Starting at the Beginning

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Douglas and his wife Ann had been married for almost 5 years, and had been together for nearly 12. They met in college. Douglas had been involved in a play at the university despite having no official affiliation with it. He and three of his friends had decided that they wanted to put on a show…so they did. They spent long nights in the basement of their house on campus rehearsing. When they felt ready they invited a few of the professors to come and watch the first act so that they could help decide if it was worth putting on.

The first act went well, and they decided to push forward. That meant finding a space and getting more people involved. Ann was brought on to be the prop mistress. Douglas could still remember exactly what she looked like the first time that he saw her. She came in the back door of the theater and emerged onto the stage with a few of the stage lights on forcing her to squint and shade her eyes. She had on faded blue jeans and a tight knit sweater that did it’s best to hide her athletic figure. Her hair was pulled back into a sort of loose bun held in place with a pair of chopsticks. He would have been lying to say that her figure wasn’t the first thing to catch his attention. He had always liked slight, athletic women. He tried to imagine what her breasts looked like under that sweater. Introductions were made and she went to sit in the empty rows of seats to watch some of the rehearsal. Throughout the performance, Douglas had trouble keeping his mind on the script as images of this newcomer danced in his head. Most of his memory of the night had been lost over time, but he could still remember her, and what caught his eye.

His next memory is of a party that he and his friends Jonas and Anthony attended. They were invited by another friend, and the director of their play, Shawn. Shawn was dating Ann’s roommate at the time so Douglas knew that it was a possibility that Ann might be there. Not that he had any plans, but hers was the image that danced in his head when he masturbated. It might be an opportunity to capture a few more images to use. Besides, in his experience, women at these parties always dressed to impress and hopefully Ann would be trying to impress.

It was your traditional college party, though an attempt was made to class up the place with a few bottles of wine, some stale cheese and crackers on a paper plate, and many attempts at high brow, sudo intellectual conversation; The men mostly trying to impress the women, and the women trying not to seem like horny college sluts. This kind of thing had always bothered Douglas. Pretenses…Why try to hide who you REALLY are and what you REALLY want? He hated bullshit and had many conversations with Jonas and Anthony on that very subject.

Jonas was currently sitting in a worn couch pressed awkwardly into the corner of the tiny living room, smoking a cigarette and flipping through a small notebook that he usually carried to parties like these. Douglas had just filled his cup from the keg in the kitchen and decided to join Jonas on the couch. As he approached, a young girl that he didn’t know plopped down drunkenly onto the couch next to Jonas. Not wanting to cock-block his boy, Douglas stopped just inside the room and leaned against the wall, digging in his pocket for his smokes, to just watch the room. He did this often, especially in unfamiliar places filled with unfamiliar people. He felt it necessary to figure out who the important people were. He hated being unprepared. This gave him a chance to learn who was interested in who, who was the angry guy that would most likely start a fight, where the exits were, who the hottest women were and who they were friends with etc.

He listened to conversations, often muffled by the stereo unceremoniously posted on the floor in the corner with speaker wire draped across the walls and ceiling leading to speakers placed haphazardly around the room, to gauge the mood, and to find out what was acceptable and what wasn’t. He had learned a few things about Ann since their first meeting, first and foremost, that her voice was AMAZINGLY sexy. It was rough and gravely, speaking of countless cigarettes and late nights. It was the voice, he imagined, of a sexually experienced and adventurous woman. He knew that she had some history with a guy in the theater department. Other than that she was a mystery. He liked it that way. He had recently come to the conclusion that women in his imagination were far superior to the reality of most women.

Just then, he heard a female voice call out “COLIN!” He glanced to his left to see who had spoken. It was a girl that he didn’t know wearing a long black dress that left her back, neck and shoulders exposed. He also noted that she had a slight silver ring pierced through her right nostril. Damn, he thought. She was hot. He followed her expectant gaze across to the room to find who he presumed to be Colin squeezing between bodies, moving toward her. Colin was the name of the guy that Ann illegal bahis had been involved with. He gave him a quick appraisal. Taller than me, kinda skinny like me, fairly good looking, and he moved with a familiar confidence that Douglas knew well. He was sure of himself, and more importantly, as he moved through the crowd, it was obvious that he knew most of the people here and was extremely comfortable. This was HIS arena, Douglas was the visitor. Who cares, She probably won’t even be here and I don’t really have an “in” anyway. Douglas lit his cigarette and moved to the opposite side of the doorway so that he could listen to their conversation.

“Hey Sexy! I’m glad you’re here! Did Todd come with you?” She fidgeted with the amber stone that hang on a long chain around her neck gazing up at him with a broad smile and bright blue eyes.

“Naaa, he’s fuckin hung over from last night. You look beautiful…”

“Whatever…” She said with what appeared to be honest embarrassment. “Let’s get drunk!” With that she hooked her arm through his and they made their way past Douglas into the kitchen. As they past, Douglas caught the scent of patculli. He also noted that she was not wearing a bra and, to his disappointment, her breasts did not appear to be the firm athletic type that should have accompanied her slender frame. Douglas lit the cigarette that he had been idly flipping through his fingers. He did that to impress. He thought it was cool. He wished he didn’t feel so much like a bull-shitter for doing it. The room was getting increasingly hot as more bodies poured into the tiny apartment. From what Douglas had seen it was a three bedroom with 1 bathroom, a living room, kitchen, and small concrete patio outside accessed through a set of sliding doors from the kitchen. Save for the bedrooms, who’s doors were closed, every other space was packed with college age men and women doing their best to pretend that the main reason they were here was NOT, ultimately, sex. Who lived here, he still didn’t know but he felt a momentary pang of sympathy for the cleanup that would follow this night. He and his roommates had parties much like this every week, except that at their parties, there were no pretenses. The floors were covered with tarps, all the furniture was moved into the bedrooms which were locked. Their parties were all about Music, Laughter, Sex, and Alcohol…needless to say there were no plates of cheese and crackers.

The next hour or so Douglas spent mostly outside. The air was getting cooler at night and he relished being able to wear his thick layers of clothing. This time of year made him feel somehow more powerful, more confident. He had a few fun little conversations. A pair of young girls, both dressed to impress and tanned a deep bronze in October, came out to the patio to smoke. They had been talking about another friend of theirs that had apparently already left the party with a guy neither of them cared for too much.

“He’s not even that good looking.” Said the Taller of the two.

“I know! He’s totally creepy if you ask me…”

“Mmm hmm” She nodded while taking a long drag of her cigarette. Douglas chuckled to himself. They both glanced expectantly at him with skeptical eyes. They obviously thought that he was laughing at them. He decided to end his observations of this party and to get involved.

“But was he funny?”


“I asked if the guy was funny…the creepy guy that took your friend home.” He said then took a long drag.

“Not really…I dunno, I didn’t even talk to him much. Why? Do you know him?”

“No, no, not at all. I just think that most women underestimate the power of being funny. I’m just saying, if he made her laugh…” The short one now chimed in.

“So you get girls to go home with you by making them laugh?”

“Well, so far it’s an unproven theory…” As expected they both laughed.

“Excuse me ladies, I’m empty.” He held his cup upside down while stamping out his cigarette on the concrete. He gave them both a quick wink as he slipped in between them, as he did so he felt the taller girls breasts press softly into his chest, and into the kitchen. Smoke hung near the ceiling and the floor had become soaked in beer. He Found Anthony and Jonas both filling cups at the keg. Douglas smiled and took a deep breath. When the three of them were together, NOTHING could stop them. Jonas looked up from filling his cup

“BROTHER DOOGIN!” Jonas was obviously enjoying the beer, and was “getting loud” as they liked to say.

“Brother Jonas” Douglas said with a nod. Anthony pumped the keg a few times, made more difficult by the slight bobbing of the nearly empty keg in the ice water.

“Those chicks are f’kin hot!” the last part was said in a drawn out, high falsetto. Douglas glanced behind him to see that he was talking about the two girls he had just spoken with on the patio.

“Really? Not my cup of tea I guess.” Jonas stopped filling his glass and motioned to a young illegal bahis siteleri girl waiting patiently behind Douglas.

“Here you go darling, one as pretty as you shouldn’t have to wait for us.” She came forward silently, ignoring the compliment. He began to fill her glass.

“So, what’s your name?” Anthony asked.

“Abby Milosevitch.”

“Is that Russian?”

“Yes it is, good guess.” She answered rolling her eyes.

“Coffee or hot chocolate?”


“Do you prefer coffee or hot chocolate?” He said looking straight at her waiting expectantly.

“Why? Is this some sort of test or something? What’s the right answer?”

“No right answer at all, it’s a preference. We have discovered that there are distinctions between people who prefer coffee and those that prefer hot chocolate.”

Douglas chimed in, “I, for instance prefer Coffee while Jonas here, is a hot chocolate man.”

“K.” she chuckled, a bit bewildered.

“I think we’re scaring her.”

“No. Not at all, I was just wondering what sort of morning beverage YOU prefer.” She said looking directly at Anthony.

He answered without missing a beat, “White Russian.” We all laughed out loud, Jonas choking on his beer.

“And with that, we’ll leave you to it!” Douglas said grabbing Jonas’s arm and directing him out to the living room.

Once safely out of ear shot Jonas commented, “She seemed bright…” and after a long pause, not to mention flexible.”

“Oh come on! You could tell she was flexible by the way she held her cup out?”

“No, because she’s Russian.” Douglas laughed heartily at that. “So all women of Russian decent are flexible?”

“No, the men too.”

“You know that Russian MEN are flexible?”

“I know your mom is flexible.”

“Niiiice…” At that moment Douglas saw Ann enter the apartment with Shawn and his girlfriend Rochelle in tow. Ann was wearing the same washed out jeans as the night they had met, however, the sweater had been replaced by two tight cotton tops with spaghetti straps. Together, they pressed her breasts against her chest and showed off her stomach and hips. He guessed that she was not wearing a bra by the slight impressions made by her nipples. Her hair was up again, showing off her perfect neck and shoulders. Her arms were JUST short of being muscular. As he traced the line of her collar bone with his eyes he noted that she didn’t have a purse. A pack of cigarettes in her hand seemed to be her only baggage.

Rochelle, on the other hand was the perfect picture of bull-shit walking. Her top was low cut and she wore black leather knee boots. A scarf was thrown over both shoulders, there in a mock gesture of sensibility. Her hair was wild and over done and her makeup was almost as garish as her forced, alcohol induced, toothy grin. The suitcase that she called a purse was slung over her right shoulder and hung against her left hip. He would never understand what Shawn saw in this phony beast of a woman.

Shawn, to his credit, was dressed, as usual in a t-shirt and jeans with a long sleeve flannel shirt over top. The three made their way through the crowd toward Douglas and Jonas.

“Hey Doog, Shawn is here.” Jonas said motioning across the room. Douglas didn’t answer. He continued to watch Ann move through the crowd. Her head down mostly, she moved gracefully through the sea of bodies. As she got closer Douglas could see that calling her beautiful didn’t quite capture it. To him, she was physically perfect. About 5′ 4″, 130 pounds, a nice flat stomach without being muscular. Her skin and eyes had such warmth and light to them, he could hardly look away, but when he did his eyes found her thin delicate lips. Parted slightly in a smile she looked up and their eyes met briefly. She looked away quickly as though she hadn’t seen him. So that’s how we’re gonna play this then… he thought.

Much later in the evening, after the third keg had been replaced with the fourth, Douglas found himself dancing in the living room with everyone else. He had not spoken to Ann beyond being in conversations that she was also in.

He was dancing with the now extremely drunk young woman with the amber necklace. He was having a hard time staying upright, and he was pretty sure that if anyone in the room was sober, he looked like a giant drunken idiot to them. The party had emptied out enough to allow room to dance, as most people had already moved on to more intimate settings where they were more likely to get laid, or at least get some hands and fingers involved. Douglas suddenly felt like throwing up.

He walked away from his dance partner without a word and using the wall for support made his way down the dark hallway to the bathroom. He pushed open the door and went in. The room was dark and it took him a few seconds to realize that this was NOT the bathroom.

As his eyes adjusted he saw a number of people in the room. There was some dance music on. He noticed a couple on the bed, canlı bahis siteleri the guys right hand down her pants and his left pinching a nipple that was exposed with her shirt and bra pushed up to her neck. There were 4 people sitting on the floor all talking quietly, giggling now and again, all staring intently at two women in a chair in the corner. A tall blonde was seated in the chair facing the door Douglas had just walked through and another sitting on her lap facing her. They were kissing passionately.

As Douglas watched these two girls making out, he felt his cock begin to stiffen in his pants. The blonde reached a hand up under the others tight fitting shirt and pushed it up to expose the right breast of the brunette. The brunette tilted her head back as the blonde took her nipple into her mouth and massaged the rest with her hand. As she rolled her head around, clearly enjoying having her breast attended to by the blonde, Douglas noticed, to his surprise, the brunette was Ann. Their eyes met briefly and this time it was Douglas’s turn to pretend he didn’t see.

As he was thinking about his next move, he felt his mouth begin to water and his stomach begin to heave. He turned and quickly and banged his way back out of the room and into the bathroom across the hall. He shoved the door closed and threw up. He was pleased to see that, for the most part, he had hit the toilet. After cleaning up the mess with a rag that he found in the shower, he turned to the sink to wash his mouth out and splash cold water on his face and head.

Looking at himself in the mirror he noticed a small spot that he had missed while shaving his head.

“Nice Douche Bag…” He laughed at himself as he often did when this intoxicated. He sat back down on the toilet seat as his head began to spin again. He adjusted his still hard cock in his pants.

He wished he could have stayed to watch what was happening in that room. If she was a lesbian and he wasn’t going to have her, he could have at least seen that perfect body in action…He leaned over to the door knob and pressed the lock into place. He unzipped his pants and pulled them, and his boxers down around his ankles exposing his raging hard on. He spit in his right hand and began to stroke it slowly trying to remember exactly what her face had looked like as the blonde pleasured her. He pictured her firm white breast pressed into the blonde’s mouth and wondered if her skin tasted as sweet as it looked. He then imagined walking over to the pair and kissing Ann’s neck as the blonde continued to lick and massage her breasts. In his mind, she moaned at the extra stimulation and put her hand on the back of his head encouraging him. He paused while the blond pulled Ann’s shirts off over her head giving Douglas a look at her perfect back. Beautiful skin covered a slightly muscled back leading down to a perfect ass hidden under denim. He lightly brushed his finger tips over her exposed skin and was pleased to see goose pimples erupt at his touch. She moaned again as she wrapped her arms around the blonds head and pulled her face into her breasts.

A knock at the bathroom door. Douglas reflexively leaned forward and obscured his cock and what he was doing to it from the view of the door in case the lock didn’t work.

“I’m in here” he called. He waited a moment as footsteps faded away after trying the handle.

Diving back into his fantasy, he forced himself to slow his hand. Ann stood slowly never taking her breast from the blonde. She reached down and unfastened her pants. Pushing the blonde to recline back in the chair she slowly pulled her pants down over her ass exposing beautiful red panties. As the blonde reclined she slipped her hand down the front of her own pants her eyes never leaving Ann’s perfect breasts.

Douglas, through the magic of fantasy, now completely naked, stepped up behind Ann and looped his arms under hers to cup her small white breasts in his hands. She moaned again and raised her arms over her head swaying her hips from side to side, dancing for the blonde. She pressed her ass into Douglas’s cock rubbing her soft skin over his cock, now standing at full attention.

“Should I let him fuck me?” Ann asked in her oh so sexy voice. The blonde smiled, obviously turned on, but strangely apprehensive about the notion. She finally nodded quickly licking her upper lip obviously enjoying her own fingers and the beautiful women dancing in front of her.

Ann turned then to face Douglas. “And what about you? Do you want to fuck me?” She asked quietly so that only he could hear. He had forgotten about the other people in the room. He quickly added them back into his fantasy. He glanced behind him to see the other six people watching them. He returned his eyes to Ann and couldn’t help but take in the sight before him.

Her white breasts and the light brown nipples standing out in the slight chill of the room, her smooth stomach tapering down to strong hips and shapely athletic legs were all more than he could stand.

“Yes.” He answered simply. “I do.” She smiled then, knowing what she wanted, she slowly knelt down before him and took his cock into her warm mouth. She looked up at him with her big beautiful brown eyes.

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