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We leave early for dinner, and then relax over a nice long dinner, while we drink a bottle of wine. After dinner as the sun begins to set, we stroll out to the car. As we walk, I move closer and lift my arm across your shoulders so you are tucked under my arm. Having your body pressed up against mine has an immediate effect on me as I imagine the possibilities. How you will react to my attempt at seduction? If I an successful, how will you taste, how will you react to my touch, and most importantly if I am successful in my attempt, can live up to what you expect in a lover?

We drive off into the country, to my favorite place for stargazing, a secluded meadow, with a small hill in the middle. As we drive along, you slide over next to me and once again your body is pressed against mine, and the scent of your perfume rises up to me where I inhale the gentle scent that reminds me of the way the evening air smells after a spring shower.

When we arrive at the meadow we park and I quickly unpack the car, then we climb our way up the hill. You volunteer to set up the supplies as I set up the telescope and align it for the best view of the heavens as I promised. I stop in the midst to enjoy the sight of your graceful movements, and my mind wanders back to a more earthly form of heaven that I hope awaits me later this night. I turn back to setting up the telescope, hoping that this night may have more shows than just the Perseid meteor showers.

After we get everything set up, we still have a little time to kill before the best time to see the meteor showers. So I suggest we turn on the radio. When you agree, I turn it to a station that plays soft romantic music. A slow song comes on, and I take you in my arms and we slow dance to the music. As the stars and the moon watch us dance, you lay your head against my shoulder. As we keep dancing, our eyes meet and then our lips meet in that first kiss. At first I am hesitant, but then you don’t pull away which =h encourages me to make it a long passionate kiss. By the time we pull apart, the meteor showers are becoming dense enough to give a great showing. I am thankful for this, since I was beginning to get aroused and I don’t want to be too overt in my seduction of you.

I make the final adjustments for the telescope, and gaze at the meteors, I become so fascinated, that if it weren’t for the touch of your hand on my arm, I would have forgotten you were even there. As you pull me away, I notice softness of your hands, and get a good look at the shape of your breasts as they strain against the material of your blouse.

As you look through the telescope, I open the bottle of wine we brought with us, and pour myself a glass. Then I lay back on the blanket sipping on the wine, dividing my time between watching the sky, and watching you. This goes on until I’ve almost finished the glass of wine, when you turn around and catch me admiring the view here on earth.

Smiling you ask, “enjoying the view?” I just lift the bottle and the glass in an unspoken question. When you nod your head, I ataşehir escort pour a glass for you and top mine off. We sit watching the meteors and sip on our wine. As we gaze at the meteors and stars, we make small talk. As we talk about what a lovely night it is, I reach over into the picnic basket, and then hand you a single red rose. Then my arm slides around your waist, holding you close to me. We both stop talking for a while as I allow you time to get comfortable with my attentions. We sip on our wine until the silence begins to get awkward. As we both turn to look at each other to say something, your forehead bumps my nose. This sets us off laughing at our selves, breaking the tension, which has built up. I take the wine glasses and set them aside.

When I turn back to you I gently take your face in my hands and turn it up to face me, so I can kiss you. As we are kissing, I feel you relaxing, and I take this as a sign that you are ok with my intimacies. After breaking off the kiss, I move behind you and begin to massage your neck and shoulders. As your muscles relax, I lean forward and kiss the back of your neck. Since you don’t move away from me, I allow my hands to slide down your arms, and I start massaging your upper arms. As I massage them, my fingers “accidentally” graze the sides of your breasts. I enjoy the sensation of them, soft yet firm. Confident that you are relaxed and used to my hands on you, I move so I am facing you again. I start massaging your shoulders again.

I gaze into your eyes, watching them as I reach for the top button on your blouse. As I undo the button, my fingers tremble with anticipation, delight and nervousness. I softly whisper one word, “ok?” In silence you take my hands, and guide them down to the next button. I then eagerly begin undoing your buttons, stopping after I have done enough buttons that the top of your blouse eases from the strain of covering your ample chest. I can see the beginning of your bra cups in the gap left open. White lace entices me, as it catches the starlight, it seems to call to me to touch it. I slowly reach out and slip my hand in and cup your breast. I can feel the wonderful warmth of you thru the lace and the softness and texture of your bra. I let my hand rise up to your bare skin. Feeling the silky smoothness of your skin excites me even more and arouses me to full hardness. Hard pressed to go slow, I go back to unbuttoning your blouse, I want to just rip it off and bury my face in your ample charms.

After I get your blouse completely unbuttoned, it hangs open from the top down to the waist of your skirt where it is tucked in. I reach forward and run my hands down your front from the shoulders, down over the swell of your breasts, pausing to tweak your nipples as the strain against the material of your bra. I continue running my hands down over the rest of your bra, and onto your stomach. I enjoy the feel of your voluptuous curves that assure me you are a real woman. So many women feel that being emaciated is sexy, I don’t know why this is so, but it kadıköy escort seems to be a facet of our modern culture, no other time in history has mankind ever desired women who were all bone. I enjoy a woman who is well rounded, and actually has curves. I enjoy tracing those curves with my eyes, hands, lips I unfasten your bra, and then slowly pull it off so I can see all of you. In the starlight, I can see where your tan line is, by the lighter skin. As I let my eyes wonder over your breasts, I notice how full they are, the way they lift slightly with each breath you take, the large areolas and how your nipples are erect with excitement. Unable to resist, I reach out and cup a breast in each hand, hefting their weight. I enjoy the feeling of the warmth and having my hands full of you.

Releasing your breasts, I move behind you. I begin rubbing my hands up and down your back, as I kiss and nibble the back of your neck. From your neck, I move to your right ear. As I nibble on it I press my body against yours and whisper, “Can you feel how excited I am?” You respond with another shudder and a throaty “Yes.” I allow myself to move down to your jaw line and kiss and nibble my way along it. As I’m doing this my arms wrap around you, and I cup your breasts, and allow my fingers to pinch, pull and roll your nipples. Then I move down onto the right side of your neck, enjoying the reaction your body is having to my touch. As I continue down onto your shoulder, you begin to softly moan at my attentions. After I finish your shoulder, I release your nipples and breasts. I ask you to stand up.

When you do, I move around to your front, and stop to kiss you deeply. As we are kissing, you run your hands up from my waist over my stomach onto my chest. When we break the kiss, you step back and begin to undo the buttons on my shirt. After you get all the buttons undone, you pull my short down, and I shrug out of it. I pull you next to me, so I can feel those wonderful breasts of yours against me. As they come into contact with me, a jolt of electricity goes straight to my groin. I love the feel of your bare skin against mine. I can feel the difference between you soft flesh, and the harder nipples as they press into me. I finally take a step back, and then kneel at your feet.

With unsteady hands, I reach for the fastener for your skirt, after attempting I have to stop and take a deep breath. Having steadied my hands, I am able to undo the fastener, allowing your skirt to fall down around your feet. You deftly step out of the skirt, and push it aside. Kneeling in front of you I see a darker spot on your nylons, and I can smell your arousal. Taking one hand, I run it up and down your nylon-covered leg, enjoying the feeling of your leg and the smooth material. When I get to your foot. I gently lift your leg and with my other hand remove your shoe. After briefly rubbing your foot I allow my hand to run back up your leg and then down the other leg, and I remove your other shoe as well.

Now you are standing in front of me wearing only your nylons. bostancı escort bayan I lean forward and place my mouth over the darker spot, allowing myself to get a taste of your juices through the material. You reach down and place your hands on the back of my head pushing me tighter against you. I reach my hands up to the waist o your nylons, and you release my head. I stand up and gently guide you down onto the blanket. As you raise your hips imploringly, I slowly pull down your nylons. As I do I see soft golden hairs reflecting the moonlight. As I pull them down, I allow my hands to enjoy the sexy curves of your legs. After they are off, I run my hands up and down your legs, massaging them as I go. Teasingly, I allow my hands to get close to your womanhood, but I never touch it. Then I being licking and kissing my way up and down each f your thighs. I allow my breath to tease across your swollen mound, each time that you think I’m about to kiss your pussy, I move away. I kneel between your legs and nuzzle my face into those soft golden hairs. I enjoy the way they tease my lips and tongue. I wet my lips then brush them lips over your slit, but without applying pressure. As you begin to rise up in an effort to get more contact, I move to the top and kiss you there. I slip my tongue into you, and slowly run it up and down the length of you. I gently pull your legs even farther apart. After several minutes of running my tongue up and down your slit, I allow my tongue to penetrate you. I use my tongue like I would my cock. Driving it in and out of you. I very the pace, the direction and how much of it I am putting it in.

By this time you clit is peeking out, almost begging for attention. I gently pull your lips away and flick my tongue against the clit quickly. This causes your legs to shudder. When you are getting up there toward orgasm, I suck your clit into my mouth. As I suck gently, I watch your face for a reaction. Since you seem to be enjoying it I suck even harder. As you lift into the air with the buildup of your orgasm, I move with you, trying to keep contact, as I alternate licking and sucking. As you build closer to your orgasm I slip my finger inside of you, rubbing the sensitive area at the roof your vagina. Then I insert another finger to make sure I am applying enough pressure. Slowly at first, then a little faster, I fuck you with my fingers rhythmically. Speeding up when you do. Listening to your breathing I can tell that I am stimulating you more than I could with my cock by itself. As you reach the peak of your orgasm, I find it hard to keep up with you, but I do. When you begin to come down I press my tongue along the underside of your clit while my lips cover top. I slip my tongue in and out of you as I move my fingers. After you finish, I slide up you body and pull you close to me, I want to caress you more, but u stop me saying that you are too sensitive after cumming, that you need a moment to calm down

As you relax, you realize, how hard and erect, I am. Without a word your hands, reach up, and undo my belt and unfasten my slacks. You slip off my shoes, and then tug my pants down and I step out of them. You see the head of my cock, peeking out of my briefs. You lean forward and lick the precum off the tip of my dick there will be other nights with more delights.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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