Santa’s Helpers

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I’ve been a mall Santa Claus for five years now. This year has been no different. Well, there is one difference. Up until now, every year the elves and Ms. Clause have been local volunteers, mainly retired people. They are usually a friendly bunch, but this year, things were different. Here’s what happened.

So for the first day, I show up, expecting basically the same crowd as usual, Ms. Clause played by a 73 year old woman, named Mrs. Leins, had been there the last two years. This year, however, I showed up and no one else was there yet. I went into the back, and used the one changing room we had there in the back. I put down my bag, and got into my Kris Kringle duds. As I was changing, I heard the door to the back room open and a group come in.

“About time!” I shouted from my room. These retired folks were usually absurdly early, since they had little else to do. I opened the changing door and the rest of my sentence stuck in my throat. These were not the retirees I had expected.

“Hey, Santa baby,” giggled one of the new volunteers. She was already in an elf costume, and even with the high neckline, her cleavage was still peeking out. There was another elf beside her, blonde and just as stunning. Sitting on a chair further away sat Mrs. Claus, if Mrs. Claus had perfect cheekbones and a lithe body.

“Who… where… huh?” I blabbered like an idiot. I looked around, confused.

“We are the new volunteers,” the stunning coed in front of me said,”from Phi Upsilon Kappa. This is our community service for the holidays. We hope you don’t mind.” She giggled again, and her perfect rack bounced to the sound of her laughter.

“Oh, no I don’t mind at all,” I tried to act natural. “Well, I see you are all already dressed. Shall we go make some kids happy?”

“Yeah!” they clapped and cheered. Enthusiasm seemed to be saturated in all of them. I had not worked with anyone but retirees at the mall and wasn’t sure how this was going to go.

They did amazing work. The enthusiasm continued and was contagious, all though I am suspicious that many of the fathers came to check out Santa’s helpers this year. The children loved the girls too, as they were the happiest helpers I had ever had. The day shot by, and at the end of the shift, everyone was in a festive Christmas mood. I chatted with Mrs. Claus, who turned out to be named Kai. She was the house leader; 5′ 7” with bright blue eyes and long, curled hair.

“Well, I’m going to go change out of this outfit,” I told the girls.

“No! We love our Kringle!” they said in unison. I was flattered, but tried not to let all this attention get to my head, either one of them. I went to the back room, and then to the small changing room.

As I took off my beard and red outfit, noticed I now had a raging boner. I stood there in my briefs and contemplated what to do. I decided to quickly indulge myself a bit, and took my hard on in hand. I was stroking, thinking of my day, when suddenly the changing room door opened. I grabbed my Santa hat to cover my boner, but realized that just made it more obvious. “Too late” I thought. I turned around and saw Mrs Claus looking at my hat.

“That’s not where that goes,” Kai chided playfully. “Let me help you.” Before I could say a word, Kai reached forward and took my hat off of my cock, which was poking out of my boxers. She put the hat on my head. “There you go.” She looked me over, hat, boxers with my schlong out, and socks. “That’s how I like my Santa.” She said, then she winked at me. “You know, since your Mr. Claus and I’m Mrs. Claus, technically this should be mine.” She put one hand on my chest and the other on my throbbing dick.

She let the hand on my chest trail down, and then she moved it to her own chest, she popped two buttons, allowing her breasts to be clearly seen.

“What do you think?” she asked. “Do you like them? Does Santa wanna play with some toys?”

I nodded, unable to speak. She lowered herself to my waist and put my cock between her breasts, pushing it into her shirt. As she did, she let out a few erotik film izle little moans, making me almost cum. She stopped and looked up at me.

“Can I taste it?” she asked. I nodded. She took me into her mouth and slurped away. Her head bobbed back and forth enthusiastically. Do these girls do anything unenthusiastically? I asked myself.

I forgot about the question as I felt myself getting ready to shoot my load. My breath quickened and Kai noticed. She pulled off me and lowered herself a bit, mouth open, and eyes making contact with mine. I came, shooting all over her perfect face and some into her mouth.

“Mhhh,” she purred. I couldn’t believe it. I had just shot my load over the most perfect coed I had ever seen. I realized suddenly that the door wasn’t quite closed behind her and I heard more of the girls out in the back room. Kai noticed me looking out the door.

“Don’t worry, they’ll get their turn,” she said. “We are going to be here all week.” She stood up and walked out the door. I heard them all leave and I stood there, my now flaccid cock still out of my boxers.

I thought about that all that evening and the next day. I was sure I had imagined it, but when it came time to head to work, there they were, a group of sorority girls in elf costumes and Mrs. Claus, their leader.

“Hey!” Kai said happily as I walked into the back room. “The changing room is open.”

“Thanks, Kai,” I replied. I still couldn’t believe she had casually sucked my cock the day before. She seemed totally unfazed by it.

I opened the door. It was not unoccupied. Instead, there were two girls, topless, with their elf outfits laying beside them.

“Oh, hey,” one of the girls said nonchalantly. “I had fun yesterday.”

“Me too,” I said reflexively, trying to keep my cool.

“Yeah, we heard you,” the other girl said. “It sounded like you had a lot of fun.” I blushed.

“I’ll wait out here,” I said.

“Oh no, don’t wait on our account!” the girls pulled me in. “You’re Santa Claus! We are supposed to be your little helpers!” They started unbuttoning my shirt.

“I, uh… I,” I couldn’t finish my sentence because the girl behind me leaned down and unbuttoned my pants. I could feel her young, perky tits on my bare back. She pulled my pants down, and with them, my boxers.

“Oh, oops,” she giggled.

“Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag…” the girl standing in front of me tapered off. She bounced her tits over my cock for a second, then she stood up and turned around. She looked over her shoulder while shimmying her panties down. I saw her nice juicy ass peek out, then as she bent further I saw her perfect, clean-shaven pussy glistening between her thighs. She bit her lower lip and shook her ass, getting ever closer to my raging erection. I felt one cheek hit my cock, then the other. She wiggled her ass over my dick and started to rub.

“Ahh,” I exhaled. Then I felt something on my own ass. I suddenly remembered the other coed behind me. Her tongue was massaging my cheeks, and then I felt her tongue slip between them, while my cock was between the cheeks in front of me.

Then, the girl in front of me leaned even further forward. My cock rubbed on her pussy.

I heard her moan, then she thrust back, and her pussy enveloping me. She gyrated on me while from behind I felt my asshole being rimmed.

“Oh, oh fuck!” I cried out. My cock throbbed almost violently, and I felt my cum building. “I’m coming!” My front fuckbuddy pulled forward, but then pushed back hard. I came inside her. As soon as I did, she pulled forward, off of me and stayed bent over. I watched my cum drip out of her pussy and heard a click.

“What? What was that?” I asked. Then I noticed the girl behind me was taking pictures.

“Oh, just a picture, you don’t mind, do you Santa baby?” she purred. “Its part of our, well, fundraising.”

“Huh? Fundraiser?” I was confused. “For the sorority?”

“Yeah, you should talk to Kai,” she replied. They grabbed their costumes, and walked out. They pulled film izle the costumes on as they walked through the back room. I finished putting on my costume and stepped out of the changing room.

“Hey,” Kai stood there looking at me. “So did you like Kara and Trish? They work together well.”

“I did, but I’m not sure what’s going on,” I admitted. “They said something about fundraising?”

“Oh, yeah,” Kai said, “We have a coed porn website and this month we are doing a Santa theme. Actually, there’s a contest with some of the other sororities on the site too. Our biggest competition is from Alpha Sigma Sigma and Theta Iota Theta. Whoever gets the best Santa themed videos or pictures wins. There are a few categories: playful elves, Mrs. Claus, and Surprise Santa. Some of the other sororities are using frat boys, but we thought that it would do better if we came and fucked a real Santa.”

“So your saying these are for your porn site?” I asked. “what do I get out of it?”

“Um, duh, you get to fuck coed porn stars,” she replied.

“Oh, good point,” I replied. “Do I get to watch the videos?”

“Sure, we can get you a login password,” Kai replied, “if we win.”

“Uh… sure,” I said. “But to make sure we, or you win, shouldn’t you do more scenes? I mean just to be safe.”

“Oh, yeah, we are going to be here all week. Hopefully you’ll make it to the end of the week too.” Kai leaned over and kissed my cheek. “If not, we would have to find a new Santa, and that would ruin the videos, switching now.”

“Wait, you’ve been filming me?” I asked.

“Of course,” Kai looked at me like I was crazy. “You don’t mind, do you?”

I thought about it for a moment, “Absolutely not. Film away.”

“Well, shall we?” Kai asked. “I think we need to go play Santa and Mrs Claus.”

We walked out of the back room and did our routine. I could hardly focus, knowing I was going to keep fucking all these coeds. They were all as happy as ever, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed one of the elves kept winking at me. I asked Kai who it was.

“Oh, her,” Kai asked, “That’s Lily. You’ll like her.”

My mind reeled. I had no idea what that meant, but it made me excited for the end of the day. It dragged by.

Finally, the day ended. I was eager to get back to the changing room. Then, as the shift ended, Mr. Mathers called me to his office. I was nervous about the meeting. Did he find out? I hurried to the office. He was sitting behind his desk.

“So, hows it going with the sorority girls?” Mr. Mathers asked. “They seem nice.”

“Uh, yeah,” I replied.

“The kids seem to like them,” Mathers replied.

“Yeah,” I tried to be nonchalant.

“Ok, well you seem busy. I just wanted to see if they were working out for you. If not we can get the original group back.”

“NO! I shouted involuntarily. “Uh, they are fine. I like working with them and they seem to really want to contribute to the community. I think we should let them continue.”

“You’re excused,” Mr. Mathers said. I hurried out of the room, hoping my coworkers were still there. When I got to the back room it was empty. I quickly moved to the changing room. Also empty. I slowly changed, hoping for a sexy surprise. Sadly it didn’t happen. I packed my stuff up, then walked out.

Once I was in the parking lot, a dark Hummer pulled up.


“Where were you Santa?”

“We missed you, baby!”

A door opened. Kai motioned for me to get in. I complied eagerly. Once inside, two of the girls took my bag. They opened it and took my outfit out.

“Let’s get Santa back into his outfit.” They started pulling my clothes off again. One of the girls started taking her top off. As it passed her breasts, they bounced back. Of course she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her cups bounced nicely and she rubbed them against my face. Another blonde pulled her pants off. Her red thong had some white fluffy trim, she sat on my bare lap, rubbing her ass on my crotch. Kai leaned in, but instead of kissing me again, she kissed the girl seks filmi izle on my lap. As they kissed, Kai’s hand slipped toward my cock. She stroked it while continuing to make out. She pulled back for a moment.

“So, I see you’ve met Lexi,” Kai said happily. “She’s my girl, but I’m good at sharing.” She took Lexi’s top off and started kissing her tits. Lexi started moaning, and continued to rub her ass on my crotch. Then, Kai moved her mouth down and licked Lexi’s panties. Next, she pulled those panties down, leaving her bare ass on my cock and her pussy exposed for Kai to lick, which she gleefully did. Lexi’s breath quickened, then she started moaning loudly.

“Oh, fuck! Yes, Kai, keep licking! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!” Lexi cried out. Her stomach muscles tensed and pulsed as her orgasm racked her body. As her orgasm lessened, Kai’s tongue moved below Lexi’s pussy and worked toward my cock. As she did I felt Lexi lean back, forcing me down onto my back. As I did, Lexi positioned herself over my face and I tasted coed pussy. It was sweet and beautiful, I licked and sucked while Kai did the same on my member.

Then Kai raised herself up and took off her top, freeing her tits to bounce as we drove. Her pink nipples were erect and she leaned forward to drop her pants and panties. She pushed herself onto me, and I felt her pussy on my cock.

I laid there, pussy at my lips and on my cock. I heard Kai and Lexi kiss, loud and sloppy. Then Lexi moved off of my face and moved toward another of the girls. It was one of the girls from earlier, named Trish. She took Trish’s top off too, and then leaned back to let Trish lick her out again. Kai kept grinding on my cock while watching Trish fuck Lexi with her tongue. Kai massaged her tits while watching her girlfriends tongue fuck.

Kai got off of me, and leaned over to help Trish lick Lexi. Suddenly, I didn’t have any girls on me, but with three girls playing together was amazing to watch. I looked around and noticed that not one, but three other girls were filming the goings on. I assumed they had done the same the other times, but I had been too busy to notice. I looked back at Kai and Trish going down on Lexi. Kai’s ass was hovering, her tiny asshole peeping out between her cheeks. I looked around to make sure no one would object, and started toward her.

I grabbed her ass cheeks. She didn’t seem to care. I poked my dick into her cheeks just a tiny bit. She put a hand back to her right asscheek and pulled, giving me more access to that perfect little hole. Encouraged, I pushed myself into her backdoor. I felt a bit of resistance as my head tried to get in. I pulled back and before I realized what was happening, Trish stopped licking on Lexi and slobbered all over Kai asshole, lubricating it nicely. Then she got behind me and helped me get back to that waiting pink ass ring. I pushed again, still feeling some resistance, but then I slid in.

“Oh, Santa!” cried Kai. She pushed her ass back taking most of my cock in. She inhaled deeply as I pushed the rest of the way in and started to thrust back and forth. She moaned and arched her back. “Fuck my juicy little ass! Fuck me! Oh yeah baby!”

Trish was still behind me, rubbing her tits on my back. Then she started kissing my neck and ran a hand over my ass. Kai kept moaning, but now she buried her head back in Lexi’s pussy. Lexi began moaning as well, as Kai licked to the rhythm of my anal fucking.

“I’m gunna cum!” I cried out. Kai kept pushing her ass against me and I exploded inside. I leaned against Trish, who was still behind me, and she slowly laid me down and climbed over me, rubbing her lithe body on top of me. Then she licked Kai’s asshole, with my cum dripping out of it. She licked and licked, while Kai kept doing the same to Lexi. Finally all the cum was gone and all the girls snuggled up naked against my chest.

“Good job, Santa,” Kai said. “I think we’ll have to do more of this tomorrow.” Even though I had just finished, my cock stiffened a bit at the remark. All of them noticed and Lexi grabbed it playfully.

Looks like we picked the right Santa,” Lexi said, stroking me.

“Yes we did,” Kai answered. She leaned in and kissed me, long and deep. I could taste the pussy on her lips.

“I love being Santa,” I said. They all giggled.

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