Solstice Ch. 06

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Solstice – Chapter 06

Alex was sitting at the kitchen table the next morning. He had just finished his breakfast, and was getting a blowjob from his grandmother, Phoebe, when his father came to him. His mother, sisters, Alexandra and grandfather, Adonis, were also at the table.

“Alex, the men of the family have requested a meeting with you this morning,” his father advised him.

“Any idea why?” he asked.

“As far as I know, you’re the youngest Papas we’ve ever had. They have concerns.”

“What type of concerns?” his mother asked.

“Di, they’ve requested only men in this discussion.” Aphrodite nodded to him.

“When would they like to meet?” Alex asked.

“In about twenty minutes, if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, that should be fine. Am I supposed to dress a special way?”

“It’s an official meeting with Papas. You should wear the green robe. It’s in your closet,” his father answered.

Alex came just then into his grandmother’s mouth. When she quieted from her orgasm, he stood.

“I’m going to take a quick shower. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Alex left the room.

Xander looked at Aphrodite. “I have a list of questions they gave me. Would you like to see it?”

She held out her hand as he offered her the folded paper. She read it and handed it back. “You’ll be there with him?”

“I will. They’ve asked me to present the questions so they can remain anonymous.”

“He’ll be fine then. I have no doubt he’ll make a good impression,” Aphrodite replied.

“I think so too,” Xander said.

Xander left to get the men together. Alex returned about fifteen minutes later, wearing the long green robe and his medallion.

“Alex, you still have a few minutes. Come with me. I’d like to talk to you before you go,” his mother told him.

They walked to the bedroom. “Any idea what this is all about?” he asked.

“The men just want to get to know you better. When a new Papas arrives, they always have questions. Be yourself. Answer their questions honestly. You’ll be fine.”

“What type of questions will there be?”

“Questions you’ll know how to answer. Relax and be yourself.”

She kissed him and grabbed his butt, then sent him on his way. Alex walked out to the platform where the men were gathered. His father was standing on the platform waiting on him. As Alex walked up, his father gestured to the center chair. Alex stepped toward it then stopped and turned back.

“If it’s okay with everyone, I’d rather sit here.” He pointed to the top step on the platform. His father smiled and nodded. Alex looked at the men. Ages ranged from the oldest to the youngest of the adults. He recognized most of them. “Good morning,” he said. “How can I be of service?”

“Papas…,” his father began. “…Many of the men and their families have questions. The time period between becoming E’papas and moving to Papas is traditionally three years. That time is used to learn the role and responsibilities of Papas. With the Nea Archi prophecy, that time was shortened to just three months. As you can imagine that brings up questions,” Xander said.

“I’m sure it has. I still have questions of my own.”

“Our family has had its share of mostly good and a few not so good Papas. The men would like to know how you see your role as Papas,” his father told him.

Alex looked at the men. “As Papas, I see myself as your servant. I inherited this title from my parents, along with the responsibility to uphold and continue our family traditions. I respect those traditions, each of you, and your families.”

“Papas, twice, during the greetings yesterday, you broke with tradition.”

“Yes, I did. In both instances there were young women who were here for their first time. They were shy and embarrassed about removing their robes. They were uncomfortable, as I was three months ago, at my first family celebration. I took it upon myself to allow them to forgo the nudity and customary greeting. I spoke with Mamas afterward and she approved of my approach. Are the girl’s father’s here?” Both men raised their hands. Alex pointed at one of them. “Your daughter is Astrae, I believe?” The man nodded. “Have you spoken to her about the incident?”

“I have. What you did was greatly appreciated. She’s informed me that today, she will be celebrating with us, without hesitation or embarrassment.”

“Thank you.” Alex pointed to Selene’s father. “And your daughter, Selene. How is she?”

“Papas, my wife and I pushed Selene to follow tradition against her will. You allowed her the freedom to ease into our ‘unusual’ lifestyle in her own way. You and Mamas took the time to make her comfortable. She’ll be joining our celebrations from now on, in their traditional way, of her own free will.”

“Thank you. So, as you see, my breaks from tradition were only temporary steps to allow our family to adjust to them. I’d do the same thing again if I felt it was the compassionate thing to do.”

“As Papas, you have the right to take our wives and daughters at your will. Will you be exercising that right?” Xander asked.

“I understand that each of you love illegal bahis the women in your lives, as I love the women in mine. Women who come to these large celebrations do so with the approval of their men. I assume, by their presence, that they’re willing participants. If I’m wrong about that, please correct me. I will never take your women. Outside of our family celebrations, I would only be with your wives with your express permission. If you say no, I’ll respect that. If the woman says no, I’ll respect that too. Women who are unattached have the ability to make their own decisions, but I would never take them against their will. I hope none of you would either. I’ve spoken to Mamas, and both E’mamas; their desire is that they be with me and my father, Xander, only. Should they change their minds and desire to be with another man, they’ll come to me with that man to discuss it. If it is their wish, I’ll grant it. My women are free to be with any of the other women. My consort, Alexandra, and I, have not had that discussion. I’d have to speak with her before granting permission. Mutual respect between all of us paramount in this family. Does that answer your question?”

“It does, Papas. Since you were prophesied by the Nea Archi, are you a God?”

Alex laughed. “No, I’m not a god. I was given gifts to help continue our family in its purest state, as it came from Gaia. I’m nothing more than a man. Just like all of you. I’m Alex, and prefer that you address me that way, unless we’re in a formal situation within the family.”

Xander spoke again, “The Nea Archi prophecy also says that you’ll have equal status with Mamas. Our family has always been a matriarchal one. How will this change things?”

“Rather than having one mind, we have two now. Later today, we add a third, with Ariana becoming Mamas. In two years, Demi and Alexandra will also become Mamas, so there’ll be five of us working and thinking together for the family. Aphrodite has been Mamas, and the voice of our family, for over twenty years. Her voice will still be the one we all rely on.”

“Do you plan on changing our traditions?”

“Our traditions are thousands of years old. They seem to be working beautifully. My father once told me, ‘Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.’ So, in answer to your question; no, I don’t foresee changing traditions.”

Xander turned to the men. “That’s the last of my questions. Does anyone have anything else?” No one spoke.

“Dad, may I say something else?”

“By all means.”

“Guys, I’m one of you. We’re a family. I’m not a threat. My parents taught me to be respectful and considerate. I didn’t ask to be Papas; but since I’m here, I plan to do it to the best of my ability, with our entire family in mind. I don’t understand all the implications of the Nea Archi prophecy. I’m not sure anyone does. We’ll learn more as we go along. I’m going to need your help, and your family’s help too. I need you to talk to me. If there’s an issue, let’s address it, together. I’m counting on each one of you. Thanks for inviting me today.”

Fingers began snapping, and as Alex walked through the crowd he was met with smiles and pats on the back. He went into the house and to his room to change clothes. His father returned a few minutes later, got a cup of coffee, and sat at the kitchen table with Aphrodite.

“How did it go?” Aphrodite asked.

“We have an amazing son.”

“Yes, we do. How did he do with the questions?”

“When did Alex become so articulate? He fielded the questions like he’d done it all his life. I don’t think the men have any further concerns.”

After changing his clothes, Alex went to find Alexandra. She was helping prepare the food for the afternoon feast with her father. She kissed him when he walked in.

“Dad, said you were pretty impressive today.”

“I think it went okay. Alexandra, I have a question for you. If one of the men wanted to be with you sexually, they would come and ask me for permission. What would you like me to tell them?”

“Tell them that I prefer to only be with one man, you.”

“You’re sure?”


“If you change your mind, will you tell me first?”

“I won’t change my mind, but yes. You’ll be the first to know.”

“Thanks,” Alex replied.

“You’re welcome. You’ve got a big afternoon scheduled.”

“No kidding. Mom said we’ll be on the platform today rather than in a cabana.”

“For just her part?”

“No, for your part, Ariana, and Demi too.”

“Lovely, I always wanted to moon an audience,” Alexandra said.

Alex grinned. “Did you already take the elixir?”

“The first dose. My clit feels like a marble. The next dose is about ten minutes before the ceremony. Demi said that’s the one that makes you crazy.”

“I don’t know about crazy, but it sure had some wild effects on me.”

“Like what?”

“Last time, when Ari and Demi took it, when they came it made me cum. Now with my cum doing that to you, it’s going to be like a feedback loop.”

“That actually sounds kinda interesting. We’ll figure it out.”


At noon, Alex and his mother/wife sat down illegal bahis siteleri to discuss the fertilization ceremony. The ceremony would begin at two, with the joining ten minutes later. The fertilization was to be ten minutes after that, at two-twenty.

“Mom, are you at the fertile part of your cycle?”

“I did a test just a little while ago. I’m ready.”

“Do you really think this’ll work with a one time shot?”

“According to the prophecy, it will.”

“What are we going to name our son?”

“No idea. Something Greek, we’ll figure it out before he’s born. Alex, you seem concerned about something.”

“Mom, I’m supposed to get you pregnant, marry Ariana, promise to marry Alexandra, and then have sex with my other fiancé today. All in front of about a hundred people. Wouldn’t you be a little stressed?”

“Probably, but look at the bright side. You get a free lunch out of the deal, and get to spend the night with Ariana,” she said, smiling.

Alex grinned. “There’s always that.”


At one thirty, Demi and Alexandra took Alex to the shower, then dressed him. Just before two they all walked to the platform. Alex and Aphrodite led the procession, with Ariana behind them. Demi and Alexandra walked behind her. It seemed strange not having his father in the procession. The platform still had six chairs, and off to the side was a platform type bed. Alex and his mother both wore dark blue robes. Ariana and the other two women wore yellow. All the women wore gold medallions except Alexandra. They all took their seats.

At two, Aphrodite took Alex’ hand and they stood. The crowd was silent as the bed was moved to the front by two men. His mother backed up to the foot of the bed. Ariana and Demi stepped forward and removed her robe; then laid her back on the bed with her knees up and feet resting on the foot of the bed. Alexandra stepped to her side and held her right hand. His sisters stepped to Alex and removed his robe. His cock was already hard. Ariana, Demi, and Alexandra dropped their robes to the floor. His sisters each lifted one of their mother’s legs and spread them. Both began massaging her pussy. When given the nod from Aphrodite, Alex stepped forward between his mother’s legs. His sisters guided his cock into her, and he began moving into her at a slow pace. Aphrodite closed her eyes and smiled.

Alex suddenly stopped moving. “Mom, open your eyes. You need to see this.”

She opened her eyes. They were no longer on the platform. They were on a snow-covered mountain top. All five of them were there. Standing next to Alex was another woman. She was nude and looked exactly like his mother. Not similar, she looked exactly like her. Although they were surrounded by snow, there was no sensation of cold. The three girls and Alex all looked shocked.

“Keep moving, Alex. You have a job to do,” the woman said.

“Are you Gaia?” Aphrodite asked, seeming calm, and accepting the situation.

“I am known by any names; but yes, Gaia is one of them. You are all the first of the renewal. Through you we will return our line to where it once was,” the woman replied.

“Why did you choose us?” Alex asked.

“You weren’t chosen. I created each of you for this purpose. Aphrodite will conceive the first of the next generation today. Ariana will conceive the second, at the winter solstice. Demi and Alexandra will conceive at the summer solstice in their twenty-first years.”

“Where are we?” Ariana asked.

“We are on Olympus, of course. This is where our family began. I’m sure you all have questions; they will be answered in time.”

Alex and Aphrodite could both feel their orgasms building. The woman put a hand on Aphrodite’s lower abdomen and with her other hand she cupped Alex’ balls. Both could feel a power emanating through her hands.

“I will see you again at the solstice. Say the word, Alex.”

“Dimiourgo,” Alex said.

He erupted into his mother as her legs encircled him to pull him into her. Aphrodite began cumming and groaning loudly as she writhed on him. Alex continued cumming copious amounts into her. It seemed to go on for minutes. When their orgasms stopped, they were on the platform again. The woman was gone. Alex was laying on top of his mother, exhausted. There was finger snapping which went on for a couple of minutes.

Alex rose, still in his mother’s pussy. “Mom, did that really happen?” he asked.

“Yes, baby. It happened,” she replied. “Girls, help me scoot back on the table. I need to lay here for about thirty minutes before I get up.”

Alex stepped back as his sisters and Alexandra helped Aphrodite scoot back on the bed. She laid there with her feet resting on the foot of the bed and her knees flexed. Her pussy was dripping cum and there was a large puddle of it on the floor.

“We were really on Olympus?” Demi asked.

“Apparently so,” Ariana replied.

“Why do you all seem so surprised?” Aphrodite asked.

“It is a bit out of the ordinary, don’t you think?” Alexandra asked.

Xander came onto the platform. “That was beautiful.”

“Dad, did you notice anything unusual?” canlı bahis siteleri Alex asked.

“That was the biggest orgasm your mother has ever had.”

“Nothing else?”

“From the looks of it, you dumped about a quart of cum into her. Why?”

“No reason, I was just curious.”

“I’m going to get in line for some food. Anyone want to join me?” Xander asked.

“In a little bit, Dad. You go ahead,” Ariana replied. Xander left the platform.

“Alex, am I still dripping?” Aphrodite asked.

“Mom, it’s pouring out.”

“Get a cup. The other women will want it.”

Ariana handed him a brass cup that was sitting on the side of the bed. He collected the cum as it ran out. By the time it stopped, the cup was half full, and he handed it back to Ariana.

“Holy shit! There’s enough here to last for days,” Ariana said, showing the contents to the others.

“Mom, is it okay to tell the others what happened?” Demi asked.

“That should be fine; if you don’t mind being looked at like you’ve lost your mind. Who would believe you?” her mother replied.

“Twilight Zone fans,” Alexandra suggested.

“Yeah, that’s probably about it,” Ariana said.

“Let’s keep this between us for now,” Aphrodite suggested. Everyone nodded. “Girls, go ahead and go to the feast. I want to talk to Alex for a minute.”

The girls put on their robes and went toward the tables. Ariana took the cup with her. Alex stepped to the side of the bed.

“That was pretty wild, huh?” he asked.

“Do you believe now?”

“It would be pretty hard not to. What does it all mean?”

“Honey, I don’t know. I guess we’ll learn more as time goes by.”

“Do you think the fertilization worked?”

Aphrodite rolled her eyes and chuckled. “I have no doubt it worked. We’re going to have a son.”

Alex grinned. “Yeah, I guess we are. I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, husband.”

Alex bent down and kissed her. They stayed on the platform for about another fifteen minutes before he helped her up. They put on their robes and joined the feast. Everyone was already eating when they arrived. The men had all been served with the elixir of vitality and in another hour or so the place would be overflowing with erections.

“Alex, watch this,” Ariana called out. Alex turned to her. She was standing at the head of the table next to him with a grin on her face. “Alright ladies, go.”

Each of the nine women at the table touched their fingers to their tongues. In a few seconds, every woman at the table was having an orgasm. The men were all laughing. Alex stood and took a bow toward the table.

“You’re welcome,” he said.

Following the feast, everyone migrated back to the platform. Alex and his family stood on the platform. Ariana stepped in front of her brother. Aphrodite removed her daughter’s robe. Their father spoke, “Papas, my son, before you stands E’mamas, your sister, my daughter. I offer her to you as Mamas. To accept my gift take her as you have taken your mother.”

Alex stepped forward. Demi and Alexandra helped Ariana onto the bed and held her legs apart. Alex stepped forward. His father grasped Alex’ cock and directed it into his sister. She smiled up at him then wrapped her legs around him and pulled him on top of her.

“Mom said to remind you to go slow and easy,” she whispered. “And brace yourself.”

He kissed her and they began moving slowly. Over the next several minutes the pace increased. Ariana was setting the pace and Alex followed her. In about ten minutes it had worked into a frenzy. Alex could tell his sister was getting close. He began softly stroking her rock-hard clit.

“Give me the seed of Gaia, Papas, my husband, my brother. Fill me now!”

As she came, her scream was deafening. Alex came suddenly and explosively. His sister ground on his cock for what seemed like minutes, and Alex came a second time. When they stopped moving, the finger snapping began again. Alex kissed her then stood and helped her up. They stepped away from the bed.

Cletus walked up on the platform and took his daughter’s hand then walked her to the end of the bed.

“Are you ready, Alexandra?”

“I am, Father,” she replied. Cletus removed her robe.

Alex stepped up in front of her. “Alexandra, do you willingly promise yourself to Papas?” her father asked.

“I do,” she replied, as she smiled at Alex.

Cletus helped his daughter lay back on the bed. He lifted one leg and Demi stepped up and held the other. Alex stepped forward. Cletus guided Alex’ cock into his daughter’s wet pussy. He began sliding in and out of her. Her clit was hard as a rock and physically hot to the touch.

“I am yours, Papas,” Alexandra said. “Fill me with your treasure.”

They continued to move together. She began flushing. Her orgasm happened quickly as her body trembled. She moaned loudly. Alex came the moment she did and just as Alexandra was coming down, she peaked again. Alex came a second time. The crowd began snapping their fingers. As they both recovered, Alex stepped back, and his mother handed him a gold medallion. He placed the medallion around Alexandra’s neck. His cum was dripping from her. Cletus leaned forward and whispered to her. She grinned and nodded to him. He put his fingers inside his daughter, collecting the cum, then licked his fingers clean.

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