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I sometimes see this mental picture where I’m sitting behind a man with my legs wrapped around his body. He is facing away from me and I don’t know how we got to where we are. But in the picture it’s a dark’ish room, with a fireplace. The smell in the room is rich with burning wood and the scent of sex. I was kissing the mans back, shoulder blades and I had my arms wrapped around him and lightly touched his stomach, down to just past his belly button and then back up to the middle of his chest. He remained relaxed and just enjoyed the attention.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The couple had been together the afternoon, they walked in the mountains and they held hands but they didn’t talk much. They went back to the cabin and at the door, he went to open it for her, and as she mouthed “thank you” to him, he caught her eyes and put his hand on her arm. He wouldn’t think of grabbing her, because he knew it would be wrong. So as he put his hand out to touch her arm and their eyes met, he asked her to wait, to stop, to just stop moving for a minute. She hadn’t all day when they were hiking. Even when they stopped to rest a time or two, she stayed in motion, not inviting more than hand holding. But, in the door, she did stop. She saw the want in his eyes. He hadn’t said, “wait” or “stop”, he just looked it into her eyes.

He leaned his back against the door frame and he pulled her gently to him. She looked down but he touched her chin, urging her not to. She was scared. She stayed scared all the time. Scared to let anyone in. Scared of being hurt. Scared of being rejected. She looked slowly up, from his chest, to his neck, his chin, his lips and then into his eyes. She saw a lot of hurt there too and she ached for him. Hurt people recognize other hurt people, when they truly look at other people. Not always from their actions or behavior, but from their eyes.

She didn’t feel his hand slip around her waist till she felt him pulling her closer to him. He kept his fingers lightly under her chin, but she was no longer trying to look down. He kept them there because he liked the feel of her skin. She held his gaze as his lips touched hers. She took a slow, deep breath when his tongue touched her top lip and when she let out that breath it came in the form of a low, quiet sigh. He teased her, lightly. More desire than he thought he could hold back but he knew, if he scared her, the moment would be lost. The fingers that were under her chin moved to the back of her neck and into her hair. His hand and fingers went up her neck and he closed his fingers on a handful of her hair not hard, but not entirely lightly either.

She let herself lean against him, there in the doorway. She felt flush, and hot and her breath quickened. Her body was reacting to him, regardless of her fears. As the kissing became more intense, she let her hands touch his body. Lightly and on his chest and arms and neck…her eyes were closed but she blinked fast and opened them. She was intoxicated by his touch, she was amazed at how her body was reacting to him…she wanted to go inside. She gently put a finger to his bottom lip and he opened his eyes to look at her.

He could feel the heat coming from her body. He imagined her pussy getting hot and wet and in the same thought, he imagined her in a panic, pulling away from him. She did pull away from him, but not in a panic. She eased back away from him, in the direction of inside the cabin. He grabbed the keys from the door and pulled it closed behind him. He locked the door and sat the keys down on a table next to the door. She was standing on the backside of the couch. It separated the entryway from the living area of the living room. The fire he had in the morning had died down and was just orange embers in the fireplace. He wondered what to do. He wanted to rip her cloths off and be inside her right that minute but then again, he knew this was probably a one time deal, so he wanted it to be a memory they both could look back on.

He took the step towards her and took one of her hands into his and walked her around the couch and he said to her, “stay here for a sec while I put some wood on the fire?” He didn’t wait for an answer, he let her hand go and turned to stoke the fire and add more wood. It wasn’t cold but there was a chill in the air.

She waited for him. She watched him and the way he moved. She noticed his hard dick pressing against his pants and she noticed that he wasn’t awkward about it. That he didn’t try to hide it or even seem to notice it at all. She closed her eyes and breathed in the smell of the cabin. And before she opened them (often she is prone to getting caught thinking with her eyes closed these days) he was in front of her. She didn’t startle or jump but simply stood and let him wrap her in his arms. He pressed against her and kissed her neck. She liked that and made a quite noise as she ran her hands under his shirt to touch his skin. His body was warm and she wanted him.

She had set in her mind that she would not ramble and she would not be shy. He ran his hands down her shoulders and along her side and slowly started to pull her shirt up from the çiğli escort back. She lifted her arms and let him and bit her lip worrying about her body and what he would think. Some people would have said, “well, its not like she’s deformed or something” but being as big as she was in the chest often made her feel that way. She was self conscious and worried about her appearance. He did not mess with her bra, rather, he touched her skin and kissed her neck and chest and kissed his way down to the top of her jeans. He briefly looked up at her as he unbuttoned them and unzipped them.

He hadn’t noticed but she wasn’t wearing panties. She rarely did, panties got on her nerves. She stepped out of her shoes and lifted her legs for him to pull the jeans off. When he did, he put them on the top of the couch with the discarded shirt and he began to take his cloths off. She stood by the door and watched him and she didn’t feel exposed or nervous at all. Men are funny like that, they can be nekkid and not care. She smiled at that fact and he joked that she was laughing at his body. She mocked him about the Pam & Tommy video and they both smiled. She didn’t like being mostly nekkid (I just like it spelled that way, ok?) in front of someone she hardly knew. He quickly helped her to forget about that…

They walked to the couch and she asked him to sit on the floor. He faced the fire and she sat behind him. He went to turn and she asked him not to. She was thinking of stopping this and getting dressed and leaving. She needed a minute to herself but couldn’t very well just get up and leave. She moved right up behind him and wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his body. She laid her head against his back and listened to his heartbeat. He took a deep breath and let it out slow. He put his hands on hers, as they were rubbing his chest and stomach and he asked her if she changed her mind.

She let her hands follow his stomach down and her hands reached as far forward as they could in the insides of his legs and then back up. She lightly touched against his balls and slight as it was, he groaned. She rubbed his thighs and his back and closed her eyes and kissed his body. When he raised an arm and turned to face her as much as he could, he grabbed her waist and pulled her all the way around so that she was now facing him with her legs still wrapped around him. He kissed her mouth, hard and held her head in his hands and he took her breath away. He kissed her face and neck and pushed her away as he pulled away and leaned forward to lay her down.

Nervousness and all thoughts of leaving left her mind and she instead focused on his hands all over her and his lips and tongue and teeth, kissing, sucking and lightly nibbling on her body. Her hands touched him and without force, he took them and put them over her head and asked her to keep them there. He wanted to take her away and he knew it had been a long time since any man wanted that for her. Of her. His instincts were to spread her legs and fuck her right then and there but again, that “one time thing” thought popped into his head. There was time to do it all and he didn’t want to rush thru and ruin things.

He reached under her, lifting her, to unhook her bra and he kissed and sucked on her breasts and nipples and slid a hand between her legs. He touched her pussy lightly at first and her body jumped a little, tensed a little at his touch. She moaned or sighed, or maybe both as he trailed one finger up her slit and started to finger her. He kissed her lips and whispered in her ear about how wet she was and how much it turned him on that she was that way for him. She arched her back as he slid one, then two fingers in and out of her pussy, rubbing her juices all over her pussy. His thumb started to press on her clit and she said something under her breath. She put her hands around his neck and her fingers all thru his hair and then he said he wanted to taste her.

He kissed the bottom of her belly and licked her clit while he was still fingering her and she closed her eyes and let him take over her body. He licked and sucked her clit and started working her body to make her cum. Fighting between trying to hold on and trying to let go she felt that familiar tension in her legs and stomach. She felt the heat from all over her body moving toward her center. Maybe he knew, maybe he didn’t and maybe she said “mmmm’baby, I’m gonna cum” out loud and didn’t realize it, but he stopped what he was doing completely and he pushed himself inside her. Not slow and easy. Not inch by inch but all at once and as his body ground against hers and his legs spread hers further she turned away from him and pulled him to her as she came hard. Not a screamer by nature though she did make noise, she didn’t really have to say the words “I’m cuming” for him to know.

He felt her pussy squeezing him and he recognized the way her body tensed and in that moment, he fucked her. Not hard, not pounding her, but more a slow grind kind of fuck. He didn’t pull all the way out and he watched her. He touched her face with his lips and kissed her till his tongue foça escort parted her lips and he gently sucked her top lip a little before asking her to look at him. Her hands roamed his body and held him and pulled him to her as he continued to make love to her. She did look at him and she held his gaze for a long time as they moved together there, like that. He liked it when she wrapped her legs around him and toyed with her clit for him to see…


He was getting too excited and needed to change up or take a break or he was going to end up cumming much sooner than he wanted to. He kissed her and pulled out of her. He wanted more, much more and he pushed in her hard, one time again and he didn’t feel her nails rake across his back…much. He kneeled between her legs again and spread her gently with his fingers and flicked her clit with his tongue a little. Just a teaser…

She sat up and so did he. She kissed him, lightly licked his lips and softly explored his mouth with her tongue. She asked him if he liked the way she tasted and he smiled and asked her the same question back. She smirked at him…men could be so silly sometimes. She pulled him up onto his knees and kissed her way down his body. Either ticklish or just sensitive, she found one spot on the way down just below his belly button that made him shiver a little. That made her smile. His hands automatically went to her head and, she experienced a moment of panic. She stopped moving, froze completely and took a deep breath. He wasn’t going to hurt her, she had a good feeling of that and she could always ask him not to…but instead she decided to see what his intent was. She blew hot moist breath him and touched him with her tongue.

Her hands trailed up his inner thighs and toyed around with his hair as she ran her tongue over and around his head before slowly taking it in her mouth. She thought, for a moment about trying to be coy or imitate what she’d seen a time or two on videos she’d watched, but that just wasn’t her thing. She moved slowly and deliberately, taking him only a small bit at a time. She sucked him gently and wrapped her fingers around the base of him and alternated between stroking him with her hand and mouth and then just her mouth. She glanced up at him once, just to see what he was doing. Eyes open, closed, watching her, head back… He was watching her, sometimes playing with her hair and sometimes not. She held his gaze as she slowly took him as deep as she could into her mouth. When she pulled back he closed his eyes and blew out the deep breath he’d taken.

He wants her now and he’s fighting all the animal urges to roughly take what he wants (again). It’s not that he’s a rough man by nature, or that it’s his style but this has been dragging on and on and he is built up so much desire and the need to ‘finish’ things with her is becoming difficult to hold back.

He takes her hands in his and naturally their fingers intertwine and he is pulling her up to him and she puts her head on his shoulder, in his neck and she is pleased when he tells her that she made him feel amazing. She is hot and aching for him. Little turns her on as much as pleasing a man that way and her body was all but begging for release.

He tells her to sit on the couch and moves out of her way as she moves from the floor to the couch. He is between her legs and pulling her closer to the edge of the couch instantly. He touches her breasts with his hands and his mouth and as he moves his body closer to hers, he feels her heat and he takes one of his hands and guides himself in her, pushing slowly into her. She’s so wet and between that and the soft noises she makes, he feels…he feels like this was worth the wait, worth the worry, worth the risk. He feels powerful and wanted and he feels awesome inside her. He knows because he hears her saying it to him.

He makes love to her this way and their hands touch one another and a drop of sweat falls from his forehead to her chest. When he realizes what it is, he licks it from her and then kisses her.

The salty taste of his sweat is somehow very erotic for her and she wraps her legs around him pulling him tight against her. She then unwraps her legs and puts them on his shoulders for a moment, then both to one side of him. He pulls away from her and watches her body appreciatively as she puts one knee on the arm of the couch and bends over in front of him. While he is still on the floor, he kisses the back of her knee and up her thigh, then stands.

He eases against her, pushing himself between her legs, but not in her. He teases her this way. Never pushing into her, much, not much at all, and he does this between alternately rubbing himself against her clit….when he does enter her, he does is slowly. She arches her back and tosses her hair back and says, ‘mmmmmmmmmm’ and he pulls all the way out and does it again, several times and she is hot and panting, mouthing the words he’d really like to hear her say out loud.

This slow fucking went on for a short time till he pulled out of her and started rubbing izmir escort her pussy with his fingers. Fingering her and commenting on how very wet she was. From her clit to her ass, he rubbed her pussy and fingered her and toyed with her ass, just a little. Testing the waters maybe or unsure of what he wanted from her. He knew one thing, she was wet and ready and he put himself against her again, pushed into her completely and fucked her hard and fast and he held her hips as he pulled her body against his.

She wasn’t thinking about anything, but how he filled her up, how great a lover he was. How he could vary from soft and gentle and caring to…well, to what he was doing now. He pulled out and pushed the head of his dick against her ass and asked her, “can I, babe? if I go slow?” as he slowly pushed harder against her. She didn’t answer out loud, she nodded and did her best to relax for him. She winced when he penetrated her but he couldn’t see her face, he didn’t know, but still, he stopped and gave her body time to adjust. He didn’t want to ruin things but his whole body was hot and wired and he wanted to have her this way, almost more than anything. She let out a slow quiet breath and eased back against him and he felt himself sliding in the smoothness of her tight ass.

He let her control things, he wanted to see what she would do, what she could take, but when he felt his balls press against her pussy he let out a low groan. He ground his body against hers and then started fucking her. ‘oh God, ooohh baby, fuck, oh God…’ he listened to her say these things in a low quiet voice and felt himself get closer to cumming. He reached around and fingered her clit. He talked to her and talked to himself, anything to hold off till she came….he told her how tight she was and how good it felt and how he wanted her to just let go and cum with him in her ass. He felt her before she said anything. He felt her body tighten up and her breathing get shallow and he started fucking her harder. When she came, and he felt her tighten around him and she called out, ‘oh God, oh yeah, ‘mmmmm’ (she was biting her lip) he couldn’t wait any longer. He couldn’t stop himself and as he fucked her hard and started to cum inside her, just a surge or two before pulling out and cuming all over her ass and pussy.

Hot and tired she laid down on the floor, on her stomach and he stood over her, watching her breathe. She had her head in her hands, facing the floor and was trying to catch her breath. He simply stood there, looking at her body. Thinking how freely she’d given herself to him. How young he felt when he was with her and how, in just a few minutes he was going to want her again. He got up and went to the washroom and brought back a warm washcloth and wiped the cum off her body. He knew she said, “no pictures” so he didn’t bother to bring his camera, but as she lay there, the mental pictures were enough to last him. He washed himself off and was already hard again by the time he got back from the washroom.

He kneeled down over her and kissed the small of her back. She moaned softly and let him spread her legs with his (legs) as he kissed his way up her back she felt his cock push between her legs.

He reached down and guided himself into her pussy. He used his legs to close hers and he laid atop her and fucked her softly and quietly that way, all the while kissing her neck and shoulders and whispering in her ear how damned hard she made him and other things. He wanted to see her body and he wanted to see her face, so he asked her to turn over. Before he got off her, he pulled out of her real slow and then thrust back in her again, hard and he held her close to him before kneeling again. This made him feel….powerful, in control maybe…

She turned over and looked at his face, his chest and his wet hard dick before closing her eyes and inhaling deeply. The smell of sex in the room was strong and it was starting to get warm from the fire. She raised her right leg and put her foot over his left shoulder.

He looked her body over, from the shadows on her chest from the fire, her stomach, to her pussy glistning wet and waiting for him again. He lowered himself to her, thinking to himself how flexible she was, and kissed and sucked on her nipples as she raised her hips off the floor to meet him. He liked how eager she was to have him and this time he just wanted to straight up fuck her.

He kissed her, thinking for one last moment that he would hold off, that he was going to make love to her. His somewhat soft kiss turned hard and his intensity took her breath away as he covered her mouth with his and thrust his tongue around in her mouth, kissing and sucking her lips and fucking her hard. He let her leg go and she wrapped it around him with the other one and she felt heat welling up inside her. He was hurting her, some, he was big and fucking her so hard but his pelvis was banging against her clit and he found a place inside her…the place, and she was going to cum. He felt her change and took her hands in his, intertwined their fingers and held her hands over her head as he continued to hammer her pussy. She started to cum and closed her eyes but then opened them at the last second and he was watching her with such concentration, such a serious look on his face and as her body contracted while she came, he noticed her eyes became stormy and dark and he wanted, all of the sudden he wanted…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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