Private Lessons Ch. 05

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Note: First of all, thank you for all the kind comments, they go a long way. Next, this chapter will be longer than the others, probably one of the longest ones. I started this series intending it to be eight chapters and begrudgingly made it nine after thinking of something that needed to be addressed separately. This specific chapter was supposed to be glossed over in a paragraph or two before moving on to the next thing but as I started writing I decided to make it a whole chapter as it is important to the plot and now the series will be maybe 10 or 11 chapters. Enjoy a chapter that was based on two bullet points.

The next day, 5pm, Amirah’s Classroom

Being Headmistress does have its perks, such as no one questioning your actions. No one questioned her when she had dragged a deflated air mattress into her office. No one questioned why she had brought along an assortment of handmade foods either. And the few who stayed around after classes let out did not question why she then brought those things to her classroom.

As she set up, Amirah had several emotions running through her head and each taking turns stabbing her heart. The biggest and most painful emotion she pushed down. I’ll get to that when the time comes. And so she was left with the second biggest emotion. One she hadn’t felt so strong in almost a decade. She caught herself succumbing to the anxiety as she set up the air mattress. I hope she likes i-What am I doing? Of course she’ll like it. She’ll like it because I’m the one doing it for her. The realization made that first feeling well up again but she beat it back down. Later.

When she was finished setting up she looked at the clock on the wall. Six thirty. Now to wait. And so she sat on the mattress. Waiting for the minutes to pass Amirah noticed that her room had a draft she hadn’t noticed before.

7pm, outside of Headmistress’ classroom.

Lacey Stood outside the door, elated when her phone’s clock finally said seven pm. Turthly she had been outside the room for the past fifteen minutes but Headmistress had given her strict orders to not come until seven.

Headmistress had canceled their lesson yesterday, stating that they both had had enough in the office. Despite Lacey’s adamant protesting she stood firm. When she mentioned that she would have a surprise for her though, Lacey stopped all complaints. The price to pay was that Headmistress had ordered her to complete all of her (actual) homework for the next couple of days in advance. She said we would be staying until midnight! She excitedly remembered. After taking care of the homework within the first hour of being in her dorm, Lacey had waited very impatiently for this time to come.

Finally allowed to enter, Lacey opened the door and her brain, that had been racing to think of all of the possibilities, stopped as it was met with a possibility she could have never imagined.

The classroom had been rearranged. The majority of the chairs and desks were stacked in the back. Two of them sat in front of Headmistress’ desk. On that desk sat several Tupperware containers with what appeared to be food, complete with plates, utensils, and a bottle of wine with two glasses. That’s why she told me not to eat dinner before coming. In the center of the room was an air mattress, made up with sheets and pillows. And finally, standing in front of said mattress was Headmistress herself, fully naked and rock hard.

Lacey’s brain may have taken a break, but her eyes didn’t. She’s seen so little of Headmistress. After the first time where she took her shirt off, she strictly stuck to hiking up her skirt, sometimes taking it off if that was easier. Now Lacey got to see all of her. Her eyes ignored the cock she was so intimately familiar with and explored the rest of her. The first place they went was to her breasts, just as large and glorious as she remembered them to be. After taking in those voluptuous mammaries, she didn’t know what to focus on next and so her eyes just went over her entire body, several times. Her hips, her stomach, her shoulders, the fact that she could she could start at her bare legs and look up to her face without an article of clothing inhibiting her sight. Standing there dumbfounded, Lacey herself grew as hard as she could ever remember.

She was stirred from her stupor when Headmistress cleared her throat. Lacey’s eyes snapped to her face. A face that seemed to have slightly more color to it than normal. Is… is she blushing right now?

“Lacey, I appreciate the staring but can you at least close the door first? There’s already quite a draft and that’s only making it worse.” Lacey quickly closed the door and locked it. Then went back to staring. Headmistress spoke up again. “Are you going to just look at me all night?”

Lacey felt like a dunce for the first time in her entire life. I’m being offered the best gift in the world right now and I just look at it? That canlı bahis şirketleri sparked an inner monologue that spanned the entirety of this semester. She simultaneously reviewed all of their past sessions to verify that claim, and at the same time she wondered what the future held.

Another throat clear from Headmistress. Right, the rest of all time could wait. She needed to focus on the here and now. Did her cheeks get fuller again? Headmistress’ body language changed. She looked almost… vulnerable. She saw Headmistress shift. Her arms crossed in front of her ample chest as if to shield them from the cold. It almost appeared natural. Almost. Lacey smiled and walked up to her almost assuredly blushing Headmistress and grabbed her arms. Pulling them apart, she repaid a favor long overdue. “None of that, Headmistress. You are… ” She almost got the line out all at once, but in removing her arms she now saw Headmistress’ breasts point blank. Her smile faded away to wonder as she whispered, “beautiful.” Her next action was more of an instinct than a voluntary thought.

7:10pm, Amirah’s Classroom.

Amirah had hoped that this time would be quick to start like the others. She wasn’t lying about the chill in the room, but more importantly this was the first time she’s bared herself to someone in… quite a long time. Lacey’s stare did make her feel reassured but it also stoked a shyness she didn’t think she still had in her. While lacey had stood there she felt her nipples stiffen in the cool air, equal parts from temperature and the strange excitement of just being watched.

Amirah’s embarrassment at being gawked vanished when she felt Lacey’s lips latch onto her areola. She let out an involuntary moan when the suction started. “Lacey!?” The act shocked her. It had never occurred to her that anyone would or want to do such a thing.

Of course, she wasn’t naive. She saw the looks people gave her. The public seemed to love her breasts and the few partners she’s had before loved folding them. But never had she thought that any would want to suck on them.

It gave her conflicting feelings Amirah had long since forgotten. Her line of work left very little time for relationships and that meant it left even less for having and raising children. Not that she had ever been too keen on having any in the first place. But she had been subjected to many sexist and objectifying comments in her life (too many of which came from family and friends) which basically boiled down to some joke or sad comment about her having large breasts was a waste if she had no children to feed. Years of that does tend to instill a longing for a childless woman.

This act felt leagues more personal than anything else they had done together besides the kiss. A thought that Amirah immediately shamed herself for as she considered it hypocritical. I’ve choked her lord knows how many times on my dick but this is too far? Though too far wasn’t the right way to describe it. It was an act that, while personal in some ways to her, was innately intimate.

It was because Lacey was willing to wholeheartedly do this to her with no hesitation, though it must have seemed minor to her. The act was sexual but it wasn’t a “main event.” It wouldn’t lead to orgasm like all the other things they’ve done together. It was something that Lacey was doing purely to give Amirah pleasure. And based on how Lacey had her eyes closed with a look of pure pleasure it seems that the pleasure went both ways.

Amirah was brought out of her head and shock when Lacey brought her hands and tongue into the mix. Amirah shivered as she felt the muscle start to toy with her nub. Lacey’s hands came up, one slowly grasping the one in her mouth while the other more roughly toyed with the other. It felt heavenly. Not knowing what to do with her hands, she wrapped Lacey in a makeshift hug, one hand flowing through her hair as she rubbed the back of her head and the other tracing circles on her lower.

And there they stood, in the center of a classroom while a student suckled from the bosom of her teacher, both of them letting out moans every now and then. That was until Amirah noticed that Lacey’s noises started to shift from want to need. She then noticed the motions going on with their lower halves. She herself was hard, but she had been from the start so that wasn’t new. Being so focused on the action upstairs she had failed to notice that at some point Lacey had started, probably unconsciously as she was still absorbed in playing with the breasts, lightly humping against Amirah’s leg along with her pitiful noises. It made Amirah’s heart melt all over again. How cute. So absorbed in my breasts that she’s ignoring her own needs. A feeling of… something overtook Amirah as she pushed harder on Lacey’s head, causing her mouth to slip off of her nub with a distressed whimper and find its new place in the valley between her breasts. Amirah held the embrace canlı kaçak iddaa until Lacey broke free with a small gulp of air. She found herself cursing something she has cursed many times before. Damn her need to breathe.

Amirah came to her senses after it ended. The experience of having her breast fondled and sucked was one she was eager to have again but she also knew the goal of their meeting today. Tonight is about her. Well… mostly her. She figured a way to solve both problems at once.

Before Lacey could reattach herself to Amirah’s nipple Amirah spoke up. “You know Lacey. It feels weird to be the only one nude.”

Lacey looked over Amirah one more time and then looked down at herself. She began stripping off her clothes at an alarming rate, until Amirah stopped her.

“No need to go so fast. We’ve got all night.”

Lacey stopped, at first appearing confused at the comment then she realized what Amirah wanted. She stopped her rushing and started to slowly slip off her clothing. Slower than a normal person might take. I would have never guessed in a million years that little Lacey Cambell would strip for me.

Amirah walked over to her desk and rolled her office chair to the middle of the room to get a perfect seat for the show.

First Lacey took her time unbuttoning the rest of her half-buttoned shit, revealing more and more of the creamy skin of her stomach to Amirah. Then she slowly slipped her arms out of it and tossed it to the side, leaving her in a black, lacey bra. That one’s new. She must have gotten it recently.

Lacey’s confident smile had returned, she made eye contact with Amirah while her hands slowly trailed up her torso. She made as if to reach back to undo the bra but at the last second swerved, instead groping her own modest chest for Amirah’s viewing pleasure. Amirah saw Lacey’s smile widen as the eyes shot to her groin and she felt her dick twitch at the sight. Lacey then followed the same example with her skirt. Amirah was both surprised and aroused at the fact that there was no underwear down there. But she did get to see Lacey turn one-eighty and seductively bend over as she shimmied out of her stockings. Amirah wanted nothing more then to walk over there right now and fuck her senseless, with her stockings still halfway down her legs. She was already in the position. But once again she reminded herself that she wasn’t the star of this show.

Tossing the stockings to the side, lacey finally removed her bra and stood naked before Amirah. She struck a pose and spread her arms in a “ta-daa” motion.

Again, Amirah suppressed her urges. Instead she simply leaned back a little and patted her lap, a signal Lacey knew all too well. No longer able to contain her excitement behind the veil of seduction Lacey did something less than a run but more than a walk to Amirah. She couldn’t quite put a term to it but the closest thing was… a skip?

When Lacey got to the chair she made as if to straddle Amirah from the front, so she could ride her while facing each other. When Amirah stopped her she thought she wanted reverse cowgirl and went to line up Amirah’s cock from behind but was once again stopped. Being denied twice she showed her displeasure in the form of pouting and crossing her arms. How can one person be so god damned cute?

“Not yet Lacey. I thought you could use a… refresher of an earlier course. Sit on my lap.” Lacey’s eyes lit up. I guess it has been a while since we’ve done this. Amirah guided Lacey gently on to her lap, though unlike usual she had her sideways. One of her arms cradling Lacey’s back and she held her against herself. Also unlike before, where Lacey’s ass would provide a nice groove for her cock to fit into, she had to slide her own cock between Lacey’s thighs. Judging on the wetness she felt and the ease of the motion, she doubted Lacey could wait any longer for some sort of relief.

She started reaching her hand down before Lacey stopped her. “Headmistress. What about the lubrication?”

Now in position Amirah enacted her own master plan. “Don’t worry about that dear. I think we both have that covered.” And with that she snuck her hand between Lacey’s thighs, scooping up copious amounts of her fluids, fondling Lacey’s clit as she went. Then she took her hand out and showed it to her. Lacey blushed a bit as she saw the strands of her essence connect Amirahs fingers as she spread them. Then, once Arimah made sure Lacey was watching her hand, she stuck her hand in between Lacey’s legs again, this time going deeper and through her own. She shivered a bit as she touched herself, gathering her own juices and mixing them with Lacey’s. Then she raised her hand once again, obviously wetter than it had been before.

Lacey gasped “Headmistress…”

“Yes, Lacey?”

Lacey considered her words and found that she had none. So she just nodded. Amirah then surprised her by drawing Lacey closer with the arm that cradled her, canlı kaçak bahis putting her head resting against her breast, the other one that hadn’t been sucked yet.

“I think you know what to do.” Without question Lacey once again latched on to her nipple, suckling gently. Amirah moaned and then placed her wet hand on Lacey’s cock, feeling it tense under her touch.

As she spread the lubrication around, she heard and felt Lacey moan, the vibrations traveling through her nipple and down her spine.

Time moved slowly for the two of them. At moments it felt like time didn’t move at all. Lacey was a mess in Amirah’s arms. If Amirah’s arm wasn’t wrapped around her she would have fallen off of her lap. Amirah on the other hand was content to hold Lacey up. What kind of teacher doesn’t support her students? One had rubbed Lacey’s shoulder as the other one mad slow, methodical strokes up and down her length.

Minutes passed but it felt like hours or maybe even days. All that could be heard in the room were the soft sounds of fluid moving as Amirah’s hand worked, the sound of sucking on something, and Lacey’s soft mewls and she indulged in the pleasures granted to her.

Despite knowing Lacey was getting close, Amirah kept her hands slow and steady. She wanted to prolong Lacey’s pleasure for as long as possible. Lacey’s moans grew more and more frequent around her nipple, her suckling growing harder and her tongue becoming uncoordinated. On a particular pleasure spike, she lightly bit down on the chocolate nub.

Amirah gasped. There was pain, but along with the pain she was surprised to find that it felt good. Though after the flash of pleasure, the dull stinging of pain remained. Too much for her current liking. She stopped her hand.

“No biting Lacey,” she cooed. Never thought I’d say that in my life.

Lacey mumbled an apology, so close to the edge that she couldn’t articulate her words. At the stoppage of the pleasure she started lightly thrusting her hips, trying to use Amirah’s hand as a sleeve. The movement caused her warm thighs to slide back and forth over Amirah’s own length and she let out a moan of her own before returning her hand to work.

A few more minutes dragged on as Lacey’s thrusts grew more desperate, pushing Amirah to her own edge. But she withheld her own orgasm. Lacey comes first. Now and always.

At that thought Amirah recognized the feeling she had felt earlier when they were standing. The one she had felt the second she started Cradling Lacey in her lap. She imagined that this must be what others called “maternal instinct.”

Sitting here, holding Lacey against her as she suckled on her breast made her feel complete. It felt right. And from how limp Lacey was in her arms, it appeared Lacey felt the same way. But this isn’t right. It’s no- that’s for later. She convinced herself to just live in the moment.

Lacey’s hips slowed, no longer able to maintain movement in the face of the pleasure. She whimpered in Amirah’s arms. Amirah felt Lacey tense in her hand. Both of them. Amirah waited for the eventual orgasm, but it didn’t come. Lacey was holding herself on the edge by sheer force of will. She doesn’t want this to end any more than I do.

Amirah respected her struggle. She couldn’t stop herself. She wanted to kiss Lacey. The final push to send her over the edge. Unable to fully control this urge she redirected it. She felt Lacey tense harder as she leaned down and laid a gentle kiss on her forehead.

She whispered to her little girl, “Stop fighting it. Let it come. You’ve earned it.”

That final praise was Lacey’s undoing. The first spurt came out in a halfhearted push, only traveling an inch upward before falling back down and splattering on Amirah’s forearm. The rest of it came with no force at all, each pulse sending more and more of it dribbling down her shaft, covering Amirah’s knuckles and being spread along the length as Amriah maintained her strokes.

Lacey continued to shake in her arms as Amirah laid another kiss upon her brow. “That’s right. Let it all out.” She felt the stream of cum start to end and got the idea to try something that she always wondered. Good time as any. She leaned in closer, putting her mouth right up against Lacey’s gear. “Good girl.”

Immediately Lacey let out her loudest noise yet, just under a scream. Amirah felt her cock tense again. Even before the last stream ended, another powerful orgasm burst forth from the girl. This one had the force behind it as it had piggy backed on the feeling of the last. The following pulses sent her cum firing much higher. Some of it landed on Amirah’s free breast, while more of it she heard splatter on the floor next to the chair. Lacey clung to her as she rode out her second/continued orgasm and Amirah softly shushed her, all the while moving her hang to extend Lacey’s pleasure for as long as possible.

When the feeling faded, Lacey relaxed fully in Amirah’s arms, breathing softly as she recovered. Once again Amirah had to wonder how one person could be the embodiment of all cuteness in the world. When she had regained her breath, Lacey lazily opened her eyes and looked up at Amirah. Amirah smiled down at her.

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