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This was stupid! Really!

I was taking a break from doing the billings for my business one night and was trying to catch up on email. I clicked on my In-Box and, as usual, had to weed out the bona fide email from the spam. Always a chore, however a necessary one this day and age.

One of the porn oriented spam messages had a catchy subject matter line so I clicked on it out of curiosity. It’s astounding to see how much spam comes my way each day! You would think that there’s gotta be better things to do with your time then to generate mindless spam to send out over the internet!

But anyway, back to the tale. So here I was, taking a break from doing the billings when I double clicked on a porn type of spam that was offering a chance to be a director of your own porn flick! I figured, Ha! Ha! Ha! They just want my email address so they can send me more spam! Ok, I’ll bite since my spam blocker will probably handle that as well! So I clicked it! And that opened to a porn website!

What a website! Lots of porn. Lots of porn videos and stories and such! Wow! And there was that contest. Enter to win a chance at directing your own porn flick! Choose from a listing of adult video stars to star in your flick! To enter, you would have to come up with an original story line and submit it by a certain date. Judging by my calendar, that would be about two weeks from today.

The website featured a corporate name with an address so I checked them out with the business registry operated by the state, and they checked out! Yeah, duly registered to do business. Ok, looks like they might be legit.

Back to the website. I was looking for the catch. There’s gotta be a catch to this. I’m a firm believer in there being no such thing as a free lunch. And there it was; the story line would be the property of the company once it was submitted no matter if the story was chosen or not! Looks like their creative juices were running dry!

I figured, why not. I could write a little, and I really didn’t care if they kept the story line or not. I mean, what would I do with it? Sell it to McGraw and Hill? Donate a copy to the local library? Aw, come on now. Now way! I’d probably just chuck in the trash or delete it anyway.

So I started putting together the basis for the story. I decided that I’d choose an event from my life and embellish it a bit. That way I would be able to deliver content that made some sense as I would already be familiar with it to some extent.

So I chose to write a story about a botched attempt at a romance that fizzled stupendously! Only in the story, I would get lucky and we would end up fucking the day lights out of each other! Well, after all, this was a porn website! And it was my fantasy story, too! So I began writing about my attempt at college romance with Theya.

Theya and I met while I was a sophomore and she was a freshman. I was helping out at orientation for incoming freshmen. She had just retrieved her class schedule and couldn’t figure out what it said. Yep, our college employed some sort of IT nerd to program the class schedule handout program. The guy probably only understood scrabble-speak! Acronyms up the wazoo! They should have castrated the guy.

Anyway, Theya was at a loss trying to decipher what the alpha-spaghetti meant! Seeing the bewilderment on her face, I went over to see if I could help her. At first I could see that she was embarrassed about the entire situation, however I explained to her that all of us take at least five or more minutes each time we receive the class schedule, trying to figure out what the heck it means.

So we both had a good laugh as I tried to unscramble it for her. I translated her schedule to “English” and also helped her locate her classrooms on a handy campus map. She was relieved to say the least.

Well, this gave me an ‘in’ so to speak and I asked her out for a date. That led to a series of very enjoyable dates. We would normally end up at her dorm room smooching but that was as far as she would let us get. My attempts to advance our relationship did not go very far. And Theya admitted that she wanted to experience life more before she tied herself down. Ok, I could understand that although I had thought that I had found my ‘angel’ already. So we ended up going our separate ways. But I was heart broken and very disappointed.

You know how it is when you’ve found ‘the one’? Well, I had found mine however she wasn’t interested in being anyone’s ‘the one.’ At least not with me. And not then any way.

Well that spelled the end of that relationship. I think that she kind of spoiled the fun of future relationships for me as well as I usually ended up asking my dates what they were looking for by the second or third date. Most of them thought that I was weird so there usually weren’t many dates after that.

I ended up flitting from relationship to relationship, most lasting no more than three to six months. It sounds so cliché, however I think I compared all of them to Theya and they didn’t match escort ataşehir up. And so I found myself at age 26, trying to put together a story line to submit using my failure of a romance as the backdrop! A pretty sad picture if you ask me!

Anyway, I put the story line together and changed the outcome to a much more satisfying ending; at least from my perspective. In my story instead of the relationship ending that night, I would have Theya moaning as I caressed her lovely breasts through her blouse. Then taking her blouse off completely and getting her to orgasm from fondling and sucking her breasts before the evening was done. Then with our next date, I progressed to getting her bra off and her down to her panties while she had me down to my boxers. She was wanking me off while I was kissing and licking her breasts and fingering her pussy till she came.

Then we would take off after finals were done and spend a week at a cabin in the woods nearby where we would have fucked ourselves silly in the cabin, outside on the deck, in the meadow behind the cabin, against a tree on the hiking trail just beyond the cabin, everywhere! There actually were cabins just outside of town that could have been rented by the day or the week. And they were a little secluded, too. We could have actually lived out this scenario.

I submitted the story line and figured that that’s the end of that one. It was a pretty hot read, but I figured someone else would probably come up with better lines than me so why worry about winning! And so I promptly pushed the entire episode out of my mind.

About three weeks later, I received an interesting email from a T. Malloy from the website, inviting me to a private meeting to discuss my submittal. Wow! That probably meant that I was in the running in some way. Otherwise, why go through the time and trouble?

Malloy was going to be in town and had asked to meet to discuss character development as well as to tweak the story line just a bit. So we arranged for me to meet up with Malloy the following week. Start off with dinner, then work the next day to address the questions that needed to be addressed. I had provided Malloy with a description of who I was and what I’d be wearing however Malloy had not reciprocated. So I had no idea of who I was meeting with. Malloy could have been a two headed Sasquatch for all I knew! Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

On the appointed day, I decided to dress casually as I normally would. I figured no sense in pretending to be someone that I wasn’t. I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early so went into their lounge and ordered a beer. I figured that this would only be a ‘meet and greet’ and it’d be primarily social in nature. I thought that a beer or two wouldn’t hurt. The real work would start tomorrow.

I had just been served when a waitress came in and let me know that my dinner partner had arrived. She picked up my beer and led me to a booth towards the back of the restaurant.

As we were coming up to the booth, my dinner partner, T. Malloy, was gradually revealed to me to be a woman. As I turned to greet her, my jaw hit the ground!

“Theya!” I gawked!

“Hi Steve,” she replied with a smirk.

“What …!”

“Nice to see you too!” I could see the laugh lines all over her face!

“Oh, excuse me. Yeah. Ummm, it’s very nice to see you!”

“It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s been. So, what shall we do?” I was totally flustered! I was supposed to meet someone to go over the ‘wet story’ that I had submitted to the porn site, and here I was meeting with an old girl friend that I had been ready to spend my life with, many years ago.

“Well, let’s order dinner first and then discuss business. Ok?”

“Ah, yeah, ok….” I was really uncomfortable!

So we ordered our dinners and I drained my beer in one gulp!

As our waitress departed to place our order, Theya continue, “Look Steve, if you’re uncomfortable talking with me, I’ll understand and we can have someone else do this.”

“No Theya, I’ll be alright. It’s just that this is quite a surprise! Plus I think I’m a little embarrassed with the situation that I’m finding myself in. I mean discussing a piece of erotic literature that I wrote, with someone who was the love of my life!”

“Steve,” she smiled. “Please don’t be embarrassed. It’s what I do for a living so you really can’t shock me. In fact, I really enjoyed your story line.”


“Yeah, plus it’s got my name on it!”

“Oh ….” was all I could say.

“Were you writing about what you wanted to do with me back then?”

“Theya, I don’t think you realized that I was head over heels in love with you.”

“I could see that then. But I wasn’t ready.”

“I know. But I still lusted for you then.”

“Thank you,” Theya said softly as she looked into my eyes.

That surprised me. I looked back into her eyes and was pleasantly surprised to see the longing in her eyes.

“Theya ….”

“Shh… kadıköy escort bayan don’t say it Steve. Let’s try to have a nice dinner and see how tomorrow goes. Ok?”

I was confused. Totally. I guess I’ll never understand Theya. Perhaps I was never meant to understand her.

Well dinner was otherwise very pleasant. Theya was a charming dinner companion and we brought ourselves current with our lives. My life had been boring after completing school. The only highlight so far had been my success at starting my own business.

Theya had pursued a literary degree and had thought of journalism as a possible career. However she disliked the politics and scheming that seemed to go on from time to time. It jaundiced her outlook on her chosen profession so she tried her hand at writing a novel.

The problem with that was that she had to pay the bills and breaking into the trade was a monumental task. So she was forced to return to the workforce. At that time, there weren’t many openings available in her area so she elected to accept an offer from a publisher who, it turns out, had a stable full of off beat publications. One of them turned out to be a men’s magazine. Theya found herself writing and editing articles for that publication.

According to Theya, some of it was gossipy type of stuff while others went way over into erotica. That had gone for about two years when the magazine decided to get with technology and created it’s website that I happened to stumble upon later. Theya found herself assigned to the creation of the website and had actually written many of the erotic stories that were featured. And she actually enjoyed it.

“Your writing erotica surprises me.” I confessed. “I always thought that you were a little adventurous but this seems a little over the top for you.”

“It took a bit of adjustment but I’m having fun with it.”

After dinner, we arranged to meet the next day in her hotel room to go over my story line. I drove her back to her hotel, walked her up to her room and we politely embraced.

“Steve, thank you for a delightful dinner.”

“It was my pleasure, Theya.”

“I do want you to know that I know how you felt about me back then. And I was really overjoyed that you wanted me.”

“But you weren’t ready.”

“Yes, not then.”

“And now?”

“And now, I don’t know if you …….. well ……. look, we haven’t talked about where we are with our private lives.”

“Well, let’s do that but not out here. That is, if you want to?”

“Come on in then.” Theya invited me into her room. It was a standard hotel room, with a writing desk and a bed, but not much room for anything else.

“You take the chair by the desk and I’ll plop myself on the bed.” She instructed me. “Well where would you like to start?”

“Well, I’ll be first.” Then I went on to recap my love life, or should I say love-less life, since we went our separate ways.

“Steve, why didn’t any of your past relationships last?” she asked.

I paused and looked at her. “I didn’t understand my feelings all this time until now. But now that I’m here with you I’m reminded of how I felt about you then, and I think that I’ve always been in love with you.”

Theya looked down, took a deep breath and raised her hands to her face, trying to keep her quiet tears from my view. I could see the tears as they ran down her face and her shoulders quake with her silent sobs.

I rose and went to her, hugging her gently. As I did so, she wrapped her arms around my waist and buried her face in my chest. I could feel the dampness of her wet tears as they soaked into my shirt.

“Oh Steve! I was such a spoiled, stupid little girl! If I had only appreciated what I had in you then, I wouldn’t have been so unhappy all this time!”


“No, it’s true! I wanted to see the world! I wanted to know more about men! I wanted to be wined and dined! I wanted to experience all that life had to offer! But all that’s happened to me has been that I’ve been used!”


“Steve, it’s unfortunately all true. I had a string of boy friends however they were never interested in me, just my gender and what my body had to offer. I was even married for awhile to someone that I thought was different however he was like the others. I’ve never felt loved by any of them ………… except by you. And I turned you away.” Theya sobbed more.

I sat down next to her and hugged her tightly, “I’ve never stopped loving you, Theya.”

She cried into my shoulder until she couldn’t cry any longer. Then in a quiet voice she said, “I’m so sorry Steve.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry for.”

“Can you stay a little longer and just hold me?” she asked in a shaky voice?

“I’d be very happy to. For as long as you want me here.” And I kissed her on her forehead. Theya sighed and leaned against my chest. I hugged her, rubbing her back slowly trying to sooth her sadness.

Theya eventually became tired and dropped off to sleep. The raw emotions escort bostancı that had boiled to the surfaced had been rough for her to deal with. I carried her up into the bed and drew the covers off before laying her down. As I began to cover her up, she opened her eyes and reached for my hand.

“Please stay with me,” she begged.

“Ok my love, but let me get a little comfortable first.” And I took of my shirt and trousers but left my underwear on. As I crawled into her bed, Theya saw my condition and decided to follow suit. Her dress and stockings were soon on the floor leaving her in her bra and panties. Then after a little indecision on her part, her bra joined the balance of her clothes and I was treated to my first glimpse of her perfect breasts. She took my breath away!

“Theya, you are so beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she said quietly while a blush rose to her cheeks. “Hold me …….. please.” she asked.

As I settled in beside her, she turned onto her side facing away from me and drew my hand to her waist. This induced me to spoon my body up against her back, my pelvis aligned with her tight and firm behind. Theya reached back with her hand and urged me closer, “Please …… closer ……. I want to feel your body next to mine.” And she moved my hand from her waist to her naked breast.

My cock, which had been semi-erect now sprang to attention lodging itself and my underwear in the crack of her ass!

“Do you still find me attractive, Steve?”

“I’m pretty sure that you can feel the answer to that question,” I responded as I kissed the nape of her exposed neck. She slowly rubbed her ass into my crotch, causing my boner to ride up and down her crack. As she did so, I caressed her breast and gently rolled her nipple between my fingers. I could hear her appreciative moans in response.

“Theya, what do you want to happen tonight?” I asked, very much aware of how emotionally vulnerable she might be.

“I want to feel your love again. I want to feel like I did when we first went out. And I want to show you my love for you; something that I should have done many years ago.”

I turned her to me and kissed her lips softly as I gently massaged her breast, “I never stopped loving you.”

She cried, “Oh Steve …..”

After more soft kisses and gentle fondling, I told Theya, “Honey, you should just rest tonight. You’ve had a rough day and need to settle your nerves. I’ll be here for you for as long as you need me to be.”

“You’ve made me feel more loved tonight than I have ever been. Thank you.” she whispered.

I laid back on the bed and Theya cuddled up against me, using my shoulder as a pillow. She draped her left leg over mine with her arm across my chest. After about five minutes or so, her breathing slowed down and I could see that she was resting. Hoping that I wouldn’t snore too loudly, I was soon in sleep land along with her.

Early the next morning, I was awakened by the sun light filtering through the drapes of Theya’s hotel room. She was playing with the hair on my chest while her leg was slowly rubbing my leg up and down.

“Good morning honey,” I whispered.

“Oh!” her head jerked up and I could see her smile! She looked like she was back to normal. Without saying anything, she raised herself up and placed her mouth against mine and kissed me long and passionately.

“Steve, I need a favor from you.”

“Anything for you.”

“Make love to me ……. Please?”

I searched her eyes and could see the longing and desire in her eyes. I pushed her onto her back and kissed her back, our tongues playing a prelude to our morning. Our initial coupling was over way too quickly. We were both so tightly wound that we both came in a matter of minutes! Theya clawed my back and moaned deeply as I thrust repeatedly into her and gushed my thick semen into her womb! Her legs wrapped around my torso, trying to pull my cock deeper and deeper into her depths! My balls emptying their life giving warmth into her welcoming pussy!

I began to apologize for being so selfish and cumming so quickly, but Theya placed a finger on my lips and said, “Yes, but not before me!” with a smirk on her face.

Incredibly, I remained semi-erect. After a few minutes to catch our breath I began to move my length slowly in, then out, rubbing my pelvis against her pubic mound each time I bottomed out! I had become as hard as ever! Theya was soon gasping for breath and thrusting her pussy against me each time I pushed my cock in.

“Oh Steve! You feel so good in me! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh baby!”

Theya was moaning and hugging me tightly against her breasts as I began to pick up the pace! Her vaginal lubrication mixed with my cum, and spilled from her pussy with each thrust! The sounds of her sopping wet pussy being plundered by my hard cock filled the room! The smells of our sweaty bodies, her overworked pussy and our combined cum turned us on even more!

I hammered my cock into Theya’s pussy several times just before she hugged me tightly and began to shake! Then her orgasm took control of her body, causing her vagina to clamp down on my cock! I lost control at that point as my cock blew an unbelievable load into her pussy! My balls actually ached from the intensity of my orgasm!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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