Stranger at the Hyatt

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Part 1: The Decision

You valet park your car and enter the expansive Hyatt lobby. Its elegance and formality seem at odds with your purpose tonight, and you sense that your short skirt may announce that you are not here as their typical tired guest: sleep is not in your plans. Every time you think about the tonight’s possibilities, you flush, and wonder if you can go through with it. It’s just not like you to meet a stranger at a hotel, especially someone you’ve never seen before.

As planned with the stranger, you find the elevator and go to the top floor, and walk purposefully to the penthouse bar. You look around the room, trying to see anyone that is alone, or that gives you a look of recognition. But nothing. You’re a few minutes early, so you find an empty corner of the bar and sit down. After a couple minutes, you motion for the bartender.

“I’m expecting to meet someone here. Have you seen anyone waiting?”

“Yes,” he responds, and walks back to his cash register, opens it, and retrieves something. “Here is an envelope from a ‘Bill’. He said it would be better if you didn’t meet him in the bar. Too public, or something.”

He hands over an envelope, and as you open it, he brings over a tall champagne glass and a bottle of Champagne. “Bill said you were going to need a couple of these. He’s got good taste in champagne…… and in women.”

You take out the note, and can feel the bartender’s eyes on you. You wore a light cotton peasant-girl top that flows gently around your breasts. It’s not tight, but the light fabric lays against the curvature of each breast, exposing their perfect natural form. But now, with all the excitement, you can feel your nipples extending through the light fabric, and a quick downward glace confirms that each is protruding and pointing right up at the bartender. You look up and catch his eyes furiously darting away from your chest. He fiddles the champagne bottle, and starts to slowly fill the glass. He looks fabulous, and carries himself with the confidence of someone who know how to please a woman. But he looks way too young, probably 35 or so, so it’s just gratifying that he still wants to look at your 42 year old chest!! Bill’s a little younger than she is to. You wonder if you looks this good.

As you empty the envelope, you look up to see if the bartender notices the two room keys that dropped to the counter. He’s focusing right at them, and from the look on his face, you know he’s figured out why you’re here.

“The Champagne! – – It’s too full!!!,” you say a little loudly.

He pulls the bottle upright, but it’s too late. The bubbles continue rising and leaping in the glass, until the satin liquid hits the rim and starts to come out of the glass. Instinctively, and with a practiced motion, you wrap both hands firmly around the bulb of the glass, and drop your lips to its tip. Your upper lip curls slightly into the glass, and you skillfully pull the swarming bubbles and liquid into your mouth, making a gentle gurgling sound as the bubbles collapse on your tongue. As your mouth fills, you stop and swallow with a discernable ‘gulp’, and furiously return to tame the rising liquid.

“Not real classy, but I didn’t waste a drop!”

The bartender looks at the glass and then the room keys, and you can tell he’s wishing he was in one of those rooms. It might just might be your imagination, but you’re pretty sure you can make out the form of a semi-erect penis that extends deep into his left front pocket. And it wasn’t there a minute ago. You take just a few seconds to think what it might look like. How big it might be. Your favorite is circumcised, maybe just a little longer than average, like 6 to 7 inches, and with a nicely shaped and shiny head. Although you could handle a bigger one, and find them exciting to look at and handle, they’re just too hard to eat when they get too big. OK, you’ve taken a little too much time thinking about his penis, and now it’s you that is staring at his pants pocket. As you look up, you catch his eyes, and neither of you turn away. “My name is George. Let me know if it doesn’t work out with Bill tonight.” You feel your face turning red, and his face lights up with a wide, sexy smile. “You better get back to what you’re doing, I’m done for the night and have to go”, he said as he turns to walk away. With more than a little pride, you notice he is having trouble standing up straight. With that, he’s gone, and the night bartender starts his shift.

You finally get around to take out the note, and begin reading the short hand-written message.

We have never met in person, and after tonight, we’ll still never have seen each other. Tonight is about trust and fantasy, but you have a choice to make. You can either give or get pleasure, but not both.

If you choose room 246, you’ll be massaged and stimulated until you plead for a release. If you choose room 247, you’ll be the one doing the massaging and stimulating. Whichever escort ataşehir room you go to, you will find the room fully prepared for you, and a note giving further instructions. Choose carefully, as you will be in either room for at least 90 minutes. Take your time and have another glass of champagne.


“Going down?” you hear a voice say.

“Maybe,” You blurt out, not having seen the man get into the elevator ahead of you.

“I mean yes, second floor please.”

He gives a nervous laugh, but you look straight ahead for the ride down, still thinking about the choice you have made.

Part 2 – Rm 246

Part 3 – Rm 247

Room 246

You walk up to the room and gently push open the door, confirming that you are entering room 246. The lights are on, and the room is a little too warm. There’s a bottle of massage lotion warming in a bowl next to the bed, and two little boxes, each about the size of a small shoebox, that sit next to the lotion. Each box is labeled with a printed “Do not open” instruction. The bed’s comforter is folded neatly over a large, cushy chair, and several aroma candles are burning in the bathroom, filling the entire room with an exotic scent. You see the bed, but it does not have the typical light, cotton sheets you had expected. Instead, the top sheet is dark black, and has a furry texture. You run your hand over it, and its softer than you expected, but still stiffer than normal bed sheets. At the head of the bed, all neatly aligned in a single row, are about a dozen pads, each about a 3″ square. In the middle of each pad is a little ring, maybe about an inch in diameter. You pick up one of the corners of a pad and pull, it releases easily, giving off a gentle tearing sound. Your breath stops for a moment as you realize the bed is one huge Velcro pad, and these are anchors for securing you to the bed!! As you stare silently and breathlessly at the pads, you feel the tingle of anticipation, or maybe its fear. You see a note at the foot of the bed.


There’s a small bottle of champagne in the mini-bar refrigerator. Take it out, pour yourself a big glass, and drink it.

Tonight you will be massaged and rubbed like never before. Every inch of your body will be stimulated until you beg for a release. When it comes, it will leave you satisfied and exhausted in a way you’ve never experienced before. As I promised, this is all about you, and I will get my pleasure from feeling your response.

You’ve probably noticed the special bed and anchors. These are really safe, since with a little pull you can get them off. But, they let me put and secure you where I want you, and it keeps your hands from interfering with my work!

Take off all your clothes and put them in the closet or on the dresser. When you are ready to start, lay face down on the bed, your head at the headboard end, and knock on the wall behind the headboard. I am in the room next door, waiting to explore your body.

Have fun!!


You put the note down, and find the champagne. You nervously open the bottle, and begin to drink without using a glass. You firmly grasp the neck of the bottle with your hand, and run your mouth over the ridge so that the end is fully in your mouth. As you tip your head back and the liquid splashes onto your tongue, you find it striking how similar this little bottle is to the vision you have of George’s erection, and what you’d like to do to it. Even though you might be with Bill tonight, it will be George that you will be thinking about. As the champagne takes effect, you wonder if George will think of your mouth as he masturbates tonight, or if will be thinking of your breasts as he slides into his girlfriend. The thought of him stroking that erection, maybe right now, makes you ache. But George is just fantasy, its Bill that will satisfying you tonight, and you’re ready to take your pleasure.

Between gulps, you take off your shoes, dress, bra, and stockings. After the final sip, you fling your panties across the room. You’re ready to get the pleasuring started! You turn off the lights and lay face down in bed. You raise your hand and with an open palm, gently rap on the wall. Within a few seconds, you hear a key sliding firmly into the lockset, and then a gentle whir as the bolt moves, and the door slowly opens. You hear footsteps. Then silence.

You hear a noise near the bed stand, and believe it sounds like one of boxes being opened. There is some metal-to-metal tinkling, and you feel, more than hear, Bill moving to the foot of the bed. His first touch is electric, and you give a soft gasp as he gently lifts your right leg. He only lifts it a couple inches off the bed. You feel something soft being wrapped around your ankle, and then a tug. You realize that he has attached a restraint to your ankle, and checked to make sure it was fully secured. Slowly, and with an almost tender kadıköy escort bayan care, he puts restraints on the other ankle, both wrists, both elbows, and both knees. You feel his hand move under your stomach, and gently lift you up. He slides something underneath you, and seems to have secured a restraint around your waist. The silence is broken by the sharp tearing sound as he pulls the anchors from their neat line at the head of the bed. He moves back to your ankles, and secures them to the bed, maybe a foot apart. You can tell he secured the knees, but he did not spread your legs any further. Although you can’t tell for sure, you sense that your waist has also been secured. Finally he puts your hands toward the edge of the bed, and secures your wrist. He gently raises your head, and puts a pillow underneath. And again ….. silence.

You feel him sit on the bed, just behind your arm. There is a small “snap” sound as he opens the bottle of lotion, and you hear the gentle spurting sound as he forces the lotion into his hands. His hands first land in the middle of your back, and continue to glide in a way that spreads the lotion over your neck and upper shoulder. The rubbing is intense, yet gentle and erotic. The motions are sometimes firm and pressing, and at others become just a whisper as he airbrushes your skin. He regularly reapplies lotion, and rubs your arms, hands, fingers, and then down the back. He moves to the toes, ankles, knees, and thighs, and finally finishes with your bottom. You hear the soft sound of the restraints being undone, and when all are released, he gently lifts you by your mid-section, and helps you turn over. He puts you back in the same spot, but just facing up this time. You feel all the restraints coming back on, and are surprised that he leaves you legs just a foot apart. You thought he would have spread them apart further, and feel for the first time your pussy ache for attention. You reach down to relieve the ache, but the restrains are already in place.

You again hear the splash of lotion, followed by a steady rubbing of your neck, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. He goes back to your neck, and continues working down toward your breasts, massaging between them, but them moves on down to your stomach. He continues to massage your whole upper body using large, slippery motions, but with each pass misses your breasts. You try to move so one will pass within his motion, but you are too restrained.

“Touch them. Touch them NOW,” you utter softly, but your frustration and anticipation fills the room.

His hands stop, one hand landing at the base of each breast.. You feel him pushing up slowly, but this time his hands continue moving upward. His hands push into the firm flesh of each breast, and you shudder as the nipples slip between each finger. He molds and caresses each breast, and then continues massaging your whole upper body, but this time letting his hands slip across your breasts. With each pass your nipples become harder and more sensitive, and the ache in your groin grows. He stops and lowers his mouth to your breast, fist licking, and then sucking each. He takes his mouth and surrounds your aureole, and lets his tongue slide up and down the side of each nipple in a steady rhythm. He moves away from the breasts, giving each a gently kiss. The rubbing continues to your feet and ankles. As he moves up to your knees, you try to speed your legs to give him better access, but find your motion very limited. He continues up your legs and thighs, rubbing and stroking every inch. He stops, and for the first time you notice his hard, intense breath. For a moment you think of how he must feel doing this to you, knowing that all will be able to do is masturbate after he’s done pleasuring you. You think of how he would feel in you, and wonder how big he is. Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the pads on right leg being removed from the bed. He ever so carefully and deliberately pulls your leg to the edge of the bed. The movement causes your pussy to shudder in anticipation, and shift your body to make sure your knees are secure as far apart as possible.

Without warning you feel your legs being quickly pushed back together, and feel the restraint pads slapped to the bed. Your legs and knees are now held tightly together.

“You bastard” is all you can stammer, as he massages the sensitive area just below your belly button.

He continues to move his hands down, rubbing and gliding between your legs. His hands run across your outer lips, but your closed legs won’t let him inside. After only a few long minutes, he once again widely secures your legs, and this time repositions himself squarely between your spread legs. He uses his palm and continues to massage the outer lips. Pressing and rotating his hand in a small circle. He lifts his hand, and you feel your outer lips part, and you know that if it wasn’t so dark, your inner lips would be glowing with anticipation. escort bostancı He spends some time rubbing the area around the inner lips, but thankfully moves quickly to massage the lips themselves. He first rubs them both together, as if he was kneading a piece of playdo. He them separates the lips, and slowly massages one lip, and then the other. As your moans of approval get louder, his finger begins to move up and down between the lips, and with each pass move just a bit further into your pussy. With his one finger up to its second knuckle, you feel a second and maybe a third finger enter you. The motion becomes more up and down, and you can feel his fingers turn with each stroke. He has his hand pressed firmly on the area just above your clit, assuring that none of these pleasure strokes get to your clit.

He continues to stroke and rub your pussy for several minutes, being careful to avoid your clit. Your moans of pleasure first intensify, and then after a few minutes, begin to have the edge of frustration.

“Rub my clit” you stammer repeatedly, first mostly under your breath, and then growing into a loud command. “OK. I’m begging you. Rub my clit. Is that what you want to hear? I’m begging.”

His fingers come out of your pussy, and he lifts his hand from where it’s been positioned to protect your clit.

“Yes.” For the first time you hear his voice. “I wanted to hear you beg.”

With that his finger slides to the side of your hood, and begins slowly moving up and down its length. First one side, then the other. Then on top, and from beneath. The pleasure sensations are immense, and your moaning is in time to each stroke. You slowly become aware of his warm breath rushing across your pussy. You sense his mouth is nearly on you, but you only feel the hard, heavy breath.

He groans. Not with a groan of pleasure, but one of immense frustration. And with each breath you sense his frustration grow. He raises up from between your legs, and you hear the other box open. He reaches to open your left hand, and lays something in it. He slides it up and down, and you close your hand to surround it. You recognize the familiar phallic shape of a dildo, but are surprised when you first hear, and then feel, its vibrator kick in. He moves the dildo up and down in your hand, and you enjoy the feeling as its head moves between your fingers. After just a minute, he moves it to let it rest on your lower lip. You readily lean forward and let the head slip into your mouth. He thrusts it in and out of your mouth just a couple times, and then thankfully returns to between your legs. You soon feel the head of the dildo pressed lightly against your pussy. He starts slowly thrusting, and with each thrust slides it further inside. Soon, he is making full strokes that pull your hood back and forth, creating pulses of clit pleasure. He stops, and with more force than before, puts it in your mouth. Your taste fills your mouth, but there is no time to protest. Almost as suddenly as it went into your mouth, he moves it to your clit and turns on the vibrator. He lays the vibrator on your clit, and begins moving his fingers in and out of you.

Your moans are now steady, with an occasional “Oh my god” or “That feels so good” coming out in a staccato, unconscious fashion.

“I don’t want you to get numb. There’s a lot more ahead for you,” he says.

He pulls the dildo off, and stops the vibrating action. You gasp as he suddenly thrusts the dildo deep in you, burying it so that its balls are tight against your butt. Once again you feel his breath on your pussy, but this time it is quickly followed by the feel of his tongue sliding along your clit. He moves the dildo in and out, more slowly now, and in time with the tongue. After only a few strokes, you hear the dildo hit the floor, and his now-free hand presses against the top of your hood, exposing the full head and shaft of your clit. He rolls his tongue into a tube, forming what looks like a little pussy. He lowers himself, and surrounds your clit with the tongue-tube. Your clit glides back and forth, getting pleasure from all sides.

Even though your release is not far away, you notice a strong rap on the room next door. A few seconds later, there’s a rap on this room’s door.

“It’s the room service I ordered,” he blurts out.

He stops mid-stroke, and gets up to answer the door. Your head is buzzing and your pussy aches, and this just doesn’t make any sense. You hear talking, and some laughter, and then he comes back to the bed. You feel the restraints being released, and hear the anchors being removed and put back in the box. You ache for release, but something else is going on.

“My work here is done,” he says.

“You bastard” you scream out of frustration and disbelief. “How could you leave me like this!”

But he’s already out the door, and you hear it slam behind him. He turned the lights on as he leaves, and you see a plate of chocolate covered strawberries, and some more champagne.

He’s at least left the dildo on the floor, so you get off the bed and find it. You lay back on the the bed, and start moving the dildo in and out, trying to forget what just happened. There’s a knock at the door.

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