She Knows Ch. 03

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It had been more than a week since my night with Tom and Jess. I’d heard nothing from them, except for a brief call from Tom’s secretary telling me that my case was on track and that Tom would be in contact when he had more information.

I’d settled into a routine: When I finished working for the day, I would go home, undress, and park my naked self in front of the computer. While I mostly watched Internet clips of men sucking and fucking, I found myself searching for decent clips of men eating cum-filled pussies. I preferred those in which the eater was licking cum that wasn’t his, but they were hard to find.

Most nights, I’d give up and simply lean back in my chair and masturbate to the memories of my night with Tom and Jess.

One morning, I was standing at the front counter of the small shop from which I run my weekly newspaper reading proofs for that week’s edition. Engrossed in ensuring the legal description in an ad was correct, I didn’t look up when the bell over the front door rang as it opened.

“I’ll be right with you,” I said.

Then I heard my visitor close the door and lock it behind them.

I looked up to find Jess standing before me. While she was less dressed up then when I last saw her, she was every bit as pretty. If she was wearing makeup, I couldn’t tell it. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she was wearing a cute little sundress that was doing its best to cover her big firm breasts and still fall low enough on her thighs to be decent.

“I have something you can help me with,” she said.

She lifted her dress up over hips to reveal a delicate pair of pink lace thong panties. Even from four or five feet away, I could tell illegal bahis they were wet and sticking to her crotch. I quickly hustled her away from the big windows of the storefront and toward a more private area in back.

As we walked, Jess told me that she’d awoken that morning to find Tom half-dressed and rubbing his hard cock along the crack of her ass. When she stirred, he lifted her hips from the bed, pushed her panties to the side and stroked her labia and clit with his erection. When she was wet, he fucked her quickly from behind until dumped his load in her pussy.

Late for court, he’d pulled out, finished dressing and headed out the door, leaving his wife hanging.

“I thought about just fingering myself until I came,” she said. “But I thought you’d do a better job.”

“I’m glad you thought of me,” I said as I showed her into the small back room where I kept my billing computer on a small desk next to a couch where I occasionally napped after a long night working on the paper. “I hadn’t heard anything from either of you since that night at your house. I was worried that y’all regretted it.”

“We’d never, ever, done anything like that before,” she said as she pulled the sundress over her head, revealing a matching pink demi-cup bra that barely covered the nipples of her breasts. “We stayed up all night talking after you left and we both agreed it was the hottest sex we’d ever had.”

She turned to me and pulled my shirt over my head, tossing it on the couch next to her dress.

“I want to sit on your face,” she said. “I want you to clean up Tom’s cum and get me off.”

I dropped to my knees and leaned in to rub my nose in her sopping, panty-clad crotch before assuming my position on the carpeted floor.

She stood over me and illegal bahis siteleri turned so she was facing my feet.

“No one had ever licked my ass before the other night,” she said. “I loved it.”

She kneeled over the top of me and wiggled her ass into place over my mouth. Her panties were soaked from the combination of her juices and the load her husband had deposited a short time before. I reached with my tongue and ran it gently from the bottom of her pussy back to her rosebud. Some of Tom’s cum had dribbled between her cheeks, leaving her bottom slick with the drying goo.

When my tongue reached her asshole, Jess let out a moan. As I worked my tongue from her asshole to her pussy, she shifted so that all I could reach was her backdoor.

“Clean my ass,” she said. “Lick it.”

Eager to please, I alternated long slow passes with the flat of my tongue with quick, light strokes with the tip. Jess seemed to approve, as the juices running from her pussy were flowing freely, including some larger lumps I assumed to be the cum her husband had pounded deep in her snatch.

I wondered how far she’d let me go. I pushed gently at her rosebud and the tip of my tongue entered her ass. Jess moaned her approval and I started “fucking” her butt with my tongue, pushing into her slightly.

After just a few minutes, she rose up off me.

“Get your dick out,” she said. “I want you to stroke it while you make me come.”

I quickly complied, pushing my pants down around my knees and freeing my stiff cock from my underwear. Jess stood over me, slid her panties down and rubbed them across my face as she kneeled over me.

She’d turned so that she was facing my head.

“I’m ready to get off,” she said. “Lick my clit. Suck it.”

She canlı bahis siteleri settled her pussy onto my face and started working on her clit. She put one hand atop my head and starting bucking her hips in much the same motion as I’d seen her use while riding her husband’s dick. Her moans told me she was close and I wanted to push her over the edge. I reached up with my thumb and found her rosebud. As her orgasm started, I pushed slightly on her asshole and sucked harder on her clit.

“That’s me, that’s me, that’s me,” she moaned as she came all over my face.

She fell forward, pulling her throbbing pussy away from tongue. After a minute, she sat up and looked down at me, laying between her thighs.

“Why aren’t you stroking yourself?” she asked.

In my haste to make her come, I’d forgotten.

“Do it, now,” she said, craning her neck to watch over her shoulder.

I grabbed my dick and started pumping. It didn’t take long. My balls tightened and I arched my back and shot my load across my chest. Some of it landed on Jess’ bottom.

She stood up when I was finished and bent to pick up her still-soaked panties. I got to my knees and cleaned my cum from her ass cheek.

Instead of putting her panties on, she handed them to me.

“You can keep these to lick when you jerk off later,” she said.

I blushed, but we both knew that’s exactly what I would be doing.

“Thanks for the great orgasm,” Jess said as I walked her to the front door. “I really needed it.”

She asked me not to tell Tom of our morning activities.

“I haven’t seen Tom since that night at your house,” I said, “but I won’t tell him.”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I know he’s missing getting his dick sucked. I bet he calls you pretty soon.”

And with that, she opened the door and walked out into the sunshine.

* * *

Jess proved to be more right that I think she anticipated. Just before noon, Tom called.

“Can you come over to my office?” he asked. “We, uh, need to discuss your case.”

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