

Claudia, the 32 year old housekeeper was licking Tom’s ass he was fucking Shari. She had earlier told him Jenny was waiting for Mike in his bedroom. All naked. Just the way he liked it.

Mike started towards his room. He knew Jenny was in for a surprise of her life today. Just another day in Suburbia.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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