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Yes, I’m watching you and you love my hungry, caressing eyes on your body. You know what I want, but will you allow it? I can’t quite read your mood tonight. I move even closer to you, almost touching you with all my vibrancy and loving your eyes on me as well. Just your eyes, for you haven’t touched me yet or allowed my touch; you’re just watching me, my arousal. Even through the veils of civilization, you see the hardening peaks and smell the fragrance that signals my need.

Finally, you say the words I’ve waited for, “Yes, I’ll allow it.” And, you give me that smile; the one I dream about when you’re not around. The slow one that reaches out and squeezes all the hidden places within me…your sweet promises smile. I reach out my hand to touch your lips and say, “Meet me in the garden, in our special place. That’s where I want you. And, just in your robe luv.” As I watch you take those steps that signal the beginning of this game, the reality of the coming moments thunders along my senses. After a few shaky moments, I gather my composure and hurry on to prepare for the siege. And, three words echo in my mind: invade and conquer.

You’re standing in the hidden observation area, carved out of the rock, overlooking the garden when I quietly approach you from behind. I’m always amazed every time I view the beauty and lushness of your garden in the midst of such isolation and hardness. The magic of the hidden aquiver feeding the gentle, fragrant beauty in the face of such harshness is an exquisite melding…just like man and woman. Once I reach you, I stand behind you and reach a hand out to touch your back. While stroking you through the silk robe, I softly say, bursa escort “Thank you for allowing me this small treat…this dominance…now let’s begin.”

You start to turn around and I stop you. I feel your surprise. I tell you to disrobe and sit on ground facing the garden with your back to me. After a brief hesitation, you obey. I let my own robe slide from my body. I walk to where you’re sitting, slowly sink to my knees and claim the position right behind you. Gradually, I place both my hands on your shoulders and lean my softness into you. The next thing you hear is my lilting whisper, “Remember how you took me from behind the other night? I intend the same for you.” I feel you stiffen a little, but you don’t say a word. “That’s good; I haven’t given you permission to speak. You’re not allowed to make any sound. Let’s see if I can break some of that amazing control you have. Can you withstand all I do in silence luv?”

I reach for the little tube I brought with me and squeeze just a couple of drops into my palms. Two drops are more than enough; this oil does the most amazing things when it comes into contact with warm skin. I begin to work this special little oil onto the skin of your back and shoulders as I work my way down, my thumbs caress and manipulate your spine. You don’t utter a sound, but you arch your back. Ah, yes, you like it. I ease myself into a sitting position behind you, my legs surrounding you, your hard body spearing my heat. Then I instruct you to open your legs and extend them in front of you, to put your arms loosely at your sides with your palms on the ground.

Once you do, I cross my legs over each of yours. My arms go around you, bursa escort bayan under your arms, as I lean completely into you and encircle you; my mouth kisses your neck, trails to your ear to whisper, “Now the fun begins. You’re going to watch me make love to you with my hands and try not to utter a sound.” I note your surprise at my audacity and I continue, “But you will. And when you lose control, I’ll slide around and silence your hunger. While I’m loving you from behind, I’ll whisper to you about all the dark and dirty things I’ll let you do to me and the things I want to beg you to do to me…you’ll enjoy that.”

My hands begin stroking your chest before my words end. I’m testing your strength and the resilience of your muscles as the magic little oil is glistening and seeping. My mouth bathes your ear and the softest of whispers tease you as my hands continue their journey over masculine nipples, which are as hard and rigid as my own digging into your back.

You’re so taut with the strain of your control and glistening with the oil and faint beads of sweat, as my hands continue their quest. Soft hands gliding down your sides delivering playful pinches as my mouth nips at your shoulder and neck with hungry, teasing bites, followed by a forgiving, laving tongue. I arch into you from behind. My wet heat throbbing on your lower back and my hands slipping back around to your lower belly, smoothing the naughty heat-amplifying oil as I go. The teasing continues as I stroke your hard thighs, never quite touching your throbbing intensity. as you arch upwards, head back, eyes closed…still silent. I whisper to you to be patient, almost time, almost.

Finally, escort bursa the encircling…the softest of silken steel in my hands…oh, you are glorious. “Watch me,” I command. Your eyes open and head moves to obey…as I love you with my hands. A skillful hand, well-placed thumb and questing finger are awesome allies. You’re so close…but still silent. So, I ease my hands away and knead your thighs again. More whispers from me amid the heavy breathing, “No fulfillment for you luv; you’re too silent. Your body tells me how much I pleasure you, but your voice denies me at every turn. Give in so we can both taste this dewy pleasure,” and my soft hands return for more torture. A scraping nail along that sensitive shaft, a pinch for those desire-laden pouches…another arch of your body and hissing breath. How I wish I had a mirror. So I could watch you watching me…love you with my hands. I’d be able to see the fire in your eyes, the strain in your beautiful body and the strain in my own.

“Enough!” you roar. Before I can form a word or thought, I realize that you’ve spun around, pinned me to the ground and have my hands staked above my head. I’m imprisoned by the hard ground beneath me and an even harder man on top of me, positioned between my trembling thighs. I whisper a plaintive, “Evan, you promised…” and you cut me off by saying, “It’s time to take back what’s mine.”

This is followed by a brutally hard kiss. You pull my hands up higher, pulling me more taut and position yourself more firmly. You then release my mouth and demand, “Say it.” Every part of me is throbbing, aching and all I want is you…no thoughts of games or winning even exist anymore. I give you what you want… the one word truth that I can never deny, “Yours.” Before I can finish speaking that word, my mouth is lost in yours again, demanding and claiming…as you take possession of me with one powerful thrust…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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