Shy Katy Ch. 01

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Katy was one of the shyest girls I’d known. She could barely look me in the eye, let alone be candid about what she wanted, and yet somehow we ended up in my hotel room, her arms around me and her lips pressed against mine.

I ran my hand over her back as I kissed her and pulled her closer to me. For a moment our eyes met and she smiled before closing them again and quickly darting towards me to kiss me again. I knew she wouldn’t dare to say the words, but I thought I saw in her smile the desire for something more.

She didn’t object or shy away as I touched her, running my hands down her back, over her legs, or even pressing gently between. She just closed her eyes and buried her head in my chest, hiding her face, but still pressing herself close to me.

I reached beneath her woollen top to grasp a soft breast, pushing her bra aside to touch her bare skin and feel her nipple beneath my fingers. She buried her head deeper, but I suspected she was enjoying this just as much as I was.

Slowly, I slid her top up her chest. I lifted her bra aside to reveal her small, but beautiful breast. I couldn’t help but lower my head and bring my lips to her bosom, kissing and running my tongue over her perfect teat, feeling it harden and swell almost illegal bahis immediately.

At last I lifted my head from her chest, but this time she shrank away, pulling her top back down to cover herself.

“Don’t you like that?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s nice, I just…”

In another life, I stopped there, afraid of pushing her too far, but perhaps it was just her shyness of being exposed. Perhaps she didn’t want me to stop, but was too shy to say it. Perhaps I carried on…

I didn’t want to do anything Katy didn’t want, but I didn’t think she really wanted me to stop, she was just shy to be bared in front of me. I slid my hand up her back once again and unhooked her bra, then pulled it from under her top and dropped it to the floor.

Katy didn’t object, in fact she was smiling again. I began once again to lift her top, and she lifted herself up, allowing me to pull it over her arms and leaving her chest completely bared. She blushed brightly and buried her head again, pressing herself close to me to preserve her modesty.

I lifted her head from my chest and kissed her again. She kissed back with intensity, her warm skin against mine, and even through her shyness I knew that this was what she wanted. I knew that her desire was just illegal bahis siteleri as strong as mine.

I lowered my head to her chest once again, and this time she didn’t shrink away or hide her face. Instead, so quietly I could barely hear, she murmured “I like that.”

The taste of her skin was wonderful, and knowing that she really wanted this made me bolder. I slid my hand down her chest and unbuttoned her jeans, then gently pushed her panties aside. I kissed her again as I felt her silky wetness on my fingers, and she let out a tiny yelp of pleasure before burying her head again.

I held her close as I slowly ran a finger up and down between her legs and listened intently to hear almost inaudible sounds. I knew she would be shy to be naked in front of me, but I wanted to see her, and I knew that, past the shyness, she wanted me to see her too.

I pulled her jeans down and off, leaving her naked save for a pair of blue lace panties. Katy was blushing again, and doing her best to hide her face. I slowly slid her panties down her legs, unsure whether she would ask me to stop and still not wanting to push her further than she wanted to go. Katy stayed quiet, and in a moment she was naked, blushing again as her most intimate places canlı bahis siteleri were exposed.

“Are you OK?” I asked, unsure.

She gave me a weak, nervous smile, not meeting my eye, “I’m OK…”

She darted in quickly to kiss me, then lifted her knees and curled up, still trying to hide herself away. I knew that she didn’t want me to stop; she just wanted me to lead her past her shyness.

I gently parted her legs, and lowered myself between them, seeking out her most sensitive places with my tongue. Again, I heard her almost-silent moans, but they grew louder this time as I slowly ran my tongue up and down. I don’t know how long I was lost in that moment, forgetting everything but the sound, scent and taste of her as her pleasure slowly grew.

She wasn’t hiding her face any more, her shyness forgotten, and her moans louder. I paused for a moment, only to hear her say “Please don’t stop.”

I gently pressed a long finger into her now very wet opening and began to slowly slide it back and forth as my tongue sought out her clit. Her moans became ever more urgent as I licked and sucked at her clit with my finger pumping inside, and I felt her tighten and contract as she came, crying out unashamedly until she eventually collapsed back to the bed.

I took her in my arms again, and she gave me a satisfied smile as her eyes met mine. This time she didn’t try to hide herself, but kissed me gently and lay in my arms.

“Thank you,” she said, “that was what I wanted.”

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