Stripping Son Makes Mom Hot

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Disclaimer: All characters depicted in this story are over 18 years of age.

I let myself into the house, trying to be as quiet as possible. It was well after midnight, and I didn’t want to wake my mother up. I quietly headed to the kitchen to get a snack before heading up to bed. I was tired, as my new job takes a lot out of me.

I found some cookies and poured myself some milk before I sat down at the kitchen table. Just the illumination from the moon showing through the window was all the light I had. Soon I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, as I looked up to see the silhouette of my mother entering the room.

“Hi darling. You are home a little late. I missed you son,” she told me.

She walked over to the refrigerator to get herself a glass of milk, before joining me. We sat there sharing cookies, looking at each other in the moonlight.

I replied to my mom, “My new job is a late night deal mom. I tried not to wake you when I came in. I’m sorry mom.”

She put her hand over mine, saying, “That’s okay son, I can’t seem to sleep well now that you are working late nights. What do you do son, what is your new job? You have been pretty secretive and I was never to pry. But I worry about you now that you are all I have left.”

I looked at her lovingly. My mother was my whole world to me. Since my dumbass of a father left her years ago for another woman, my mother stood by me through some very hard times. My ex-girlfriend left me to find herself and moved to another state. Because of the poor economy, I had lost my full-time job at the factory across town. My unemployment compensation just wasn’t cutting it, when I decided to answer an ad that I saw in the newspaper want ads. I’ve only been working for a week now, but I just didn’t know how to tell my mother. I was afraid she just wouldn’t understand.

“I don’t know if you will like what I do now for work mom. Are you sure you want to know?,” I asked.

My mother was beautiful. She had always kept herself in great shape for a woman of 42. She had a great body, and a sweet personality, which always made me wonder why a wonderful guy hadn’t snatched her up yet. I loved her, for her determination to be strong when a lot of things were falling apart in her world, made me glad that she was my mother.

She caressed my hand as she said, “John, you have never disappointed me, why would you be afraid to tell me. You are 25 now, and you have become a wonderful person. You have been here for me all along, and you have been an upstanding citizen as well. I raised you to be yourself, so no matter what you do, I will always love you.”

I leaned over and kissed my mother on her cheek. “Well mom, here goes. I work as a male stripper at one of the clubs across town. It’s an exclusive club for women, that have male dancers performing. It’s atmosphere is pretty risque’ with women that go wild over almost naked men. I’m sorry mom, but I needed a job real bad. The tips I make from those wild women almost doubles what I made at the factory. I will help you pay the bills around here once again, but please don’t be mad at me.”

I stared at my cookies, as my mom took a few moments to take in what I just told her. Then she looked up, and I could see her beautiful smile in the moonlight, the one that always makes me weak. If my mother was anyone but my mom, I would be dating her because she has all that I ever would need in a woman.

After my mother digested my confession, she said, “Son, I am not mad at you. I’ve always known you were a ladies’ man. Sometimes we all have to do something that we may not want to do to get by in life. But I have to say, it kind of makes me a little excited to know that you dance before women who desire your body. Maybe I’ll just have to come see how well my son turns women on!”

I sat stunned, as my mother had just shown me a wild side of her I had never known. Her eyes twinkled, as she squeezed my hand tighter.

“Ummmmm, mom? There is more I need to tell you. I do more than just strip for them. They usually put money in my g-string, and often feel me up. And some pay me for more than just dancing in front of them,” I whispered to her ashamed.

My mother laughed, which startled me a bit. She then giggled, and said, “Oh son, I bet those women are very satisfied. I saw you a few weeks back getting into the shower naked, by accident. You have plenty to make any woman happy. I almost wish I was one of them! I guess I need to go to the bank and get some dollar bills.”

I sat there stunned. Not just the idea of my stripping, but her getting excited after seeing me naked in the bathroom. I had a nice packageof about 7″, and my ex-girlfriend never complained that I couldn’t please her, but compared to some of the other male dancers who had much bigger ones, I guess I was satisfied. But to hear my mother talk like this for the first time in my life started to turn me on. I never looked at her in any way except as a mother, but seeing her here in her nightgown talking about stripping, I felt myself get hard.

I blurted out, “Wow mom. This is a side of you I have never seen. I illegal bahis am so happy this doesn’t bother you. I wonder what I would do however, if I saw you in the audience with me naked.”

My mother rose, and placed our empty glasses in the sink. She returned to me, and bent down and kissed my lips. Just a peck, but one that caught me by surprise. Then she headed out of the kitchen, turning before heading back to bed.

“Well son, I am glad we had this little talk. It will sure ease my mind now knowing you have many women protecting you at night. You may just see me there, who knows”, she said as she left the room winking at me.

I got up, and headed to bed. My mind was a mess, as my mother was beginning to turn me on.

I entered the club ‘Women’s Playthings’ to get ready for tonight’s performance. I could hear the crowd of women who were out in the club drinking and getting themselves in the mood for me and my fellow dancers. I walked up to my locker as some of the guys were changing into the tuxedos that were to be our costumes for tonight. The theme was ‘Grooming the Groom’ night.

I began to change into my outfit, with my mind thinking back to the conversation my mother and I had last night. She had left early this morning to go with friends shopping. I hadn’t seen her all day, and I was thinking about my mother teasing me about possibly coming to the club to see me. I had difficulty sliding my g-string on, with my cock hardening at the thought that my mother might be out there in the audience.

Soon I could hear the music starting, as several of the guys headed out onto the stage. I was usually one of the last ones, as my female boss Candy liked me and preferred me to go on near the end of the night. She was often walking into our change area checking out every guy’s equipment, but she often would spend more time talking to me then anyone else. Several of the veteran strippers told me if she takes a liking to you, you will get better pay plus she rewards you behind closed doors as well. I have only been here a week, but I sensed I might soon be her next victim.

I decided to stroll out by the stage curtain, where we entered the stage. I watched the guys get into their exotic dancing, and the women lining up by the stage to cheer them on. Many held bills in their hands as they wanted to be up close and personal with one of the dancers. I scanned the crowd and gasped. There was my mother sitting at a table near the back of the room. She had several of her friends with her, Julie and Diane. They were drinking and they were urging the men to take their clothes off. My mother was doing her part and cheerling pretty loud.

I could feel my cock harden as I watched my mother being just like the rest of the women in the room. I also kept thinking that soon it would be her own son that she would be seeing. I reached down and stroked my cock some, as I saw the guys were now dancing in their g-strings. Women were pulling at them, and sliding bills in their crotches and strings around their hips. I soon saw Julie and Diane run up there too, grabbing a guy’s g-string so hard, his cock popped out. Several of the women then got a feel, as he tried to pull away from the throng. I looked back and my mother just watched her friends being such sluts, laughing.

Our boss Candy didn’t allow any actual sex on the club floor, except she didn’t care about the women grabbing and touching the guy’s cocks. If the women got too wild, the bouncers would take them back to their seats. If a woman wanted a private dance, there were rooms in the back, in which Candy got 50% of the cut. But she left it up to us if we wanted to spend some time alone with any of the wild women that frequented the club. I haven’t been to the back rooms for private dances yet, but maybe tonight would be the night.

I took one last look at my mother dancing by her table. She had a low-cut blouse and short-shorts on. She looked sexy as she gyrated to the music and waved at the guys. I then walked back to the change area to await my name being called.

I nervously sat there until I heard my named called. My cock refused to go down while I sat thinking that I was about to strip before my mom who was in that crowd. And I also realized that I wanted my mother. I knew it would be incest, but I loved my mother so much.

Candy came in and told me I was next. I adjusted my bow-tie, and headed to the stage. I walked out to the cheers of the throng of half-crazed women, as I began my dancing. I would gyrate and throw my hips at them, as they begged me to strip. I looked for my mom at her table, but I couldn’t find her. Her friends Julie and Diane were in front of me, where there were about 10 women yelling and clutching at me. I began to remove my tux, throwing the pieces of my clothing into the audience as souvenirs after I removed them.

I now danced with only my gold satin g-string on. I flexed my asscheeks at the women as I felt hands reach up and touch them while sticking bills inside of my string. I turned around and there was Diane, as she slipped a bill into the crotch of my g-string, where her fingers illegal bahis siteleri brushed my hardon. I shook it at her as she blew me a kiss.

Soon more hands and money were put all over my cock and ass. I looked down, and there was my mother, waving money at me. The other women cleared away a bit, as my mother walked up to me. Then she pulled my g-string out, and slid her hand in, and wrapped her hand around my cock. She did it only briefly, but the look on her face of pure lust made me so hot. Then, she grabbed my ass, putting another bill in the string behind me, pulled me forward by my ass, and kissed my cockhead right through the g-string. I could feel my precum leaking now, and was glad the satin didn’t let it seep through. I was embarrassed, yet excited on how wanton my mother was. My cock had never been this hard, it ached so bad. Then I saw her and her friends return to her table, as I finished my dancing.

I walked back to the changeroom, and sat on the bench dazed. My cock was so hard, I stroked it a few times when I was startled by my boss Candy walking up behind me.

“A sexy lady wants to see you in the backroom. Get that hot cock back to her in a hurry John,” she told me with a wink.

I walked back with Candy as she guided me into the room. I almost fainted, as it was my loving mother standing there.

“Hi son, I bet you weren’t expecting me, huh? I am so damn hot for your body. You are so damn sexy, I want to fuck your brains out! Here is the money to give to your boss, you are mine tonight!”, she said.

“Are you sure about this? This is incest mother. I love you and want you so much, but are you really sure?,” I stuttered.

I watched as my mother handed me the money and began to remove her clothes. I stared as her beautiful body was soon totally revealed for me to see. Her breasts weren’t large, but they were so damn sexy, Her nipples were as hard as diamonds. I looked down and she didn’t have a single hair on her pussy. Her pussylips were glistening as my tongue licked my own lips. She turned her back to me, showing me the most perfect ass. I was mesmerized as my mother danced over to me, and kissed me on the mouth.

I excitedly told her, “Keep your money mom. This one is on me, I’ll be right back.”

I opened the door, and handed Candy a wad of money I got for tips. She said this woman must be special. I told her she was a good friend of mine, and I went back into the room and locked the door.

“Okay mom, this night is for you. Sit down over here,” I told her.

I sat her in this plush chair, and stood before her. I shook my g-string at her, as she watched my cock bounce up and down. She began to pinch her nipples as she watched me gyrate in front of her face. Pure lust showed on her face.

“Mom, you may do the honors. I want you so bad mother,” I told her.

My mother’s hands reached up, and began to peel my g-string off. When she had them down far enough, my hard cock whipped out, slapping her in the face. Determined, she kissed my cockhead, as she brought the g-string to my ankles. I assisted her in removing it by lifting one foot at a time, as I watched her licking and kissing my cockhead while never losing concentration.

She looked up at me with only love in her eyes saying, “John, I’ve wanted you for so long, but I was afraid of what you would think of your mother. But seeing you on that stage tonight, my only thought was that I needed you to love me like I never dreamed. I want you so bad son, and now I’m going to show you what I was really good at when I was younger. I know this is incest, but I really don’t care.”

Then she lifted my cock, and her lips and tongue sucked and caressed my balls. I reached down and wrapped my hands around her gorgeous tits. She nursed on my balls for a while, before sliding her lips up the length of my cock. She licked and nibbled it, as her eyes met mine. I rubbed her hard nipples and squeezed her breasts as she kissed my cockhead once again. And then she smiled at me, and sucked my cock into her mouth.

I was in heaven, my mother’s lips wrapped around my cock. I often jerked off dreaming of this moment, and now that I was actually feeling it, it was better than any dream I ever had! She began to slide back and forth, handling more than half of my cock. Then she pulled off, and looked up at me with that pleading look.

Then she said in the most sexiest voice I ever heard from her, “Son, I am going to suck your cock all the way. And don’t hold back, put your hands on my head and facefuck me. Don’t hold back, I want to swallow my son’s hot sperm.”

She quickly engulfed my cock, sliding those hot lips down until they hit my pubic hair. She had taken all 7″, and she looked up to me with begging eyes, with my cock so deep inside her throat. I put my hands into her lovely hair, and started to slide my cock in and out of her throat. Her breasts hit my thighs as she she would take me deep on each thrust. My balls hit her chin as we built up a wonderful rhythm. I was so hard, and my mom was sucking my cock so damn hard.

“Mom, ahhhhh that is so good. Suck my canlı bahis siteleri cock mom, suck it all!,” I yelled.

My mother never gagged, which surprised me. My girlfriend tried to deepthroat me once, but she couldn’t even get close to taking all of me into her mouth. Yet here was my mother, taking my whole cock so deep, and urging me to keep feeding her my cock harder. The excitement of knowing my mother was blowing me, was getting too much for me to handle. I could feel my orgasm overtaking me quickly.

I told her, “I’m going to cum mom. Swallow it mother, suck it out of me!”

Then I came, jets of cum slamming down her throat. I felt my mother’s throat milking me, as the spurts kept shooting from my dick. She was gulping, as I pulled her head back so I wouldn’t drown her. She took all I had to offer, as some began seeping from the corners of her mouth. I finally gave one last spurt, and soon I slipped from her mouth.

My mother looked up at me, licking her lips. Then she told me, “I loved sucking your cock son. I got a reputation before my marriage to your father of being the best damn blowjob in the neighborhood. Now son, I want to fuck you!”

She got out of the chair, and pushed me back onto it. Her hand stroked my cock, keeping it hard as she climbed onto my lap. She pulled my cock to her wet pussylips sliding it up and down, and I felt the most fantastic feeling suddenly. Her cunt was like a sheath, as it enveloped my still hard cock. She came to rest on my balls, wrapping her arms around me, and kissed me. Her tongue entered my mouth, and she started to move up and down on my dick. I kissed her deeply, our tongues dancing as her tits brushed my nipples, sending tingles through me.

She pulled back out of breath saying, “Ahhhh son, fuck me. You feel so good inside me. Fuck your mother. Fuck me good!”

We again kissed, as she rode my cock for what seemed like forever. I was in no hurry, as the blowjob she gave me had me lasting much longer this time. I kept kissing her lips, her ears, her neck, as I was so content being here making love to my mother. She’d whispered in my ear how much she enjoyed my big cock, and how much she loved me.

Then I felt her squeeze her cunt around my dick harder, which sent me over the edge. My cock erupted deep inside her, as she vibrated on me having her own glorious climax coincide with mine. We fucked until there was no more left inside of me, as I felt our mingled juices coating my balls. We kissed and hugged until my mother weakly climbed off of me.

“I love you John. It was everything I could ever desire from my own son. I better get going as my friends are waiting for me. I’ll see you at home,” she told me.

Soon she was dressed, and kissed me goodby as she was leaving. I put my g-string back on, and headed back to change. I will never forget this night. It was the best night of my life!

I came home to a quiet house. I was relieved that I didn’t see my mother. I wasn’t sure if I had the answer if she suddenly realized what we had done together was wrong. I got myself a drink, then headed up the stairs to my room.

It was quiet, as I walked past my mother’s closed bedroom door. I took off my clothes and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. My mind was occupied by the events that happened earlier tonight at the club. My cock was stiff, as I climbed under the hot shower spray. I began to soap my body when I heard the shower curtain being pulled back, and my naked mother climbed in with me.

“Hi son. I thought that maybe you needed someone to wash your back for you. Give me the soap,” she said with an evil grin.

My mother’s magnificent body glistened as the water rushed over her breasts. I handed her the soap, as she moved behind me. I could feel her soft hands lathering up my chest from behind, as I felt her hardened nipples poking into my back. I just leaned back against my mom as she slowly worked her hands down to my cock, lather all over her hands and me.

She whispered in my ear, “I loved what we did tonight at the club. I know about the other women who were there and how hot they were, but I was so turned on by your stripping that I had to have you to myself. You are a magnificent lover, and I thought about what we did and I was worried that you would hate me. But I had to have you son. I love you, and I can’t think of any man other than you to make love to me.”

“Mom, I love you and I could never hate you,” I said. “I was worried you would feel sorry for what we did. I have had girlfriends that weren’t as beautiful or as loving as you are. I am glad you are in here with me.”

She now slowly ran her hands back and forth on my cock, as she kissed my neck. I then turned around, and pulled her into my arms. We kissed like long lost lovers, our tongues dancing, our lips brushing. I put my hands around her, as I held her hot ass. Then she pulled away, and I took the soap and began to wash my mother. My hands washed her breasts, teasing her nipples with my fingers. My cock was resting against her pussy as we melted together. My lathered hands found their way down to her pussy and ass, and I stroked her as she turned her head and kissed me. I slid my fingers over her clitoris, as she moaned into my mouth. I slid my fingers in deep, fingerfucking her until she raised up on her toes and came on my sloshing fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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