Sex in the Stacks

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5:00 p.m. The library is completely empty. Brynn flicked the light switches down and the whole place seemed bathed in silence and dim light coming in from the windows. She walked back to the desk and opened up the time keeper software and clocked herself out for the day. Paul, who had been locking the front doors, was suddenly behind her. Her heart skipped a beat, he was so close that she could feel his body heat on her back, she could smell him. For all of his quiet and bookish demeanor the smell of him was still very male and primal.

She slowly turned around to face him instead of stepping aside to let him have full access to the computer. She looked up at his face, and he looked down at her, the same desire reflected on both of their countenances. He leaned forward and she had to step back until she bumped into the desk. He put his hand down on the desk behind her; she was trapped between his arms, him, and the desk. He put one hand on the mouse and clicked the button on the software to clock out. Then he stepped back but clasped his arms around her pulling her up with him and close to him. She stretched out her arms and wrapped them around his neck pulling his head down to her. Their lips met and they each tasted the sweetness of the other for one long moment.

She pulled back for a second, her bright blue eyes looking deeply into his gray ones; she thought she could see his entire illegal bahis being through them. Finally she broke her gaze and went in for another kiss, and the gasoline that had been pouring over them since they met ignited. Then there were long frenzied moments of licking, biting, sucking, and an occasional break for simple sweet kisses.

Her hands touched his face, savoring his stubbled chin and fine features. She ran her hands through and lightly tugged at his shaggy soft hair. She was tiny and light and fast as she kissed down his neck, like a sexy hummingbird. He cupped her ass in his hands and pressed her to him almost as though he would press her into him and make her part of his own body. When he could stand it no more he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his torso. He walked her over to the “New Periodicals” shelf that was out of the line of sight of the glass doors, and was only about waist height. Never once did she stop kissing him on the short bouncy journey.

He swept the few remaining information literacy and chemistry journal reviews pamphlets off the top of the bookcase and set her on the top of it. His crotch was now directly level with hers and the thought that it was only clothing separating them brought him from half to full mast. He nibbled on her ear, breathing heavily. Now she was moaning softly. He bit gently down her neck and the moans got louder. illegal bahis siteleri He gently massaged her breasts with one hand while holding her against him with the other, and her hands tangled in his hair again, pulling at it gently.

She guided him away from her softly, using his hair, and then brought her hands down to her waist, grasped the edges of her black dress shirt and pulled it over her head. Then in one deft movement she removed her black satin bra. She let her clothes drop to the floor then brought her hands to her pale neck, almost if this move was too bold and she had to hide herself again. He moved her hands away and licked a long line down her neck then gently blew on it. The sensation made her nipples tighten, goosebumps appear, and sent pleasant chills through her body. She sighed as he continued licking and kissing his way down her breasts. They were smallish but full, perfect for her. He spent copious amounts of time on each breast, marveling at their softness. He rolled her nipples softly between his teeth drawing sharp intakes of breath from her. Finally he cupped both hands around her shapely ass and pulled it to the very edge of the bookshelf. She leaned back putting both hands behind her as he bent down further and worked her underwear off while leaving her skirt on. He got the tiny lace boycut briefs down the ankle and she kicked them off with a practiced canlı bahis siteleri flair. He rolled the skirt up her legs just enough so that he could separate them and have room to maneuver his mouth around her clit; which he did with copious amounts of skill.

He used a combination of suction and varied paces and pressures of licking, building heat that started at her feet and worked their way up, engulfing her in heightened tingly waves of pleasure. . He caressed her legs, stroking up and down the calves and on her inner and outer thighs, adding to the pressure that wasn’t just building in her clit, but through her entire body. She spread her legs further apart to accommodate him and her mounting orgasm. “Faster,” she breathed, “Harder.” And he complied. Her legs bucked as she reached the glimmering and elusive peak of orgasm. She gripped the edges of the bookshelf and rode the tsunami of crashing pleasure that his mouth had wrought. Release.

He moved with her, licking with tenacity until the very end of her orgasm, and as the waves subsided his tongue movements against her grew softer until she put her hands under his chin. She tilted his head up towards her and leaned down to kiss him.

Then Brynn whispered, as if someone was around to hear, “Your turn.” He shook his head at her and pointed to the clock above their heads. “We don’t have time. The custodial staff will be here in the next half hour and I want to have all the time in the world to enjoy you.”

She blushed. Nodded her assent. He picked her up from the shelf and set her carefully down on the floor. “Soon,” Paul said and helped her gather her wayward garments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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