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When the events described here happened, I was 25 and renting an apartment with another girl my age. We became close friends, and over time, she started to let her little brother spend more and more time here. The kid made great company and was super cute, so having him around was more of a pleasure than a curse. Though he was a bit too young for me, being only 18, I wanted to fuck his brains out and fantasized about him nightly. Maybe it was because I hadn’t had a boyfriend in a long time or maybe my dildo was just not enough for me anymore, either way, I desperately wanted this kid.

He was very cute, and being 18, had very much developed an adult body, though his face still retained a boyish glow. He was deliciously chubby, with broad shoulders, and had long, dark hair – something I adore on a man; he had the cutest smile and a good sense of humour beyond his age; basically, I was lusting after him like mad, and I wasn’t shy about showing it. I’d dress more revealingly when he was around, showing off my ass in short shorts, letting him see my sizeable cleavage in low cut shirts, but he was too shy to show me he liked it. I could tell he stared at me, though, and even felt a bulge a few times when I hugged him too closely, but it seems like he was never daring enough to make a move. I was becoming more and more frustrated, both with him and sexually, and this is what caused me to take matters into my own hands when the perfect opportunity presented itself.

It happened when I came home one day to find him sitting on the couch with his laptop, presumably watching porn, and masturbating. I came in quietly, and he was on an angle, so didn’t directly see me when I came in, so I finally got to perv at him at my will. He had kept his clothes on, but his cock was out, and when I saw it, I knew I had to do him now. It was huge, at least 7 inches but possibly more, and had to be as thick as my wrist. I needed to feel that inside me at all costs, and I could feel my pussy moistening just at the thought of it. I shut the door loudly in an effort to get his attention while turning around as to not scare him too much. I heard him instantly spin around and fumble about, presumably stuffing izmir escort that huge cock back into his pants. I couldn’t help myself,

“What were you just doing?”

“Nothing, just listening to music.” He sounded nervous, his breathing still slightly irregular. Oh God I wanted him. I giggled a little and glanced at the bulge still visible through his pants,

“Oh, I know you were doing more than that,” he caught me looking and blushed a little,

“No, I wasn’t. What do you think I was doing?” Was he finally playing along? If he was, I’m not one to let a kid win.

“You had your dick out and were stroking it like mad, I saw you put it away as I came in.”

“I wasn’t! You’re imagining things.” I moved closer to him. He had no idea about my intentions, the kid was nervous as hell, but I was going to make it clear what I wanted.

“Is it big?” he didn’t answer, but it was too late to turn back by that point. I leaned in closer to him still, close enough to hear his nervous breathing, and whispered right in his ear,

“I’d like to find out.”

I pressed my lips against his ear and lowered my face, my lips never losing contact with his skin, then wetly kissed his neck, sucking the soft, young skin. My hand went to the bulge in his pants to find it still hard and feeling even bigger than I thought when I saw it at the door. I rubbed it and he did nothing to stop me, and seemed to be enjoying it. I unzipped his pants, still raising no protest from him and stroked it, with my little hand barely fitting all the way around his thickness. Who would’ve thought that a 18 year old with a cute face would be packing such a massive cock?

He clearly loved the way I was stroking it, and I actually felt it get harder in my hand when I began to lower myself between his legs to face his cock, never breaking eye contact with him. He didn’t say anything, but opened his mouth slightly in pleasure as I licked it from the base to the tip in one big, wet lick, then swirled my tongue around the head, getting it all wet with saliva. I then lowered my mouth over just the head and sucked while licking it inside my mouth, then tried to take more of him in, but this was painful and bayındır escort uncomfortable due to his enormous girth. I used my hand to stroke him at the same time, and began moving my mouth over his cock, sucking him fast and hard. He seemed to be getting more confident as he grabbed my hair and breathed heavier in pleasure, and he began to thrust into my mouth slightly, which I thought was adorable. I could taste his precum all through my mouth when I had to cut his pleasure short. I moved my mouth off his cock but continued stroking it as I said,

“Don’t cum yet, I have bigger plans for you and me.”

I helped him take his pants off and sat in his lap, careful not to crush his still raging erection.

“Why don’t you help me take my shirt off?” I said with a bit of a giggle.

He did so with incredible gentleness and trembling hands, and I took my bra off myself to reveal my big, soft boobs to him.

“Do you think you could play with my nipples? It’ll get me wet for you.” He replied excitedly, without taking his eyes off my boobs,

“Yeah, I’d love to.”

He grabbed them with his hands first, then pinched and rubbed my little, pink nipples and eventually took them in his mouth to lick, suck and kiss. My hands were in his hair and I was letting out little satisfied moans in no time, and even found myself lightly rubbing my pussy on his leg. I was definitely wet enough, even for a cock of his size.

I got off him and told him to take his shirt off, then proceeded to slowly, deliberately remove my shorts with my ass to him, giving him a view of my nicely shaped, soft ass cheeks and bending over to give him a peek at my pussy. When I turned around, I found that my desired effect had been achieved – his hand was on his cock and he was hard again and ready for me like I was ready for him. I got on top of him again, both of us naked this time, and kissed his neck more. He was obviously very horny now; he seemed to have lost his previous embarrassment and was frantically running his hands all over my body, my ass, my waist and my boobs, trying to feel me all over.

I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock, stroking it bayraklı escort a few times before rubbing it on my pussy, getting it wet with my juices. His hands were kneading my ass, and his eyes closely fixated on my pussy as I began to slowly lower myself onto him. With just his head inside me, we both sharply inhaled; him from pleasure, me from his size. His cock is much bigger than my dildo, and I could feel it already stretching me to my limits. This was going to be amazing, but uncomfortable. I decided to get it over with in one go, and after putting my arms around him and pressing my body to his, I lowered myself onto him, taking his entire length in one go with a loud, pained moan.

“Just… just give me a minute…” I breathed into his ear.

I kissed him again as I let my pussy adjust to the large intrusion penetrating it. I soon began slowly moving up and down on his cock, keeping most of it inside me all the time, and eventually the discomfort faded and my pleasure built. His cock was so thick, rubbing just the right spots inside me, and I became wetter and moved faster on his cock. As though he instinctively knew what to do, he kept his hands firmly on my ass to help me ride him faster and began thrusting up into me. I moaned louder as we fucked harder and faster, the pleasure he brought me multiplying each second. His cock was so big, it filled me up completely. As my pleasure built, I began to ride him as fast as I could and moaned loudly, gripping his shoulders and neck with all my strength, my nails digging into him, and finally, release! My pussy tightened and my juices poured out over his balls as I whimpered with pleasure. His cock was all the way inside me, and my hot, wet, little pussy squeezed his cock so tightly that it was too much for him, and only moments after my own orgasm began, I felt spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum being pumped inside me. After what seemed like an eternity of otherworldly pleasure, we were left breathing heavily with our bodies pressed together, both completely satisfied.

His quickly softening cock slipped out of me, and I gave him one last sensual kiss before I left him to gather my clothes and go to the bathroom. I gave him a flirty wink as I closed the bathroom door, and he appeared to be making some move to clean up and get dressed. When I came out, he was gone already, but I knew that after the experience we just had, my 18 year old cutie would definitely be back for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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