Sam Calls Alex

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I kept my regular schedule of classes on weekdays, chores on Saturday and visits with Dan on Sunday. I’d call him from the “L”station, meet him at his stop, go to his apartment and we’d make passionate love all afternoon. I stopped looking for a girlfriend and started to think that I might be gay. I felt happy, satisfied and full after a session with Dan. It seemed that a relationship with a man meant more to me then just great sex, but I was not at all sure about the content of the meaning.

One Sunday in October Dan told me that he had to leave town the next week and would not be available for next Sunday. I was disappointing by this turn of events; I’d miss seeing Dan and I’d miss getting filled by him. As the week went by it occurred to me that I could call Alex. I had his number from the one threesome we had. Neither one of us lasted very long before we came, but his was the only number I had. My large head reasoned that I could take a week off, but my small head had other ideas. So on Thursday night I called Alex.

“Hello, is this Alex?”

“Yes, who’s calling?”

“Its Sam. Do you remember me?”

“Sam! It is great to hear from you, I figured that you were not interested in seeing me again since its been a long time since we enjoyed each other’s company. I’ve thought of you often and asked Dan about you. It was good to hear that you two seem to have a real relationship. When I did think of you, I got excited, to say the least. What can I do for you?”

“Well, Dan will be out of town this weekend and I was wondering, if you were not too busy, if you would like to see me Sunday afternoon.”

“Would I? I’d be delighted to spend Sunday afternoon with you. We can have brunch at my place if you’d like.”

“That sounds right. What is the closest “L” stop to your place?”

“Sheridan is the closest to my apartment.”

“Good. I’ll call you when I get to my Loyola station.”

“Call me around 11:00.”

“Yes, Alex. See you then.”

“Looking forward to it, Sam.”

I called Alex at exactly 11:00 that Sunday and Alex picked up at the first ring. We estimated the time it would take to get to his stop. When I got to his stop I walked downstairs to the street and there was Alex. He was larger then I remembered, his 5’10” 350 pound frame was somehow more powerful in the daylight. Alex had walked to the station so we talked as we walked the 6 blocks to his apartment overlooking Lake Shore Drive.

“Wow, you live here! What floor is the apartment? What do you do for a living to get to live here?”

“I’m on the tenth floor and I work as a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. I work in the corn pit trading futures contracts.”

Brunch was set on the kitchen table, or at least a place setting for my brunch. Alex explained that he’d eaten before he left to meet me. He poured me some OJ and topped it with some sparkling wine. As I ate we talked about my studies, my career plans and such.

“Well its time for us to talk about the rest of the afternoon. I can tell that you need for me to take control and I prefer it that way. I want you to be ready to pleasure me, Sam. If you do I believe that you will find it an enjoyable experience. Do you want to give me a pleasurable Sunday?”

“Yes, though you size is bit intimidating since you have me by 200 pounds and several inches. Will I be able to satisfy you?”

“You are just my type, a sweet fem bottom. Go stand by the window and enjoy the view. I won’t be a minute.”

I did as I was told and the view was worth seeing. Lake Michigan stretched to the horizon and the sky was partly filled with cumulus clouds. Alex came up behind me and wrapped me in his arms. His belly pressed illegal bahis against my back, his left arm went around my chest and his right hand grabbed my cock.

“Just relax and let me guide you. I know what you need. Lean back against me. I bet you like your nipples touched.”

With that Alex reached under my shirt and his left hand rubbed my right nip. His right hand squeezed my cock as it jumped at the effect of his touching my nipple. Alex pulled me even closer to him holding me tight to him. “Yes you are responding just as I expected. What a hot little minx you are. Turn around and kiss me. I know you are really good at kissing.”

I turned to my right and still in Alex’s arms felt his kiss on my mouth. Not surprisingly, Alex was again wearing a short robe and his chest was uncovered. I had to tilt my head back so that he could reach me. My mouth opened to his assertive tongue filling me with his lust. Alex’s arms pinned me to him, his belly pressing close. Alex took my right hand and moved it to his chest. I felt his man boobs and it caused him to kiss me even harder. Alex started to hump his hips into me and I felt his cock. We stayed this way for some time, kissing, touching and humping.

Alex broke the embrace and moved behind me. He hugged me tightly again, this time grabbing me under my shirt and touching both of my nipples. I leaned back into him moaning from the sensations filling my mind. Alex started to walk towards the bedroom, guiding me from behind and controlling me by holding my nips.

“Yes sweetie. That’s right. Let Alex lead you to his pleasure room. You like being lead from behind, don’t you? You like being lead by my pinching your nipples, don’t you?”

” Yes. I feel your enjoyment at leading me and having me follow you. I feel your belly pushing me as your hands pull me forward to our afternoon playtime.”

Alex’s bedroom was as impressive as his living room. The curtains were closed and the lighting was low. His bed was very large, I guess to accommodate him and a lover. The nightstand had several lubes to choose from, a choice I would learn about soon enough. Alex was still behind me and still holding my nips as we walked in. I finished taking off my shirt and Alex opened my pants. They fell to the floor as did my boxers. Still behind me, I felt Alex’s cock poke at my ass.

“Go ahead and stroke yourself, pretty boy.” Alex whispered. “I put a towel on the floor right where we are standing because I want you to get a quick release before we get to really start loving each other. You like it when I pinch and rub your tits, don’t you sweetie.”

I wasn’t sure how much I liked being called a pretty boy or sweetie, but I was sure that I liked the feeling of so much attention on my nips. I leaned back onto Alex’s chest and belly and stroked my cock.

” I knew you’d like sex with just your tits. Trust me to find the things that will excite you, Sam. Open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror.”

I had not noticed the mirror on the closet door when we came in, but I saw it now. There I was, my mouth open, breathing hard. Alex’s size behind me, above me and his arms around me, with his right hand on my left nip and his left on my right. My hand was busy on my cock. It was a surprising sight, I did not know how small and fem I looked with my long hair and slender body until I saw my reflection.

“Come for me pretty boy. Watch yourself shoot from just your tits and the sight of me around you. I feel it building in you. Let it out for me to see. Let it out for you to see. Yea, soak that towel.”

As I came I leaned back even more against Alex’s chest and belly. I gave myself over to his size and the way illegal bahis siteleri he was talking to me. This was different from the way I felt with Dan. I had to admit to myself it was softer and more fem then I felt with Dan. I was lightheaded and still aroused, even though I’d just come and come hard. My nipples tingled and my breathing was ragged, my knees were weak.

“Well my pretty, you really like the way Alex talks to you and touches you. Its time to start to pay him back, but I am sure you want to do something to please him, don’t you darling?”

“Yes, I do want to please you. I want you to be pleasured by me. Please tell me what would please you and I’ll do it.”

Alex got into bed on his hands and knees. “Now crawl under me and kiss your way down to my cock. Take your time at each nipple and squeeze beneath by belly. Don’t worry you won’t suffocate there.”

I got on my back and put my head beneath Alex’s head. I reached up to pull his head down so I could kiss him. It was weird kissing upside down and I moved past his neck to his chest. He raised up and moved so that his left nip was over my mouth. He moved down and I licked his nip, licking, sucking and biting him as he moaned and lowered his chest onto me. I used my hand to touch the nip that was not in my mouth and this seemed to excite Alex more. I moved back and forth from nipple to nipple and heard the muffled sound of his grunts of pleasure. I moved down from his chest to his belly, kissing and licking and using my arms to keep just enough space so I could breathe. Finally passing his chest, there was his cock above me. I raised my head up to his cock, opening my mouth to suck him in. He started to move his hips so he could slide his cock in and out of my mouth. I felt the need for him in my mouth every time he pulled away. I wanted his cock. It was my whole focus and desire. I sucked it hungrily ever time he thrust into my mouth.

Suddenly Alex got up and said, “Get off the bed and sit on the pillows on the floor. Now lean back, put your head on the bed and open wide. I am going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours. Dan never did that to you, did he? Well its about time your mouth gets fucked. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten how much you love to be fucked in the ass. I won’t miss that ending today. But I want you to come again from having your mouth turned into a cunt.”

“Is this right? Is this how you want me? I want to be in exactly the position that pleases you.”

“Perfect. Now open that mouth cunt of yours and prepare to get fucked for the first time today. When I leave just the head in your mouth I want you to suck like you want all the nectar to come out. Don’t worry it won’t but I like the feeling of your hunger for my come. The rest of the time I am just going to fuck you at my pace. You can come when you feel it, and you will, you sweet fem.”

Alex put one foot and both hands on the bed. His bulk towered above my head as he lowered his cock into my open mouth. His fucking motion pushed him to the back of my mouth and cut off my air, but I did not want to gag, disappointing him. He did stop with just the head in my mouth and I sucked like my life depended on his come. I wanted him to moan and sigh. I wanted him to know that I worshiped his cock like it was my religion. He went back to fucking my mouth and calling it my mouth cunt. His pace increased as did his force. I felt him overpower me as I gave myself over to the sensation of being fucked. As he reached his fastest pace, I came without touching myself. My hips thrust into the air and I let out an uncontrolled moan. I guess Alex figured out that I’d just come because he slowed his pace but even then I wanted canlı bahis siteleri his cock to stay in my mouth. As he pulled away I followed his cock with my head, trying to get it back, but he kept his full cock out of reach.

“Dan sure does not know what he is missing if he doesn’t turn your mouth into a cunt. You are a born fem and ready for anything I can desire. Now go get cleaned up and come back for the thing I know you want, my cock buried in your ass-pussy.”

I went to the bathroom to clean the come off my stomach and to wash my ass again. Alex put out some scented soap and my crack smelled clean. I washed my pits and my face and was ready to take Alex inside me.

Alex was lying on his left side and motioned me to get next to him. When I lay facing him he moved me so my back was against his belly. He took the lube and applied a generous gob on my ass and inside my hole. When he was satisfied that I was ready to receive him. he again wrapped me in his arms and grabbed my nips. He whispered in my ear, “I want your ass pussy my lovely. I am going to fuck you slowly until you are lost in bliss. You will open yourself to me and when I have taken you to where you want to go I’ll fill you up with all the cum I’ve saved for you.”

“Alex, you have taught me much about myself. I never thought of my mouth as a cunt or my ass as a pussy, but know I know that is what they are. If I have a cunt and a pussy then my nips are tits and I feel meltingly fem. Take my pussy, fill me with your cock and cum. Please do it now let me feel you inside me.”

I did not have to ask twice. I reached back and spread my cheeks and Alex pushed inside me. His fucking was slow and steady at first but it did not take him long to be thrusting hard inside me. His cock was hitting all the right places and I was shouting my pleasure with a chorus of “Fuck me. Deeper. Fill me up.”

Alex called out, “Its building. Here I come. I’m filling your pussy now.” And he was as good as his word. His warm jizz shot deep into my ass and I soaked his sheets. We rested there with his cock still inside me and I did not want him to leave. As he pulled back and humped into him just to keep him in me a moment longer. Finally he was out and his jizz leaked from my hole.

As we were dressing Alex asked me a surprising question. “Sam,would you be interested in meeting some of my friends. I know a number of generous, cultured men who would love to take you a dates to the theater, the symphony or the opera. They would like to be seen in public with such a charming young man. If you liked their company I am sure that they would share their bed with you. That would be up to you and if you chose to go home they would not ask you to pay for the date. Dan would not mind, in fact it was his idea.”

“I do like the theater, Chicago Symphony and opera but can’t afford the tickets. How old are these friends of yours and would I have to dress up for these dates because I don’t have any suits.”

“My friends range from 50 to 70. If you agree to my offer I can give you $300 to spend at Marshall Fields on suits, shirts, ties and shoes so you will look good. How does this sound?”

“How will I know that one of your friends wants to date me?”

“That’s easy. Just leave me your number and either Dan or I will call you with the details. If you like them we will have your date call you. Well, what do you say to my offer?”

I was still feeling the effects of our sexual afternoon and I did not want to disappoint Dan and Alex and I would like to go to the theater so I agreed. The next thing I knew I was giving my phone number to Alex and he handed me 4 one hundred dollar bills.

“When you go to Fields ask for Sid in menswear and tell him Alex sent you. He’ll make you look great. The extra hundred is for any other expenses you might encounter. You will be hearing from us soon. On our way now Sam. You were everything I wanted in a sweet fem bottom.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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