Sharon , Kenny

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Let me introduce myself, I’m Sharon, a married school teacher who lives and works in a suburban school district in Western New York. This is an adventure that took place when I was just out of college and before I got married.

Let me start with the facts, at the time I was 22 years old, I had only been working as a teacher for one full school year and just starting my second. I had been living alone in a room I rented from a nice lady that was a few miles from my school.

She was nice, but since I had recently started dating a couple of guys, I thought it would be better if I got my own place in a real apartment.

After looking for most of the summer I finally found a place that I could share with a girl I had known from college. She was also a teacher, but in another district nearby.

We moved in a week or so before the start of school and we started socializing. Jane, my roommate, knew this guy named Kenny that she had seen and talked to at a bar near the apartment. So it seemed every weekend we had to go to the bar so Jane and Kenny could flirt and I could sit and talk to Kenny’s married buddies.

Week after week we went to the same bar, Kenny and Jane finally got together and started dating. I knew he was scum, but Jane didn’t see it and Kenny was very attentive to her at the same time as being a total flirt with any woman. He made me hate him almost from the start for the way he hit on everyone, including me, when Jane wasn’t around.

I kept him at arm’s length for a number of months, but I did notice how he was always staring at my tits and making sexual comments when Jane wasn’t around, or close enough to hear. I knew he was not going away, Jane was in love and overlooked all of Kenny’s faults.

Kenny didn’t actually live with Jane and myself, I was sure that Jane wanted him to but for some reason he kept putting her off, though he did stay over most weekends.

Often times while we were at the bar so Jane and Kenny could be together, I’d strike up a conversation with Kenny’s married friends. They would be attentive and flirtatious, and buy me drinks.

One night, that I recall all too well, I got a bit drunk and remember making out with someone. I believe his name was Stephen, one of Kenny’s married friends. After about an hour of drinking and feeling each other up, I needed some fresh air. Stephen was gentlemanly enough to help me out to the parking lot where he walked me over to his car. We stood against the rear of the car and he kissed me deeply, His hands on my ass and pulling me tightly against his body. I was drunk, but I could still feel the huge bulge in his pants grinding against my pussy. Steven was a very experienced kisser and I felt myself getting aroused by his actions.

His hands roamed over my body and I felt my nipples harden. We kissed and groped each other as he dry humped me standing against his car.

Aroused and a bit drunk, I returned his passion with a passion of my own. I ground my tingling pussy against the bulge in his pants as his tongue probed my mouth with deeply exciting French kisses. I pushed my tits against his hard chest and felt my vagina getting wet from excitement and anticipation.

After several minutes of passionate kissing, I stepped back from him. I looked him in the eyes and said, “I want to suck your cock.”

I lowered myself to my knees in front of him and he quickly stated tugging at his belt. I reached up to unhook his pants and pulled down the zipper. His pants slipped to the ground and I as faced with his briefs with a huge bulge.

Enthralled, I ran my hand over the bulge before me. His cock was hot through the material and straining to be free.

He moaned softly as my hand grasped his cock through the material. It was thick and getting harder and bigger by the moment.

I felt him reach down and grasp the hem of my sweater. Slowly he pulled it up over my head and off leaving me kneeling before him in my bra. He threw the sweater onto the car trunk deck and grasped the back of my head with one hand as his other hand freed his cock from his briefs.

He pulled my head to his cock roughly, “Suck it,” he commanded. I needed no encouragement. What he wanted was just what I wanted and I eagerly reached up to take his meat in my hand and quickly engulfed his cock with my mouth.

His cock was thick and long and hot in my mouth. I wanted to get him off as soon as possible so he could know that I was a good cocksucker. There I was, on my knees in the parking lot of a bar, sucking an older, married guy’s cock. I was going to make sure he didn’t forget this night.

I reached up and cupped his heavy balls with my hand as I continued to move up and down his shaft with my mouth. My tongue was swirling over the head of his cock. He moaned as I engulfed almost the entire length of his prick. His hands were illegal bahis on my head as I sucked him eagerly for several minutes.

“Oh, fuck yea,” he screamed as he pulled my head toward himself forcing most of his cock into my mouth. It was then that I felt his balls twitch and felt a powerful jet of his hot, salty sperm flood my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but his jets continued, spurt after spurt filled my mouth faster than I could swallow.

After a few more moments I felt his last long spurt and I knew he was finished coming. He released his grip on my head and I pulled back and his cock slipped from my mouth. He then quickly grabbed his cock and stroked one or two more jets of sperm onto my face and tits. Most of the last jet splattered onto my sheer, lacy bra.

Kneeling there in front of Stephen, I suddenly sensed someone nearby. Before I could move I felt hands on my back and felt those hands quickly unclasp my bra and tug it off of my body. Those same hands then started pulling me to a standing position and pushed me toward Stephen.

“Go ahead, Stephen, give her a big kiss,” the voice taunted. “Don’t mind the fact that she has your cum all over her face.” A hand went to the back of my head and pushed me toward him.

“What the hell man,” Stephen said, “Get the fuck out of here. I ain’t going to kiss that slut, even if it is my jizz. You want it, you kiss her.”

With that Stephen pulled up his pants and headed back to the bar.

As he walked away I turned and realized it was Kenny that had pulled off my bra and pushed me to Stephen.

“Want your bra back?” Kenny asked, holding my bra in his hand.

“What the fuck are you doing,” I screamed at him. “Why are you here and what makes you think you can treat me like that?”

I pulled my sweater off the trunk of Stephen’s car and put it on as I was walking back to the bar. “You can keep the bra, Mr. Perv,” I said back over my shoulder to Kenny. “I’ll be interested in how you explain it to Jane.”

Entering the bar, I saw Stephen and a few of his buddies by the bar. They all stopped chatting as I walked past toward the booth Jane was sitting in.

“Where have you been?” Jane asked.

“Just over on the other side of the bar,” I said, “talking with someone I know.” (It wasn’t really a lie; I was using my mouth…)

A few minutes later Kenny came back to the booth where Jane and I were sitting. “You’ve been gone awhile too,” Jane said to Kenny.

“Just had to put something in my car,” he said. “You guys ready to call it a night?”

When we got back to the apartment, Kenny and Jane spent most of the night watching TV and making out. I went to bed before them, and later since Jane’s bedroom was just on the other side of the way from mine, I had to listen to them fucking for about an hour.

The next day was a Saturday and Jane had a part-time job at a local department store, so she left around 8:30. I got up, took a shower and wrapped myself in a towel to go to the kitchen to get something to eat. Passing by Jane’s room, I saw that the door was open, and noticed Kenny lying on the bed, watching TV.

He must have heard me because as I walked past he shouted, “I forgot to tell you last night, you have really great tits.” I stopped at the doorway and looked in. He was on the bed, probably just covered by a sheet. “And you give great blowjobs. Can I get one?”

Leave it to Kenny to say something crude and sexual. “I heard you and Jane last night, so I doubt you could get it up, even if I was willing,” I said.

“Yea, well you know Jane. Good Catholic girl made me pull out. No going all the way with her,” he said.

“I really feel for you Kenny, I really do,” I said.

“Yea, I’ll bet,” he shot back. “Since last night I can’t stop thinking about those gorgeous tits. You are a lot bigger and fuller than ole B-cup Jane.”

“Yep, I’m a full C or sometimes a D cup,” I said slowly moving so my breasts swayed inside the towel.

“Come on, come over here and we can chat and watch some TV. Jane won’t be back until after 3,” he said.

“Chat, chat about what,” I asked.

“We could start with why you were sucking Stephen’s cock last night. You do know he’s married, right?” he said.

“Not something I was proud of, but I did have a couple of drinks,” I said.

“Yea, well he told the other guys that you were a great cocksucker. So don’t be surprised if the other guys hit on you the next time,” he said.

I moved into the room, eyeing Kenny as I approached the bed. The closer I got the more sure I was that he was nude under that sheet.

“I’m getting some orange juice,” I said, “want anything?”

“I could still use that blow job,” Kenny shot back.

“Maybe later,” I teased as I left the bedroom.

When I had gotten my drink, I headed back down the hall. As I illegal bahis siteleri passed the bedroom, Kenny was propped up in bed watching TV. “You don’t need the towel,” he said as I entered.

“I’ll keep it on for now,” I teased as I lay down on the bed.

The towel was tightly around my body and pushed my tits together and up. I looked like a DD and Kenny was loving the view.

“So, you said we could chat,” I said. “What shall we chat about?”

“Well, how about how much I want to fuck you,” Kenny said.

“Really, I would have never known,” I said, “you show so little interest when I am around.”

“No seriously, I’ve wanted to fuck you since Jane first introduced you to me,” he said. “And the guys at the bar, they feel the same.” “You are one hot little piece. They all agree. That is why I was so surprised when I saw you and Stephen leave the bar.”

“I already explained that,” I said, “I had a couple of drinks and wasn’t thinking straight.”

“Well, I wish Jane would drink some of what you had last night,” Kenny said. “I’d love to have her give me a blow job like you gave Stephen. She will barely touch my dick, let along ever suck it. The only way she lets me get off is pulling out and cumming on her. Nothing ever gets left inside.”

“I feel for you, Kenny,” I said. “Since Jane leaves you lacking I guess you’ll have to take that little dick of yours elsewhere.”

“Fuck you bitch,” Kenny shot back, “I don’t have a little dick. Mine is bigger that Stephen’s and the other guys from the bar.”

“Yea right,” I said, “bigger than Stephen’s? I doubt it.”

“It is,” Kenny said.

“Yea, and my pussy is shaved, but you’ll have to take my word for it,” I said.

“Don’t be a fucking tease,” he said. “I’ll show you what I got any time you care to see it.”

With that Kenny threw back the sheet. He lay there on the bed and much to my surprise he did have a sizable cock. He was limp, but it was longer and thicker than Stephen’s. “I told you,” was all he said.

I looked at his cock for several moments, just thinking about how big it must get when he is aroused. I also wondered why Jane had never mentioned how big he was. It really didn’t surprise me, Jane never talked about sex.

“Well, I guess I was wrong,” I said, “Jane is getting a lot from you I see.”

“Ok, your turn,” Kenny said.

“My turn to do what,” I asked.

“Show me your shaved pussy,” he said. “Come on, come on.”

I moved to the edge of the bed and stood up. I turned my back to Kenny and un-wrapped the towel from around my body and dropped it to the floor. I looked over my shoulder at Kenny. A huge smile came over his face and the towel dropped.

Slowly I turned back to him, smiled and quickly got back into the bed with him and pulled the sheet back over us both.

“Not fair,” he said, “I barely got to see you.”

“OK, then I’ll just go back to my room,” I said as I pretended to get up.

I moved and he said, “OK, I’ll take what I can get.”

I smiled over at him and moved closer to him in the bed. He was on his back and I was on my side facing him. I pushed my tits against his arm and reached over to stroke his belly. “So, what do you and Jane talk about when you are in bed,” I asked.

“Nothing,” he said, “she isn’t very verbal in bed. Just sort of lies there.”

“OK then, what shall we talk about,” I said?

Kenny didn’t say a word, but quickly pulled the sheet off of us. “Those beautiful full tits is a good place to start,” he said.

I could feel my excitement starting to build as I felt Kenny’s gaze on my tits. My nipples started to harden and tingle. I watched as his cock began to thicken and lengthen.

“God, you are big,” I said. Saying that I slid my hand down his belly and encircled his cock with my hand. “It’s hot, too.”

“All for you babe,” he said. “Never thought I’d be here in bed with you.”

Kenny’s cock got harder and harder as I held it in my hand. It was long, thick and hot. I felt my pussy tingling as I realized what I was doing. Here I was, in bed with a guy that I really disliked, the boyfriend of my roommate, but I was getting excited by being there and the possibilities.

I could feel his breathing get heavier as I began to stroke his thick cock. “Oh yea baby,” was all he said as my hand moved slowly up and down his shaft.

After a minute or two I moved so that my head was on his shoulder so I could look down and see his cock. I continued stroking it slowly. “Come on babe, I need that blow job,” he said. “Please baby, suck it for me.”

It was what I wanted as much as what he wanted, but I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted. Slowly I moved to a position where I was on top of Kenny, my breasts pressed tightly against his chest. I reached down between my legs and positioned his hot cock between my canlı bahis siteleri legs so that I could tease him by rubbing my cunt along his shaft.

I looked down into his eyes and leaned forward to kiss him deeply. He eagerly returned my kiss as I ground my moist cunt against his cock. When Kenny felt the heat of my cunt against his prick, he moaned loudly.

We kissed deeply for several minutes. I slowly slid my moist pussy against his cock shaft. His body, at least his cock, was at my control. He tried to move with me as I humped against his prick. When I slid up, he tried to slide down so that the bulbous head of his cock was closer to the opening of my vagina.

“Oh naughty boy,” I said as his cock head slid across the opening of my vagina.

I reached back between my legs and grasped the base of his cock. I held on tight as I continued to grind against his prick. As I slid up and down I could feel myself getting closer and closer to coming on his cock. He still moved to get the head into my cunt, and every so often I could feel the head spread the lips of my pussy and slightly enter me.

“Please babe, let me put it in,” he begged.

I maintained my grip on his cock and slowly rose up on his body. I moved my hand up his shaft slightly so I was holding it closer to the head of his cock. I continued rubbing against his shaft, but this different angle allowed his cockhead to slide between the folds of my vagina.

I felt an electric shock course through my body as I felt the head of his cock glide over my aroused clit. I continued to tease Kenny by rubbing his cockhead over my clit. He moved several times to get more of his cock into me, but I held firmly to his cock, only allowing his cockhead to spread my cunt lips and pleasure my clit.

We were both breathing heavily from our state of arousal. Kenny moaned and begged me to let him “put it in.” I never responded, but continued to pleasure each of us.

I was becoming exhausted from the pleasure and excitement. Kenny was breathing heavily and I was loving the control I had over him.

I released my hand from his cock and lay still on top of Kenny. I stopped grinding against his cock, and kissed him deeply again.

Kenny returned my kiss passionately and wrapped his arms around my body, at the same time he lifted his hips and I felt the head of his cock pushing against my cunt lips. I tried to wiggle away but he pushed forward and I felt the head of his cock slipped past the opening of my vagina. The head of his cock had penetrated me and as it did so, Kenny moaned loudly.

His cock was hard and hot and I wanted it in me. I relaxed and felt myself relax and slowly felt myself being filled by Kenny’s massive cock.

Slowly, inch by inch, his cock filled me completely. It was thick, long and felt hot, even in my moist, tingling cunt. I wanted to just lay there on top of him and enjoy the feeling of his cock deep inside me.

Kenny moved his hands down my body and stopped when he got to my ass. I felt him push down on my ass as he lifted his hips so that he was completely in me. The lips of my vagina were pressing against his balls.

My cunt was hot and moist and I contracted the muscles of my vagina around Kenny’s thick shaft. Each time I contracted tightly on his shaft he made a grunting noise of pleasure.

We lay there for a few more moments before I felt his cock throb and twitch. It seemed to get even bigger in me, and then I felt the first of many powerful jets of his sperm shooting deep into my cunt. Spurt after spurt flooded me as I felt his balls contract powerfully with each jet. I was never so aware of how intense a male orgasm was before I felt the violent contractions of Kenny’s cock and balls as he came.

After several intense spasms each accompanied by a large amount of sperm pumped into my tingling pussy, Kenny had one final spasm that seemed to be more intense that all the others, he moaned, “Oh, God yes.”

We lay there for several minutes catching our breath and feeling the warmth of each other’s body. I was expecting Kenny’s cock to start to go limp, but he never lost his erection. His cock was as hard and deep in me as it was before.

“Oh my God,” I said, “you’re still hard.” “How can you do that after coming so much?” Kenny didn’t answer, but just lay there.

Slowly I rolled off of Kenny, his still erect cock slipped from my cunt still hard and erect. His shaft was covered with a mixture of his sperm and my juices.

I couldn’t resist and I moved to his cock and eagerly started licking his shaft. His sperm tasted slightly salty as I licked his cock clean before rolling onto my back next to him.

“Well,” I said, “that was different than I planned.” “By the way, if you knocked me up, you get to explain it to Jane.”

With that I got up and went to the bathroom. I washed up and went back to the bedroom where Kenny was to retrieve my towel. He was laying on the bed smirking at me when I came in. “I told you I didn’t have a little dick,” he said.

Somehow, his cock was still hard.

(To be continued)…

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